Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo for Riding Mowers. John deere lawn tractor snow blower

John Deere 44 Inch Snow Blower – 100 Series

The John Deere 44 Inch Snow Blower (100 Series) is the snow thrower attachment that has been specifically designed to attach to the John Deere 100 series of lawnmowers. The snow blower has a spout that is adjustable by up to 200 degrees from the seat of your 100 series lawnmower during operation so that you can quickly changed the direction you are throwing snow without having to leave your seat. This JD 44 inch snow thrower is quite different from the likes of the John Deere SB11 snow blower or the likes of the self propelled dual stage John Deere 1338 PE snowblower.

The John Deere 44 inch snow blower for the 100 series lawn mower also uses adjustable skid shoes to allow the operator to properly adjust the height of the bottom edge of the snow blower to make sure it doesn’t potentially destroy any fragile ground surfaces. The auger on the 100 series JD 44 inch snow blower is 0.3 m (12 inches) long allowing it to handily chop and break up even compacted snow in it’s path before spitting it out through the deflector chute. The diameter of the deflector chute comes in at 0.15 m (6 inches) which means that it can handle very large quantities of snow indeed.

In the case where you need to operate the John Deere 44″ 100 series snowblower in very deep snow and snow drifts, there is the option of adding a drift knife to either side of the yellow ‘bucket’ part of the JD 100 series snow thrower. While the width of the snow blower measures 44 inches, the height of the clearing area measures 0.46 m (18 inches), which for most homeowner who regularly clear snow should be enough for almost all conditions. To increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the John Deere 100 series 44 inch snow blower, it’s recommended that you do 2 things. The first is using tire chains for extra traction and grip. The second thing you need to consider is adding ballast in the form of Quik Tatch weights to the rear of your 100 series mower to again help give extra traction to the back wheels.

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Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo for Riding Mowers

Is your yard covered in deep snow? Then you may need a good lawn mower snow blower combo! Snow blower attachments for riding lawn mowers are incredibly handy for the winter season since they use a tool you might already have to create a powerful snow blower.

The best lawn mower snow blower combo for most people is the NorTrac BE-SBS50G 3-Stage. Snow Blower. This three-stage, steel snow blower attachment for riding lawn mowers has a throwing distance of 25 feet and a rotating manual crank chute that can clear away massive amounts of snow.

However, there are still downsides to this riding lawn mower snow blower combo that might make another option better for you. So, let’s take a deeper look at the best snow blower attachments for lawn mowers and discuss what you should look for in a lawn mower snow blower combo.

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo Review

Pairing a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment gives you the ultimate four-season versatility you need to keep your yard tidy.

These riding lawn mower snow blower combos are generally very easy to install on your lawn mower, allowing you to stay prepared for anything – even if it’s 18 inches of snow.

Best Overall: NorTrac BE-SBS50G 3-Stage. Snow Blower – 50″ Intake

Width is the name of the game with this attachment!

Having a clearing width of 50 inches, the NorTrac BE-SBS60G blower can clear a bunch of snow off your driveway every time it passes by.

It also has a reasonable throwing distance of 25 feet, which gives you enough room to work with. The chute deflector of this device is impressive as it can be adjusted into five different positions.

The manual-crank chute also rotates as much as 340°, so you can throw the snow at your desired angle. The auger is bolt-protected and runs a chain-driven shear.

This snow blower is made of steel, the most durable material you can use to combat snow.

The only real downside to this (aside from the steep price) is its weight of 612 pounds. It will take more than one person to attach this lawn mower snow blower combo to your lawn mower.

Best Value: Arnold MTD Genuine Parts 2-Stage Snow Thrower

One thing right off the bat that will set you at ease with this snow thrower; it is compatible with newer models of the Troy Bilt Super Bronco XP riding lawn mower. This can be a big deal if you don’t want to play any guessing games to determine which snow blower fits which lawn mower.

You will also appreciate the high-volume accelerator of this device. It wastes no time chopping up frost and quickly removes as much as 18 inches of snow in one go!

