45 Degree Tile Cut Angle Grinder

How to veneer and form a right angle?

First you need to glue the first tile and set it in level. The trimmed edge will “fly out” beyond the plane of the wall.

Then immediately you need to glue the second (reciprocal) tile on the other side of the corner. As long as the glue is fresh and amenable to correction, you need to form a beautiful right angle.

And so gradually we move up, row by row.

An important point!

Before tiling the corner, make sure that your walls are vertical..

Because if the walls are at least a little overwhelmed outward, then without steps the corner will no longer converge. And this is not very beautiful, believe me! And you won’t cover it with anything or make up.

How and how to cut tiles at 45 degrees. Tile burr

In order to beautifully revet any right outer corner with ceramic tiles (porcelain stoneware, mosaic), the end of the tile is cut at an angle of 45 ° and a neat right angle is formed from two tiles.

A plastic corner is no longer fashionable, not interesting and not beautiful.

All the more it will not be beautiful if you just attach one tile to the end of the other. But this is also very common..

Electric tile cutter

Electric tile cutter, or as it is also called by tilers – wet cutter. It has a water-cooled disk, and the same water extinguishes all possible dust. The tile cutter cuts along one clear, fixed path and minimizes human error such as hand shake, etc..

The tile cutter has two working positions – a straight cut and a cut at an angle of 45 ° (in fact, you can set any angle from 0 to 45 °, but this most often does not make sense).

How to trim (sharpen) tiles at an angle of 45 degrees?

Everyone calls this action differently: washed down, sharpening, trimming, gouging, the Kremlin corner – the meaning is the same.

For high-quality trimming of the end of the tile at 45 degrees, you will need an electric tile cutter (tile cutting machine) or, in extreme cases, an angle grinder (angle grinder) with a disc on the tile.

How to properly trim tiles at 45 degrees?

In order for the corner of two tiles to look beautiful, when trimming the tile, you need to slightly go to the glaze (0.5-1mm). That is, only clay is cut. If you walk over the glaze (the face of the tile), then it will be “torn” and chipped. It will immediately catch your eye, it is not beautiful.

We faced such a problem about trimming corrugated tiles. But more on that later..

Surely many of you have seen such “art”, but more often than not everyone thinks that it should be so. And the tile-maker with twenty years of experience assures that it cannot be otherwise..

Even if there is a need to cut the corner of the tile not from the “factory” edge and you have to cut the glaze, there is still a way to do it beautifully.

First, to do this, you must first cut the tiles exactly (to the desired size), and then, again, before reaching the glaze, cut it at 45 °. This cut will be much cleaner and more beautiful..

You can also process the edge of the glaze with fine sandpaper, this will make it even smoother.

Secondly, you can still cut off the corner from the beautiful edge (factory end), and sand the trimmed opposite edge with sandpaper and hide it in the other direction. It will be less conspicuous.

So, for example, we once did when facing a toilet installation. Because the beautiful corner is more important than the bottom seam. Moreover, it turned out to be very neat too, and if you do not know that it is cropped, you will never pay attention to it..

Where a 45 ° chiseled angle cannot be used?

An angle of this type becomes quite fragile due to the thinned (narrowed) edge of the tile, so it is undesirable to use it when facing steps. In the place of the greatest traffic, the tile will surely beat off, the corner will be chipped – it’s only a matter of time.

The steps are laid with an overlap of the top tile on the end tile (on the riser) or using aluminum corners / profiles.

And in general, before making such corners, think carefully about everything. If there is a big threat of hitting and knocking down this corner, then most likely this is not your option. In this case, you can try using an aluminum corner (but not a plastic one).

The easiest way is an angle grinder

an angle grinder is more difficult to achieve a high-quality result, but, in principle, it is also possible. This is the easiest way to sharpen a 45 degree tile corner with your own hands at home..

The process of grinding and grinding porcelain stoneware in the video below.

First of all, you must have a good diamond disc for tiles..

Place the tile on the edge (perpendicular to the one you cut) and grind the back part (clay) at an angle of 45 degrees.

If it turns out a little uneven, then large rough irregularities can be passed again with a disc, and in order to get a cleaner and smoother edge, you can use this (pictured below) grinding attachment with sandpaper or diamond “turtles”.

