Barry of lawn mowers grass is time to mow. The direction of the emission of grass

Choose a lawn mower for a summer residence: 17 important nuances or buy quality!

For most owners of suburban real estate, the arrival of spring is associated with the start of work on restoring order on the site. How to choose the right lawn mower and will be discussed in this publication.

The entire range of mechanized mowers presented today in the domestic market can be divided into three groups: gasoline, electric, mechanical. Consider each of them in more detail.


The lawn mowers of this type are equipped with an internal combustion engine, the fuel for which is a gasoline-oil mixture. Structurally, such a technique consists of:

  • a steel building with a wheelbase and a handle on which the controls are located;
  • power gasoline installation and elements necessary for its operation;
  • Checkpoint and transmission;
  • fuel supply tank;
  • cutting tool, providing the optimal (for a specific model) bevel width.

In addition to mandatory elements, lawnmands can be equipped with a grass collector, a device for grinding or throwing grass to the side. Gasoline lawn mowers are highly performance. That is why experts recommend using data type of equipment in areas with an area of ​​500 m 2.

The power of household representatives of this group is limited to 6 liters. With. powerful models. for professional use.


Electric lawns of lawns are distinguished by silent work, relatively (with gasoline models) low power and performance. Basic structural elements:

  • steel, aluminum or plastic housing with a wheelbase;
  • electric motor;
  • cutting knives;
  • a handle with controls, which is attached directly to the body;
  • power cable.

Electric lawn mower is distinguished by silent work

Electric braids can be equipped with a bag for collecting grass, a device for its mulching or discharge. The technique of this type is used in small areas, since the size of the processed section directly depends on the length of the electric cable.

There is a subspecies of electric braids that do not need a connection to a stationary power supply system. battery lawn. With a full charge of the battery, such a technique allows you to work up to 2 hours in autonomous mode. The cost of battery models is much higher than their analogues operating from a household power supply.


This type of mowal does not have a power plant and is driven using the muscular efforts of the operator. Rotating, the wheels using the drive drive a drum that captures the grass and directing it to the knives. In such devices, the height of the cut of grass is adjustable from 10 to 50 mm. Depending on the design of the mechanical mower, the width of the mowing strip can vary from 300 to 450 mm.

This is what a mechanical lawn mower looks like

Advice! The models of this group are ideal for caring for a young lawn, do not require a power source, fuel, complex maintenance and can work in almost any conditions.

Varieties of lawn mowers

Before you start choosing a lawn mower, you should decide on the type of device you need.

Today, in the domestic market of garden equipment, three types of lawn mowers are widely represented: manual, wheeled and mowers-raiders.

Hand mowers

Manual models or trimmers for grass are equipped with an electric motor or gasoline power plant. For the most part, this is a mobile, low.power and fairly compact tool designed to cut grass on an uneven surface or in places.

Structurally trimmer for grass consists of a power part, a bar with a cutting tool mounted at its end, which is protected by a casing. With the help of the belt, the operator holds a mower in his hands and directs the cutting tool to the right place.

Wheel models

Wheel lawn mowers are designed for mowing grass in areas with a flat landscape and simple geometry.

The design of such a technique involves the presence of a wheelbase on which a power plant or a mechanically cutting tool is installed, as well as other elements of the device.

  • the operator does not need to wear the device in the hands. For mowing, it is enough to push the unit in front of you;
  • installations of this type create an even slice of grass, which makes them indispensable when caring for lawns;
  • Wheel braids are equipped with additional options: a mulching system, a collection of grass, etc.

The main disadvantages of wheeled technology are the inability to work on an uneven landscape and complexity with mowing near the plantations and fences.

Raiders braids

Raiders are self.propelled models that have the highest performance and ability to process large territories. The operator does not wear or pushes the device in front of him, but sits directly in the chair installed on the case of this machine.

The raiders are multifunctional. In addition to mowing, the installation grinds the grass and “wares” it into a special grass collector, installed directly in the case of the device.

All disadvantages of wheeled braids are inherent in raiders. In addition, such a technique is difficult to maintain, high initial and operational cost.

