Angle Grinder Does Not Work Interskol Angle Grinder

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Angle Grinder Does Not Work Interskol Angle Grinder

Pluses: Price. The quality of the material. Wire quality

Disadvantages: not found!

Commentary: Bought for cutting tiles in the hallway. Great option! Recommend

Advantages: Lightweight, fits well in the hand, can be operated with one hand.

Disadvantages: not found

Commentary: It is convenient to hold even with a small hand due to the small diameter of the case. The angle grinder was very pleased, I think now Interskol replace the entire tool.

Advantages: price and ease of grip

Disadvantages: a bit noisy like all angle grinders.

Advantages: What still works.

Disadvantages: Broken spindle lock button.

Pluses: Cheap. 2 years warranty. Service close by

Disadvantages: Very noisy. As if something rattles inside.
You can only work with headphones.

Commentary: For its price. If for home. It suits me completely. I will NOT recommend it to my friends, but I will buy myself 2nd

Pluses: Inexpensive, lightweight.

Disadvantages: short-lived gear housing. duralumin (or something similar)

Commentary: Comfortable to hold and operate with one hand. Disassembled the gearbox for lubrication and drew attention to the weak housing design. Another matter of cast iron! I think that the gearbox will eventually break the “crib” of the case, in which it is invested. In a word. the angle grinder is good, but for the first repair!

Advantages: Compact, snug, nosy and reliable. Used to repair a car, never had any complaints.

Disadvantages: Critical for the money.

Pluses: comfortable, not big

Disadvantages: weak, not convenient button

Comment: ripped off the metal of the balcony with a brush 2 days withstood
rarely cut, rarely used for home use, since inexpensive.

Advantages: Narrow, comfortable to hold in the hand, and not heavy. It seems to be repairable, all spare parts for the screw are there. But again, the price of the issue.

Disadvantages: Heating, makes a lot of noise.

Disadvantages: The protective cover is made by a drunken Chinese

Comment: The quality of China’s basement, heats up, the cord is short, etc. Better take Hitachi, it is 600 rubles more expensive but much better.

Pros: Comfortable in the hand

Disadvantages: A little powerful sits down very strongly, lamuchaya 4 times gave it to the service in Ryazan or the region, respectively, they did not do anything there, and then after the repair of such masters it turns on once again sparkles today took it again from the repair. 07/07/2019, guys, do not take definitely better than any other but not 125/700 Interskol

Comment: I will not have any more business with Interskol. DIOLD DIOLDOVSKAYA left for me for the first 10 years

Advantages: Slim body, comfortable to hold.

Disadvantages: Self-loosening of the clamping nut occurs when using thin discs. The disc starts to dangle immediately, after a few seconds. This does not happen on thick and petal discs.
Small distance between fixing holes for clamping wrench. The key is therefore not suitable for most other grinders.

Commentary: Budget model, without armoring of windings and with a short cord.

Advantages: Fits comfortably in the hand

Disadvantages: the starter or rotor shorted from dust when cutting expanded clay concrete on the second day after purchase

Assembly. assembled by a blind, armless Chinese, apparently with his feet
The quality of the materials. the wire is wildly smelly, the body is all in a flash, the gearbox housing can be seen from the spray can painted in the floor of the layer
In operation. 1 minute at idle. the case where the engine is already warm, the gearbox is hot, the smell of burnt plastic and insulation from the ventilation holes

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User reviews

Quite a normal tool, especially for this money, took for 1188, 4 stars per button, and so 5 boldly, for those who first start using an angle grinder of this model and who has nothing to compare with

Very suitable for small jobs, probably for bodywork, for cleaning the whole with a disc or a metal brush.

A very handy angle grinder for small jobs. It is powerful enough for its power, it fits well in the hand (the body, which protrudes with the main handle, really has a small diameter), without extraneous sounds in the gearbox and engine. It is heated slightly, within reason, while extraneous odors do not seem to be felt. There are complaints about noise and vibration. Quite a workhorse for every day. Yes, but they saved in vain on the cord, of course.

I bought this angle grinder as an assistant for small jobs. I rarely use it, 1-3 times a week, for 2 hours in total with breaks. For more serious work, this angle grinder is NOT suitable.

If purchased, before the first start, open the gearbox, everything is sterile, that is, there is even a smell of grease.

