A drill function that almost no one uses

How to add WhatsApp status

Given how easy it is to use WhatsApp, updating your status is as easy as doing anything else in the app. Select the Status tab and select My Status. Then you can add a message, video, file, image or GIF to add to your status. Then you can add text or emoticons to the file to customize it later.

You can also edit, resize, flip and rotate with squeeze gestures, change the color and font of any text, and perform other minor editing tasks from the status window. After that click “Submit” and you will publish it.

WhatsApp status will stay alive for 24 hours and then disappear forever.

What is WhatsApp status?

WhatsApp status was introduced to keep WhatsApp in competition with Snapchat and Instagram. Both networks have similar features that offer time-limited updates that disappear after 24 hours, and WhatsApp wanted to get involved. This feature was introduced back in early 2017 and has been present since then.

You can find WhatsApp status in a separate tab above the conversation list. If you are using the latest version of the app, it should be there. Tap a tab or swipe left from the home screen to open it. It has been there the longest, but it is so easy to miss it, and many people I asked did not even know what it was.

How to find out who viewed your WhatsApp status

Want to know more about WhatsApp status? Want to know who viewed your WhatsApp status? This guide will walk you through this feature and how to use a feature that many people don’t even know existed.

WhatsApp status has been around for almost two years now, but many people don’t even know about it. Submitted for use by Snapchat Stories, it was presented fairly quietly, without the fanfare and social media marketing commonly used to post feature updates. It offers the same image, text and video sharing features as Stories, with the same 24-hour lifespan. This is a great idea that nobody seems to be using.

WhatsApp has never been about images or videos. It has always been about text messaging, group chats, and the convenience of exchanging encrypted messages between friends or colleagues. This may be why WhatsApp status hasn’t become as popular as Snapchat Stories. Because it doesn’t quite fit the purpose of the network. Regardless of why, today we’ll take a look at what WhatsApp status is and how to use it.

See who viewed your WhatsApp status

If you want to know who viewed your WhatsApp status, you can. You can see exactly who viewed it on the Status tab.

  • Open the Status tab in WhatsApp.
  • Select the three-dot menu icon next to My Status.
  • Click the eye icon to see who viewed your WhatsApp status.

When you open “My Status”, you should see a list of your updates, as well as a small eye and number on the right. This number is the total number of views received by your Status.

WhatsApp status privacy

Only people you have saved as contacts can view your WhatsApp status. No one else will be able to see them, so privacy is taken care of here. You can refine this further, if you like, from the settings menu.

  • Select the Status tab in WhatsApp.
  • Click the three-dot menu icon and select “Status Privacy”.
  • Install your option.

Here you have three options: you can select “My contacts” so that everyone can see them, “My contacts except.” to restrict them to certain contacts, or “ly with.” to specify who exactly can see.

Send status update

If you find that you do not have enough views, you can manually forward the WhatsApp status to the chat. I would not do this too often, as you can annoy your acquaintances, but if it is something especially relevant or important, it is possible.

  • Open “My Status” and select the update you want to forward.
  • Select the green forwarding icon and choose where you want to forward.

You can select a recent chat, frequent contact, another contact, a group, or use search to find a specific person. After you click “Forward”, your update will be added to the corresponding chat or create a new chat.

Delete WhatsApp Status

Even though every WhatsApp status is deleted every 24 hours, there may be times when you need to speed it up a bit. You can manually uninstall the update whenever you want, for example:

  • Open the Status tab and select the three-dot menu icon.
  • Select the status update you want to remove.
  • Select the eye icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click the trash can icon and then Delete to confirm.

Your update will be removed immediately and will no longer be available for anyone to view unless it is already open on their screen.


The manufacturer claims that the screwdriver has a torque of 32 Nm (newton meters). There is no doubt that this means the maximum moment, or, in other words, shock. But such a moment is not involved in the work, since it lasts a fraction of a second. We are interested in the so-called soft moment, constant. the force with which the coupling continues to rotate under load. To measure the soft moment, we use a simple design with an electronic steelyard in the main role. details about this stand and about the measurement technique were written earlier.

When measuring the torque of our screwdriver, the peak values ​​reached 9 Nm, but this force lasted for a fraction of a second, while the true soft (constant) torque usually lasts 1-2-3 seconds, after which the protection is triggered and the motor stops to avoid overheating. It is this moment that is shown in the next freeze frame.

