Attachment for angle grinder for metal cutting

5 Amazing Angle Grinder Attachments !!!

The choice of material for the bed

In this case, the possibilities of the angle grinder are significantly expanded. By installing an angle grinder on a stationary structure, you can make a cutting machine that will accurately and at the desired angle cut any profiles. angles, I-beams, metal pipes.

To cut large metal, wood, plastic sheets, you should install the angle grinder on a moving carriage that moves along the guides. In this case, it is advisable to use metal corners as guides.

DIY | Angle Grinder Cutting Jig | Straight Cut Sheet Metal

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The angle grinder stand is available in a variety of designs. A variety of materials and assemblies can be used for its manufacture. It makes no sense to recommend a specific design, since every owner of an angle grinder will adapt the angle grinder to their requirements.

As raw materials for the device, you can use profiled pipes, as the most durable and reliable for this type of work. For guides, you can use corners, channels 5U or 6.5U.

For complex structures, you will need a welding machine, but it is easier to get by with screw connections. If the work does not require special precision, then the angle grinder can be used simply as a portable tool.

To perform precise work, for example, with a grinding attachment, you may need a stationary device. a stand for an angle grinder, an angle grinder (you can assemble a simple collapsible machine with your own hands, which, after use, will be folded and hidden in the place designated for it). Such a frame is sometimes also made of wood. It is advisable to make a wooden bed if you do not expect frequent and prolonged use of an angle grinder.

Option 2

Another version of the device for an angle grinder, with which it will be possible to cut metal workpieces, is done as follows.

    Take 2 sections of profile pipe of the same height and weld them to a rectangle pre-cut from sheet metal.

Drill holes in 2 racks and in the lever (the length is selected experimentally), then fix the latter with a bolt, as shown in the photo below.

Attach a spring to the back of the lever.

At the intended attachment point of the angle grinder on the rod, drill a through hole.

You can now attach the angle grinder to the table.

Thus, we have a simple cut-off machine. To give additional rigidity to the attachment of the device to the lever, you can use clamps, having previously laid between the body of the angle grinder and the pipe, for example, a wooden block.

For accurate cutting, so that the workpiece does not move, you will need to screw the corner to the table.

For a small angle grinder, a similar version of the device is also suitable, only the angle grinder will be attached to a metal strip: on the one hand, with a bolt to the angle grinder itself, and on the other, with a clamp.

For a powerful angle grinder, the adaptation is made according to the same principle, but from larger profiles than in the figures above.

It is not necessary to use dumbbells as a counterweight. It is enough to find a suitable spring.

Angle Grinder Cutting Machine

In order to understand how to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder (angle grinder), you can look at various drawings on the Internet. But they will not help much, since all the sizes of the parts will still have to be selected based on the size of the angle grinder you have. The options for the execution of devices can be both simple and more complex, requiring the ability to handle the welding machine.

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Homemade do-it-yourself milling machine for wood, other types of equipment

For your information! This device can be attached to the motor shaft after dismantling the standard gearbox.

Look at Picture No. 12 shows how you can assemble a full-fledged sawing / circular saw from available tools in 15-20 minutes. It makes it easier to ensure accurate processing of wooden blanks compared to using a hand-held power tool.

Picture No. 13. From the picture it is not difficult to understand the principle of operation and design of the grinding / surface grinding machine

All 5 options for homemade machines from an angle grinder for different purposes

The drive for tools in this category is very powerful. A high-quality angle grinder is characterized by its small size, durability, and resistance to high working loads. Some models provide speed control. Modern angle grinders are equipped with overheating protection as standard. Such a product is a good basis for the manufacture of homemade machines for various functional purposes.

Picture No. 9. This homemade cross-cut machine is suitable for processing slabs of granite and marble

Option 3

This version of the device is the easiest to make with your own hands. It is made without the traditional pivot stand. All you need is one door canopy, a metal strip and a rubber band (you can use a rubber band from a hand expander).

The construction is done as follows:

  • in the metal strip, on one side, drill holes for the door shed, and on the other, for the bolt, with which the strip will be attached to the angle grinder;
  • screw an angle grinder and a canopy to the strip;
  • screw the canopy to the table;
  • attach one end of the elastic to the edge of the table and the other to the holder (handle) of the angle grinder.