I almost lost the button, flew off imperceptibly when cutting a thin sheet of iron around 1.2, it was the second and such a shame, it’s a shame that it happened


Interskol angle grinder-125/1100 E has a power of 1100 watts. With its compact dimensions 375x140x100 millimeters, its weight is only 2.2 kilograms. The number of revolutions is adjustable from 3000 to 10000 per minute. The rim for the disc is 22.2 millimeters, and the disc itself should be no more than 125 millimeters in diameter. This model is equipped with a tool-free adjustment of the guard position, which makes it easy to quickly change the cutting angle. The spindle thread is M14. The network cable length is 4 meters.

Landing diameter, mm 22.2
Number of revolutions, rpm 3000-10000
Dimensions, mm 375x140x100
Disc diameter, mm 125
Power, W 1100
Spindle lock when the disk is jammed Yes
Maintaining constant speed under load Yes
Adjusting the guard position without tools Yes
Electr. Speed control Yes
smooth start Yes
Weight, kg 2.2

Design features

Angle grinder Interskol angle grinder-125/1100 E is a fairly modern and compact tool with high power and designed for cleaning, grinding and cutting. This model can easily handle various types of wood, metal and stone. To protect the operator during work, a protective swivel cover is installed. It can be adjusted without any additional tools for different types of work. The tool is powered by a household power supply. For convenience of work for a long time, there is a function of fixing the start button. The machine is equipped with constant electronics, which maintains the set speed in a wide range of loads. The gearbox housing is cast under high pressure from a magnesium alloy, while special ventilation holes are provided in it, through which air is carefully blown out in the forward direction. This significantly reduces the ingress of dust into the mechanism, and increases the accuracy and quality of work performed.

Angle grinder Interskol angle grinder-125/1100 E. convenience and quality

The company “Interskol” is a leader in the domestic market for sales and service of small mechanization and electrical equipment. This company was founded back in 1991. Currently the company is the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. It is also one of the ten largest world manufacturers. It is this company in the Russian Federation that has the lowest percentage of return under warranty and the widest network of service centers.

Performance properties

The main handle Interskol is an angle grinder 125, due to its small dimensions, it provides a confident grip. The tool is equipped with an additional handle for comfortable grip during work, as well as accuracy in performing the task. At the request of the operator and depending on the type of work, it can be installed in three positions: case, left or top. For quick and safe installation or replacement of accessories, this model is equipped with a spindle lock. Its embossed button has a large area for easy pressing. For an accurate start of work and protection of the electrical supply system from overloads when turned on, the model’s engine has a smooth start. The number of revolutions of the disc is smoothly regulated by the wheels located at the base of the handle. Its presence makes it possible to easily select the optimal processing intensity for each material by changing the speed. The speed control disc is slightly recessed into the body, which will NOT allow you to accidentally move it from the installed place.

Scope and application features

Interskol angle grinder-125/1100 quickly gained recognition from professionals and specialists. With the use of special tooling, it is possible to perform cutting and grinding operations on a huge variety of different materials. These include: ferrous and non-ferrous metals, natural and artificial stones, ceramic and silicate bricks, concrete and concrete products. Also all types of facing ceramic tiles, different types of wood and plastic. Most often, this tool is used in metalworking enterprises, in car body workshops and in construction. Very often this model is purchased by owners of private houses and vegetable gardens.

Advantages and disadvantages

Angle grinder Interskol angle grinder-125/1100 E stands out against the background of analogues by a rare combination of a rotation speed control system combined with soft start systems, maintaining speed under load, blowing air from the gearbox forward and a dust protection system. This combination is highly justified and extremely useful when grinding metal and cutting stone, when maximum RPM is not always required, but a reserve of power is needed to increase productivity. In addition, the speed control and high power will come in handy when installing polishing, sneaker and lamella sanding attachments. The soft start function eliminates the so-called start jerk. In comparison with its counterparts, the Interskol angle grinder-125 is equipped with a long mains cable, which greatly simplifies the work in the absence of an extension cord.

Angle grinder: device, methods of work, development prospects. Part 1

Only hand held angle grinders (angle grinders) are called “angle grinders”. Who came up with this name is unknown, but everyone knew that they were brought to us from Bulgaria. Although they were wrong. In the country of “brothers”, only an electric drive of increased power was produced (according to the technology of the AEG company), and production was carried out in the USSR in the framework of cooperation (there was such a thing!) With the countries of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA).