This snow thrower may not be the most visually appealing, but it is highly productive and something I can see myself using.

Most Efficient: NorTrac BE-SBS60G 3-Pt. Snow Blower – 60″ Intake

If you liked NorTrac’s 50-inch wide lawn mower snow blower combo, then you will love this attachment!

How about 10 inches wider for snow intake? The clearing width of 60 inches makes this snow blower the most productive option on this list. It also has a better throwing distance than the 50-inch wide option, as it can throw snow as far as 40 feet.

This larger version of NorTrac’s 3-part snow blower attachment for lawn mowers also has a 5-position adjustable chute deflector to help guide the snow. You can also rotate the manual-crank chute 340° to throw the snow in the angles of your liking.

The main problem you may have with a snow blower this large is that you will need a lawn mower that will accommodate its size. A serviceable option to pair this snow blower with would be the Husqvarna 54″ 24 HP zero-turn riding mower. However, be prepared to save up some money to pay for it.

Most Durable: John Deere 44-inch Snow Blower for 100 Series Tractors

If you are in need of big snow removal, then this best lawn mower snow blower combo can answer the call!

No matter the snow condition, this snow blower works well for removing snow from your driveway. Though it is best suited for snow removal around recreational and industrial parks, you should have an easy time getting a feel for this device.

This is a two-stage blower, which means that the low-speed auger of the blower accumulates the crusted material as it moves the snow toward the second stage. Single-stage snow blowers don’t have this feature.

This snow blower has a rear ballast consisting of two 42-pound Quik-Tatch weights, which are recommended for additional traction. John Deere is a recognizable brand, so don’t worry about anything fishy going on with this product!

Most Versatile: Husqvarna Two-Stage Lawn Tractor Mounted Snow Thrower (Manual Lift)

This model is a good and well-rounded riding lawn mower snow blower combo. If you love Husqvarna products and own a riding mower, this snow thrower is what you need. It has a spacious clearance intake of 42 x 20 inches, which means it will pick up a good amount of snow.

Its chute is easily adjustable to fit any angle as it can be rotated as much as 180°. This flexibility helps get the snow out of your way.

After attaching the mounting and pulley frame brackets, you can easily remove the snow thrower with standard tools. It also has a replaceable wear plate and skid shoes.

One great thing about this snow blower attachment for lawn mowers is the 2-year warranty it has. Gotta love those warranty plans!

Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Buyer’s Guide

Using your lawn mower along with a snow blower attachment for the winter may sound like a daunting task.

However, if you know what to look for, you will find the right combination. You are looking for the snow blower combo that not only works with your riding lawn mower but also makes you feel comfortable.

Before purchasing a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment, here are some factors to consider.

Why Do You Need a Snow Blower?

A snow blower is a device that the user guides from behind. Its mechanics are very basic. It almost always has a rotating blade, shaped like a corkscrew, that lifts, chops, and throws away snow.

If you live somewhere where it snows often and you can’t get onto the road, manually shoveling your driveway can be a huge setback. Having a snow blower will save you time and money.

What Is the Difference Between a 1-Stage vs 2-Stage vs 3-Stage Snow Blower?

The design is the main difference between a 1-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage snow blower. As you might have guessed, a 3-stage snow blower offers more power and can clear heavier snow than a 1-stage or 2-stage snow blower.

Here are the basic differences between single-stage, 2-stage, and 3-stage snow blowers:

Single-Stage Snow Blowers 2-Stage Snow Blowers 2-Stage Snow Blowers
A single-stage snow blower only has one auger. The auger sucks up the snow and then discharges it. A two-stage snow blower has an auger and an impeller. The auger will suck up snow, and the impeller throws it away from the machine. Three-stage blowers have an auger, an impeller, and an accelerator auger.
Single-stage snow blowers only clear 16 to 20 inches of snow. Two-stage snow blowers can clear more than 20 inches of snow. Three-stage snow blowers can clear more than 20 inches of snow faster than a two-stage blower.

