Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Partner 351 Chainsaw

Benefits of the Partner 351 chainsaw

  • The presence of a two-stage air purification system;
  • All internal components are positioned correctly, making access to the engine and carburetor adjustment more than easy;
  • Weight of 4.7 kg is optimally combined with power, and does not create unnecessary vibration or noise;
  • The presence of the Vibration damper contributed to the reduction of noise up to 106 dB;
  • The chainsaw grips perfectly in the hand, has comfortable handles.

Since Partner chainsaws are assembled in China, access to spare parts and other parts is easy. The owners note that the Chinese assembly is practically not noticeable, the chainsaw still remains Swedish.

Adjusting The Carburetor Of The Partner 351 Chainsaw


Unlike chainsaws with similar characteristics, Partner 351 boasts a 0.4 liter fuel tank and a 0.2 liter oil tank. When used correctly, the chainsaw creates a low noise level of 106 dB. All these characteristics provided the chainsaw with a total weight of 4.7 kg. The Partner 351 chainsaw is economical, efficient in oil and fuel consumption, and provides the user with excellent torque.

Operation of the Partner 351 chainsaw

If you are inexperienced and are working with chainsaws for the first time, it is important to know about the operating rules. If there is an instruction Read it, but it is quite standard and therefore you can follow the instructions for household chain saws.

So, the first step is to make sure that all removable parts are installed, after which the chain is adjusted and tensioned. Be sure to make sure there is oil in the reservoir, it will lubricate the tracking headset and ensure efficient operation throughout the day. The first start of the chainsaw is carried out with the damper installed, because a cold start is always more difficult. The engine is started by pressing the ignition, then press the primer 6 times and only then can the chainsaw start with the starter. Let the chainsaw run at idle for at least a minute to speed up the vehicle.

With proper operation, the Partner 351 piston and other working parts will be provided with a long service life, and the user will use the tool with confidence every day.

Chainsaw Partner 351: characteristics and carburetor adjustment

The well-known brand Partner has been producing top quality chainsaws for many years, which are able to compete with the famous leaders Stihl and Husqvarna, but the for Patriot products are much more affordable. One of the best household non-professional models is the Partner 351 chainsaw, the characteristics of which make it possible to widely use the tool in various fields. The 351 is ideal for:

  • Pruning of branches;
  • Construction works;
  • Felling small diameter trees;
  • Procurement work;
  • Formation of tree crowns.

When used correctly, Partner 371 is capable of felling trees with a maximum diameter of 200 mm. Also, in construction, you can perform longitudinal, diagonal and regular cutting of wood. Ideal for construction.

The chainsaw, although it does NOT belong to the class of professional, has a good engine, light weight and a shape that is easy to work with. When working in a garden or in the private sector, this is an irreplaceable assistant, which is already available to almost every resident of Russia. The stable operation of the chainsaw will allow you to get rid of complicated manual work, and the presence of a quick start system and a modern inertial chain brake is responsible for stable operation.

The device of the chainsaw is quite simple and straightforward, all units perfectly interact with the operator and allow you to control the work at all stages. Although both the chainsaw and its power classify the model officially as a household class, some characteristics and performance make it possible to compare the tool with professional models. And a number of modern solutions contribute to confidence in the long and safe operation of Partner 351.

Partner 351: carburetor adjustment

Of course, the new chainsaw works great for a long time, but over time, any such technique gets broken or breakdown of certain parts. The carburetor of the Partner 351 chainsaw requires tuning for stable operation and maximum performance. A properly tuned carburetor will also provide the correct fuel consumption and manufacturer’s specified power.

If the chainsaw is set correctly, when the device is idling, the saw chain will not move, if the opposite is true, carburetor adjustment is required. We adjust the idle speed, for this we tighten the idle screw completely and unscrew it by ¼ turn. We start the chainsaw and look at the behavior of the chain, if it turns, we unscrew it until the work is stable.

