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The Best Zero-Turn Mowers That Easily Tackle A Large Yard

Every lawn is different and, with that, you need a mower that meets your needs. If you have trees and flower beds smattered around your yard, it’s a good idea to consider a zero-turn mower. The best zero-turn mowers allow you to effortlessly cruise around landscaping and other lawn obstacles while delivering a quality cut. Our top pick is the Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower for its high adjustability and 3.5-acre capacity.

The Ryobi 54-Inch Electric Riding Zero Turn Mower effortlessly cruises around lawns up to 3.5 acres.

Zero-turn mowers allow you to pivot inside your machine’s footprint, making them a solid choice for people who want a precise cut, despite having a yard that’s not just grass. “Zero-turn mowers allow you to maneuver swiftly around your yard, easily avoiding structures and obstacles in the mower’s path and significantly reducing the amount of time it takes to get the job done,” says Marty Grunder of Grunder Landscaping in Miamisburg, Ohio. “They also offer a comfortable ride, and as you learn how to operate them proficiently, you will become more efficient at mowing your lawn.” They also “work great in yards that have a lot of curves or obstacles,” says Mallory Micetich, home expert at Angi.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a zero-turn mower, including whether you want an electric lawn mower or one that’s powered by gas, the cutting deck size and how much lawn you need to cut. Naturally, your budget plays a role in the final decision, too. These are the best zero-turn mowers on the market to help you get that precise cut in as little time as possible. (While you’re at it, consider our list of the best push mowers.)

Best Lawn Mowers Made in America [Quality Mowers Worthy of Your Money!]

Have you noticed that finding a reliable lawn mower made in the USA is much trickier than it looks?

Because it doesn’t matter if you’re mowing a tiny plot of grass or an entire golf course – sometimes you want to use an American-made mower and support American workers!

We’ve researched all of the top US American facilities and scrounged for the best lawnmowers with powerful engines and peak performance.

Whether you need a zero-turn lawnmower or old-fashioned American ingenuity, we’re about to brainstorm some of the best American lawnmowers on the market.

What’s Inside:

Many of the big brands have a reputation for manufacturing all of their mower models in the USA. But, when you dig deeper, you realize that’s no longer the case.

I’ve also noticed that some DIY enthusiasts and gardeners in the power tooling sphere erroneously assume that all top brands produce American-made lawnmowers.

As you examine the details, you find stipulations, technicalities, and nuances.

That’s why we generated the best complete list of lawn mower brands that manufacture in the USA and create real American jobs – the list is as follows.

Best Lawn Mower Brands Made in the USA:

It’s important to note that the brands listed above only manufacture the lawnmowers in the USA – many of the engines, wheels, and components come from domestic and overseas locations.

Also, not all brands manufacture 100% of their products domestically. I’ve noticed that hardly any battery-powered or electric lawn mowers are produced entirely in the USA – period.

(I think maybe Tesla Motors or Boston Dynamics should launch the next generation of electric lawnmowers, AI lawnmowers, battery-powered lawnmowers, and robotic lawnmowers. Elon, please get to work!)

Nevertheless, if you want to support American workers, and get quality manufacturing that you can count on, then here’s our list of the best American-made lawnmowers.

We also wrote a legendary guide that shows how to get rid of a lawn full of weeds – even if cleaning your yard feels helpless – and hopeless!

Best American-Made Gas Lawnmowers

Do you want help finding the best possible lawn mower made in the USA?

I bent over backward and talked with different American-made lawn mower brands to help figure out which lawnmowers undergo development in the USA – and which are worth your time!

– Troy-Bilt 21-inch TB115 159CC Push Lawn Mower

Are you looking for a residential model with excellent mowing time? Then let me introduce the popular model TB115 from the team at Troy-Bilt!

If you’re a gardener looking for the perfect utility mower that can handle excess bag clippings and mulch, then this mower model rocks!

Not only does the bag make cleanup a piece of cake – but the excess lawn clippings make for an excellent base for your compost bin – your veggies, fruit trees, and flower garden will thank you!

Troy-Bilt TB115 Mower Features:

Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers 2023

While many people only need a lawn mower that can handle the rigors of mowing a small yard every few weeks, professional lawn care demands a high-quality product capable of handling the most rigorous of tasks.

If you are like me and need a product that can stand up to the challenges of frequent use, you should look for a commercial-grade lawnmower. There’s no doubt about it, zero-turn mowers are the most efficient purpose-built mowers for professionals. But which is the best commercial zero-turn mower, and what makes it stand out in that crowded market?

Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

If you just want to view a shortlist of the best zero-turn mowers for commercial use, then check out my top three products below. Whether you’re seeking out a great performing allrounder, or have the requirement for a machine capable of handling slopes and rough terrain. Then these three models fit the bill with options of both gas and electric-powered models.

Toro Z Master 4000 FX801 Zero-Turn 60”

Capable of mowing 10 acres, it’s comfortable, and has good onboard features. 25.5HP Kawasaki FX801V engine

Ariens Ikon XD 52” Zero-Turn Mower

Capable of mowing hills up to 15-degree gradients. 52-inch fabricated deck is robust. 726cc Kawasaki engine offers 7mph. It Mows 2 acres on a single fuel tank.