Two-stage snow blowers are usually self-propelled and free up one of your hands. They perform at their best when working on an incline. However, they can clear deep snow as well as a 3-stage blower. They are just slower than 3-stage models.

3-stage snow blowers can clear snow and ice 50% faster than two-stage snow blowers because of the additional impeller. The additional auger in a three-stage snow blower is called an accelerator auger, specifically designed to speed up the snow throwing process.

What’s The Best Lawn Mower Snow Blower Combo For a Long, Wide Driveway?

You should absolutely get a snow blower if you have a long or wide driveway because you will save time and money. Instead of doing back-breaking work with a snow shovel for hours, a snow blower can scale back the amount of work you need to do.

The best snow blower attachment for lawn mowers for people with long or wide driveways is the NorTrac 3-Pt. Snow Blower – 60in.W Intake since it is a three-stage blower with a very generous 60-inch intake area.

Should I Have a Gas Mower or an Electric Mower for My Snow Blower?

You’ll find that most lawn mower snow blower combo products are made for gas mowers. This is because you’ll see more power overall with a gas mower, and with heavy snow, you’ll need all the power you can get.

All the lawn mower snow blower attachments in our review are for gas lawn mowers. However, there are electric snow blowers you can use that don’t need a tractor, and you can see some of the best ones in our review best electric snow shovels.

Should Horsepower Be a Concern?

Horsepower should be a top concern if you want to be productive in the snow. When you pair a riding lawn mower with a snow blower attachment, your mower will need to be able to push through that snow without giving in. So, the more powerful your engine, the bigger your snow blower can be.

Most lawn tractor snow blower combinations list the ideal horsepower for the snowblower to work correctly. So, just read the label before settling on a specific model.

You should also consider the auger width of a snow blower attachment, how much you can adjust the chute and deflector, and the overall durability of the snow blower’s materials.

What Type of Tires Do You Need for Snow Throwing?

For starters, always think about traction!

Some lawn mower tires, unfortunately, have poor treads, which are vulnerable to skidding. If you have tires you know won’t perform well in the snow, replace them for the winter season as soon as possible. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Consider getting snow chains and rear ballast weights, too. Read up on the best lawn mower snow blower combo of your choice – many manufacturers recommend tires, chains, and weight ballast options.

Here are some tire chains to show you an example:

John Deere LA105 With 44″ blower?

I have a LA105 tractor and I’m looking at getting the 44″ John Deere blower that fits on it. I have called around some John Deere dealerships / service places and they are all saying don’t put it on. I’m just wondering if this is a money grab for them to sell me another tractor. Anybody have any experience with this tractor? Its a 1 cylinder 19.5hp John Deere gear drive tractor. Thanks in advance!! Sam.

I dont know why they the dealers would say that.But if I were to guess, I suspect it’s because they know the tractor probably cant handle it.its a very light-duty machine, about the most basic machine JD makes.It really isn’t designed to handle anything more than mowing.

(nothing wrong with that of course! but you have to know, and respect, the limits of the machine, otherwise you will quickly burn out the transmission. or break something else.)

So yes, on the one hand, they probably do think you should upgrade the tractor if you want to use a snowblower! in that sense, they are subtly suggesting you should buy something else if you want to use a snowblower.

On the other hand, they are probably right.if they are in fact honerable dealers, they are perhaps doing you a favor.they are trying to politely say “ bought a light-duty riding mower, not a tractor, it cant really deal with a snowblower, even though JD technically says they make one to fit it”.

It’s also possible those dealers dont carry the most basic they “know” you bought it at Home Depot, and not from them. (are they right?

If you heard the same thing from two or three dealers, not just one, I suspect that is what they are trying to tell you. (although if that is the case, they should should just come out and SAY that in plain english, and not be vague about it. but then again, if they were that honest, then people might not believe them, and think they are lying just to sell them another can be a catch-22 im sure.)

I could be wrong! that that’s what makes the most sense to me.

Here is a discussion I found about the LA105 that supports my theory: LA105 Gearbox Starting to Fail?

