Angle Grinder Interskol 125 With Speed Control

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E angle grinder (angle grinder) Interskol angle grinder-125/1100

Angle grinder (angle grinder) Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E

angle grinder interskol 125 with speed control

Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E for complex cutting or grinding work. This modern economic tool is equipped with a soft start system, as well as a system for adjusting and maintaining the spindle speed under varying loads. With the help of the speed control system, it is possible to work in the range of 3000-10000 rpm, using an adjusting disc with six set speeds.

Also to the advantages of the angle grinder Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E it is worth mentioning the ability to work with cutting abrasive discs 125 mm, it is also allowed to install various nozzles and devices to expand the range of work performed.

In an angle grinder

Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E The 1100W motor is used, the main characteristics of which are high reliability and sufficient torque.


  • This tool stands out against the background of most analogues by a rare combination of a speed control system combined with soft start systems with maintaining speed under load, and blowing air from the gearbox forward.
  • The rotational speed of the disc is controlled by an electronic governor. The regulator dial, numbered 1 through 6, is slightly recessed into the body so that it cannot be accidentally moved while handling the instrument, but can be easily turned with your finger.
  • Grinding with brush and lamella brushes is better, again at low speeds, it turns out to be both neat and safer (brushes tend to scatter individual broken off wires, and the higher the speed, the more likely the brush will be destroyed).
  • Smooth start greatly facilitates work with a thick and heavy grinding disc 125×6 mm, which on an angle grinder without such a system pulls the tool strongly at the moment of switching on due to high inertia. Spindle acceleration takes a couple of seconds, but at start-up there is no jerk at all.


  • Power. 1100 Wt
  • Disc diameter. 125 mm
  • Spindle thread. M14
  • Electr. Speed control. There is
  • Speed. 3000-10000 rpm
  • Max number of revolutions. 10,000 rpm
  • SDS quick-release nut. Not
  • Superflange. Not
  • Smooth start. There is
  • Dimensions 375x140x100 mm
  • Weight. 2.2 kg


  • Machine angle grinder-125 / 1100E
  • Protective cover 1pc.
  • Passport 1pc.
  • Clamp nut 1pc.
  • Intermediate flange 1pc.
  • Side handle 1pc.
  • Special wrench 1pc.
  • Cardboard packaging 1pc.

Small angle grinder 125mm Sturm AG9012TAdvantages of small angle grinder.

Light weight.
A 125 mm angle grinder, such as the Soyuz UShS-90122 weighing 1.45 kg, can easily cut sheet metal, for example, when doing bodywork with a car or tiles when decorating premises. Less hand fatigue and the Mini Angle Grinder is easier to control than the medium 150, 180mm and larger 230mm models. It is easier for her to crawl from different sides to a fixed workpiece with inconvenient access for cutting.

Safer work.
When deep cutting thick-walled parts, during the deviation of the plane of the disc from the vertical, it is jammed with a simultaneous stop of the tool and throwing it to the side. Since the 115 and 125 mm small grinders have a low immersion depth of the equipment in the material and their own weight, it is easier for the worker to hold the angle grinder in the event of jerks.

Most powerful angle grinder.

The thinner the disc, the faster the workpiece is divided into parts and less motor power is required. For cutting, the weakest but lightest angle grinder is often chosen. The power of small angle grinders can be 720 watts, like Titan BSUM7125, and large 2000 watts, like Einhell TE-AG 230/2000

The requirements for angle grinders for grinding are very different. 6mm sharpening wheels are heavier and require additional watts to unwind. When peeling, many locksmiths increase the pressure, trying to remove a larger layer from the surface in one pass and crush the engine. When pressed, it is more difficult for a low-power motor to rotate and it overheats faster.
When cutting workpieces, friction occurs at the end of the disc (1-3 mm), and when grinding, the angle grinder is tilted and the contact width of the wiper disc is several centimeters.

When choosing powerful large grinders for stripping parts, like Dnipro-M MShK-2700 (2700 watts) or Titan BSUM26230 (2600 watts), the weight requirement fades into the background. Grinding is carried out under the own weight of the tool, and not on the weight, only by controlling the trajectory of the tooling and pressing slightly.
Among the small angle grinders, the leaders in power are: Forte EG 14-125L with 1400 watts, Makita GA5021C with 1450 watts, Svityaz SKSH 15-125 DR with 1500 watts.

Reviews about Angle (angle grinder) grinder Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E

Our team lays down the parquet flooring and the sander is an important part of our work. Chosen on the advice of colleagues at work, and bought interskol ushm-125 1100e. The machine is handy for working in corners or hard to reach places. It is not very heavy by weight, so we work calmly all day. The machine is running smoothly. And you can also set the required number of revolutions. During the first days of work, the start button became a disaster with it, it was pressed very tightly, now it has already been developed.

I have been using the Interskol angle grinder-125 for more than a year. I load it to the maximum, it can withstand even for several hours. It does not deteriorate even after hourly loads. Mobile, easy enough to operate, the weight is not significant. There is noise, but this is not such a big disadvantage. The gearbox heats up because of it and the case, but so far this is not critical.

Probably I cannot recommend Interskol to anyone, since there were problems with the trigger, and I had to carry out repairs in the SC more than once. The machine will not work for grandiose tasks, but for solving small household problems it will. She cut wood, chipboard, metal sheets 2 mm in size, the angle grinder coped with such tasks. As for the design of the 125 angle grinder, the tool is lightweight, weighs only a couple of kilograms, with two comfortable handles. That is, in principle, if not for breakdowns, then the tool is not bad.

We started home renovation. We laid the tiles in the bathroom, took on such a responsibility. It was necessary to cut pieces of tiles. This device cuts them like butter. Even in the yard they decided to lay everything with paving slabs. For this I used a diamond wheel. I cut everything perfectly. Nothing crumbled. Of course, it is not easy to work, the burden on the hands. The vibration is strong enough. But there’s nothing you can do about it. There is no better device for such work!

I bought a polished machine Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E. Good grinding wheel 125 mm. This machine has a decent weight, a good power button, a cord without grounding of excellent length, a universal handle can be fitted both on the right and left, and in the middle, we can work from different angles, the body is plastic, a convenient rotating speed controller has six speeds.

I took the car for myself, to the apartment. Satisfied with the price. Everything is OK in work. There are enough revolutions. Keeps them level. Adjustable smoothly. He copes with the loads, although I have little work in the house. I didn’t like that there is no overheating fuse. Constantly haunted by the fear that one day might burn out. Well, he copes with grinding. Lightweight, comfortable to hold.

I use Interskol angle grinder-125 / 1100E for locksmith purposes, I collect cars, I cook gates at home. When buying, I hoped to get a smooth start, without zeal in my hands. The first month the button was very low. Drove to replace the button. Cuts any metal, grinds seams. When I work for more than an hour, it warms up, I smoke, I’m afraid to burn. For homework, the best angle grinder simply cannot be found. I recommend, the price is scanty.