EGO Power Z6 Electric Zero-Turn Mower

Lightweight and nimble, but still produces 22hp and travels up to 8mph. Perfect for 2 acres or less. Fully charged in under 2 hours.

Choosing a Commercial Zero-Turn Mower

Commercial lawnmowers come in many shapes and sizes, and knowing what to look for is critical to coming away from your purchase happy. Whether spending your day in a comfortable seat is your priority, or having a tank-like fabricated heavy-gauge deck to crash through rough terrain is more important,… it’s critical to pin down your priorities before spending any of your hard-earned cash.

Lawn Size and Terrain Type

You should have a comprehensive understanding of the type of areas you will be mowing before purchasing your mower. While you can brute force most mowers to work on any type of yard, some models are better equipped for certain types of lawns.

If you typically cut grass at wide-open fields with large acreage and little change of elevation or no obstacles, you can look for a larger model with a wide-cutting deck. For open spaces, you can comfortably go 54 inches and above. 60-inch mowers are one of the most popular deck sizes allowing you to keep a good level of vehicle control, and yet still cover a wide cutting path.

If your work is to be carried out in residential areas, where you’re cutting a bunch of smaller yards each day, then a smaller mower could be a better option. Loading and unloading your trailer between sites will be easier, and working around whatever clutter your customers have in their yard will be more straightforward with a mower up to 54-ich.

Hilly or Uneven Terrain

Zero-turn mowers are not the most effective machines when it comes to handling hilly terrain. The design of the mowers has a bias towards horizontal surface control. But there are a few models out there that are capable of handling 15-degree slopes without any loss of control or risk of a rollover.

If you are mowing areas with steep hills, consider purchasing a mower with a smaller deck and better balance. Some companies manufacture mowers that specialize in mowing hills and slopes. Be 100% certain to check out the manufacturer’s guidance on hill gradients to avoid haphazard control or worse still…an accident.

Tight Spot or Obstacles

Many commercial lawn-care professionals mow yards and other areas that are typically strewn with obstacles and tight fits. If you often find yourself taking residential lawn work, you should aim for a smaller deck.

While larger models are more efficient at handling large acreage fields, smaller mowers can fit inside tight spots and get a closer trim around obstacles.

Gasoline Versus Electric

Okay, so anyone who has been around for a while will know that gasoline engines have more power than electric-powered mowers, right? Despite what the manufacturers tell you in their marketing schpeel when push comes to shove and the conditions are tough, gas will push through and get the job done.

That is not to say that gas engines are superior, as electric engines have many benefits as well. In a residential setting, I would definitely electric over gas. The best electric zero-turn mowers are right up there in terms of overall benefits. No emissions, low noise, and plenty of battery capacity to cut through 2.5 acres of lawn on a single charge. But when you’re on-site or moving between sites, a gas refill is the only way to go for commercial work.

Gas: Power and Run Time

Electric: Zero Emissions and Low Noise

Electric motors may not last as long in the field as gas models, but they are more environmentally friendly. Electric motors are also quieter, and cheaper to run in the long term.

Fuel Capacity Battery Run Time

Knowing the fuel capacity or battery runtime will give you an idea of how many acres you can mow before you need recharging or switching out to a backup set of batteries.

Battery Run Time

Electric mowers often have battery run times of around an hour or an hour and a half. Or in terms of acreage, this equates to somewhere between 1.5 and 2.5 acres. This is excellent for shorter jobs and smaller yards, or where noise pollution is a serious consideration.

Fuel Capacity

While knowing the fuel capacity will not tell you everything about the acreage a gas mower can cut on one tank, it gives you a rough idea of the extent of mowing you can do. It also allows you to prepare backup fuel tanks for more substantial jobs.

Engine (HP) or Motor Power (V)

This topic is generally always going to lead into a debate…how do we compare gas engine versus electrical motor power? Well, based on the way manufacturers present that product data, I think it becomes something of a moot point. In practice vehicles rarely transfer engine or motor power into actual performance power, due to the inefficiencies of the mechanical actions of the vehicle – power is lost. So two lawnmowers with engines that both produce 24hp will not necessarily provide the same driving performance.

Then we have the added complexity of trying to compare electric motors to gas engines. Engines are rated in horsepower, whilst motors are rated in volts. Well, good luck with that.

To keep it really simple, for professional or commercial grade mowers with cutting decks of 52 inches and above, you will need a minimum of 22hp to work the mower hard. The larger the deck, the larger the overall mower weight, and the more horsepower you will need.

For electric mowers, they tend to be lighter and smaller so 48V or above has been absolutely fine in all of the trials I have run on battery-powered machines. Albeit you are generally not asking electric mowers to work as hard as some of these larger gas mowers.

Maximum Speed (mph)

While knowing speed is not everything, having a faster speed means you will spend less time on an acre. From experience I would recommend cutting at around 4mph, anything faster than this will compromise the quality of the finished lawn. According to Consumer Reports in their field tests, a cutting speed of 3.5mph produced the cleanest mow.