Angle grinder

The angle grinder is used for cleaning, grinding and polishing various surfaces, edges and welds. They are also very effective for cutting various materials and products from brick, stone, concrete, metal. In connection with the wide development of diamond tools, the angle grinder has turned into a universal cutting machine, which is difficult to do without in suburban conditions.

Gloves should be worn when working with an angle grinder (Photo Interskol)

The principle of operation of the angle grinder is already visible at the first glance at it:

  • An electric motor with a power supply cable and a control unit ensures the rotation of the motor rotor;
  • A fan and a toothed gear are installed on its shaft, which meshes with the driven gear mounted on the driving spindle. It is the latter that makes the working tool rotate. a cutting disc or a grinding stone.

The main parameter of an angle grinder is the outer diameter of the grinding or cutting wheel. On this basis, they can be divided into one- and two-handed:

  • One-handed. without the main handle with a circle diameter of 100, 115, 125 mm and weighing up to 2.5 kg
  • Two-handed. with a rear location of the main handle and an additional handle; circle diameter in this case is 125-230 mm, machine weight 2.5-6 kg.

Discs of different diameters have different permissible speed values ​​- this information is always indicated on the label of the disc itself.

Modes and operating conditions of the angle grinder are a serious test for the operation of its variable electric drive. It is supplied in a dustproof design to prevent dust from entering the motor windings and bearings. Such drives make it possible:

  • A smooth increase in the spindle speed to the maximum rotational speed, which allows grinding and cutting at speeds as close as possible to permissible;
  • Automatic stabilization of the speed mode at variable forces on the tool during operation.

This, firstly, increases the utilization of engine power. And secondly, it reduces the starting current by 2-3 times, making it possible for the electric drive to operate with a power of up to 2500 W in the mains with a 16 A fuse.

Adjustment of silicate material (Photo Interskol)

The Achilles heel of the collector electric motors used is their current collector, made in the form of a collector-brush contact pair. Leading manufacturers of angle grinders guarantee the reliability of the current collector even in grinders, which are characterized by increased motor power, high angular speeds, significant mechanical and thermal loads. However, the life of carbon brushes is around 200 hours or more. Some models are equipped with self-disconnecting brush systems to protect the motor from damage.

A characteristic feature of the work process is the high speed of the cutting wheel. It is she who provides the speed of the tool sufficient for cutting metals. However, in this case, even minor irregularities in the structure of the disc material or uneven wear of the working surface lead to the appearance of some imbalance, causing machine vibration. At the same time, the durability of the bearings is reduced, and the operator’s fatigue increases. To eliminate this phenomenon, an anti-vibration device is used in the form of a set of balls installed in an annular groove. They automatically correct imbalances.

Another logical way to deal with vibration is to isolate the handles. They are installed with the help of Special elastic-damping devices, which dampen vibrations reaching the operator’s hands. In some cases, the handles themselves or their surfaces are made of materials with good damping properties. Combinations of the above methods allow the vibration level (acceleration) to be reduced below 2.5 m / s2, which, in accordance with ISO international standards, does not require restrictions on the duration of work with the machine.

When working with an angle grinder, remove flammable materials lying nearby. Photo. Interskol

For ease of control of the machine, it is often foreseen that the sticks can be installed in several positions. In order to provide the possibility of grinding in hard-to-reach places, the body of the working head is made in the form of a “Duck nose”, but sometimes in a rotary position with several positions. Protective housing. an integral part of angle grinders. reliably protects the operator from mechanical damage.

In the second part of the article, we will consider the algorithm for choosing a specific model, the types of discs and working stones, and also talk about safety during the operation of grinders and in the prospects for the development of their designs.

Repair. how to remove and connect the button angle grinder Interskol

The following diagram will help you understand the device of the angle grinder button:

  • The start button is located directly at position 41, which is built into the body (key 47).
  • The start button is supplied with voltage from the power cable (pos. 53).
  • The angle grinder is equipped with a lever (46) to operate the start button (key 41).
  • Electric brushes (pos. 55) and special brush holders (pos. 44) are also connected to it.
  • The electrical part of the angle grinder, which includes the power button, includes the rotor (pos. 31) and the stator (pos. 42).

To repair the start button, the Interskol angle grinder we need:

  • Two screwdrivers. cross and flat;
  • New power button.