In just a few minutes you will receive a quality cutting machine. This device is also mobile, because it can be carried with you in a suitcase with tools, and, if necessary, can be mounted on any flat surface.

When installing this device, do not forget to fix the corner on the table to rest the workpiece on it.

How to make a cutting machine step by step with drawings: 4 reasons for implementing a project

In order not to doubt the correctness of the decision made, study the following facts:

  • without secure fixing, the workpieces vibrate, increasing the risk of damage to the disc;
  • a heavy instrument is difficult to manipulate with high precision, observing the perpendicularity of the cut;
  • difficulties increase when processing thick products, when creating a large batch of parts of the same type;
  • when both hands are engaged, the likelihood of injury increases significantly.

A high-quality machine is necessary for solving the indicated tasks, improving productivity. It is created according to the following algorithm:

  • specify the purpose, scope of work;
  • study drawings of factory counterparts and homemade products, choose the appropriate option;
  • make up a set of design documentation with a list of necessary purchases;
  • perform assembly according to the approved plan with a functional check.

Using an angle grinder

Angle grinder (abbreviated as angle grinder) is used to cut and grind various materials. The variability of the use of the tool is provided by replaceable working discs and the power of the device.

Low-power or household angle grinders are used in households. Designed to use discs with a diameter of 115-125 mm. The tool is small in size, low power motor, light weight. Not designed for continuous operation without interruptions, quickly overheat.

Professional high-power angle grinder is used in construction and industrial purposes. The tool is designed to use discs of 150-230 mm. Heavy and powerful device designed for continuous operation without the risk of engine overheating.

[stextbox attention! For cutting parts, the edge of the disc plays an important role, and when grinding, the entire surface of the nozzle is used. [/ Stextbox]

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The ability to quickly change working surfaces and the high power of the tool allow you to expand the range of applications of the angle grinder. For example, for the manufacture of homemade machines. Machine use increases safety.

Homemade egg incubator. instructions

Homemade jigsaw from an old jigsaw

How to make a sighting machine. step-by-step assembly


To make and process wood products, lathes are used. Such devices cost a lot of money. Not every master can afford such a purchase. An angle grinder, a welding machine and the ability to handle metal surfaces will help to make a functional device.

We make a sledge from an angle grinder according to the following scheme:

  • An angle grinder holder is made from a sheet of metal. The side walls are bent in the shape of the gearbox, holes are drilled for the mounting bolts on the body. A ring is cut from the pipe according to the thickness of the protruding parts of the gearbox. The front wall connects all parts.
  • A frame is made from a profile pipe or channel. A longitudinal hole is cut in the upper part. With its help, the fixing stand will move. An angle grinder holder is welded to the edge of the bed.
  • A movable base of the fixing stand is made. Cut out 2 metal plates and drill holes for the bolts at the same distance. Bolts are threaded through and the caps are welded to one of the plates. The part is brought into the hole in the bed with the thread up, closed with the 2nd plate and fastened with nuts.
  • The movable mechanism of the rack is made of bearings. They are screwed into a pipe of the appropriate diameter and connected to the hairpin cut. The other end of the stud is sharpened on an emery wheel. The reverse side of the pipe is connected to the long part of the stud with a screw and nut for adjustment. The mechanism is threaded between the holes of simple posts, which are welded to the movable base.
  • A test run is carried out. A wooden part is installed, the mechanism is moved to the desired distance, the nuts are tightened. The construction is ready.

[stextbox Low-power machines are not designed for long-term operation. The working cycle is limited to 20 minutes, after which a break is taken until the engine cools down. [/ Stextbox]

Detailed manufacturing instructions are set out on

How to make a homemade drilling machine

Types of machines

Under normal conditions, an angle grinder is used to cut and grind parts. But machine tool application expands the capabilities of the device. The machine allows:
  • perform precise cutting of wood and metal parts;
  • sawing wood;
  • use for milling and turning;
  • sharpen tools.

Homemade machine made of angle grinder for cutting metal

Metal cutting machine made of an angle grinder: a detailed description of the manufacture with a photo.

An excellent machine for a home workshop, can be made from an angle grinder. Such a device allows you to quickly and accurately cut sheet metal of large sizes.