Factors affecting the choice

When choosing a mower, the following factors must be taken into account:

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  • site size;
  • Landscape type;
  • grass characteristics;
  • The physical condition of the operator;
  • the frequency of the mowing of grass;
  • The amount of the budget for the purchase.

Site size

The larger the size of the site, the longer it will have to mow it, so it is very important to choose the right width of the mowing (often this parameter is called the width of the capture) and engine power.

After all, the greater the width of the mowing, the faster the lawn mower will cope with its task, and the higher the engine power, the easier it will be to mow the grass. This is especially important in cases where there is a chance of using a lawn mower to combat high hard grass, for example, weeds or weeds.

Some manufacturers indicate in the description to the device the maximum or recommended size of the site, which the mower can cope without a decrease in the engine resource, but this value is quite conditional, because a lot depends on the density of vegetation and other factors.

Nevertheless, this parameter must be taken into account, because if it exceeds it by 2 times or more, then the device will constantly work for wear, which means it will not last long without repair.

In addition, the larger the size of the site, the more convenient it is to mow it with the help of a self.propelled vehicle, because the operator has to push the non.self.propelled lawn mower forward due to his physical strength, and the more the site, the more effort he will have to spend for mowing grass.

Landscape type

For mowing grass in even areas, four.wheeled gasoline lawn mowers with medium or small.wheel drive wheels are well suited.

If the site is uneven, then the type of chassis of the lawn mower must be selected depending on the type of irregularity, that is, for:

  • Crossed terrain, that is, covered with potholes and bumps, any chassis with large wheels and rear or all.wheel drive is better suited;
  • Work in the hollows and crests of the hills or other elevations are better suited for small.sized four.wheeled lawn mowers with large wheels and rear or all.wheel drive;
  • Work on the slopes is better suited for any four.wheeled devices with all.wheel drive;
  • sites on which trees grow or other obstacles that interfere with mowing grass are better than three.wheeled devices with rear.wheel drive.

Grass characteristics

Most lawnmands are designed to spit young low grass, but there are models that can also be used to combat high grass.

They cannot compete with manual or even wheeled trimmers or vehicles for hay, but if necessary will be able to cope with vegetation 40-60 cm high.

Distinctive features of such devices are excessive engine power for their mowing width. Especially effective are devices with piano wheels brought forward, because they least of all crush the grass, which means that even long vegetation is more effectively cut.

The frequency of the mowing of grass

If it is planned to regularly mow the lawn or lawn, without waiting for the grass to grow too much, it is advisable to choose devices with a minimum ratio of power and width of the mowing.

The main advantage of such models is a low price, because the engine is one of the most expensive parts of the lawn mower, inferior in this parameter only hydrostatic transmission.

By giving devices with a minimum ratio of power and width of the mowing, you can find a model with some additional advantages, for example: within the limits of the budget, for example:

  • increased diameter wheels;
  • a more reliable engine;
  • electric launch;
  • front piano wheels;
  • a more voluminous grass receiver (grass collector).

Physical condition of the operator

When choosing a lawn mower, it is very important to consider the physical capabilities of those who will use it. After all, the mass of even the lightest devices exceeds 15 kg, and the average weight of the lawn mower is 40 kg.

The harder the mower is, the more difficult it is to push it forward, since for its advance it is necessary to apply more strength. To some extent, self-propelled models are deprived of this drawback, but even in some situations you have to move on their own.

Therefore, for strong adult men, powerful heavy models that have enormous performance are better, and for women or elderly people it is better to choose low.power, but light models.

In addition, the mass of the device is one of the most important factors, if the mower first needs to be transported by car, because it often has to be loaded and unloaded by hand, which means that the harder it is, the more difficult it is to do alone.

The amount of the budget for the purchase of a lawn mower

Often, it is the size of the budget that is the most important factor, especially since with proper operation, even relatively cheap Chinese or devices will last for many years without repair.

However, the more expensive the device is, the more reliable and productive it is, therefore, choosing cheap equipment, you should not expect the same reliability from it that is inherent in models of the highest price range.

