Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Huter Bs 45 Chainsaw


Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Huter Bs 45 Chainsaw

Chain pitch is equivalent to 0.325 inches. The tire is 18 inches long. The fuel tank has a capacity of 0.55 liters. The power of the chainsaw is 1.7 kW. Quite often, professionals are interested in engine displacement, in this case this parameter is 45 cm 3.


Reviews of the Huter BS-45 chainsaw quite often help consumers make the right choice in the direction of this model. If you have already become the owner of such equipment, then you should familiarize yourself with the features of maintenance closer. Important Keep the oil holes clean. They must be free of lumps of dirt, foreign objects and oil clots.

The lubrication holes should be checked regularly and cleaned if necessary. With the help of a grease gun, the operator will have to Lubricate the driven sprocket of the tire. This manipulation must be carried out before starting sawing. In order to regulate the amount of oil that is supplied to the chain, a pump regulator should be used. To increase or decrease the amount of oil, the bolt must be returned to one side or the other.

Today you cannot do without improvised tools in the country or a private courtyard. This is known to every owner of real estate in the city or outside of it. To harvest logs and create outbuildings, a saw, ax, or chainsaw is required. The latter is purchased more often than electrical models for the reason that It is not tied to a power source. However, gasoline units differ in weight and configuration, so it can be quite difficult to make a choice.

If you have NOT yet decided which version of the equipment to purchase, then you should figure out where the device will be used. The weight and power of the chainsaws are designed for different applications. Manufacturers supply the market with three groups of tools, each of which copes with the assigned tasks, so it is important to decide what kind of work you will perform on the site using a chainsaw.

For small garden work, the smallest chainsaw is suitable, which belongs to the amateur class. It is designed for intermittent operation, which does NOT exceed an hour per day. On the market, you can also find a semi-professional tool, which will be able to help even when building a house. If you are only at the initial stage of construction, then it is recommended to purchase just such a chainsaw, the weight of which can be about 6 kg.

Filling the fuel tank

The Huter BS-45 chainsaw, the instruction manual for which is supplied in the kit, must be operated with a fuel mixture poured into the tank according to the technology. The product should be placed horizontally with the tank cap facing up. You must first turn off the engine and make sure that there are sources of open fire nearby. The mixture should be prepared in such a volume that it is enough for only one dressing. Fuel does not have to be left in the equipment tank.

Dismantling a chainsaw

Any technique from time to time requires repair, which is accompanied by the disassembly of the equipment. If we are talking about the described chainsaw, then first you need to remove the handle, which is fastened to the body with three rubber shock absorbers. To do this, remove the plastic plugs, and then use a screwdriver to squeeze out the upper shock absorber and the one that is located closer to the rear handle.

In the next step, you can start removing the upper case cover by unscrewing the four screws. The starter is removed simply, problems should not arise. Then you can unscrew the inner cavity. The flywheel is twisted with effort, therefore a head with a metal knob is required to remove it.

As soon as the piston in the cylinder is blocked, you can unscrew the flywheel nut. It is recommended to remove the drive sprocket before disassembling the clutch. To do this, remove the lock washer and remove the sprocket, as well as the needle bearing. To remove the carburetor, you will need an 8 head and an extension. But first, the ignition wire and air damper pull are disconnected. The assembly of the Huter BS-45 chainsaw is carried out with the reverse sequence.

  • Convenience;
  • Effective spray;
  • Safe work;
  • Reliable hold.

As for convenience, it is provided by the presence of an air filter, which is reliably protected by a special casing. The latter can be easily opened using the swivel wheel. According to home craftsmen, the model described in the article allows you to achieve effective cutting. The chainsaw is suitable for cutting small trees and harvesting firewood.

Chainsaw “furs” is chosen by buyers quite often also for the reason that it provides safe operation. If the front stop is pushed, the brake is immediately applied and the saw chain stops. The manufacturer has taken care of a secure hold of the tool in the hands. This became possible thanks to the handle, which has a rather comfortable shape. The lower part of the handle has been extended to provide protection for the operator’s hands when a chain break occurs. The described chainsaw, the photo of which is presented in the article, according to experts, has many additional advantages, among them it is impossible not to highlight:

  • Automatic chain lubrication;
  • Control elements, which are located on the handle;
  • Low weight;
  • Vibration damping system;
  • Reliability and lightness of the tool.

Advantages and disadvantages of the furs trademark chainsaw technology

Household and semi-professional chainsaws of this manufacturer from Similar developments of second brands, with an optimal ratio of cost and quality.

  • The entire range of basic and secondary characteristics meets the requirements of the current regulatory documents, quality standards, reliability and operational safety.
  • Mech chainsaws are maximally adapted to increased loads, weather and climatic conditions throughout the country.
  • Economical consumption of fuels and lubricants, high reliability and durable resource of component parts of saws of any class, have a positive effect on the economy of its maintenance.

In the list of the most frequently mentioned shortcomings. Poor supply of regional service centers with branded spare parts, moderate quality of guide bars and saw chain components.

Huter BS-52

The semi-professional status of the BS 52 saw is determined by a powerful 3.4 Strong engine and a high-performance 50 cm saw headset. The tool under working loads can be operated for a long time without interruptions for cooling the power unit.

The saw is focused on the efficient mechanization of complex and voluminous sawing operations with wood up to 400 mm in diameter.