Velcro emery discs, worn out – removed and attached a new one. The base itself with Velcro is screwed onto the thread of an angle grinder. Diamond tips have a much longer resource, but they also cost many times more. If you are constantly laying tiles, then it makes sense to take diamond turtles. If you are doing the first and last repairs in your life, then it is quite possible to do with emery wheels..

When working with such a thing, you need an angle grinder with adjustable revolutions (revolutions to a minimum!), Otherwise the edge of the tile will melt and burn, and not grind.

You can buy excellent “turtles” here!

Trimming (burr) under 45 degrees of mosaic

How to file (cut, trim) a mosaic at 45 degrees using an angle grinder?

You can find out about all the options for the mosaic at 45 degrees in this article..

Benefits of washed down tiles

Washed down tiles at 45 degrees

Today, the fashionable trend is the design of corners without the use of plastic corners; for this, the tiles are washed down at 45 degrees – independently. Such cutting can have various names:

Kremlin corner.

All these names have one concept – trimming tiles at 45 degrees. Looking ahead, I want to focus on the advantages and disadvantages of this method of corner framing..

Kremlin corner with an electric cutter on porcelain stoneware

An electric tile cutter is considered a popular tool for cutting tiles at an angle of 45 degrees, they can even cut off porcelain stoneware or marble. Thanks to some functions, the tile cutter can be adjusted to any angle of inclination, while making a smooth and beautiful cut without unnecessary dust. The machines are of various modifications:

Tile cutter with overhead motor and water supply to cut-off wheel. In this case, the carriage with the motor is adjusted at 45%..

The tabletop, also known as a floor tile cutter, has a torque in the lower part, under a metal platform, which is adjustable to 45 degrees. Cooling of this instrument, water.

Manual electric cutter, looks like a circular saw, has, as a rule, an air-cooled blade.

It is important to note that the quality of the cut is not affected by the presence or absence of water in the installation; it is more important for this purpose a high-quality diamond cutting disc. The more diamond dust on it, the better it will be to file the seam. Water is needed to cool the wheel and wet the dust.

Disadvantages of washed down tiles

Cutting tiles at an angle of 45 degrees makes the edges thin and, accordingly, fragile, if you touch a corner with some object, then there is a high probability that the tile will easily chip. It is not recommended to cover external corners in walk-through areas and steps on a flight of stairs in this way. In the latter case, you can buy an aluminum insert for them or close the end of a vertical tile with a horizontal tile..

Tile under 45

The work process washed down at 45%

The machine is adjusted to the desired angle of inclination and ceramic tiles are laid. The engine starts when the disc picks up speed, we carefully cut off the work, the main thing is not to bring the disc to the glazed surface, otherwise it will be chipped. It is especially difficult, there is a cutting of porcelain stoneware, which at this moment crumbles at the edges. Therefore, if you need to bring to the edge, then it would be better to do it with a block of sandpaper.

To make a sharper angle, that is, less than 45%, for this, the angle of the tile is grinded down to the desired degree with sandpaper, in a longitudinal motion. There is no need to peel the tile to a sharp blade, it is necessary to leave a thickness of at least 1–1.5 mm.

Washed down tiles angle grinder

There are several ways to trim tiles at 45 degrees with an angle grinder (angle grinder):

For this purpose we need an angle grinder and a solid diamond disc. The tile is laid on a workbench or table so that its end protrudes and is tightened with a clamp. Then, very carefully, with a dry cutter, he removes the clay corner (back part), while not affecting the front lobe. the cutting line may turn out to be uneven, then you should sharpen the same angle grinder with an emery wheel or a bar with emery paper.

This method is quite simple, with a diamond dry cutter (disk) everything unnecessary is cut off at an angle of 45 degrees. To do this, the tile is installed on the edge, perpendicular to the side that you want to clean, then remove all unnecessary with the working side of the circle .. you need to process with sandpaper.

This method is similar to the second, but instead of a diamond wheel, an abrasive wheel called a turtle is used. If you do not have an angle grinder, then a circular saw is quite suitable, with which you can saw off any tile..

