Angle Grinder Adjustable Speed ​​125 Mm Rating

Angle Grinder Adjustable Speed ​​125 Mm Rating

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A wide range of applications in everyday life and production are found with an angle grinder with speed control. Angle grinders (angle grinder) allow you to perform a number of operations, from cutting to grinding. The tool is suitable for processing various materials, whether it is soft plastic or hard concrete. Today, the domestic market offers a wide range of grinders with speed control. They differ in both cost and technical parameters. The recommendations of our experts will help you choose the most suitable model.

Selection recommendations

Types of Angle Grinder. All the angle grinder can be divided into 4 groups according to the type of power supply.

  1. The most popular are network machines powered by a household network (220 V). They combine an affordable price, good power and a rich set of functions. But you can work with the tool only in the immediate vicinity of an electrical outlet.
  2. Electric energy is also used by a cordless angle grinder. They are characterized by mobility and ease of use. However, the duration of their work is the smallest.
  3. The largest are the gasoline angle grinder. They are used in industrial or construction sectors where non-volatility, high power and productivity are required. The downside will be the additional costs of gasoline and supplies, as well as high noise.
  4. In the factory floor, a pneumatic angle grinder has become a popular tool. It is characterized by low weight, high speed of rotation, noiselessness and fire safety. But such models are expensive, there should be source of compressed air nearby.

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Power. One of the main technical parameters of an angle grinder is power. It can vary within 0.5. 3.0 kW The greater the load is on the machine and the larger the disk, the more powerful the motor should be. In everyday life, an angle grinder with a power of 0.5 to 2.0 kW is most often used. In the construction industry or manufacturing sector, this figure reaches 3 kW.

Rotational speed. In angle grinders, in addition to the engine, there is also a gearbox. It is responsible for the spindle speed. The choice of this parameter depends on the nature of the work performed.

  1. In everyday life, you can successfully use machines with a tool rotation speed of up to 7000 rpm.
  2. It is more convenient to polish wooden products at a speed of 7000-11000 rpm.
  3. To clean the car body, a high-speed angle grinder (up to 15,000 rpm) is required.

Tool weight. Since the angle grinder has to be kept in your hands all the time, the weight of the tool plays a significant role during long-term work.

  1. The lightest models weighing from 1.2 kg are convenient when working on outstretched arms. Duration of work can reach 4 hours.
  2. With more powerful and heavy (2-3 kg) machines it is more convenient to work on a table or workbench. But after 2-3 hours, a person accumulates fatigue.

Additional options. Modern angle grinders have a number of additional options.

  1. Convenience of moving the tool along with equipment provides a case.
  2. To reduce the load on the engine in the first moments of operation allows a smooth start.
  3. In order not to hold your finger on the power button during a long operation, the button lock is set in the angle grinders.
  4. Maintain the desired speed regardless of the load helps the electronic stabilization system of rotation speed.
  5. Protection against unintentional starting will be useful when an electric current is lost in the network. The tool itself will not turn on when voltage appears.