A frame for converting a Moto-Block into a mini-tractor

Making a homemade mini-tractor from a power tiller, photos, video, drawings

So how to make a homemade mini tractor from power tiller, the first thing to think about is the redesign itself, but also the ability to install attachments: plow, tiller, haymower, shovel blade.

Let us briefly consider the structure of a mini tractor from a power tiller, made by the hands of a craftsman.

The single-axle tractor is placed on a pre-prepared self-made frame. The drum-type brake mechanism is taken from Zhiguli. The steering rack is also borrowed from there, which eliminates the problem of finding spare parts. The ready-made mini-tractor pleases with the ease of control and well-thought-out details. To reduce the inconvenience when turning, there is a handle installed near the wheel that unlocks the differential.

Minitractor from Neva power tiller

In general, the process of remodeling a power tiller Neva does not differ from the general scheme presented above. It is worth noting that this design solution undoubtedly has its advantages. The Neva motorcycle with a Subaru engine is quite powerful and heavy, and sometimes it is not easy to operate it. The mini-tractor is more manageable, it is more convenient to work with. The weight of the operator when working on the minitractor adds stability to the unit.

Detailed diagrams for converting a Neva power tiller into a mini-tractor:

The video shows the work of a self-made mini-tractor based on the Neva power tiller: https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=uFTeB6gJ5qk

Required consumables, parts and spares

To understand what components are needed to build a machine, you need to know what components it includes. This is an important aspect that allows you to buy the right elements at once and avoid extra costs.

Tractor with motoblock (part 3)

  • frame. made of any kind of metal;
  • turning device;
  • brakes;
  • seat;
  • metal, necessary for cladding the body;
  • hitch helps to connect other equipment.

These components are not difficult to buy: there are many of them at car breakdowns or at a scrap metal reception point. But the choice of these components should be approached responsibly. Often they are no longer new, so it is necessary to inspect them carefully for damage. In the case of defects, the homemade unit will not work properly.

Minitractor from a Neva power tiller

The modification of a power tiller into a small tractor may be slightly different. It all depends on the design of your power tiller and its capabilities. Let’s consider the principle of making a mini-tractor from Neva motor blocks.

As in the first case, before making a minitractor, it is necessary to study the schemes. The diagrams show in detail the dimensions of the components and the order of their installation during assembly. The order of remaking will be as follows:

  • The frame is made in the same way as in the first case. To create it, use pipes of different cross-section. Fastening of the frame elements is carried out by means of bolts and welding;
  • Next, proceed to the manufacture and installation of the undercarriage. To install the rear wheels, use an additional axle, which can be made from a steel tube. In both ends of the latter, press bearings and bushings, which will be equipped with rear wheels;
  • Next, you need to equip the tractor from the Neva power tiller with a motor. over, the engine can be installed both in the front and in the rear of the frame. In the second case, the front and rear wheel base of the mini-tractor will need to be extended;

At the end, the handmade machine remains to equip the driver’s seat, lights and parking lights. Due to its small size, the finished tractor will have high maneuverability, which will allow you to effectively use it in hard-to-reach places.

frame, converting, mini-tractor

The most advantageous option for modifying a power tiller in a self-made tractor is a single-cylinder diesel engine with water cooling is usually put on the Chinese motoblock brand Scout, Zubr and the Russian Neva. The single-cylinder diesel engine is economical, so the operation of the mini-tractor based on it will not be overpaid. It is usually placed on the front of the frame, which allows the small tractor to maintain optimal balance during operation with additional tools. At the location of the motor install the mounting system, which is better to make “floating” (sliding), to simplify the adjustment and tensioning of the belts. The transfer of power from the engine to the tractor’s rear wheels is achieved with the help of a belt drive. The transfer box of the PTO, as well as the gearbox, can be used from the decommissioned car GAZ-53. The power unit of the self-made tractor is installed in such a way that the PTO pulley is in the same plane with the pulley, located on the back axle of the tractor. At the same time, a place for the clutch pedal is marked. The belt transmission is covered with a protective cover to avoid slipping during work and to make its life longer. After completing the basic work on the homemade mini-tractor with a motor from a power tiller install a hydraulic lift. Hydraulic conversion kit shall include oil pump, oil tank, hydraulic cylinder and distributor. All components of the system are connected by flexible oil-resistant hoses. It is desirable to make the hydraulic lift with a floating mode that will provide a full-fledged work of the lifting axle on a tractor.

Before you start remodeling this brand of motoblocks, you should stock up on material and the necessary tools. For the work you will need:

  • Stainless steel sheets and profiles;
  • Seat and steering wheel. can be removed from the old car;
  • A pair of wheels. their diameter should not exceed 15”;
  • a set of fasteners;
  • Angle grinder and an electric drill;
  • hammer and welder.

After preparing all the necessary advise to study the scheme, which will prompt you the correct order of action when installing tractor elements. We also advise to look at the photos, which will certainly help you in the manufacture of an agricultural unit. Unlike power tillers of the above manufacturers, machinery brand Agro has one major disadvantage that must be taken into account when converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor. It consists in the fact that the axle of the power tiller has a very weak fracture strength. This kind of rebuilding will definitely affect if you exceed the maximum permissible load on the frame of the mini-tractor. To avoid further malfunction, the mini-tractor will need to be equipped with wheel gears.