Washed down ceramic mosaic by 45%

With ceramic mosaic on a grid, you won’t be able to do the same manipulations as with tiles, the thing is that the mosaic consists of small tiles glued to the grid and therefore many are wondering how to cut the mosaic. To cut the tiles, you must first put them on the table, and on top of the board and tighten with clamps, so that the diamond disk has access to the mosaic. After that, the angle grinder grind off the desired angle.

It is dusty enough to cut off an angle grinder, so it is better to do it outdoors or in the hallway. Remember to wear protective equipment, goggles and a respirator while doing this.

Biting a corner on emery

Many have emery in the garage or utility room, with its help you can saw down the tiles at 45%, if you get used to it. The emery wheel should be with small crumbs, and the engine should be low-speed. Tiles are buried by weight; in no case should they be placed on the support of the end part of the disc. It will be more convenient to make a burr on the side, where the circle has a larger area. At the same time, it is not recommended to press strongly, so as not to damage the tile..

When working with emery, it is necessary to remove work gloves..

Sharpening tiles with a diamond file at 45%

This method is the most time consuming and will take a decent amount of time. First of all, you need to find a place where you can install the tiles and fix them. To do this, clamps or a vice will come off, but you do not need to clamp the ceramics tightly, and put some material under the metal lips so as not to spoil the front side of the finishing material.

Sharpening can be done across or along if the length of the file allows. You do not need to press hard, otherwise the tile may break off. Sharpening porcelain stoneware at 45 degrees, it will be very difficult with a file.


If you pre-hold the tile in warm water so that it is completely saturated with moisture, then the work process of sharpening the corner on the tiles will become easier, and in the case of an angle grinder, it will dust less.

How to tile a right angle

The first tile is glued on a level, the sharpened edge should extend beyond the plane of the wall. Next, the second tile is molded, forming an angle, but so that a seam remains, which will need to be rubbed with mortar. The building level needs to control all planes, otherwise a step may turn out, which then cannot be masked with anything.

Install on the outer corner, preferably, whole tiles sharpened at 45%, with a factory end. If you put a cut and sharpened tile, then it will be very noticeable, even if you process the edges with sandpaper. Now you know all the subtleties of how to saw off ceramic tiles at an angle of 45 degrees, so all that remains is to turn knowledge into business.

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45 degree tile cut

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45 degree tile cutting

When two tiles are joined at 45 degree angles, the outer corner looks much nicer. Ideally, instead of joining the tiles, it can be achieved without seam convergence. There is also a simpler option for joining the filing of tiles, leaving a small gap for embedding with a jointer. You can see in more detail in the video tutorial “Cutting tiles 45 degrees”.

degree, tile, angle, grinder

Finishing the laying of the second row of tiles, we approach the niche where the heating battery is located. At the beginning, we need to mark and cut the tile, and then make a burr. To do this, we apply a tile and install distance crosses and pre-mark the place along which the bleed will pass..

In place of the future cutoff, stick the scotch tape tightly. It helps protect our tiles from chipping. It is possible to apply another option for cutting tiles using a tile cutter. In this version, we will trim and cut the tiles using a conventional angle grinder..

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Cutting tiles at 45 degrees: the best way to do it?

Tile cutting technology at 45 degrees allows you to aesthetically veneer any outside corner when decorating walls with ceramic finishing materials. At the same time, this allows you to get rid of the need for the purchase and subsequent use of special decorative corners, whose appearance can negatively affect the overall design of the room. Plastic and metal corners are not only not aesthetically pleasing and unfashionable, but also not practical. Given this fact, it is worthwhile to figure out how the tiles are trimmed at 45 degrees and what recommendations should be followed.

Recommendations for the correct trimming of tiles at an angle of 45 degrees

Cutting tiles at an angle of 45 degrees should be done in such a way that the disc of the angle grinder or tile cutter does not reach the glossy finish of the tile by about one millimeter. This means that only the clay itself should be cut. That is, only the clay is cut, which acts as the basis of this finishing material. This is due to the fact that this technology helps to make the cut more accurate. When cutting tiles at once to the full depth, the likelihood of damage to the glossy coating and the appearance of chipping on it increases. Such a defect will no longer be possible to fix, so you will have to throw away the tiles or put up with its not the most aesthetic appearance..

