Angle Grinder For Wood Which Is Better

BOSCH GWS 660-125

The best quality-price angle grinder for the home. BOSCH GWS 660-125. Model of the world famous German manufacturer, electric motor power 660 W. Weight 1.9 kg, disk rotation speed 11000 rpm. Spindle thread length 22 mm, Ø14 mm. It has spur bevel gears in the gearbox due to which the heating temperature is lowered and unproductive power losses are reduced. The lid has an additional O-ring to reduce the negative effect of dust.

  • The race of the front bearing of the engine simultaneously centers the fan. the modes of movement of the cooling air flows are significantly improved
  • The spindle has two bearings (ball and roller). increased stability, longer tool life
  • There are ebbs on the body. the tool lies stably in between work
  • Compression nut with two pairs of holes. can be used with 30 and 35 mm wrenches
  • High cost. the tool is NOT available to all buyers
  • Electrical equipment reacts negatively to deviations of the network parameters. it is necessary to Monitor the voltage and current
  • Fixing the protective cover with a hexagon. to change the position, you have to remove the disc

Bort BWS-905-R

The designers of the model were able to optimally combine the cost of the tool with its technical characteristics. The angle grinder has a comfortable body, special notches on the handles minimize the risk of slipping even when sudden unexpected forces appear. Small dimensions save space in tool boxes. The power is 9000 W, the number of revolutions is 11 thousand per minute. German brand, manufactured in a licensed factory in China.

  • Has two positions of the handle. expanding functionality, increasing labor safety
  • Excellent armature balancing. reduces vibration and noise, improves surface accuracy
  • Special impeller geometry. improved cooling performance, increased uptime
  • Minimum equipment. difficulties arise with performing maintenance
  • Insufficient strength of the body plastic. cracks may appear under sharp dynamic loads

Best Cordless Angle Grinder

Cordless tools are rapidly gaining ground. Increasing the capacity of batteries, reducing their cost, simplifying the charging and maintenance process greatly expand the technical capabilities of the grinders. Rechargeable models make them mobile, allowing you to work in difficult unadapted conditions.

Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick

  • Innovative brushless motor, fast brake, reliable protection against aggressive use of the tool
  • Smooth start. get started without sudden jerks
  • Electronic kickback protection installed. increased work safety
  • The basic package does NOT include rechargeable batteries. difficulties arise for ordinary users

What to look for when choosing an angle grinder?

Each craftsman tries to harmonize the technical characteristics of the tools with their operating conditions. The duration and efficiency of the angle grinder largely depends on the correct combination of THESE criteria. The negative consequence of the wrong choice of angle grinder is not only material losses: they can ruin expensive parts and materials, the floor is a prerequisite for very serious injuries. You need to know that this tool belongs to the category of the most dangerous. What characteristics are recommended to pay attention to?

  • Electric motor power. All manufacturers recommend selecting engine power that is at least 15% higher than the planned maximum load. Prolonged work at limit values ​​significantly accelerates the natural wear of the tool. In addition, low power limits the use of the angle grinder and reduces labor productivity.
  • Disc diameter. The smallest and largest diameters have professional special-purpose tools. For domestic purposes, it is considered optimal Ø 125 mm or Ø 150 mm. The cutting depth directly depends on this value. But the angle grinder is used Not only for this, it must be borne in mind when making the final decision.
  • The number of revolutions per minute. The parameter has a complex effect on the performance of the instrument. On the one hand, high revolutions facilitate the cutting process and increase the processing speed, and on the other hand, at such speeds, it is very difficult to maintain the recommended technology for processing parts and surfaces.
  • Manufacturer. At the moment the leaders are Bosch (Germany), DeWalt (USA), Hitachi (Japan), Makita (Japan), DWT (Switzerland). As for other manufacturers, their products can be purchased for home use. This implies that the angle grinder is constantly on the shelf and only removed a few times a year to cut the bars.
  • Additional features. Auto-balancing of the disc, the presence of dust collectors, air filters to protect against dust entering the case. only the highest quality models have such additional equipment. As for fixing the position of the button, these devices have all models of grinders.