Mixture quality control. For the Partner 351 chainsaw to work stably and NOT stall, we find two jets in the carburetor. We regulate the fuel mixture with these jets, but this must be done extremely carefully and with a minimum turn. Recommended to rotate 1/16 of a turn to achieve correct stable performance.

Chainsaw device “Partner” 351

Chainsaw “Partner” 351 has a structure typical for other chain saws.

The figures in the figure correspond to:

  • Chain;
  • Guide;
  • Spark catcher;
  • Safety block;
  • Lever;
  • Starter rope;
  • Ignition system switch;
  • Crankcase cover;
  • Fuel tank filling hole;
  • Starter;
  • Toothed stop;
  • Tire mounts;
  • Muffler;
  • Candle;
  • Air filter flap;
  • Carburetor flap lever;
  • Throttle valve;
  • Primer activation button;
  • Throttling toggle switch;
  • Screw tensioner for the cutting unit;
  • Chain catcher;
  • Protective cover.

Do not look at the Swedish origin of the manufacturer, the assembly of the Partner 351 chainsaw is made in factories in China.

Chainsaw “Partner” 351. a worthy representative of the household line of chainsaws from the “Partner” brand. According to its technical capabilities, it is focused on gardening and simple tasks of sawing wood. Simplicity of design, ease of operation and maintenance allowed this model to become on a par with other famous chainsaws from the brands “Stihl” and “Husqvarna”.

Operating manual for chainsaw Partner 351

The Partner 351 chainsaw differs little from other dust of the same class. Before working with the tool, it is necessary to reinstall all removable parts and adjust the chain tension. The saw headset is lubricated automatically, with the exception of the sprocket, so it is also necessary to refuel with fuel mixture and grease.

Launch dust from a position on the ground, securing the tool with a foot threaded through the rear handle. Starting the starter starts with the flap extended. Then the ignition start button is turned on and the primer is pressed 6 times, after which they proceed to restart the starter. After starting, allow the tool to idle for a few seconds and adjust the power for operation with the throttle. Then the operator proceeds to sawing with the Partner 351 chainsaw.

Adjusting the Partner 351 carburetor

The Partner 351 chainsaw contains among its modules units that require timely maintenance and periodic adjustment. This includes the carburetor. Incorrectly tuned, it destroys the instrument, making it problematic or impossible to work with. In such cases, the manufacturer recommends contacting a service center, but sometimes you can adjust the saw yourself without involving specialists.

When the carburetor idle is correctly set, the saw chain does NOT move, while the device continues to work, in particular, the engine can be heard. If this is not the case, adjusting the idle speed will help. To do this, it is necessary to return the Corresponding screw clockwise until resistance is obtained. Then the screw must be unscrewed in the opposite direction 4½ turns. This concludes the setup.

If it is necessary to adjust the mixture. There are two additional stop head screws for this. They are very sensitive to impact, therefore, for each adjustment step, it is not allowed to turn the screws more than 1/16 of a turn. After each step, it is recommended to check the performance of the tool, and in case of deterioration, return the settings to the previous state.

Adjusting your Husqvarna chainsaw

During the break-in period of the Husqvarna 142, 240, 236, 137 chainsaw and other similar models, the carburetor settings are set in such a way that the engine speed is 600-700 less than normal working ones. In the event that the operating frequency cannot be adjusted using the tachometer, it is not recommended to knock down the factory settings with the H screw.

The manufacturer expressly forbids exceeding the working number of revolutions independently. When, after adjusting the carburetor, the chainsaw chain moves at idle, then by turning the screw T counterclockwise, you need to stop it.

In order to adjust the dust accurately, it must be installed on a flat surface with the tire forward. You also need to warm up the engine for at least 12-15 minutes. First, determine the highest idle frequency number. To do this, screw L in a chainsaw must be returned clockwise, and then in the opposite direction. After determining the desired frequency, the same screw is turned counterclockwise from 12 to 25% of its full turn.

Idle speed in the models of this manufacturer is adjusted using a jet with the letter T. Adjustment is made by turning it clockwise until the chain moves. After that, they will return easily counterclockwise until the movement of the chain stops.