In some cases, trimming tiles at 45 degrees forces the craftsman to cut directly into the glaze. At the same time, experienced craftsmen know several ways to eliminate the likelihood of damage to the glossy coating of the tile..

First of all, it is recommended to simply cut the tiles exactly to the specified dimensions. After that, you can start sharpening the resulting edge at the desired angle. As a result, the resulting cut will be smooth, neat and beautiful. True, to do everything right, you need to fill your hand. Therefore, it is recommended to practice a little on broken or damaged tiles in order not to spoil a lot of finishing material later..

Additionally, the edges of the tiles can be processed using sandpaper to give them maximum smoothness and evenness..

Also, craftsmen use the method of corner trimming from the factory edge. At the same time, they hide all the undercuts made by an angle grinder or tile cutter under another tile..

In any case, taking into account the latest trends in bathroom and kitchen decoration, craftsmen and designers prefer the technology of trimming tiles at 45 degrees rather than corners. Therefore, if you strive to create a truly cozy and modern interior, then you will have to work a little in order to master the technology of cutting tiles at a certain angle..

Facing and forming right angles with ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware

It is important to understand that the grouting of porcelain stoneware at 45 degrees, as well as ceramic tiles, is carried out when the need arises for facing external right angles..

First, the first tile with the previously trimmed end is glued and set according to the level. In this case, the previously trimmed end will slightly protrude beyond the edge of the wall..

After that, on the other hand, a second tile is glued, serving as a counterpart of the formed corner from porcelain stoneware or ceramic tile. Until the glue is completely dry, the tiles need to be leveled and compared with each other so as to create a perfectly even and aesthetic angle.

So, the tile is laid gradually row by row upward..

Important: before starting to work on finishing the wall with tiles, you need to make sure that the wall is vertical. This is due to the fact that with an uneven wall it will be extremely problematic to ensure the possibility of matching the sharpened ends of the tile. At the same time, it will be extremely difficult to correct the resulting defects and only when using overhead plastic corners attached to a sealant.

Tile cutting angle grinder

Cutting 45 tiles with an angle grinder is a rather laborious and technically complex process. Not every experienced craftsman will be able to accurately trim the end of the finishing material. True, with the proper skill and with experience, this can still be dealt with. In fact, using an angle grinder is the most affordable way to trim tiles at home, as many have a similar tool at home, which cannot be said about electrical devices for sharpening or cutting ceramic finishing materials..

Before using your angle grinder, make sure you have a good diamond blade suitable for cutting ceramic tiles and porcelain stoneware..

The presence of diamond dusting on the edge is obligatory

The ceramic tile is placed on the edge, after which the other edge, which is in a perpendicular position, is carefully sharpened with a diamond disc to an angle of 45 degrees. In this case, it is worth remembering that the opposite, not glossy side of the tile should be sharpened..

If the surface is not perfectly flat the first time, then it can be trimmed by going through the diamond wheel again. A belt sander may also be suitable for these purposes. True, not everyone in the house has such an instrument. Therefore, as an alternative, you can suggest using a wooden block wrapped with sandpaper.

You can also use Velcro emery wheels. Such attachments are simply screwed onto an angle grinder, after which sandpaper is glued to them. You can use diamond tips with a longer resource and higher productivity. True, they cost significantly more than ordinary sandpaper with Velcro.

When finishing large areas, it makes sense to spend money on buying diamond tips. If we are talking about finishing a small section of the wall, for example, an apron in the kitchen, then you can limit yourself to using emery wheels.

Important: when using diamond tips to wash down porcelain stoneware at 45 degrees, you will need to use an angle grinder with a speed control function, while the speed must be set to a minimum.

Electric tile cutter

The tile cutter is a machine for cutting tiles at 45 degrees, as well as for longitudinal and cross cutting. Such a device has a water cooling system. In addition, water helps to remove almost all the dust that occurs during the cutting of porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles. The main advantage of the tile cutter is its accuracy. It cuts along one predetermined path. This eliminates the influence of factors such as shaking hands of the master. As a result, the drink turns out to be as smooth and accurate as possible..

Tile cutters can cut virtually any angle. True, often craftsmen cut tiles at an angle of 90 degrees or 45 degrees..