You can read more about dividing models into ranges by cost here:

In addition, we suggest you familiarize yourself with user reviews on forums, which will help make the choice of the model you need:

Basic properties and criteria

When choosing a gasoline lawn mower, it is necessary to focus on its main parameters, that is:

  • engine power;
  • the width of the mowing;
  • mass;
  • methods of processing and ejecting grass;
  • methods and range of adjustment of the height of the mowing;
  • type of wheel drive;
  • wheel size;
  • Type of chassis.

Engine power

This parameter is most important for those who often have to mow relatively high (20-50 cm) grass, because the higher the engine power, the easier it is to cope with such vegetation with such a mower.

In addition, high capacity is very important for those who have to serve large landscaped territories.

The higher this parameter, the lower the load on the engine parts, which means a more powerful device will work more time before repair.

However, an increase in power is always associated with the increase in the cost and mass of the lawn mower, so you have to find a balance between them. This is especially important in cases where the main users of the mowal are women or elderly people who do not have great physical strength, which means it will be difficult for them to be controlled with heavy devices.

In such cases, it is better to prefer a less powerful, but easier model, so that its use benefits the operator and does not bring overloads that negatively affect health.

Gasoline lawn mowers with a capacity of 1-3 liters. With. well suited for home use, because they are not too heavy, especially if the housing is made of plastic, but they have good performance.

Manual reel mower with grass catcher used to mow lawn #shorts | Lawn Care and Gardening

Therefore, they can be used to serve lawns or lawns with an area of ​​up to fifteen hundred parts (1500 m 2). In addition, the devices of this power are most preferable for women and elderly people due to a relatively low mass and sufficient performance.

Lawn mowers with a capacity of 3-5 liters. With. Suitable for semi.professional use, because with their help you can serve lawns and lawns with an area to hectare (100 acres or 10,000 m 2).

They are noticeably harder than lower power devices, so they are poorly suitable for women or elderly people, but they have noticeably higher performance.

Increased engine power allows manufacturers to install wider captures.

In addition, these braids can be used to combat relatively high (20-30 cm) grass, although their power is insufficient to combat weeds and thickets of weeds.

Lawn mowers whose power exceeds 5 liters. With., can be attributed to universal devices, because they are suitable not only for servicing lawns and lawns, but also to combat high grass and weeds.

Their minus is a fairly large mass, as well as a high price, so they should only be chosen when the area of ​​the landscaped territory is several hectares.

The width of the mowing

This parameter is most important for those who often have to serve large landscaped territories or lawns, because the larger the width of the capture, the greater the area the operator will be able to process in a certain time.

However, it must be borne in mind that for mowing young grass it is permissible to use devices with a small ratio of power and width of the mowing, for example, 3 liters. With. and the width of the capture is 53 cm, but for mowing high grass, power should be noticeably greater.

Therefore, for regular mowing of young grass on lawns or lawns, it is necessary to choose devices with a maximum capture width and minimum power. If you have to mow not only young, but also high vegetation, then you need to either choose a gas mower with a smaller capture width, or give preference to more powerful devices.

Those who often have to mow not only high grass, but also weeds, need an apparatus with a minimum capture width and maximum power.


This parameter must be taken into account if:

  • Women, elderly people or adolescents will use the mowing;
  • The device will have to be delivered from the place of storage to the lawn using a car;
  • There is no way to repair and maintain the lawn mower yourself and to perform these actions you need to take it by car to the workshop or service center.

Before choosing a mower, you need to evaluate your possibilities for loading and unloading the device into a car. If physical forces allow or the possibility of loading and unloading with the involvement of physically strong assistants, then the mass of the device does not play a special role.

If the one who controls it does not have great physical strength and does not have the opportunity to attract anyone to help, then it is advisable to take the most easy model, sacrificing some other qualities or the capabilities of a gasoline lawn mower.

Methods of processing and ejecting grass

Most gasoline law mmores are equipped with 2-B-1, 3-B-1 or 4-B-1 systems, that is, 2–4 different methods of processing and emitting mowed grass combine.

lawn, mowers, grass, time

Not always devices that have only one type of emission or equipped with a 2-in-1 system are cheaper than models with 3-V-1 or “4-B-1” systems.

Nevertheless, devices with 3-V-1 or “4-B-1” systems are more universal, although additional equipment has to be installed on mowers for the implementation of their advantages, such as a grass receiver and various valves.