The procedure for assembling the unit is as follows:

  • The first step is to weld a strong frame for the tractor. To do this, use steel profiles and pipes. Be sure to note that the heavier the manufactured frame, the better the traction of the mini-tractor with the soil. At the rear of the supporting structure, weld a towbar, which will be needed to hitch the trailer to the machine;
  • Then proceed to the construction and arrangement of the running gear of the mini-tractor. For this you can buy a pair of prefabricated front wheels, as well as hubs equipped with brakes. After purchasing the parts, attach the hubs to the steel tube, and drill the holes in the front of the frame that will be needed to mount the hubs to the mini-tractor. Then install the steering rods, using the worm gearing. Follow the tie rods with the steering column and rear axle. When installing the latter, press the bearings into the hubs used for mounting. Put a pulley on the rear axle and secure the wheels;
  • After that, install the motor on the front of the frame. It is advised to do this by means of an additional frame placed on special shock absorbers. this will avoid strong vibrations at high loads on the motor;
  • Next, install the driver’s seat on the mini-tractor, connecting it to the frame through the springs. thanks to them it will be much more convenient to work with the mini-tractor.

If you want a handmade compact tractor can be equipped with a canopy to protect you from rain and sun. For its manufacture to the frame next to the seat and steering column you need to weld four steel pipes to which spot-weld the steel plate. The result is a reliable piece of machinery for country houses, which will quickly cope with all the tasks assigned to it.

Choosing a power tiller

Of the important parameters for these devices, it is worth highlighting:

  • The cost and the manufacturer.
  • The size of the plough (if the mini-tractor will be used for plowing).
  • Variety of the engine used.
  • Weight.
  • Power level.

Power. One of the most important parameters, because the performance and power of the mini-tractor directly depends on the engine power. The more aggressive and heavy will be the load on the transport, the more powerful you need to take a single-axle tractor.

Weight. If the homemade mini-tractor will be used for plowing, the weight of the power tiller will be a critical parameter. The decisive factor is the type of soil to be tilled: do not choose too light motor blocks for hard types of soil, otherwise the mini-tractor will not cope with its intended use.

Although gasoline motor blocks are much quieter, the diesel wins in terms of economy of its application: it has stable revolutions and increased traction. It is the diesel engine that will cope better with heavy soils and large areas.

In any case, for any purpose, the heavier the single-axle tractor, the better the performance data of the future minitractor.

Price and manufacturer. If possible, it is better to choose products from companies that have been on the market for a long time. If financial resources are limited, you can do with cheaper analogues. Russian products will also be the best option for most.

Chinese motor blocks

These are mainly copies of Russian models. Their are lower because of understated resources for production and savings on materials. This somewhat negatively affects the final quality of the product.

The functionality is the same as that of Russian power tillers. Recently, there have been products of acceptable quality, although they are still far from Russian counterparts. Popular Chinese power tillers include models Zubr, Farmer, Centaur, Forte, Aurora, Zirka and others.

Russian products

Optimal solution with a reasonable price. Belt transmission or transmission with the ability to transmit torque to a snow thrower, tiller or rotary haymaker have gained popularity among customers. In any case the process is not done without a special belt.

The special feature of our developments is a simple design of the clutch system. Of the maintenance procedures, only the replacement of the belt remains. Even Soviet engineers have designed a gearbox, which is recognized as one of the most successful on the market. Professional engines from foreign manufacturers are used. The units turn out to be functional, reliable.

  • Neva,
  • MTZ Belarus (Belarus),
  • Agro,
  • Salute,
  • Cascade,
  • Sich (Ukraine),
  • Oka,
  • Favorit,
  • Tarpan
  • and others.

Mini tractor from power tiller Zubr

Such a tractor from a motoblock has a pretty good power unit, working on diesel fuel. To get a quality design, you should pay attention to the following elements:

  • Installation of hydraulic system, which will allow the use of attachments.
  • Front beam is equipped with special or native wheels, which will ensure proper balancing.
  • The engine is installed on the frame in the front part, which preserves the correct balance of the tractor.

Converting a power tiller into a mini-tractor

For agricultural work on relatively small plots of land, the best option is a mini-tractor. As a rule, the factory version costs a lot of money, but it is possible to make a minitractor on the basis of a walking tractor much cheaper. It is important to understand that the most necessary element of a homemade tractor is a single-axle tractor, and it must meet certain requirements. About how to choose the right model, we will talk below.

Choosing the right power tiller

First of all it is necessary to choose a suitable model for a minitractor. It is necessary to take into account all the important parameters:

Now let’s consider each of these characteristics in more detail.

Power. This parameter directly depends on the area to be cultivated. Accordingly, the larger the plot, the higher should be the power of the power tiller.

The weight of the machine depends on the type of soil to be worked. If you would choose a light plow for hard land, the future minitractor would hardly cope with its purpose. That is, the heavier the ground, the heavier you need a single-axle tractor, and vice versa.

The gasoline engine is quieter than the diesel engine and, thanks to low compression, starts up in half a turn even in extreme cold. But the diesel engine is more economical, has more traction and speed stability. Also the diesel engine is better for heavy soils and large areas.

To determine the size of the plow, consider the depth of the future cultivation, your patience and readiness for physical exertion. It is best to choose a collapsible model with the ability to adjust the width. This makes it possible to adapt the plough to the prevailing conditions with your own hands.