We proceed to removing the button of the angle grinder:

  • Use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the screws on both sides of the handle and remove it;
  • We remove the platform for adjusting the revolutions by prying its latches with a flat screwdriver;
  • Using a Phillips screwdriver, disconnecting the contacts of the mains wire from the power button, after removing the clamp;
  • Disconnecting four wires from the start button, which go from the motor and capacitor to its contacts;
  • Removing the broken button from the case.

To make sure that the contacts are burned out in it, it is enough to remove the collapsible cover.

Next, Install a new switch:

  • We connect the removed motor and capacitor wiring back to the button contacts. they must be located in the same sequence as on the old button;
  • Insert the button back into the case;
  • Securing the governor pad back;
  • We fasten the contacts of the network wire and the clamp;
  • We check the operation of the angle grinder at idle;
  • We fasten the handle cover with screws.
  • The angle grinder is assembled and the button is working properly.


Button replacement Makita angle grinder

Easy button replacement with Makita angle grinder

Button for angle grinder Interskol. replacement instructions

Having acquired a popular Interskol angle grinder in the domestic market, you can solve many household and even production tasks, such as cleaning welded seams, cutting metal, etc.

Plastic moving parts do not withstand loads and begin to melt, after which the contact ceases to close. In such cases, you need to replace the button.

Helpful guide. how to replace brushes and cord angle grinder

Often, the Interskol angle grinder stops working due to a breakdown of the cord or wear of the brushes, because of which they hardly reach the stator and the device does not work at full power.

How to remove the cord, you already know from the previous instructions on Removing the button of the angle grinder (from item 1 to item 3). It remains to figure out how to get to the brushes and replace them with new ones.

Also check the armature manifold, which may be scratched from worn brushes. Scratches can be cleaned with zero sandpaper.

OVERVIEW If your angle grinder stops turning on when you press the start, do not rush to throw it in the trash and buy a new one. Most likely, the whole thing is in the start button, which does not require special skills and knowledge to repair. Replacing a button for an Interskol angle grinder from a decent company is much cheaper than buying a new angle grinder.

The same angle grinder burned out today. She worked for me for 11 years and a month and a half (there is a mark in the warranty card). Buy only the same. Recommend

The Bulgarian Corner Girl “turned out to be a really comfortable and practical tool. The disc diameter is about 125 mm and the machine itself weighs just over two kilograms. Thanks to such a low weight, it can be held for a long time without getting up. First of all, the Interconsole has a box body. Cold-type gears, as it is made of magnesium alloy, therefore the device is quite durable and reliable.

I have had an Intercol UshM-125/900 angle grinder for 5 years. During this time, of course, I changed the bearings a couple of times, but overall it works flawlessly. It is completely reliable and proves its worth. This is quite high demand and I use it almost every day. He has enough power and even a lot. And above all, it is easy to use, there is nothing difficult to learn how to use it. There was only one time when it was heavily loaded and slightly heated.

I have been using the Intercol UshM-125/900 angle grinder for a year now. This is a very budget and powerful option for the household. It is very light in weight and easy to use. Sometimes the power button gets stuck. There is a smooth start. Easy to change discs in a couple of seconds. There is a starting lock. Not very comfortable to hold, the ventilation holes are blocked. Very good eject key.

We very carefully chose the car on the hull, settled on the USHM-125. Which now helps me in my work 100%. Everything works at a good pace, there is enough power, so the most important thing. DO NOT overheat it too much. And overall, the sander works very well with all kinds of materials. It is very reliable and compact and can be easily taken with you in any bag. The price matches the quality. I recommend her.

I have had a budget angle grinder interskol_ushm-125_900 for a couple of years. It works reliably, no problems were noticed. The case is well made, the insulation is excellent and the risk of electric shock is minimal. The stop handle is also well made, firmly attached. It cuts everything, only sometimes it makes a lot of noise under load and the sawdust scatter is very large, and not directed. Better to work with glasses.

I use the Bulgarian Interskol 125-900 angle grinder in my garage. I cannot say that her work was absolutely excellent. It is not heavy, it can be held in one hand without problems. But Bulgarians have a smooth start, when I turn it on, it goes straight to the punch. The arm needs to be secured. The vibration is quite high, which makes it difficult to work. Heavy bearing wear, changed ten times.