Advantages of tile edge sharpening technology

The technology of sharpening the ends at 45 degrees eliminates the need for decorative corners when finishing outside corners. Thanks to this, it will be possible to create an aesthetic appearance of the wall. These corners have a neater and more stylish appearance than those with corners. Agree, this is much more interesting than imposed tiles on tiles or inserted plastic.

What tools are used to sharpen the ends of tiles at 45 degrees?

Cutting porcelain stoneware at 45 degrees can often be called gash, sharpening, trimming, burr. In this case, the meaning in each case is one. The end of the tile is ground so that it changes its right angle to an angle of 45 degrees.

A similar operation can be performed using various instruments. But the best result and the highest quality of sharpening of the ends is achieved with the help of an electric tile cutter, which is a special device for cutting and sharpening the ends of tiles. In extreme cases, it is allowed to use an angle grinder with a special wheel for cutting tiles. True, in this case, the master must have sufficient experience and skills in order to do the job efficiently..

In any case, it is worth getting to know each of the methods for cutting porcelain stoneware and tiles at 45 degrees..

Construction angle grinder

A construction angle grinder is available in many homes. You can, if necessary, solve the problem with the help of it, although it will be quite difficult to do this at home. To cut tiles, a diamond disc must be installed. The tile is installed under the edge, glazed side down. Then the angle grinder is turned on and the back of the tile is grinded off at an angle of 45 degrees. It will not be possible to get an even cut the first time, therefore, after forming the corner, it is necessary to walk again with a diamond disk over the surface of the edge being processed. In this case, you get a clean and even corner..

Note! In order to form the desired angle, it is necessary to use an angle grinder that has a speed control function. It is important to start work at minimum speed, otherwise the tile (its processed edge will melt, burn, but not be sanded).

Electric tile cutter

Any professional team will prefer to solve the problem with an electric tile cutter. This device works in two modes: one allows you to make a straight cut, the other – a cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Using the second function, it is easy to make any cutting angle from 0 to 45 degrees. The main thing is to set the desired notch on the settings panel.

To get the job done, you may need the following tools:

  • Masking tape.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • The machine itself with a swivel bed.
  • angle grinder, which has a speed control mode.

The operation algorithm is as follows:

  • Masking tape is glued to the tile in place of the saw cut.
  • A pencil and a ruler are taken in hand. They are used to markup.
  • The tiles are laid out on the tile cutter platform at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • The operating principle of an electric tile cutter is the same as that of a conventional circular saw. The sawing is done with a diamond tape so that the tile does not melt during the operation, water is supplied to the cutting site. She immediately washes away dust and debris.
  • The saw cut turns out to be beautiful if with the help of a tile cutter it is possible to obtain a beveled corner without damaging the glaze layer (it is important to cut only the clay). If the disc touches a layer of glaze, the corner will have torn, chipped edges. After finishing the cladding, the two connecting elements will look sloppy and ugly..
  • Only an experienced tiler is able to cut the glaze and still smooth the edge. And all because he knows certain professional secrets..

To do this, first, using a tile cutter, you need to make an even cut, and only then try to form the desired angle from the back side. The touched layer of glaze is then simply processed with sandpaper. After that, the tiles will look neat..

Cutting tiles at a 45 degree angle

There are many ways to lay out ceramic tiles. Some of them involve additional processing of the tile. For example, in order to assemble a herringbone on the floor or to make a right angle when facing niches, ventilation or engineering ducts, you will definitely need to cut tiles at an angle of 45 degrees. It allows you to form a fairly neat right angle from two separate modules. A story about how to do this, what tools may be needed to perform such work is the subject of this article..

Why trim a tile at a 45 degree angle?

Why do you need to trim tiles at 45 degrees? Such an operation becomes in demand in two cases:

  • When it becomes necessary to join the outer and inner corners of rectangular elements, when it is necessary to make a bevel for the edge, which helps to form a beautiful even corner. This operation allows you to abandon the use of cheap plastic corners..
  • When a diagonal tile layout is selected for cladding. In this case, it is necessary to cut the tile itself at an angle of 45 degrees..

You can accomplish a similar task with different tools..