The screw H of the chainsaw is adjusted correctly only when the saw does NOT make a lot of noise when the gas is pressed all the way, and at the same time it does not become heavier with any load.

Chainsaw device Partner 351

The Partner 351 chainsaw, like all other tools, consists of units that ensure the interaction of the operator with the tool and modules with each other. In this model, the following elements appear among them:

  • Back and front handles;
  • Body;
  • Brake handle;
  • Levers (throttle control and lock; air damper)
  • Muffler;
  • Ignition switch;
  • Comb;
  • Tension adjustment screw;
  • Chain catcher;
  • Saw headset (chain, bar and end sprocket)
  • Carburetor adjustment screw.

Functional and technical characteristics of the Partner 351 chainsaw

  • Double filtration system CCS;
  • Ergonomic design;
  • Special vibration-damping shock absorbers;
  • Side screw-tensioner;
  • Double-acting emergency brake;
  • Lubrication of saw blades in automatic mode.
  • Traction. 1.4 kW;
  • Carter. 200 ml;
  • Gasoline tank. 0.38 l;
  • Guide. 350 (410) mm;
  • Chain. 56 links 3/8 ” pitch
  • Weight. 4.7 kg.

Saws Stihl Partner

In Chainsaw Stihl 250, 361, as well as Partner 351, 350, carburetor adjustment is carried out using the H and L screws by setting the proportions of gasoline and air. If you release them, then a large part of the fuel will be added and therefore the revolutions will be high, otherwise, on the contrary, they will fall.

Idling speed in Partner chainsaws is adjusted using a screw with the letter T, and in Stihl, as a rule, you need to look for the aircraft marking. The standard setting of the chainsaw is carried out during the final tests. Basically, after such settings, the percentage of fuel in the working mixture is greater than that of air, which does NOT correspond to the optimal parameters. But they must be saved during the first hours of operation during the running-in of the device. After that, the dust can be adjusted independently, but it will work well at the factory settings.

But if it is decided to regulate independently, then the actions must be performed in the following sequence:

  • Screw adjustment l;
  • Then adjust the H jet;
  • After that, it goes to the idle speed setting using the T screw (if the Stihl chainsaw is LA).

First, screw L needs to be turned in both directions in order to find the maximum engine speed. If a point is found, then the same screw will turn by ¼, thus slowing down a little. If at the same time the chain continues to move at idle, it is necessary to immediately turn the screw T (LA) in a complete stop of the chain.

After setting the maximum speed with screw H, you must check the frequency with the tachometer. In the event that It does not correspond to those indicated in the service book, the setting must be repeated. When a lot of smoke comes out of the exhaust pipe at maximum speed, the mixture is too rich in fuel, if noises are heard and the engine is very hot, then vice versa. poor. Then you need to adjust the idle speed. With the correct setting, the engine should sound even at low speeds, while the chain does not have to move.

Chinese models

Adjusting the carburetor of a Chinese chainsaw, for example, Carver, is carried out in almost the same way as factory models. There are the same three main adjusting screws L, H, T. Sometimes such models have the ability to adjust the idle speed. But as a rule, workers of specialized services and owners of such dust argue that it is not always possible to set up a high-quality Chinese chainsaw right away.

For classic Chinese models, screw L should be released 1.5 turns from the maximum value. Screw H must be loosened one turn from the maximum. Idle speed is regulated in the same way.

The Partner 351 chainsaw belongs to the category of chain chainsaws. Its characteristics allow it to be used in a wide variety of conditions for a wide range of operations, from the preparation of solid fuel to the preparation for the installation of structural elements. However, even they have a limitation related to the parameters and features of the device dust Partner.

Carburetor device

The preparation of the working mixture supplied to the interior of the internal combustion engine takes place in the carburetor. The fuel mixture should contain up to 13. 15 parts of air per part of fuel. Then complete combustion will occur when a spark is supplied.