However, for the user of the lawn mower, the main condition is the presence of the most popular type of release or processing, the rest are a bonus, which is not necessarily useful. Therefore, part of the buyers neglects 3-B-1 or “4-B-1” systems, limiting himself to what is really necessary.

What the choice depends on?

This choice is one of the main ones, because it is on it that the capabilities and parameters of the lawn mower depend on it.

In order not to make a mistake with the choice of the type of mower, take into account the advantages and disadvantages of each engine, because in some conditions it is a disadvantage, in others it turns into a factor that does not affect anything.

For example, a gasoline lawn mower makes a loud sound during operation, which interferes with those who live nearby, but if there are not a single residential building at a distance of several hundred meters, then there will be no harm from noise.

Therefore, choose a gasoline mower to complete the following tasks:

  • regular mowing of territories with an area of ​​over ten acres (one hundredth is 100 m2);
  • mowing of lawns and clearings overgrown with low multi.track;
  • irregular haircuts removed from the house by 25 or more meters;
  • irregular haircuts overgrown with wild or cultural grass;
  • mowing grass where the noise of the motor, exhaust gases and the need to refuel the device with gasoline and oil are not a problem.
  • well.groomed areas located at a distance of not more than 50 m (if the power of the mower is not higher than one kW, then up to 100 m);
  • not very overgrown sites removed from the house by no more than 25 m;
  • strongly overgrown (2–5 weeks without haircuts) areas lying at a distance of 1–10 m from the house.

Choose batteries for regular haircuts of well.groomed areas with an area of ​​1–10 acres (depending on the voltage and battery capacity, as well as the number of spare sources of energy).

Non.self.propelled devices are preferable in the following cases:

  • You love physical labor and outdoor activities;
  • Do not want to overpay for self-propelled, even if because of this, you will have to push the mitch yourself.

Self.propelled models are preferable if:

  • It is difficult for you to push the mowing to the distance you need for the entire site;
  • You do not like to strain;
  • Overpayment for self.proper is not a problem for you.
  • Even passing the entire trajectory of the mowing tract in the area for you is a problem;
  • It is necessary to shake the large lawn as quickly as possible;
  • The total area of ​​the territory, which must be regularly cut, is tens or hundreds of acres;
  • you like comfort and are ready to overpay for it.

Lawn mower, trimmer for grass or lawn mower?

The main purpose of the lawn mower is a regular haircut of low grass on lawns, lawns of other such territories, so to solve such problems, purchase a lawn mower.

It is inferior to the trimmer and motorcycle strip of the ability to cut off high thick grass, but after the haircut a beautiful flat surface is obtained.

If you need to lay hay or straw, as well as clean the territory of thick tall grass, then choose a trimmer for grass or motorcycle, because they are created precisely for this.

Discussion on the forums

Users of various Internet forums are actively discussing issues related to the choice of self.propelled gasoline lawn mower, so reading such forums can bring many benefits.

There are people who make different, often opposite requirements, so their experience will help to more accurately choose a mow to a specific situation.

We have prepared links to the most authoritative and popular from such forums, and not everywhere users discuss the choice of gasoline self.propelled models, but even their comparison with non.self.propelled or electric analogues will bring many benefits:

In order to understand how to choose a self.propelled gasoline lawn mower, it is necessary to take into account many factors, because not always the best for a specific situation will be the most expensive or most powerful model.

Due to the fact that manufacturers offer lawn mowers in various equipment and with different characteristics, knowing the basic rules for choosing these devices, you can always choose the right model.

What is mulching?

Lawn mowers mow grass in three main ways. The first. with a removal of grass back or on the sides. With this method, you will have to manually collect grass from the lawn after the end of the mowing. The second method is with a mowed grass in a grass collector, which then needs to be cleaned on your own. And the third known way is mulching. When using it, the grass is crushed into small gruel and evenly scattered along the lawn, naturally fertilizing it. The advantage of such mowing is that the lawn mulched by grass requires 40% less water for watering. However, not everyone likes the type of decaying plant residues. This, as they say, is a matter of taste.