The grinding machine Interskol 125/900 2007 took into account the good price and power. The cost of time for cutting metal is small, beats, everything is clean and even without teeth, everything is balanced, for convenience the handle is rubberized, it is very convenient to work. The assembly is of high quality, everything looks neat. NOT heavy, discs stand at 125mm, home most walk.

I like to work with the Interskol-125/900 angle grinder, it is inexpensive, but still made to high standards and it is convenient for it to get into all kinds of hard-to-reach places, corners, etc. I don’t quite like the case, it is made clumsy and hastily, although this does not greatly interfere with the work. The discs are easy to install, but they are perfectly fixed and do NOT fly out during the cutting process.

I took the USHM-125/900 grinding machine for myself. I urgently needed it, the old one was completely worn out. Not enough money for an expensive one. But I was saddened by her work. Energy is not enough, for me it is not enough. Although, as they say, it is stronger than it actually is. And the build quality is lame. The power button started to shut off almost immediately, and soon it caught on. I had to take her for repair.

Interskol USHM-125/900 only upsets me. From the very beginning I noticed that the button is very heavy, I thought it didn’t matter. But working is very inconvenient, I spend even more time and effort. After a couple of months I started to get very hot, I feel that a repair service is waiting for me, there is a problem with the engine, there is a reason for this too. Works fine, but it’s hot in the hand. Cable length suits me.

There is one little trick. The noise is abnormal, the head just pops at the end of the day. Difficult to switch. The work itself is smooth, does not hurt. Good weight, or weight is normal, but easy to hold, evenly distributed load. The handle is comfortable to hold, the recoil is NOT felt. The cord itself heats up a little, but the body barely heats up. I like the price for Interscol UshM-125/900, adequate.

I bought it exclusively for homework. then cut pipes, then tiles, then some other crap. He copes with all this perfectly. Most of all I like in this Interskolovskaya angle grinder-125/900 the cut on the tile is smooth and clear. DOES NOT lead, do not enter. Lightweight, fits comfortably in the hand. Does NOT howl or vibrate too much. The casing is positioned correctly, clearly protects against any side effects. You can block the start button. Therefore, it is not realistic to cut down accidentally during operation, which greatly helps out during neat cutting. The price is fully justified.

I rarely need an angle grinder, the last time I used it when cutting pipes. DO NOT buy for a certain number of tens of thousands? I bought a simple 125 angle grinder. It is not for the pros, so as not to burn every ten minutes they stopped to let it cool down. Cut and grind flawlessly like a pro, only more slowly. Suitable for ceramic tiles, wood, metal.

Interskol angle grinder 125/900 has worked with me for several years. She is vinous and cannot be killed by a load. The assembly and the quality of the material are at the highest level. Its power is optimal, it will cope with any material. Relatively lightweight, not oversized, which does NOT cause any inconvenience for the robot. From time to time, the handle has already begun to walk and wobble, but this is normal.

Interskol angle grinder-125/900 is a small angle grinder for household work, but not for consumption on a production scale! I bought it home, for a variety of different jobs, like a real owner! Weighing about 2 kg, it allows you to hold it in one hand (but this is not possible on TV in case of emergency!). An invented good comfortable handle, with a switch that is blocked and it is NOT for this accidentally during operation. I consider it a good tool in terms of power, but again, not for a large scale of work! So the price category and quality are excellent, despite the Russian assembly!

I have all the necessary tool line from this manufacturer at home. Changed the angle grinder. Opted for Interskol angle grinder-125/900. Did NOT regret NOT a second. Works great. It makes noise, naturally, but not critical. We tried to lick the bolts that stick out on the building that we rented. everything is super. Normally and quickly gnawed all the heads and did not even choke. Furychila it continuously for about 20 minutes and it did NOT get warm at all. Therefore, it seems to me that the motor there will outlive me in strength and reliability.

Pretty versatile thing. I have worked for five years already. I think it will swing the same amount. With her anywhere (metal, wood, stone, concrete is NOT a hindrance for her). Indestructible angle grinder (after a fall from a height, only scratches on the case). Included. Works. Lyuftov comments. The bearings are NOT yet worn out. Suspicious noises are also not audible. Eternal.

The budgetary bolkarka Interskol angle grinder125 works quite well for its money. The angle grinder is more suited for small jobs such as, for example, a sharp aluminum profile (which goes to drywall) of some not thick sheets. The advantage of this angle grinder is its portability and the ability to do tasks that require greater precision or difficulty in access.