4 Bort BWS-1500-150

Power cable length 1.9 m, motor power 1400 W. The number of revolutions is 8500 rpm, the spindle thread is M14, the inner diameter of the circle is 22.5 mm. The body is made of modified plastic, the tool can be operated with one hand. The handle reduces vibrations, thereby improving working conditions. The tool has a standard set of accessories and spare parts: side handle, cover, wrench, brushes.

  • power. you can do work that requires a lot of effort
  • Two positions of the additional handle. increases work safety, expands technical capabilities
  • Power button lock. operator can move into more comfortable positions
  • One year warranty is not enough for professional equipment
  • Abrupt start. the disc fastening nut is tightly tightened, which creates problems during replacement
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Comparison of characteristics

modelpowerMAX speedspindle threadWeightPrice
BEST 125MM DISC Angle Grinder
BOSCH GWS 660-125660 Wt11000 rpmM141.9 kg2040 ₽
Makita GA5030720 watts11000 rpmM141.8 kg3136 ₽
Bort BWS-905-R900 watts11000 rpmM141.8 kg1980 ₽
DeWALT DWE4151900 watts11800 rpmM142.5 kg3886 ₽
Metabo WEF 15-150 Quick1550 Wt9600 rpmM142.7 kg10116 ₽
Makita GA6021C1450 Wt9000 rpmM142.5 kg8739 ₽
Interskol angle grinder-150/13001300 Wt8500 rpmM142.9 kg2670 ₽
Bort BWS-1500-1501400 Wt8500 rpmM142.7 kg2598 ₽
BEST Cordless Angle Grinder
Metabo WB 18 LTX BL 125 Quick9000 rpmM142.6 kg11124 ₽
Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI10,000 rpmM142.3 kg9430 ₽

1 Metabo WEF 15-150 Quick

If you are interested in the question of which angle grinder is best for the home, then we recommend Pay attention to Metabo WEF 15-150 Quick. An excellent choice among the tools of this segment, it can work for a long period of time without the need for periodic cooling. In terms of noise, it meets the existing regulatory requirements. Has a smooth start and reliable protection of electrical equipment from overheating. The risk of injury is reduced due to a special safety clutch that prevents the angle grinder from being pulled out of the hands when biting the disc.

  • The disc speed is regulated. it is possible to accurately select the modes of processing materials with different physical properties
  • RPM stabilization. the disc does NOT decelerate / accelerate when load changes
  • Overheating indicator. users are warned when critical temperatures are reached
  • Insufficient length of the power cable. the size of the working area is limited
  • Conventional engine. manifold contacts require periodic maintenance

4 DeWALT DWE4151

This model has an effective cooling system for the engine and gearbox, plus fittings are installed to protect electrical equipment from overheating. Vibrations are damped by the handle; effort reduction is also achieved by precise balancing of the armature and all rotating parts of the gearbox. Due to the special geometry of the teeth, noise is reduced and the efficiency of the unit increases. The protective cover quickly adjusts the position, the selected fixation is stable. The power of the device. 900 watts.

  • Reliable dust protection. the angle grinder can work in very difficult conditions
  • High power. long-term operation with especially strong materials is allowed
  • Excellent ergonomics of the handles. reduced worker fatigue, increased productivity
  • Safety clutch available. requires practical skills to operate safely
  • Just one disk rotation speed

Biosecurity of wood in a humid environment (soil, under atmospheric precipitation)

These deep impregnation agents are capable of creating an impenetrable protective layer in the tree after the construction of a house from laminated veneer lumber and second lumber. Applies an antiseptic to the dried and cleaned surface in 2-3 layers. Before each subsequent one, the previous one is allowed to dry out for up to 7 hours. Complete drying of the product occurs after 12 hours. Consumption from 1L to 10 m2.

Antiseptics are produced for a humid environment in containers from 0.5 to 50 liters. Price starts from 70 rubles.

