Angle Grinder Assorm 125 With Speed Control

Budget angle grinder (angle grinder) Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E, 950W power and adjustable speed Greetings to all who looked at the light. The review will focus on, as you probably already guessed, an angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E, powerful enough for its class, with a power of 955W, a circle diameter of 125mm

Budgetary angle grinder (angle grinder) Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E, 950W power and speed control

angle grinder assorm 125 with speed control

General view of the angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E:

Brief performance characteristics:
Manufacturer Caliber
Model МШУ-125 / 955E
High impact plastic housing
Power consumption 950W
Revolutions per minute 0-11000 rpm
Speed ​​control is present
Circle diameter 125mm
Spindle thread M14
Safety class II
Supply voltage 220V
Dimensions 380mm125mm110mm
Weight 2.1kg

angle grinder Caliber MSHU-125 / 955E
protective cover
side handle
tightening wrench
spare brush kit

The angle grinder is supplied in a light box made of heavy corrugated cardboard:

The box contains the company logo, the appearance of the product, as well as some features of the model. The main performance characteristics are indicated from the end of the box:

Since Caliber is a Russian trade mark, the instruction is completely in Russian:


Disassembly and main parts:

It should be noted that I conducted the tests in the country with a very mediocre electrical wiring. You can see how the voltage sags under load (sank to 210V), so with high-quality wiring, this grinder will consume more than 1.1kW. Be that as it may, for working with 125mm circles this power is enough for the eyes.

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Tool maintenance:

I have already mentioned earlier that it is necessary to periodically disassemble the tool and clean the main components from dirt / dust. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the brushes and, if necessary, replace them. For this, a pair of spare brushes are supplied in the kit. Thanks to the successful design of the grinder, this operation will take very little time. No need to disassemble the entire case. It is enough just to unscrew the plastic clamping screws:

And finally, a couple of recommendations for work:
use protective equipment (goggles, protective cover). Do not neglect the use of the side handle. The power of this model, although it is sufficient, is possible for the disc to jam under strong pressure.
Let the tool cool down for prolonged use. If the work is on, then for faster cooling, simply turn on the idle tool at increased (maximum) revolutions. Cool air blown by the fan will cool the tool much faster than a simple break in work
do not operate at reduced speed for a long time. This model allows this, but it should not be abused.
When working at low speed, do not turn off the tool immediately to avoid local overheating. Let it run for a while, preferably at higher revs.
Do not exceed the number of revolutions indicated on the disc to avoid injury
do not work with a sander near containers with flammable liquids, or in oiled overalls. It is not uncommon for such clothing to catch fire from sparks.

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A small demonstration of work:

good workmanship
high power
availability of a speed regulator
hypoid gear in the gearbox
Safety class II (double insulation)
adjustable angle grinder (direction of rotation, gearbox rotation)
quick access to brushes

there is no function of maintaining the specified revolutions depending on the pressure on the tool

Output: the tool is really high quality, no complaints about the work. Due to the sufficiently high engine power and the presence of a speed controller, this model allows you to solve most of the tasks. I definitely recommend buying

TOP 10 best variable speed angle grinder of customer choice

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Great tool in compact size. It has a moderate price and high power. The angle grinder perfectly copes with the tasks assigned, equally good at sanding surfaces and cutting materials.

A feature of the model is simple replacement of equipment (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the casing, without the use of keys and other additional tools. The handle included in the kit is convenient to use, it does not vibrate and is securely fixed on the body.

  • Good power (1300 W).
  • Low noise.
  • Comfortable to hold in hand.
  • Nozzles are easily changed.
  • Quite heavy weight (2.4 kg).
  • Heats up quickly at low revs.

Bort BWS-905-R

The compact 125 mm angle grinder that attracts attention with its low cost and high power. Light weight (1.8 kg) allows you not to be distracted by fatigue and work for a long time, without rest and respite.

The model is variable speed, you can install the spindle. The angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, a key for changing discs. On the body there is a button designed to block the inclusion when accidentally pressed.

  • A light weight.
  • It is convenient to work with one hand.
  • Low price.
  • Strong body.
  • Short network cable.
  • Heats up quickly.
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Angle grinder 180mm Sturm AG9018P

Small angle grinder 125 mm.

The lineup of the majority of manufacturers represented in Ukraine: Makita (Makita), DWT (DVT), Proton, Dnipro-M, Stern is presented in sizes: 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 millimeters. The figure indicates the outer diameter of the installed equipment, on which the rotation speed and power of the electric motor depend.
In everyday life, the tool is classified into: large 230 mm, medium 150, 180 mm and small angle grinder 115, 125 mm. The 125s are believed to be home models and the 230s for construction and industrial use.
This judgment is conditional, since the size of the circle only indicates how deep the cut can be made.

Is the soft start function the same for all tools?

Not. And the speed of reaching the operating mode and the user experience are different. In the Flex L 3406 VRG, the rig unwinds in 1.5 seconds and is very soft. The Makita GA9040RF01 jerk, though small, is felt. And for Fiolent MSHU 1-20-230 acceleration occurs without jerking, but in two stages.