    For a small and uneven site (4-6 acres), it is worth choosing a low-power trimmer Eletric for grass. For example, such as ECO GT-800L. It has a power of 800 watts, has a mowing width of 35 cm, and a cutting base is a fishing line for a trimmer. Such an unit weighs only 5.5 kg, the handle is comfortable, folds and adjusted in height.

Tips for the start of work by the lawnical mower

Before starting work, any lawn mower should carefully study the instructions for operation.

Any equipment with a gasoline engine is sold without fuel in the tank.

For launch, you need to season the engine with recommended fuel. Two.stroke engines of gasoline lawn mowers are seasoned with oil and gasoline in a proportion of 25 g of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. You can not use a spent oil mixture to avoid breakdown. Some manufacturers stain their own production oil in corporate color. This allows you to find out whether the recommended oil or other.

In four.stroke engines, the oil is poured separately into the crankcase, and gasoline is used clean, without impurities. To maintain good engine lubrication, you need to constantly monitor the oil level.

The engine is not carried out at idle-this is permissible only during the first 10-15 minutes. Further running-in should take about 3-4 hours in the mode of operation with the average load. It involves the minimal efforts of the operator and mowing soft, low grass.

In the future, you will need to follow the instructions for the engine, monitor the level of oil, gasoline, check the cleanliness of air filters.

Before starting work, the electrhemer should check the correctness of all fasteners, especially protective covers and knives. Make sure the network supports the necessary voltage for work. trimmer for grass trigger on a flat and dry surface. Use only a special fishing line for a trimmer.

When choosing a lawn mower or a trimmer for grass, evaluate the relief and size of the site

How to choose the right lawnical mower?

What are interested in people who are constantly busy and appreciating their time? How quickly it will be possible to cope with your lawn with a particular mowing! Even if it seems to you that this question is not the first on the list, in our heads we hold it constantly. Therefore, you need a tool that will immediately mow a lot and good. And here it is important not to get into fabulous promises.

Consider the power

The power of the tool must correspond to the width of the mowing. The more capture, the more powerful the unit is needed. The optimal ratio of capture and power width: at 30 cm at least 1200 watts, at 40 cm. 1500 watts, at 45 cm. 1800 watts. If the numbers do not correspond to the proportion, nothing will work out. With insufficient power, despite the declared width of the mowing, the operating time will be delayed, and such a mitch will not cope with any grass. One torment is waiting for you!

But if you especially do not want to delve into, you can trust trusted producers of mowers, which adequately assess both the power and the speed of their equipment. In this case, the consumer will simply buy an unit for his tasks, without looking back at the calculation of combinations of technical characteristics.

So, Bosch offers the ADVANCEDROTAK 660 lawn mower, ideal for small areas, such as our cottages. Its power is 1700 watts when capturing a mowing 42 cm. This is the optimal width of the rooster of lawns even with trees or shrubs growing on them.

ADVANCEDROTAK 660 electric mower with a mowing capture 42 cm. Photo by Bosch

Ergonomics is very important!

It is almost impossible to evaluate the convenience of the lawn mower in the store. You can touch it, estimate, but in order to understand how long the handle should be, how is located, you need to go out with it in the field and work. Nobody, of course, will give such an opportunity. As a result, you looked, bought, worked and grabbed the sick back! The mowing of the lawn, which could be easy to charge in the air, turns into a service for the entire country season.

The solution is simple. to choose the gas migors with the adjustment of the handle. Not only can you perfectly adjust it for yourself. it will sometimes be useful to delegate the responsibilities of the lawn’s span to any of the households without worrying about their health.

Such a universal and the ADVANCEDROTAK 660 lawn mower is Bosch. Thanks to the Ergoslide system, it is very maneuverable and easily controlled. The telescopic handle allows you to configure a convenient capture for a person of any height by pressing the button.

Adjustable handle makes work convenient. Photo by Bosch

An important first launch

One of the main differences in electric lawn mowers and gasoline is in the simplicity of launch. They do not need to be refueled, configure. Just include on the network, install the mowing height and go for a walk on the lawn. Your main task at the first launch is to master the management of the tool. Sometimes this is problematic even for electrical models. But the control of the Advancedrotak 660 lawn mower by Bosch intuitively is absolutely clear, so you can easily master the work on it. And for women Advancedrotak 660 is just a find. Remember how many times the flowers and decorative shrubs have been mowed, which the husband did not know about? With Advancedrotak 660 and plant, and you can mow yourself, carefully bypassing all the inconspicuous, but such expensive plantings to the heart. In this case, you do not need to mess with gasoline, delve into technical subtleties and strain physically.