  • If the fuel concentration decreases and the air increases, a lean mixture is formed. The combustion process is slower.
  • The gas pressure on the piston during the working stroke will be lower, which will lead to a decrease in torque.
  • Engine overheating is quite often observed, since Burnout occurs in the exhaust phase.
  • Rich mixture characterized by increased fuel delivery and reduced air charge concentration.
  • Carbon deposits are formed due to the lack of oxygen for complete combustion. It builds up in the exhaust tract and clogs the muffler. Causes engine overheating.
  • The formation of black smoke is observed on the exhaust.

Stable operation is possible only with the optimal ratio of the components of the fuel mixture. Achieved by adjusting the position of the regulating needles in the carburetor. The manufacturer supplies the device with a jet, a calibrated hole is drilled in it through which fuel is supplied to the diffuser.

Carburetor diagram: 1. fuel supply union; 2. channel for supplying air impulses to the fuel pump membrane; 3. fuel inlet valve; fuel pump (membrane) 5. fuel release valve from the fuel pump; 6. filter element for the fuel mixture; 7. air damper closed when starting and warming up the engine; 8. main throttle valve that regulates the engine operating mode and its power characteristics; 9. fuel supply channel for mixture formation; 10. adjusting screw of idle speed (ОХХ) 11. needle in the fuel supply system; 12. idle jet; 13. membrane; 14. fuel storage chamber in the carburetor; 15. the main jet of the carburetor; 16. diffuser, the main evaporation of the fuel takes place here; 17. screw for adjusting the fuel supply through the main jet.

Chainsaws Partner 351

The Partner 351 gasoline chain saw stands out among other analogues on the market for its ease of operation, low maintenance and high endurance. The model of this brand can withstand high loads, very rarely heats up and works stably even when ripping hard wood. This makes the chainsaw a suitable tool Not only for gardening, but also for other household tasks.

Chainsaw Partner 351. carburetor adjustment

Setting up a standard Partner chainsaw carburetor allows you to eliminate 2 common model malfunctions.

Their list includes:

  • Problems with the supply of fuel. this problem is encountered in cases where the balance of the adjusting screws has occurred in the chainsaws, There may be several reasons for this. from a strong mechanical shock, to improper use of garden tools. In any case, timely adjustment of the fuel unit will help to correctly align the bolts and continue using the model;
  • Noticeable spinning of the saw chain when the engine is idling. in the normal state of the adjusting screws, the chain for the Partner 351 chainsaw stands motionless. If this does not happen and the sawhead continues to rotate, then the owner of the saw will need to adjust the carburetor. Otherwise, the oil pump will continue to work together with the headset, which will lead to its rapid wear.

The fuel assembly of the Partner chain saw is adjusted in the following sequence:

  • First of all, on a saw with a cold engine, you will need to set the Initial factory settings of the carburetor. In what position the screws should be installed, the instruction manual for the 351st model of the Partner brand will tell you;
  • After that, you will need to start the internal combustion engine and give it time to fully warm up;
  • Next, you need to find the maximum engine speed. To do this, you need to start turning the screw, marked with the letter “L”, in the direction of the clock hand. As soon as the engine starts running smoothly and without jerking, the screw will need to be returned a quarter turn counterclockwise;
  • Then it is necessary to correct the operation of the saw headset when the motor is idling. To do this, turn the “T” screw alternately in different directions. It is necessary to stop the rotation of the screw when the chain stops completely;
  • After that, the operator will need to connect a tachometer to the motor and start turning the screw “H” in the direction of the clock hand. As soon as the readings on the tachometer and in the operating instructions for the saw match, the rotation of the screw will need to be stopped.

With a properly tuned carburetor, the engine of the Partner chainsaw will run stably, and not create jerks and shooting sounds. When the gas trigger is pressed, the internal combustion engine should quickly gain momentum, and when the chicken is released, it should lose them.


Pressing the gas trigger of the chainsaw should increase the engine speed from idle to maximum power smoothly and quickly. If the set of revolutions is delayed, screw L must be unscrewed counterclockwise Not more than 45 degrees around the circumference.