Oh unlucky Newton, oh unfortunate meter! 32 passport Newton meters versus 4 actual. that’s not even impudence. This is the first place in the rating of shamelessness of the screwdrivers we studied.

Manufacturer, model Torque according to the passport, Nm Measured torque, Nm Discrepancy, times Zitrek Green 12

Deko GCD12DU3


Kölner KCD 12M

Soyuz DShS-3314L

DeWalt DW907

32 four 8
32 7 4.5
thirty 9 3.3
14 7 2
24 14 1.7
20 eighteen 1.1

Let’s note the most important point: the most “truthful” screwdrivers in the table are either the Union brand or a tool that is 10 or more years old (DeWalt DW907). Well, everything is clear with the Russian brand, but what about DeWalt? Apparently. and almost certainly. 10 years ago, the manufacturer was interested not only in the number of sales, but also in maintaining the authority of the brand, which has been earning for decades. It’s sad, yeah?

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But in general, what do these numbers mean in practice? It is impossible to answer unequivocally and precisely, since there are too many types of materials. In addition, each material can have different states and, accordingly, different densities. In a rough approximation, these numbers mean the following: a screwdriver with such a torque as the one under consideration (4 Nm) is able to screw a short self-tapping screw into a loose material. For example, in a plastic dowel or wood such as dried pine. Long self-tapping screws (60 mm and longer) or thick screws with a drill head will be much more difficult to drive in, if at all. Is that from two or three attempts.

So, the first important conclusion: the tool in question is not suitable for serious construction and installation work. Minor repairs, cabinet hauling, wall cladding with clapboard or drywall. this is the purpose of our screwdriver.

Review of the cordless drill-driver Zitrek Green 12


The drill / driver comes in a modestly decorated box with a minimum of information about the tool printed on it.

The drill comes with a battery (alas, only one), a charger, a quick start guide and a free bit.

A screwdriver for a thousand, and even a bit? Eh, it’s a pity that there is no second battery. Let the price of the set increase by two or three hundred, but without a second battery, it’s not work. So, entertainment. However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Adjustment of the screwdriver torque, when the “ratchet” is triggered, is made by a standard turn of the standard clutch, on which the numbers from 1 to 18 are applied. The clutch turns with a noticeable effort, the transition to each level of torque is accompanied by a resounding click.

The screwdriver does not have speed switching, the tool always works in the same range. Maximum idle speed. 600 rpm. Not enough for a drill, but screwing is the best thing.

The reverse switch, as in all screwdrivers, has three positions: clockwise spindle rotation, neutral (block) and counterclockwise rotation. The middle (neutral) position of the switch locks the trigger (main switch), preventing it from being pressed. This switch is recessed by 8 mm, smoothly adjusting the spindle speed.

The built-in white LED illuminates the working area soundly and dimly so as not to dazzle. To operate the LED, it is enough to drown the trigger by 1-2 mm, the engine starts its work later, with about 3 mm of recessed switch.

The chuck allows the use of 10mm drills. There is no automatic locking of the spindle head. This is a pity, because this complicates the process of attaching a bit or drill, since it requires the participation of two hands. By the way, sometimes the clutch is tightened so tightly that only a gas wrench will help or such a tool. an anti-slip wrench.

However, once again looking at the cost of our screwdriver, we take our regrets back. The spindle locking system alone is worth like two such shura.

The chuck is attached to the spindle with a bolt with a left-hand thread (that is, it must be unscrewed clockwise, not counterclockwise), the cross head of the bolt inside the chuck can be seen in the photo. The cross is quite risky, it is easy to rip it off with a careless attempt to unscrew.

The capacity of the lithium-ion battery of the drill is 1500 mAh with a weight of 160 g. What is typical, the capacity on the battery is not indicated, there is only information about the voltage and the printed date of issue. There is no information about the battery capacity in the supplied manual. The only mention of capacity (let’s repeat, 1.5 Ah) is present only on the product page. However, on the same page, we see that the kit must have two batteries! over, a plastic case must be included. It turns out interesting. Who is it that so powerfully dismantled the screwdriver and came up with a modest cardboard box for it? It’s all strange.

To recharge the battery, it must be removed from the slot in which it is held by two latches.

The adapter plug connects to the connector located at the top of the battery case. A two-color LED built into the adapter case glows red during charging, and a lit green indicates a full battery charge.

The most unscientific test

The reasons why this test is unscientific need hardly be explained. No one, not a single manufacturer, even the most impudent one with a diploma of a higher school of sales, will ever indicate such data as operating time and even more the number of screws screwed in among the characteristics of a screwdriver.