Almost any family member can use the ADVANCEDROTAK 660 mower. Photo by Bosch

What are the lawn mowers?

Mechanical wheeled lawn mowers are easy to drive, electricity or gasoline is not needed here, but significant muscular efforts are needed. They are environmentally friendly, silent and allow you to regulate the height of the grass mowing. Cutting mechanism. a cylindrical knife with a wheel drive. Such a tool is good for caring for a young lawn, since the low speed of rotation of the knife prevents grass with a fragile root system.

Mechanical wheeled lawn mower

And we will consider gasoline and electric lawns below.

Trimmers for grass

Hand lawn mowers (trimmers for grass) are suitable for regular haircuts of the lawn on a small area even with an uneven surface, They can mow at any angle. A trimmer for grass is a holder bar, on the lower end of which is a cutting device with a fishing line. And at high power. additionally and with a disk knife. The braid hangs on the belt on the operator’s shoulder, literally facilitating his work.

Trimmer for grass

A trimmer for grass can be equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. Electrician is located on the lower or at the upper end of the bar, and gasoline. only on the upper.

The protective casing limits the edge of the mowing and protects the legs of the mower from injury. When working, the left hand holds the handle of the bar (adjusting, if necessary, the height of the grass mowing), and the right. the handle with the engine control button.

Trimmer for grass

The main advantage of trimmers is the ability to mow grass in uneven areas and close to bushes and trees. But to withstand the same mowing height will not work.

Electric trimmers for grass

  • Light weight,
  • environmental friendliness (no exhaust gases and noise).
  • Binding to the network (outlet),
  • The presence of stable voltage,
  • forever interfering the lawn cable,
  • Small power.

Electric trimmer for grass

Trimmer for the grass is the same. the same as the electric one, but the engine does not work for a socket, so you can mow at any distance from the house. This is its main convenience. However, the mowing area is determined by the battery capacity.

Gasoline trimmers for grass

The gasoline trimmer for the grass is designed to work in large areas. Therefore, he is especially in demand by summer residents, and owners of suburban estates, and employees of city utilities. However, working with him requires a certain preparation.

Gasoline trimmer for grass

This type of lawn mower is characterized by enviable mobility, increased power and practicality. It can be used to mow not only lawn grass, but also weeds, and overgrown with shrubs. And professional models can cut stems with a thickness of up to one and a half centimeters.

  • Quite a lot weighs,
  • requires the preparation of a mixture of gasoline with oil,
  • pollutes the environment with exhaust gases,
  • Noise.

The convenience of mowing the grass with a trimmer is determined by several points and one of them is the location of the engine.

Trimmers with the lower engine location on sale a lot. Most often they are battery, small power. Quickly overheated, so they require frequent breaks in work. Protection against moisture and mechanical influences are poor. They cannot work on morning dew and immediately after the rain, otherwise a short circuit is possible. trimmer for grass with the lower engine location

Trammers for grass with the upper engine are more practical, more correctly balanced and more powerful, require less effort to mow, which means it is more comfortable in operation. They have good cooling (less overheating), and, therefore, greater performance.

A trimmer for grass with the upper engine location among trimmers with the upper engine location I especially want to highlight the ranger. Their engines are fixed behind (like a school satchel), which significantly reduces the load on their hands and much less constraining movements.

Running benzotrimmer

A pleasant option for a trimmer for grass is an anti.vibration system. It allows you to reduce the vibration load on the shoulders and hands of the hands, protects the hands and back of the mower.

Powerful gasoline trimmers for grass to reduce the load on the hands are equipped with an ergonomic handle, similar to a bicycle steering wheel. On the right handle are the tool control buttons. When buying a trimmer for grass, check that the handle and the location of the buttons on it are convenient for you.