Adjusting the carburetor of your Husqvarna chainsaw

General view of the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw and adjusting screws:

A distinctive feature of this saw is the ability to work at low idle speeds. In the instructions, the manufacturer notes the following: on a properly adjusted device, the minimum idle speed is 600. 700 rpm. If the operation takes place at a higher crankshaft speed, the chain will not stop in the XX mode. It is dangerous for the user.

To correctly adjust the carburetor, the chainsaw is placed on a horizontal surface.

Before starting the adjustment, you need to give the opportunity to warm up the internal combustion engine for 8. 10 minutes (in summer) or 12. 15 minutes (in winter, at negative air temperatures).

On the carburetor, turn the screw L clockwise. Having reached the limit position, they return back about a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.

Idling is set with a screw marked with the letter T. Turn this screw clockwise, observe the start of the chain. As soon as the chain starts to move, turn the screw back to stop the rotation of the drive sprocket. The chain will stop.

Screw H determines the quality of the mixture at maximum speed. If it is returned clockwise to the end, the ICE will make a lot of noise. The exhaust will be smoky, too rich mixture will form in the carburetor. Therefore, from the maximum position, reverse rotation is performed approximately half a turn back.

Basic setup

  • Tighten the T screw clockwise until it stops and then return it 4.5 turns in the opposite direction.
  • Screws H and L carefully to the end, and then back out 2 turns.
  • If the engine does not stall at idle, the chain does NOT move, the engine accelerates quickly and runs smoothly, then basic adjustment is sufficient. If not, fine tuning is required. The chainsaw should be started and warmed up for 5-10 minutes.

Carburetor setting

The Partner 351 chainsaws have several working mechanisms, which require periodic inspection and maintenance. One of them is a carburetor.

It is not recommended to repair the carburetor of the Partner 351 chainsaw with your own hands, but it is possible to make a small adjustment. There are two main breakdowns that can be eliminated by adjusting the carburetor with your own hands:

  • Spinning the chain while the engine is idling. To eliminate the malfunction, you must use the adjusting screw. First, turn it fully clockwise. Then make 4.5 turns counterclockwise. The malfunction should disappear.
  • Incorrect supply of the fuel mixture. There may be several reasons. Here are the misalignments of the adjusting screws to the breakdown of carburetor parts. In any case, the adjustment takes place according to the same scheme.

To adjust the carburetor, there are three adjusting screws: L. for high revs, H. for low revs, T. idle of the Partner 351 chainsaw.

  • The adjustment starts with screw T. To do this, dust is introduced, and the adjusting screw is turned counterclockwise until the chain does not stop.
  • Then screw L is turned a quarter of a turn counterclockwise. During idle adjustment The largest turns should be.
  • Turn screw H a quarter of a turn counterclockwise.

After carrying out THESE manipulations, a tachometer is taken, and the revolutions are checked. They should correspond as much as possible to the speed indicated in the passport of the Partner 351 chainsaw. If you nevertheless decided to adjust the carburetor of the Partner 351 chainsaw with your own hands, we recommend reading the article on adjusting the carburetor on a chainsaw. A general article, contains all the necessary information and will greatly help you in this not just process.


The Partner 351 chainsaw, despite its low cost, copes well with its tasks. She is Indispensable for working in the garden, on the personal plot. Most of the faults can be corrected by hand without resorting to the services of repair shops.

NOT 351: causes and remedies

Difficulty starting a chainsaw may be due to:

  • Piston-cylinder wear. weak compression, piston ring cracks or seizure. These faults are eliminated by replacing worn parts with new ones;
  • Weak or no spark due to plug or ignition coil failure, spark plug filling, and incorrect ignition coil-to-flywheel clearance. It will help to fix the breakdown by replacing the failed parts;
  • The use of low-quality fuel mixture;
  • Defects in the fuel supply system. To solve this problem, it is enough to replace the gas tank primer, fuel filter or hoses and reconfigure the carburetor mechanism.