Antiseptics for wooden baths and saunas

Baths and saunas also need to be processed. But the wood in them is exposed to more moisture and high temperatures. Therefore, you cannot use simple wood products here. DO NOT use substances with a strong and pungent odor.

Antiseptic for lumber of natural moisture

Covers are purchased mainly by manufacturers in bulk. Produced in containers from 10 to 200 liters. Price for 10 liters. from 250 rubles.

End protection

The ends of the tree are the most easily accessible places where moisture gets through the wood fibers right into the middle of the material. If you do not process the ends of the tree with specialized compounds, then the rest of the building You can not process.

Antiseptics for terraces, gazebos and outdoor areas

There are many outbuildings being built next to any private wooden house. Usually, for a wooden house, material of the same type is used, so the buildings fit harmoniously into the site. Such structures also need processing.

Bioprotective antiseptic with UV filter

These compositions are also good because they can be tinted to add decor to the walls. And besides the sun, the compounds protect wood from microorganisms. The cost is from 170 rubles. / L, but with them it is no longer necessary to apply additional bio-antiseptic.

Colored bioprotective antiseptic

Using a colored-type antiseptic, you can achieve an even color of the walls. They are used as an alternative to colored varnish, for example, for building a house from a profiled beam. Which one is better depends on the skills and skill of the master. But when applying varnish it is difficult to achieve an even layer, the result is a “camouflage” of color. This effect can be avoided by using a colored antiseptic, covering it with a transparent varnish on top.

Of course, almost any antiseptic can be tinted, but Pinotex Classic proved to be the best. Tinting can achieve more than 50 shades. Coverage costs from 150 rubles. / L.

Bleaching wood

If the processing is not carried out on time, the tree will quickly turn blue. Special means can save the situation. They are applied with a brush to a specific damaged area and after 1-2 hours the tree brightens and returns to its original color. If necessary, the procedure can be repeated 2-3 times. The most effective in this regard are Neomid 500 and Senezh Neo. The price for them is from 170 rubles. / L.

Reviews about the effect of bleaches are not bad, but they write that in banal whiteness, the same effect. It may be so, but whiteness has a strong poisonous odor.

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Protecting unbarked wood

There are many more folk antiseptics, when a log is impregnated with various oils or lubricated with bleach with quicklime. But if the question arose: which antiseptic for wood is better, you still need to use a specialized tool.

Rules for working with an angle grinder

Simple and understandable recommendations to minimize injuries:

  • Work is carried out only with goggles and gloves. It is better to cover the whole face during rough wood cleaning.
  • Do not remove the protective cover from the angle grinder.
  • Work is carried out holding the tool with both hands.
  • Do not use a saw blade with a larger diameter than specified in the technical documentation for the tool.
  • It is recommended to lean on both feet while working with the tool.

Which is the best angle grinder for grinding wood

The best option for woodworking is an angle grinder with low revolutions (up to 6 thousand per minute) or variable speed. The fact is that at higher speeds, abrasive wheels become dirty and clogged faster, which means they wear out.

A convenient option for sanding floors is the battery model. Despite the fact that such an angle grinder weigh a little more than conventional network grinders, it becomes more comfortable to operate them: they do not interfere with.

It is also worth noting that when working with a household angle grinder, you must let it rest every 15 minutes. This will prevent the engine from overheating.

For comfortable working with wood, it is good to use models with engine protection from dust, since this material generates a lot of chips. If you can attach a dust bag or vacuum cleaner to the angle grinder, even better.

Important! Whichever power tool you work with, keep your eyes and respiratory tract in mind. Special glasses and a respirator will definitely not interfere.

Sanding wood floors or parts made from this material is not that difficult. You just need to stock up on disks, which are needed at each stage of processing, and act according to the recommendations.

Firms. manufacturers

There are budget cutting discs Hitachi, Makita, Luga. They grind off faster, vibrate more strongly than more expensive ones. The surface finish is different from that of more expensive counterparts. Professionals choose Kronenflex saw blades from Klingspor or Bosch. They grind down more slowly, practically DO NOT vibrate. Less likely to degrade if misused.