Fortunately, we do not manufacture screwdrivers. We study them and, if possible, compare them using our own criteria. One of these criteria is efficiency, which is expressed in the number of screws screwed into the tree.

As before, Scotch pine with a moisture content of about 20% and oxidized wood screws 50 × 3.5 mm with Phillips are used in testing. Before testing, the battery of the screwdriver is charged to the very contacts, and Fedor from the film about Shurik’s testing is now closely watching the progress of the work.

Our modest fellow shows extraordinary vitality! Such that even the test screws ran out. I had to add others. They are shorter, but this does not matter, since the battery charge remained slightly. The result. 222 self-tapping screws. is not only a beautiful figure. She is also very impressive. Especially (back to one of the main features of the tool) given the incredibly low price of the screwdriver. Fedya is satisfied.

An important question: what happens when the battery runs out? Here’s what: the screwdriver instantly, without any warning, stops working. Even the LED won’t turn on. And by the way, this moment is recorded in the video.


The attached short instruction fully complies with modern requirements: most of the text is devoted to safety measures. But still there was a place for useful information. There are even some practical tips for working with different types of materials.


The main characteristics of the screwdriver are presented in the following table:

  • Characteristics
  • Equipment
  • At first sight
  • Instructions
  • Control
  • Exploitation
  • Care
  • Our measurements
  • Torque
  • The most unscientific test
  • Battery
  • findings

In continuation of the topic of inexpensive drills, we will undertake to study the product of the Czech brand Zitrek. This budget compact tool is attractive, first of all, for its low price. It’s even surprising: is it really possible to buy something that works for a thousand rubles??

Payload mode in PUBG Mobile. unbalanced but fun

Almost simultaneously with the release of the 0.15.0 update, Payload appeared in PUBG Mobile. a fun, reckless mode where you can fly in helicopters and make a “big badabum” using a rocket launcher or RPG. However, the developers completely forgot about the balance, pushing competition into the background.

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The imbalance of the regime manifests itself literally in everything. Take, for example, helicopters, about which so much has been said. This vehicle is actually useless. Yes, a helicopter is the fastest way to get to any point, but, unlike the same armored amphibious vehicle, the helicopter is perhaps the easiest target. If the BRDM can withstand more than three direct hits from an RPG, then the helicopter can be easily shot down with two shots with an RPG, and with a homing missile, with one shot.

They don’t attack any other car as much as they attack a helicopter.

Grenade Launchers create an imbalance in the final phase of the game. Let’s say your enemy is in a house, and you know in which house. Since the grenade launcher has a large engagement zone, the enemy who is entrenched in a closed space simply has no chance of survival.

Payload has two types of grenade launchers. М79 and MGL Grenade Launcher. The M79 fires single 40 mm rounds. And the MGL is a powerful revolver-type grenade launcher for six rounds, which it fires continuously.

Don’t even try to drive a car or fly a turntable at the end of the game. If the enemy took the M3E1-A with them, then your vehicle will not last long. This high-precision homing missile is the most powerful weapon in PUBG Mobile.

But in some situations, the RPG-7 will be enough. This anti-vehicle rocket launcher can be used both to destroy vehicles and to fire at enemies hiding in buildings. over, finding an RPG is easier than M3E1-A.

A machine gun would be a real imba if it could be equipped with sights like a conventional weapon. But since it can only be fired from a third person, it is ideal for destroying vehicles, but not for shootouts.

The least common sight on the map is Air Strike Beacon. a perk that allows you to call an air strike to any place you have marked. It’s kind of a mini red zone.

You can play in the mode only from a third person and four. If you failed to collect three friends, then you will be forced to play with players from auto-match. In this case, there can be no question of any team play. Most of the time, your teammates just don’t give a damn about you. It’s like you are playing in normal mode, although the mode is, in theory, a team mode. Rarely, when an adequate well-coordinated composition comes across.

The mode turned out to be fun, but only for those who play it with friends. But if you are used to playing alone, then Payload can never replace your usual mode. over, continuous chaos is going on here. you can be killed with one rocket fired at you and still do not understand why the developers have added helicopters.

Types of tests

Now it is necessary to describe some of the categories of tests that are most useful and common.

Interview IQ tests, as the name implies, are needed to measure the intelligence level of the applicant.

They are especially popular when recruiting for positions that primarily require a person’s intellectual abilities.