John deere lawn tractor snow blower

Deere Company at 800-537-8233 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. ET, or online at and select Product Recall Information on the drop-down menu under Services Support for more information.

This recall involves Attachment Kits for John Deere Snow Blowers and 52-inch Brooms that are used with model 1023E, 1025R and 2025R Compact Utility Tractors. The John Deere snow blower and broom Attachment Kits were sold separately and have a label with BLV10793 or BLV10794 printed on the box.

Consumers should immediately stop using their John Deere Compact Utility Tractor Snow Blower or 52-inch Broom and contact an authorized John Deere dealer for a free copy of the Operator’s Manual. John Deere is contacting all known purchasers of the recalled Attachment Kits. If an Attachment Kit did include an Operator’s Manual, consumers can continue to use their Snow Blower or Broom.

Note: Individual Commissioners may have statements related to this topic. Please visit to search for statements related to this or other topics.

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The high-pressure fuel line can get damaged by contact with the fuel pump cover, causing a fuel leak that poses burn and fire hazards.

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The fin scroll of the chipper shredder can fail, ejecting pieces of metal from the chipper shredder hopper during operation, posing a laceration hazard.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risk of injury or death associated with the use of thousands of types of consumer products. Deaths, injuries, and property damage from consumer product-related incidents cost the nation more than 450 trillion annually. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products has contributed to a decline in the rate of injuries associated with consumer products over the past 50 years.

Federal law prohibits any person from selling products subject to a Commission ordered recall or a voluntary recall undertaken in consultation with the CPSC.

John Deere Riding Mower snow blower Compatability

Can anyone tell me what changed on 100 series riding mowers after 2014? I have a LA120 and I would like to buy a 44″ snow blower. I would like to know why most newer model blowers are not compatible with units built before 2014. What stops a person from installing it?

The 44″ blower was produced in US (M044SBH serial numbers) and Canadian (M044SBC serial numbers) through 2015. With the 2016 model year they dropped that and sold the M044SBN in both countries.

The mounting frames were changed entirely with that change in 2016. The D1XX line was being sold at the time and I don’t believe the later blowers were even compatible with the earlier D1XX machines.

Then in 2018 they came out with the E1XX machines and changed to the M044SBB serial numbers. AFAIK, those use the same mounting frame as the 2016/2017 blowers.

D160 Mower/Bagger. 2014 2032R tractor/H130 FEL w/Bolt-On Hooks/54″ Snow Plow/iMatch Quick-Hitch/County Line 5′ Scraper blade/County Line Carry-All/Artillian 42″ Forks QH Adapter/JD Ballast Box/Frontier SB1164 3PH Blower/Leinbach PHD/Wallenstien BX42 Chipper

Captain Morgan52

The 44″ blower was produced in US (M044SBH serial numbers) and Canadian (M044SBC serial numbers) through 2015. With the 2016 model year they dropped that and sold the M044SBN in both countries.

The mounting frames were changed entirely with that change in 2016. The D1XX line was being sold at the time and I don’t believe the later blowers were even compatible with the earlier D1XX machines.

Then in 2018 they came out with the E1XX machines and changed to the M044SBB serial numbers. AFAIK, those use the same mounting frame as the 2016/2017 blowers.

Thanks for tthat info. I am looking at some used blowers, and I just hate to buy one and find some stupid glitch that will make it almost impossible to instal. I looked at the wheel base and found that they are the same as todays units. Why they would make the statement that it is not compatible is strange. Could be as simple as only electric pto units only and that my manual unit makes it harder to disengage the belt. Look at the advertisement at Home Depot and they mention it in the discription that it is not compatible for units built before 2014. Very strange.


Yeah, not really sure what is going on here. I just looked at Lowe’s website for it and they say

Compatible with all John Deere 100 Series models built after March 2014 (not compatible with LA and D Series tractors)”

I’m not sure how that works. How can they be compatible with the Deere 1xx series built after March 2014 but not be compatible with the D-series? The D-series was built/sold until 2018.

Just looking at a few things and I also noticed that the current “post-2014” blower is compatible with the S240 as well as the E1xx/S1xx machines. Perhaps that’s the clue. The S240 was released as a new model for the 2015 model year.