Rough disc

The main purpose of such nozzles is to remove the bark from the wood, cut the workpiece. If the “angle grinder” is in skillful hands, then with such a device you can make a sample of the material. For example, if you need to cut a bowl. If a log house is being built, then an angle grinder with such a nozzle perfectly replaces a carpenter’s ax.

In some cases, cuts can be made with a roughing disc. True, the cut will be wide, and there will be a lot of waste (shavings, sawdust).

Petal nozzles

Most Used Angle Grinder Grinding Accessories.

Angle Grinder For Wood Which Is Better

Discs for angle grinder for wood

An ordinary user associates an angle grinder with tools for metal, concrete, brick. This is by no means the whole area where an angle grinder is used. She can work on wood. There are special discs for an angle grinder. For sawing, milling, grinding wooden blanks, several types of cutting wheels are used. Each is designed to perform a narrow-profile task. There is no one size fits all.

Saw blades are classified by diameter. This parameter is taken into account when selecting a nozzle for a specific model of an angle grinder. If the disc diameter is larger than the permissible one, then work with the tool is possible only after removing the protective cover, and this is a gross violation of safety rules. To avoid problems, cutting discs are available in several standardized sizes:

  • 115 mm. sanding wood in hard-to-reach places
  • 125mm. milling, grinding, barking
  • 150 mm. sawing boards
  • 180 mm. sawing thick boards
  • 230 mm. processing of massive workpieces. An angle grinder with a disc of this diameter is difficult to hold in your hands

Depending on the design, the disc for the angle grinder for wood is used in several operations:

Let’s consider each in more detail, and also define attachments for each type of work.

Orbital sander

The Bosch GEX 125-150 AVE model has a power of 400 W, which can easily extend the sole up to 15 square meters. Cm.

The orbital or eccentric machine features a round sole, while the sanding element itself is attached with a special Velcro. The unit includes a counterweight and an eccentric that drive the sole in multiple directions.

The product can work in two ways:

  • By orbiting;
  • By rotating along the axis.

Axial movement in most models occurs by inertia, less often. forced. As a result of its complex movement and the high speed of the machine, a high quality surface is obtained without any single flaws. Dust is discharged to the outside through special holes on the grinding wheel, as well as on the sole itself. Containers or a vacuum cleaner are used to collect it.

  • The power of the grinder can vary between 200-900 watts. The higher the value, the more productive the tool will be.
  • The speed of the forward motion. Adjustable grinders can have this indicator in the range of 4000-14000 rpm, without adjustment. up to 12000 rpm.
  • Sole type. If a delicate sanding is required, it is not worth choosing a large sole, which also has a dead zone and an amplitude of up to 7 mm. For convex surfaces, it is advisable to use an elastic pad.

Compact outsole capable of handling even hard-to-reach surfaces.

  • Plate material. The best choice is a metal plate, which has high strength and reliability, conducts heat well, and is also particularly stable.

Orbital type is designed to carry out the polishing and grinding process at a high level.

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Belt sander

Belt sander ideal for professional use.

The belt-type design includes two rollers (leading and driven), which, in the course of their movement, actuate the belt attached to the tool sole. Depending on its pricing policy, this tape can be made of various materials.

An important technical characteristic of all grinders is their speed, which depends directly on the power of a particular model. In LSHM, this value can be in the range from 500 W to 1200 W at a speed of 75-500 m per min. Most of the manufacturing firms equip their products with a special regulator to control the belt speed.

The dimensions and other features of this tape also depend on the capabilities of the tool. Therefore, in the selection process, the following factors must be taken into account:

  • Lenght and width. The more their values, the more functional the model is. However, with the growth of THESE indicators, the weight of the machine, as well as its parameters, increases.
  • Granularity. Usually professionals recommend to keep in stock several of their varieties, which are designed for fine and rough grinding. Thus, you can count on the expected result of the work.