In general, you do not need to come up with some tricky questions, but you just need to use a book with tests authored by one of the most important popularizers of IQ tests. G. Eysenck.

The only drawback of this classic test is that if the applicant has already passed it, then some of the questions may coincide, which will give him some advantage over other candidates.

But if you are really afraid of a similar situation, then you can conduct a test on the Rudolf Amthauer technique, which will not only determine the candidate’s intelligence, but also establish his aptitude for technical or humanities, and also indicate whether the person is suitable for your position.

Read about what logical questions and interview tests are here.

drill, function, almost, uses

Psychological tests have never claimed to be objective. Despite the fact that they can establish a person’s temperament almost without errors, more subtle indicators, such as conflict or stress resistance, will be extremely difficult to diagnose in non-real situations.

You can use the most simple and well-known tests: the Rorschach test (a test with figures at an interview) and the Luscher color test.

drill, function, almost, uses

The Rorschach test is known to almost everyone and consists in demonstrating abstract black blots symmetrical along the vertical axis. The applicant for the position is asked to choose a figure for an interview. Having looked at it carefully, the applicant needs to name the image or the idea that he sees in this figure. The test does an excellent job of diagnosing mental abnormalities that could interfere with work.

Luscher’s test assumes the choice of the most pleasant color and usually helps to measure stress resistance, conflict, as well as a person’s communication skills.

For professionals such as accountants or economists, the ability to count is essential. This is where interview math tests come in handy.

This test is one of the easiest for the interviewer. He, in fact, he requires almost nothing.

It is enough just to find several dozen tasks for working with graphs, as well as arithmetic operations (including with fractions and percentages), and then distribute tests to applicants and check the result.

By the way, the check will also not be particularly difficult, because you will only be required to compare the answers of the applicants with the correct options, which is not difficult enough, compared to psychological tests, where you need to have a certain degree of insight.

But despite their simplicity, these tests are extremely accurate and indicative tests of attentiveness. In general, attentiveness interview tests are especially popular when selecting for many professions where this character trait is necessary.

Interview math test, example.

We talked in detail about what mathematical, logical and analytical tasks are asked during the interview and how to answer them in a separate article.

Almost all professions today are in one way or another connected with working on a computer. The main skill under such conditions is the ability to navigate the programs necessary for the profession, as well as to type at a decent speed.

Actually, this test will also be simple. To begin with, ask the applicant what programs he uses, mainly for work, and also what is his experience as a PC user.

Then you should give the candidate a job to measure the print speed. This can be done visually, if accurate indicators are not so important to you, or with the help of special programs for measuring the speed of typing. In any case, if a person hardly navigates the keyboard, you will definitely notice this.

The most commonly used test in this area is the excel proficiency test in an interview. To prepare for it, you can go through the test online on specialized sites or download it on our.

Aptitude tests are among the most challenging for both parties who take part in them.

Glock 43X MOS | How Well Does It Shoot? | Concealed Carry Channel

The applicant, especially if he is not very confident in himself, is worried about almost any test of his skills.

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The employer’s excitement is primarily due to the need to draw up an accurate test that can show all the problem areas in the knowledge of the candidate for the position.

It doesn’t even make sense to list examples of questions, because each profession will have its own specific tasks and tests when interviewing for a job.

When checking such tests, you will first find several applicants who have the most appropriate answer options for the key, and then read their explanations, which will help you choose the most worthy candidate.

Learn more about how a sales manager is tested at an interview and how to answer correctly here.

Various assignments and tests for quick wits when applying for a job are an excellent chance to understand if a person has the ability to think quickly and creatively.

However, you should not get carried away with this, because for a person who gets a job that does not require out-of-the-box thinking or some kind of incredible creativity, these tests will not really show anything worthy of your attention.

Another problem lies in the use of famous questions from the Internet, for which people can prepare and, accordingly, interfere with the assessment of their ingenuity and ingenuity.

Examples of hiring tests for a variety of specialties can be found here.

Working with a test in Excel

Open the file and enable macros first, because the calculation is done using VBA. How to do it read here.

Then open the file and delete the correct answers on each of the sheets Q1. Q10.

To pass the test correctly, follow the instructions:
If the cell says:

“Enter the correct answer”. you need to enter a number or text in the field

“Choose the correct answer”. put 1 or another symbol in the cell next to

After passing the test on the sheet Counting the totals, click the Calculate button, see the picture at the beginning.

The score will be calculated on line 17.