Convenient bicycle handle

  • For what types and volume of work do you need a mower? An inexpensive electric trimmer for grass with a simple cutting tool will also cope with a regularly mowing small lawn near the house. But it is better to think about a large weed to the owner of a large site overgrown with high weeds about a gasoline trimmer of increased power and performance and an expanded set of cutting tools.
  • What power source will you use: outlet or battery? The choice is determined by the duration of the trimmer for the grass from one battery charging and its remoteness from the power source.
lawn, mowers, grass, time

But from this video you will learn how to make a nozzle on a trimmer for grass with your own hands, which will cost you only 100:

Fast launch

Another interesting function that all electrical models have is the quick launch of the mower by pressing the button. Now this gardener will not surprise this, and some time ago it did not always meet, so we will mention it for the sake of historical justice. Basin lawn mowers still can not always please a quick launch. they have to pull the old fashioned way behind the launch cable.

It is convenient to run the lawn mower with a button

The width of the capture

The second important parameter is the coating area. It depends on the size of the cutting element of the lawn mower. This factor should be taken into account by selecting the optimal model for the alleged or existing lawn. Manufacturers often indicate not only the size, but also the processing area recommended for a particular unit.

It will depend on the width of the capture how quickly you will finish the haircut of the lawn

According to experts, a lawn mower of 32-33 cm (Denzel electric gas mowl 1000 watts) is enough for a herbal site of 3 hundred parts. By the way, among spindle models there are special machines with very narrow drums. they are used for a curly haircut of lawns. But this is a special story, but we do not need to cut the monograms on the lawn, so we choose the width of the capture more.

We have listed seven key functions that will not be superfluous in the lawn mower. All of them in one way or another make life easier for the gardener, making his work on caring for a green lawn is more pleasant. And what additional functions do your trawk? And how useful they are in practice? Share your opinion in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

What to pay attention to when choosing a lawn mower?


Choosing the most powerful and productive model is not necessary at all. High capacity is relevant only for large areas and a complex relief, and if you have a small, powerful lawn mower you have nothing to do on it, you will only disturb your neighbors with excessive noise. To care for a small lawn, buying an expensive powerful equipment does not make sense, you can do quite a mechanical or small electric mower. But if the territory is large. a gasoline braid is the best choice, but also the most expensive. The type of grass on the site is also important. Low.power electric cosers cope only with soft low grass, for mowing tough, high and thick it is better to use gasoline devices.

The diameter of the wheels

The larger the diameter of the wheels has the diameter, the easier it moves around the territory. The wider the wheels, the less the grass crushes.

lawn, mowers, grass, time

Conclusion: Of course, the choice of lawn mowers can be made independently, but since the purchase requires certain financial investments, it is always better to consult with specialists before making the decision. There are many nuances that only experts can talk about.

Types of lawn mower

Mechanical lawn mowers

The easiest and most affordable option option. Works on the principle of scissors, capturing and cutting the grass as you move. There is no engine in such a lawn mower, you just push it forward. Suitable for small summer cottages with soft, young, low grass. Absolutely environmentally friendly, is not noisy and can be used in any weather. It won’t cope with high and thick grass, well, it will take much more time for mowing than that of the lawn mower with the engine.

Gasoline lawn mowers

The main advantages are reliability, power and mobility. With a gasoline engine on a lawn mower, you will not have to worry about the presence of a socket and the length of the wire. And if you monitor and properly serve the gasoline engine, such a lawn mower will serve you for a very long time. The gasoline mowers are the most hardy and powerful, but, as a rule, heavy due to the fact that their engine has a large number of parts. They are also considered non.ecological. If your lawn is impressive, you have to wear a respirator and headphones to protect yourself from exhaust gases and noise. Also, gas mowers with a gasoline engine are more expensive than electric.

Electric lawn mowers

The design of an electric lawn mower is easier than that of gasoline, so it is more compact and easier. Lawn mowers that work from electricity spend a little electricity, but you need to make sure that the power is in access. The device is completely dependent on the wires and sockets, which is not very convenient, you need to constantly monitor the wire and remove it from the road in time, otherwise you can accidentally cut it with a knife with the grass. Also, such a mower cannot be used during or after rain.