In general, LShM are industrial units with a sufficiently high power. With their help, it is possible to process large areas in a short period of time and, as a result, get a perfectly smooth surface. It will be difficult for a person without experience to operate the grinder, which can lead to damage to the wooden surface.

Belt-type machines are ideal for rough and fast processing of wood, metal and plastic surfaces.

Grinding machine classification

At the moment, there are four types of grinders, which differ in the field of application, design, operating principle and other criteria. For carpentry and joinery, as well as repair and construction types of work, the following types of grinding machines can be used:

  • Lshm. belt grinders;
  • Vshm. vibration grinders;
  • Oshm. Orbital sander;
  • Delta sander.

The choice of the machine is directly influenced by the scale of the upcoming work (for home or professional use).

How to choose a sander for wood

The wood sander is an indispensable tool for finishing work. Thanks to its use, the process of polishing and grinding wooden surfaces is significantly accelerated. The unit itself is convenient and compact, which makes it possible not only quickly, but also to level the walls, floor, furniture and other wooden surfaces with high quality.

Vibration grinder

The most popular variety among all grinders.

In terms of the frequency of processing wooden surfaces, the vibration machine is slightly inferior to the belt type. With its help, the final (finishing) stage of grinding wooden, plastic, metal or stone flat surfaces occurs.

The main part of the machine is a plate, which makes frequent reciprocating movements. The very same shaft rotation is translated into translational movements of the platform due to the vertically located engine.

What to look for when choosing this tool:

  • The amplitude of the sole stroke. It is better that it has small indicators (1-3 mm), which indicates a neat cleaning of the surface. Some machines are available with an amplitude of up to 6 mm, such models are suitable for quick and coarse sanding.
  • Vibration type models can be selected with 150-300W power. They are characterized by good maneuverability, compact size and mobility. There are units up to 600 W, differing in larger dimensions and the ability to work for a long time without the threat of overheating.

Standard sander.

Sole stroke rate. The greater its value, the faster the machine removes a sufficiently thick layer during operation. At low values, you can achieve a better finish sanding result. Some models have the ability to adjust these indicators, which allows you to handle not only wooden surfaces but also other materials.

  • Platform dimensions. There are standard and mini models. In the latter case, the sole reaches 10 square meters. Cm, which qualitatively allows thin sections narrow surfaces.
    • Outsole quality. The sander should have a perfectly flat, high-quality sole with a clear geometry. Cheaper options include a plastic or steel platform, expensive options include magnesium and aluminum alloys.
    • The material from which the pad is made. A porous polymer pad is considered best, while rubber works worse with a plane.

    The vibratory sander processes any surface with high quality. This is the best option for handling hard-to-reach places.

    Delta sander

    This type of grinder is designed for the treatment of surfaces not only made of wood, but also metal, plastic and stone. According to principle

    Compact and versatile Delta Sander.

    Work they are similar to vibration models. Their feature is the shape of the plate, which makes it possible to perform high-quality grinding work even in hard-to-reach places.

    The movements of the sole are carried out at high speed and have a reciprocating appearance. For both home and professional use, it is advisable to choose a powerful model with the ability to adjust the speed of its operation. Thus, it becomes possible to work with several types of surfaces.

    A wide range of modern products allows you to choose models with special holes for dust extraction, the ability to install additional attachments, pivoting soles and other features of work.

    The delta sander is designed for polishing and cleaning any surface, even in hard-to-reach places.

    Tips for Choosing a Grinding Machine

    With limited financial resources, it is better to purchase simple (basic) models for home use. Such copies can be found from any manufacturer. The most well-established ones are: Bosch, Black Decker, Interskol, Sparky and Fiolent. Russian firms have significantly improved their products in terms of technical characteristics and quality.

    Ergonomic features of the model allow you to comfortably carry out carpentry work.

    You should NOT rush to choose a sander. Only after carefully weighing all the pros and cons, you can purchase a quality tool that allows you to carry out repair work at a high level.