Angle Grinder 115 Variable Speed

In the segment of angle grinders (angle grinder) today you can find models for a variety of tasks. Large manufacturers of the Bosch and Makita level produce modifications with effective functionality and ergonomic means of setting work parameters. One of the latest and most successful optional additions to this kind of technique has been adjusting the speed of the disc. Models with this feature are versatile in use and have enhanced operator comfort. At the same time, the angle grinder with speed control is presented in different versions, so you should familiarize yourself with the market offers before buying.

Features of models with speed control

Angle Grinder 115 Variable Speed

Unlike traditional models without the ability to adjust the speed of the cutting element, such an “angle grinder” makes it possible to more accurately select operating parameters. In particular, an angle grinder with speed control is effective if it is required to service materials of different quality at one work site. So, in working with metal, the operator applies a frequency in the range of 2-3 thousand rpm, and the stone is optimally ground and cut at a speed of 7 thousand rpm.

over, it is not always the high frequency limit of tuning that testifies to the high quality of the angle grinder. For example, an angle grinder with speed control in the range of 2-6 thousand rpm can also be effective in the processing of wood and plastic. Malleable material, even manufacturers do not recommend adjusting due to the negative impact on working equipment.

Tool specifications

The implementation of the speed control system largely depends on two parameters. the diameter of the working disk and the power of the tool. As for the size of the nozzles, they range from 115 to 180 mm. A typical model of an angle grinder 125 with speed control allows you to work at a frequency of 3 to 10 thousand rpm. But as the diameter of the disk increases, the corridor of the “angle grinder” setting for revolutions also decreases. For example, equipment equipped with 180 mm discs rarely overcomes the limit of 8 thousand rpm. Another thing is that the power potential in the form of power can maintain this level.

In household models, most often the power does not exceed 1500 watts. Typically, this category is represented by instances of 1200 watts, designed to work with small-format disks. It can be the same angle grinder 125 with speed control, which will allow you to surface treat stone, cut thin metal and carefully grind wood. productive equipment with a capacity of about 3000 watts is not only equipped with large disks, but also characterized by high performance. up to 5 hours a day with short breaks.

Bosch GWS 850 CE model reviews

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The German manufacturer can confidently turn to expensive high-power power tools, but in this case, the compact model GWS 850 CE is of great interest. According to users, the Bosch angle grinder with speed control in this design compares favorably with its balanced functionality and structural ergonomics. The power of 850 W does not allow efficient work with large volumes of stone and metal structures, but this “angle grinder” performs grinding, polishing, and quartzing quite qualitatively.

As for the revolutions themselves, the range from 2.8 to 11 thousand rpm makes the model almost universal in terms of domestic use. Although the manufacturer himself positions the Bosch angle grinder with speed adjustment in the GWS 850 version as a professional, experts still do not recommend purchasing it to solve complex problems that require high power and endurance of the tool.

Makita 9565 CV model reviews

This model has a lot in common with the previous device, but there are also significant differences. First of all, users indicate the power potential, which is already 1400 watts. It would seem that this is enough for full-fledged work with stone and metals, but the manufacturer nevertheless declares the machine exactly as a grinding one. Of course, the Makita angle grinder with speed control in the modification 9565 CV can also be used in working with solid materials, but do not forget about structural limitations. But in terms of ergonomics, the model has practically no complaints. The Japanese also provided a convenient handle with a rubberized grip, and an anti-vibration system, as well as an enhanced dustproof function.

Reviews on the Interskol 1100E model

Another representative of the compact “grinder” segment, but already domestic production. Users of the model note its good working properties, reliability of the design, the presence of ergonomic adjusting devices and affordable cost. So, if the German and Japanese models cost an average of 6-8 thousand rubles, then the Interskol angle grinder with speed control in this version is estimated at 5-6 thousand. At the same time, the operating characteristics are generally similar to foreign devices.

Reviews on the model Metabo WEA 17-125

If the previous models represent the segment of low-power and medium-performance angle grinders, the development of WEA 17-125 belongs to the high-power class. The power potential of this angle grinder with speed control is 1700 W, which allows high-quality processing of stones and thick metal structures. But this version is not even interesting with power.

As the owners of the tool note, almost all modern technological solutions for “grinders” have been concentrated in it. In this list, users emphasize the possibility of stable support of revolutions under high load, effective damping of vibrations, semi-automatic replacement of equipment, etc. However, the cost is also impressive at which the Makita angle grinder with speed adjustment in the WEA 17- version is available on the Russian market. 125. For it will have to pay the amount of 11-12 thousand.


The functionality of the power tool and optional features are the characteristics that customers first of all pay attention to. But, not all of the proposed technologies are really useful in practical applications. An example of the effective use of additional options just shows the angle grinder with speed control. Reviews of such machines note that the ability to adjust the speed of the disk not only saves time on work, but also improves the quality of the result. Another issue is that different models provide their own range of adjustments suitable for the corresponding set of operations. Therefore, in addition to the very possibility of adjusting by speed when choosing the "angle grinder", it is also important to take into account the engine power and the maximum diameter of the disk. the range by which the operator can choose the optimal operating frequency depends on these parameters.