If you have the need to ride between locations or across wide open spaces then an 8mph mower can be effective for transit purposes, but I cannot see any advantage of this kind of top speed when mowing.

Best Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers Reviewed

Now that you know what to look for, I will walk you through the best mowers on the market right now. I have used all of these machines in one size or another and can safely say each of them has the capability to perform at a commercial or light commercial level.

I performed field tests on a 5-acre field early morning when there was some moisture still in the grass. At the far end of the field is a bank with a gradient of around 10 degrees or so. The grass was roughly 4-5 inches each time I went out.

I was assessing the mowers for overall build quality, comfort, and onboard features, as well as the practical function of the mower in a commercial or large-scale mowing scenario. With all that in mind, the final judgment is based on value for money in the mower delivering what the manufacturer promises.


Intimidator Group was founded in 2013 as the dream of Robert and Becky Foster, successful entrepreneurs and founders of Batesville’s lawn mower legacy. Today, Intimidator Group is home to five brands that cater to homeowners, landscape companies and outdoor enthusiasts: Spartan Mowers, Intimidator UTVs, Bad Dawg Accessories, Ground Hog Max ATV/UTV Disc Plow, and eNVy Neighborhood Vehicles.

We are beyond proud to offer a product dreamed, designed and engineered to be the best possible machine on the market. The Spartan Mower line is available in the RZ, RT, SRT and KG models to accommodate every customer—from personal to commercial use—and fit every price range. Like our UTVs, we are confident you will find that our Spartan line is built better and stronger than the competition, all the while offering an unbelievably comfortable ride, great looks and more value.

Our mowers are fabricated and assembled with US and global parts and shipped from our facilities right here in the Arkansas Ozarks to dealers across the nation and around the world. With the addition of every brand and product, more and more people enter the picture to share in this dream and help make it a reality. Our employees, our network of dealers and our customers are considered family and, just ilke a family, we continue to grow.

Such growth is now possible due to the 2022 acquisition of Intimidator Group by The Toro Company. TTC, which owns many brands in the lawncare industry, had long admired the Fosters and their innovation, so when the opportunity arose to add Intimidator Group to their lineup, they jumped on it. All brands owned by TTC maintain their brand identities; the ownership simply allows these companies to grow and thrive by sharing resources and technology.

Thus, Spartan Mowers is here to stay, continuing to build on our brand identity and mission to offer a mower that drastically changes the turf industry by giving the consumer a premium product with an all-new level of performance, durability and design at an incredible value.

We’ve taken clean diesel design to the next level, with power units that channel maximum torque into a powerful, cost-effective mowing machine that is both fuel-efficient and environmentally responsible.

Sure, you can walk into any big box store and buy a mower. But why settle for good enough when our affordable, best-in-class V Series MidMount mowers deliver professional-quality results and save you time and money?

Commercial ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers Highlights

Z900 ZTrak Zero-Turn Commercial Mower. E, M, and R Trim Levels Explained

From the basics of fuel options and engine horsepower to comfort features like seat options, we explain the ins and outs of the John Deere Z900 ZTrak commercial mowing lineup. Learn the differences between the E, M, and R model trim levels.

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Learn what the differences are in mower decks designed for John Deere Z900 ZTrak commercial mowers — including the newest commercial grade deck offering from John Deere.

E, M, and R Series QuikTrak Mowers

QuikTrak mowers deliver industry exclusive stand-on technology combined with John Deere quality, durability, and support. The result is stand-on mowing comfort like no other.

QuikTrak mowers deliver industry exclusive stand-on technology combined with John Deere quality, durability, and support. The result is stand-on mowing comfort like no other.

Commercial ZTrak Zero-Turn Mowers

Commercial lawn mowing customers were top-of-mind when John Deere designed the ZTrak 900 series zero-turn mowers. With a variety of mowing needs, John Deere delivers equipment with a range of features to meet needs of the commercial mowing business owners that demand the most from their equipment.

QuikTrak Stand-On Mowers

John Deere QuikTrak TM 600 Series stand-on mowers combine industry-leading stand-on technology with John Deere quality, durability, and support to deliver the best of both worlds. As a result, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind stand-on mower experience.

Commercial Walk-Behind Mowers

John Deere offers six different models of commercial M and R Series Walk-Behind Mowers. The John Deere commercial walk-behind mowers feature hydrostatic drive systems and ergonomic controls for the unparalleled operator comfort.

Front Mowers and Wide-Area Mowers

John Deere 1500 Series Front Mowers are the highly capable front mount lawn mowers. These front mowers provide year-round performance with climate-controlled cabs, powerful diesel engines, and accessories for any application.

Speak With a Commercial Mowing Specialist Today!

Too many options? Not sure what commercial mower is best for your business. Our team of equipment experts are here to help navigate the choices and help you with your next commercial mower purchase.

Too many options? Not sure what commercial mower is best for your business. Our team of equipment experts are here to help navigate the choices and help you with your next commercial mower purchase.

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