How to trim?

Beveling in the language of professionals can be called differently: washed down, burr, Kremlin corner, tile cutting at 45 degrees. To perform high-quality cladding, it is necessary to perform the described operation with tools that will make it possible to make a smooth cut without chips. An ordinary construction angle grinder, electric tile cutter or glass cutter can cope with this task. Each type of application has its own advantages and disadvantages. It makes sense to get acquainted with the technology of each tool.

How an acute angle is formed?

It is not enough to make a saw cut on a tile at an angle of 45 degrees, it is important to be able to properly lay and form a right angle. The operation to create it consists of several stages:

  • First, the first tile is planted on the glue, it is leveled using a building level. Aligns so that the trimmed edge “flies out” slightly beyond the plane of the corner of the base.
  • After that, the second tile is glued to the wall, on the other side of the corner. Glue is used to fix the tile. Each type of glue has its own fixing time. While it is there, you can easily adjust the position of two touching modules. Using this scheme, all subsequent rows are laid out..

Note! In order for the right angle to turn out to be even, it is necessary to make sure that the vertical of the walls is maintained before facing. If the walls have even a slight difference in height, the angle at the top will no longer converge. Disguise such a defect or distract attention from it with nothing, then it will not be possible.

Right angles cannot be formed everywhere. Due to the narrowed edge of the tile, they become fragile, which is why experienced craftsmen never use the described technique when finishing steps. Where there is heavy pedestrian traffic, the trimmed tiles will quickly break or break.

The docking corner of the steps on the stairs is best sheathed with a metal corner or overlapping tiles, leading the upper element onto the end wall.

It is not necessary to form a corner by cutting the tile where there is a possibility of touching the wall and knocking it down under the pressure of the weight. Since plastic corners today are bad manners, they can be replaced with aluminum strips. This solution looks quite impressive..

How to make a burr without a tile cutter and an angle grinder?

Sometimes it is difficult to find a professional construction tool at home. But in this case, you can also make a tile burr manually. It is necessary to act in this case as follows:

  • On the front side of the tile, a line is drawn directly on the glaze with a glass cutter.
  • Then the tile is turned over and the angle grinder makes a groove in the place of the future cut, similar to the English letter “V”. The groove is cut to the full width of the tile.
  • After that, it remains to gently break the cut and finish it with sandpaper.

Tile cutting safety diamond angle grinder

Before you cut a tile with a diamond wheel (turtle), you should familiarize yourself with how an angle grinder works. The tool is not only convenient, but also complicated, and even dangerous if safety precautions are not followed. That is why strict observance of the instructions from the manufacturer for operation is required in order to exclude the occurrence of unpleasant moments and emergencies. To prevent fragments and sparks from falling on the master during work, a special casing must be present on the instrument..

Before starting work, you need to check the integrity of the electrical wire braid, since the insulation should not be damaged, and the optimal wire length is considered to be 2 m.

Pruning is carried out only in a vertical way, since otherwise the angle grinder may break out of the hands and this will cause injury to the master. When carrying out work, you need to prepare such protective equipment as a respirator, goggles, gloves and preferably a hat. Ideally, shoes and clothing should be present.

Hold the tool away from you while cutting by rotating the circle. Do not put pressure on the cut-off wheel. For each type of material, you need to use special discs, since abrasive cloths are used for metal, and diamond dry cutters for tiles.

It is strictly forbidden to cut material that is immersed in water. Tiles and other materials are sawn only in well-ventilated rooms, since a large accumulation of dust can be explosive.

Basics of Tile Cutting Angle Grinder

It is not difficult to cut off a tile from porcelain stoneware or tile by observing the above requirements, but you need to adhere to a number of additional rules.