Homemade machine, is a mobile carriage with a fixed angle grinder, which moves along the guide.

For the manufacture of a cutting machine, you will need materials:

  • profile pipe 40 x 20 mm. 0.32 m;
  • profile pipe 20 x 20 mm. 1.38 m;
  • profile pipe 15 x 15 mm. 0.34 m;
  • strip 40 mm. 0.14 m;
  • strip 20 mm. 0.16 m;
  • bearings 100th series. 16 pcs.;
  • M10 bolts for a hexagon 75 mm. 8 pcs;
  • M10 nuts. 12 pcs;
  • washers 10 mm. 32 pcs;
  • long nuts М12. 3 pcs.;
  • long nut М10;
  • M12 bolt with full thread 200 mm;
  • bolts М10 40 mm. 2 pcs.;
  • hexagon bolt with full thread 70 mm;
  • caps for profile 20 x 20 mm. 6 pcs;
  • caps for profile 40 x 20 mm. 1 pc;
  • profile pipe 50 x 50 mm, for a guide. 2 m or more.

Further in the photo, the process of making homemade products is shown.

The first step is to make a roller carriage for the linear guide. As its basis, a profile pipe with a section of 20 x 20 mm will be used. You will need 4 blanks 300 mm long.

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Then, in the blanks, you need to drill through holes for the future connection of parts. Their centers are located 25 mm from each edge of the shaped pipes. A drill with a diameter of 11 mm is required.

We turn the enlightened profile to the other side, and stepping back 50 mm, we drill similar through holes on each side.
To hide the bolts used later in the assembly of the carriage, through holes in the workpieces need to be completed. To do this, one wall of each profile must be reamed using a drill with a diameter of 17 mm. So all 16 holes are finalized, the remaining 16 adjacent to them remain intact.

We will make a shoulder for attaching an angle grinder, cut off a 40 x 20 mm profile, 300 mm long.

You will also need to make a knot to adjust the depth of passage when cutting. It is made from a 20 x 20 mm profile pipe, 160 mm long. Its ends are cut at an angle of 45 degrees.
From a profile pipe with a section of 15 x 15 mm, you need to cut small spacers 40 mm long. You will need 8 pcs in total.

Putting the structure together. An M12 bolt with a continuous thread, 200 mm long, will be used as the connecting hinge. 3 long M12 nuts are screwed onto it.
Having fastened the bolts and nuts with clamps to the table, you need to attach blanks from a pair of 20×20 mm profiles, and one 40 x 20 mm. Pipes need to be welded to nuts.

Then, from a strip 40 mm wide, you need to cut 2 blanks 50 mm long. In the center, closer to the edges, drill along the hole with an 11 mm drill.

These plates will serve as an attachment of the angle grinder to the standard holes used for attaching the handle. In some tools, these holes can be made for M8 bolts, which will need to be taken into account. For reliability, the 40 mm M10 clamping bolts must be equipped with nuts. The bolts are screwed into the gearbox through the plates and tightened with nuts.

Now, slightly stepping back from the fastening of the plates, a previously made workpiece from a 20×20 profile with a length of 160 mm is boiled down. On its free end, a plug is welded from the same strip as the mount for the angle grinder. A hole is drilled on the protruding ear of the plate, and an M10 nut is welded onto it. To strengthen the structure, additionally on the side of the profile, you need to weld a steel strip 160 mm long, also sawn at 45 degrees.

After painting the parts, we assemble the carriage. This requires M10 Allen screws, 75 mm long. It is necessary to pull the blanks of shaped pipes 20 x 20 mm together. At the same time, a pie is collected between them: washer, bearing, washer, spacer, washer, bearing, washer. Repeating this 7 more times, the result is a finished carriage.

Assembling the mount for the angle grinder.

On the table, install the guide and roller carriage. Its height is regulated by a lining of wooden blocks. The tool is attached to the edge of the table. The workpieces for cutting are pressed with a pair of locksmith clamps. For convenience, you can cut in several passes, each time adding the depth of the cut.

Homemade cut-off machine from an angle grinder, ready to work.

The machine makes straight and precise cuts.

As a result, we got a convenient metal cutting machine.

We also recommend watching a video showing the process of making a cutting machine from an angle grinder and testing it.