The current model both HD and Lowe’s advertise is Deere Model # BM27439. It appears that the LT1xx machines used a model # BM21288. Deere doesn’t cross these model numbers to serial numbers and these model number aren’t listed on any tags on the blowers so don’t know how you’d know which is which just by looking at them.

D160 Mower/Bagger. 2014 2032R tractor/H130 FEL w/Bolt-On Hooks/54″ Snow Plow/iMatch Quick-Hitch/County Line 5′ Scraper blade/County Line Carry-All/Artillian 42″ Forks QH Adapter/JD Ballast Box/Frontier SB1164 3PH Blower/Leinbach PHD/Wallenstien BX42 Chipper

Captain Morgan52

I decided to buy a 44″ John Deere Snowblower that was mounted on a E160 John Deere. I found that the reason that it is not recommended for 100 series before 2014 is because the Muffler sheild is too wide and blocks the installation. Fortunately the sheild is only held there with two 1/4″ bolts. You don’t need it in the winter.There is one more reason. You have to drill a hole in the frame. The units slides onto a stud that you slide the drive module on but the two back holes do not exist on older models. It is very hard to drill in that confined spot with accuracy. I have a manual PTO so unless I want to buy a new cable, I have no way to dissengage the unit. The E160 had an electric PTO. In all it took a day to get it mounted. Removing the hood is a necessary. It snowed that evening and I got to try it out. I was dissapointed with the way you have to raise the blower. Mine did not work well. It also is useless in mild snow conditions. The blower weighs 185 lbs. The snow turns to ice right away. I spent more time pushing than riding. I will have to install the chains!

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Our Top Picks

That’s a lot of information about the best lawn mower snow blower combos, but now it’s time to shop. The following models are some of the top products on the market for turning a lawn mower into a full-fledged snow blower.

Husqvarna E-Lift 50″ 2-Stage Snow Thrower Attachment

Folks looking for a lawn mower snow blower combo with all the features should check out Husqvarna’s E-Lift Snow Thrower Attachment. This snow blower has a 50-inch clearing capacity, which is enough for the typical driveway. It’s also a two-stage setup, allowing it to handle heavy, deep snow.

This lawn mower snow blower combo attachment has some extra features that make it even more desirable. First, after the initial installation, hooking it up and removing it doesn’t require any tools. Also, the user can lower and raise the snow blower from the seat of the lawn tractor as well as adjust the chute angle and deflector. While it’s compatible with most Husqvarna models, the manufacturer recommends wheel weights and chains to maintain traction.


Even with that extensive background on lawn mower snow blower combos, there still may be some lingering questions. The following section aims to answer those questions, as it’s a collection of some of the frequently asked questions about garden tractors with snow blowers.

Q. Is there such a thing as a riding snow blower?

There are riding snow blowers, but these are actually just large snow blower attachments installed on compact tractors. The snow blower attachment can be removed and replaced with other attachments.

Q. Do lawn mower snow blowers work?

They do work. Unlike electric snow blowers, which use batteries or outlet power, or traditional snow blowers that have their own gas engines, lawn mower snow blowers run off the tractor’s engine. By removing the mower deck and replacing it with a snow blower attachment, the snow blower draws power from the tractor or lawn mower’s engine to operate the auger.

In some cases, the snow blower may attach to a PTO (power take-off). Regardless of the method, they turn tractors and mowers into sit-down snow blowers.

Q. Is it possible to make a snow blower from an existing lawn mower?

Yes. Some lawn mower snow blower combo models are universal, allowing them to attach to existing lawn mowers. Otherwise, simply search for a snow blower that fits your model number.

Q. Can a snow blower be attached to a zero-turn mower?

There are snow blower attachments for some zero-turn mowers, but it’s important to check that it’s compatible with the mower.

Q. What is a two-stage snow blower?

A two-stage snow blower features augers to scoop snow and an impeller in the chute to throw snow and ice further than a single-stage snow blower.

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