  • The tile cut with an angle grinder occurs with strong vibration, and therefore, in order for the work to be carried out as correctly and without defects, it is necessary to first fix the blade. For this, a table specially adapted for this business is suitable, since it has a special clamping mechanism and persistent clamps.
  • Alternatively, at home, you can step on the edge of the tile, but the shoes must be rubberized so that they can reliably protect your feet.
  • It is possible to cut through the tile web both in full thickness, and simply by making grooves. They are needed for subsequent breaking when struck with a sharp object. It is important to remember that the thicker the tile, the deeper the cut depth will be in order to make a competent break..
  • You need to choose a special cutting wheel for ceramics or porcelain stoneware. It is permissible to use a stone cut-off wheel for tiles. However, for glass ceramics, porcelain stoneware and similar canvases, it is necessary to use special circles on which diamond spraying, through which a more accurate cut is carried out.
  • In order for a minimum dust cloud to appear during cutting, it is advisable to moisten the seam, and periodically. This will make the material not only softer, but also simplify the work..

Important! The direction of movement of the cutting wheel should only be in the opposite direction from the master, in order to exclude the occurrence of extremely dangerous situations when the product breaks. All work with an angle grinder should only be carried out in an open space or in a room with excellent ventilation. This is required to exclude dust from smoke and so that it does not accumulate, as it can be fire hazardous..

Tile cutting disc: sanding and cutting

On sale you can find a variety of discs, grinding, cutting and others. As a rule, each type of blade is designed for a specific type of material..

Angle grinder cutting of ceramic tiles is carried out with a disc:

  • On a stone;
  • Steel;
  • Diamond-coated on the working edge.

The dry cutter disk is divided into certain subspecies. A stone circle is considered a cheaper disc, in contrast to a metal one, but after almost one cut it becomes unsuitable for further work. In addition, they cannot make a narrow cut in the tile. When working with such a blade, you need to be very careful and monitor the integrity of the disc edge so that the tile is cut and not crumbled. Otherwise, the canvas will simply be split and damaged..

The metal dry cutter allows you to work without additional water cooling, but for periods of only 2 minutes. Thus, the canvas will cool on its own. If sparks occur during cutting, then it is necessary to adjust the protective cover to the angle grinder, since it can be skewed and rubbed over the edge of the disc. If the problem recurs, the angle grinder should be cleaned of concrete and plaster, otherwise the dry cutter becomes unusable..

Dry cutters are divided into two additional types:

  • Solid;
  • Segmented.

Solid discs can be used to cut tiles without splinters. If there is no detonation at the circle, then you can freely strip the tile at an angle of 45 °. Segmented discs became so called because of the presence of slots in them, which are located from the central edge to the cutting edge, evenly distributed over the entire surface of the circle, which divides it into equal parts. This nozzle is perfect for cutting porcelain stoneware or natural stone tiles, including ceramics..

Cutting tiles at 45 degrees

To adjust the blade to the size of the wall, you need to use special cutting tools, such as a tile cutter, angle grinder, jigsaw, and the like. An angle grinder is much more convenient to cut tiles without chips than other tools, since this tool has a number of advantages that cannot be ignored..


  • Unlike a tile cutter, which is specifically designed to cut ceramic tiles, an angle grinder can tackle material regardless of thickness, configuration, or even structure..
  • Using an angle grinder, you can cut a hole inside a ceramic tile, moreover, it is even and without teeth..
  • The hardness of the tile can be different, and therefore different efforts are needed to cut the material efficiently. an angle grinder can cut absolutely any tile, even if it is porcelain stoneware, regardless of thickness.
  • Sawing tiles with an angle grinder can be done much faster than with a tile cutter, provided that the work technology is followed correctly.
  • You can cut the tiles both in the form laid on the wall, and when the element is in preparation, which is completely impossible to do with other tools..

What tool is better to cut the tiles, and so that it is even? When choosing inventory, you should pay attention to the lines of criteria and technical issues..


  • Do I need to make a curly cut in the ceramic coating.
  • Do you need to trim the end and corners of the product.
  • Whether it is necessary to form an inner hole with straight or curved lines.
  • What kind of coating will need to be cut, in particular even or uneven.
  • What is the expected amount of work.
  • Is silence required.
  • Do you need dust-free cutting.
  • Is there a free area for work.

It is also worth considering how much budget funds are planned to be spent..

Subtleties of the process: how to cut tiles with an angle grinder

How to cut tiles with an angle grinder without chips

A competent choice of discs will allow you to make the most accurate cuts and cuts of tiles. It is especially important that they are properly secured to the angle grinder and not loose when working. This can cause damage to the equipment, but also injury to the master if he flies from the attachment point..