Excel test of complexity 4 out of 5, so the test result is 3.5 (that is, 7 answers out of 10) indicates good knowledge of MS Excel, from 4 to 6 answers indicates satisfactory knowledge of the program.

P.S. For those who want to change the VBA macro. it is specially written in a fairly simple language. Anyone who has an idea of ​​programming, I think it is easy to understand what is written. The main function of the made macro is to calculate the correctness of the answer, count the number of correct and incorrect answers and give a grade.

Good luck with your test!

You can see my other works here.

Do I need to prepare in advance for them?

If you are just going to an interview expecting that there might be a test, you should prepare a little for them.

At a minimum, you must be ready emotionally, so that in the event of a particularly difficult question you do not get confused and be ready to think about it until the end of the time allotted to you.

You should also find some typical questions that can be encountered very often, and then answer them a little, checking your answers (you can see the answers to the questions at the job interview here).

This will help you become more confident in interviews using tests. In addition, you may well come across the question that you have already “passed”.

Excel works!

Excel works for you


Correct answers: 0 out of 22

You scored 0 out of 0 points (0)

How to test a friend’s knowledge of Excel?

As a rule, a request includes several conditions:

1) You need to check a colleague, friend or relative for knowledge of Excel

2) The test should not be simple or too difficult

3) You need the ability to quickly calculate the number of correct / incorrect answers and assess knowledge

4) It is necessary to cover all the main topics of Excel

5) It should be possible to quickly change a macro or test calculation mechanism, add or change questions, etc.

The article contains a file with a test, as well as a small description of this test.

MS Excel spreadsheet test
Informatics and ICT test (grade 9)

MS Excel spreadsheet test


  • No category 0%
  • 9
  • ten
  • eleven
  • 12
  • thirteen
  • 14
  • 15
  • 16
  • 17
  • eighteen
  • 19
  • 20
  • 21
  • 22
  • With the answer
  • Marked as viewed
  • the computer equivalent of an ordinary table, in the cells of which data of various types are recorded
  • PC graphic input device
  • computer input device for numerical information
  • A relative address refers to a range that is relative to the current cell. An absolute address always refers to the same range.
  • A relative address is one that is relative to the current workbook. An absolute address can refer to ranges within the current workbook and beyond.
  • In terms of functionality, they are no different. Differences are in the style of writing the address.
  • R [-58] C [2]
  • C27R4
  • BZ57
  • J8
  • column names
  • area of ​​intersection of rows and columns
  • line numbers
  • The date value will increase by 2 days
  • The date value will increase by 2 months
  • The date value will increase by 2 hours
  • An error will be displayed due to different data types
  • sheet number and line number
  • sheet number and column name
  • column name and line number
drill, function, almost, uses
  • line
  • formula
  • function
  • number
  • xlsx, xls
  • txtx, txt
  • doc, docx
  • field, record
  • cell
  • strings
  • columns
  • A1
  • A1
  • 1A
  • 1A


  • Yes
  • Not
  • A1
  • 2C
  • B4
  • A1
  • Mathematical
  • brain teaser
  • Financial
  • Text
  • text edit buttons
  • color pops
  • border edit buttons
  • function buttons
  • A1: C5
  • A1-C5
  • A1; C5
  • A1, C5
  • space character
  • equal sign
  • arithmetic sign
  • boolean condition IF
  • randomly named by the user
  • numbered
  • denoted by the letters of the Russian alphabet
  • denoted by letters of the Latin alphabet
  • = SUM (x1, x2, x3)
  • = SUM (A1; A2; A3)
  • = AVERAGE (A1 # A2)
  • = AVERAGE (A1 @ A2)
  • = A123B13
  • = A1 ^ 23B13
  • = A123B1 ^ 3
  • = A1 ^ 23B1 ^ 3
  • Worksheet only
  • Workbook only
  • And worksheet and workbook
  • Not possible in both cases
  • Word Art graphics
  • autoshapes
  • graphic drawings
  • charts

Making a GOOGOL:1 Reduction with Lego Gears

You can find other tests on this and similar topics on the testing page

A short test for knowledge of the MS excel program, perfect for those who want to check the level before the interview or for school students.

This test will help you test the basic knowledge necessary for a successful using the program from the MS office “Excel” package.

Testing is anonymous and no one except you can find out how many points you received. There is no time limit for passing the test. The test is free and does not require registration on the portal. Good luck with the passage!

Note from the author: when passing the MS excel basics test, you do not need to rush, you have enough time.

After passing this test, we recommend that you also take Word knowledge test