The tool is characterized by:

  • Comfortable noise and vibration indicators;
  • Good balancing;
  • Convenient management and simple routine maintenance.

Huter BS-25

The Huter BS-25 series household saw is the lightest and smallest in its class. The 3.8 kg tool is powered by a two-stroke internal combustion engine running on a mixture of motor gasoline and the manufacturer’s recommended engine oil.

In operating modes, the power unit with a volume of 25 cm3, develops power up to 1.08 hp. Enough thrust to activate the 12 ” gripper and drive the automated chain oil pump.

  • Despite the small liter engine displacement and budgetary cost, the BS-25 bellows chain saw is equipped with a starting primer and a full-fledged vibration damper.
  • The presence of a shoulder strap allows you to use the tool for high-rise work in construction and the formation of crowns of tall trees.

Lubrication and cooling system of the gripping mechanism

Regular bellows chainsaw chains are standard, 3/8 inch pitch. The bar and chain of the headset are lubricated and cooled with oil, which, under slight pressure, enters the cutting area from the built-in reservoir.

Depending on the class of the tool, the saws are fitted with fixed and variable displacement oil pumps. To check the performance and serviceability of the lubrication system, it is enough to hold the saw headset at increased speed over a clean sheet of paper.

Branded oil for chainsaw furs is characterized by Special properties, therefore, an analogue with identical parameters can be used as a full-fledged alternative.

Huter BS-45M

On the basis of the BS-45 chainsaw, a version has been developed that has increased reliability when working in difficult conditions. In the design of the BS45M bellows chainsaw, the kinematics of the headset drive and the emergency braking system have been improved. A number of measures have been taken to increase the resource of loaded parts and assemblies.

Carburetor adjustment

Here is the competent tuning of the fuel supply system directly depends on the performance and economy of the chainsaw, so the preliminary work and stages of adjusting the carburetor are fed in a given sequence.

  • The main reasons for engine instability include the use of substandard fuel, a large gap in the spark plug contacts.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to service the air intake with cleaning the standard filter and warm up the engine to the optimum temperature.
  • There are three adjusting screws on the carburetor, the rotation of which brings the engine to the maximum thrust mode and economical fuel consumption.
  • Correctly made carburetor setting prove itself with good engine throttle response with a sharp gas supply and stable idle speed.

If the saw does not start or is abnormal, the carburetor should be checked for no water and the jets are clean.

Customer feedback on performance

Chainsaw Huter BS-45 / 45M. German household model

The Huter BS-45 brand chainsaw combines in its design modern know-how, which positively affects the performance, reliability and durability of the product.

The working capabilities of a household tool for its intended purpose are as close as possible to the operational characteristics of a professional range.

General information

As a disadvantage, buyers highlight the high consumption of gasoline, but this cannot be called a problem if the equipment is working properly. Sometimes operators are faced with the inconvenience of using an old tire, in which case it is possible to purchase 16 inches.

If it compares with analogues, which are made, for example, by the company “Stihl”, then the model described in the article is more durable, as the buyers emphasize. To face the inability to start the tool the first time, according to consumers, it is possible even with the wrong spark plug gap, while it can be adjusted. Sometimes we are talking about the rather poor quality of the metal of the chain, in addition, the tool is afraid of overheating.

Pros and cons

The main plus of BS 45 and BS 45M chainsaws is their cost, which is almost two times lower than the cost of competitors’ chainsaws. You can verify this by looking at Yandex offers in which approximate are indicated.

Another positive point is the availability of warranty and post-warranty service. The masters of the fur company undergo special training, so when you give your dust for repair, you can be calm about its quality.

From a technical point of view, the advantages of these chainsaws are in high power and long tires, which allow you to cut thick tree trunks without much difficulty.

Interesting! The Huter BS-45 chainsaw has the ability to adjust the oil supply for chain lubrication, which allows you to increase the supply of lubricant when cutting dirty wood. This significantly extends the service life of the saw headset.

There are not many disadvantages in these chainsaws, but they are quite significant.

  • Build quality (after purchase, you need to stretch the screws on them).
  • Poor quality plastic parts.
  • The caps of the fuel and oil tanks wear out quickly and begin to leak (it is not difficult to replace, but it causes inconvenience and hassle).
  • Low engine resource due to the poor quality of the parts from which it is assembled.
  • Weight. Working with the Huter BS 45M (BS 45) chainsaw for a long time is quite difficult. Especially if it is necessary to dust the small growth.

All the disadvantages of a chainsaw are directly related to its cost. If you eliminate them, then it will cost much more.

Structural advantages

  • Ergonomically designed handles for a secure grip on demanding jobs
  • Effective emergency brake operation and easy access to the chain tensioner;
  • Moderate, within 7 kg, weight, allowing the worker to maintain High efficiency throughout the entire work shift.

Good maintainability of the saw allows you to eliminate operational failures and malfunctions without the involvement of service services. The accompanying instructions contain information that will help to avoid mistakes when setting up the fuel system, working set and other instrument systems.

There must be good reasons for interfering with the fuel system. In most cases, this is a transfer of the tool to the mode of winter or summer operation, a switch to fuel with a different octane number, Noticeable changes in the traction characteristics of the engine.

Correctly adjusted carburetor contributes to quick engine starting, stability of its traction characteristics in all modes, economical fuel and oil consumption.