Bits For A Screwdriver Which Is Better

Bosch 2607017164 (43 pcs.)

In recent years, the name of the company Bosch has become synonymous with quality. Even the fact that most of the products are manufactured in China is a hindrance to this. The Bosch bit set 2607017164 is just one of these, however, it is very popular and respected among domestic users.

The boxing includes 43 items:

  • Six bits, 75 millimeters long;
  • 32 standard bits for a length of 25 millimeters;
  • Multiple magnetic holders (universal and quick change).

Among the main qualities of the kit, one can single out a really strong material, marked according to a certain type, a comfortable rubberized case and magnetic holders, which cause some resonance among the owners. In some assemblies, these holders are weak and DO NOT secure the bit properly, while others hold the bits tightly. Be that as it may, the kit fully pays for the costs and guarantees correct operation over a long period of time.


The world renowned manufacturer Bosch has released a line of Impact Contrul bit sets, which are characterized by maximum durability thanks to the reinforced torsion zone. This accessory has proved itself to be excellent when carrying out large volumes of work with impact screwdrivers. The Bosch Impact Contrul kit we are considering includes six impact bits. They are unique and each is laser-marked by the manufacturer.

The included magnetic holder with a unique quick-release fastener and a long leg helps to securely and quickly fix the bit. Bosch Impact Contrul Kit is easy to use and designed for long life.

Dewalt IMPACT Torsion DT70560T

The popular American brand produces Not only a reliable tool. The Dewalt IMPACT Torsion DT70560T Impact Screwdriver Accessory Kit is able to provide the owner with the necessary splines for a long time. The size range is not just ascending. The most popular sizes are supplied in large quantities, so in case of wear you DO NOT have to buy a new bit.

So, in one of the best and most sophisticated sets there is an increased number of the following standard sizes: PH2 (5), PH3 (2), PZ2 (10), PZ3 (3), T25 (2), T30 (3). This arrangement does NOT deserve anything but respect. The manufacturer has collected the most popular and popular material for professional work, and not just released a set of bits in a beautiful package.

Bosch X-Pro 2607017037 (25 pcs.)

In addition to the standard set of short 25mm bits, the X-Pro 2607017037 set also includes 50mm long bits, for which Bosch would like to thank especially. The situation with the magnetic holder turned out to be almost identical to Ryobi, but here it inspires much more confidence. But the main advantage of the kit lies in the design of the case. X-Pro 2607017037 is equipped with inclined clips and, instead of frantically pulling out each separately taken object from a static position, you just need to take any of them with a light movement of your hand, and after use, just put it back. It is precisely by its consumer orientation that this set wins the first line of the rating in the minicase category.

JONNESWAY S29H4135S (35 pcs.)

Professional tool manufacturer JONNESWAY presents a set of bit inserts for the S29H4135S screwdriver, which will be the best choice, both for solving everyday tasks, and for small production or repair shops. Users note the exceptional quality and versatility of this kit, which, moreover, demonstrates increased resistance to maximum loads.

The set includes 35 items, including 28 bits with 10 mm shank, 4 inserts with a length of 14 mm and 3 adapters 3/8 and ½ inches that DO NOT lose their original characteristics throughout the entire operating period. The presented set is completed in a metal case, which contributes to a more comfortable process of transportation and storage.

Metabo 626704000 (71 pcs.)

Real aesthetics for any craftsman, attractiveness in every single element. Only by breaking into the notorious advertising lyrics can one truly describe this unique set of beats from another German company. Metabo 626704000. This is a combination of stunning appearance and equally outstanding performance, refinement of a standard alloy of chromium and vanadium in optimal mechanical performance.

Each bit, depending on the type of slot, has its own color coding, which makes it possible to change the accessories on the screwdriver automatically after a short getting used to the set. To the delight of the users, the manufacturers from Metabo have prudently added the extended base bits (75 mm) to the kit, since it is often very difficult to work with the standard 25 mm. The case also does not fail: compact and lightweight, it does not contain anything superfluous and takes up little space on the tool shelf. By the totality of all the listed advantages, this set is worthy of the highest praise, even despite the not the lowest cost.

Manufacturers analysis

In order to understand the range of products and choose the right bit for a screwdriver, you should get acquainted with the most famous manufacturers.

AEG manufactures Culdfire bit sets to enhance metal strength.

Dewalt provides an extensive range of accessories, both individually and in sets.

The DT 7246 includes a PH2 with a torsion bar. Also very popular is the model called DT 71517 with bits and angle attachment. The number of revolutions is 1500 rpm, the tightening force is 150 Nm.

Bosch deserves worldwide recognition for its high quality. Extra Hart are characterized by increased strength and long-term operation, painted in gray. Max Grip with titanium nitride substance improves grip on the mount, gold color.

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WHIRLPOWER. In many respects, one of the most demanded brands. The firm was founded in 1983 in Taiwan. The quality is time-tested, which is why many experts prefer this particular brand. The geometry of the working part is perfectly machined. All nozzles are thermally treated and protected with a special coating.

Choice of bits for screwdriver

  • The main
  • Specialized
  • Combined

Reliability rating

Manufacturing companies, which are trusted by qualified specialists, have proven themselves best in construction and renovation areas. The reliability rating is headed by the following brands:

Quality assessment criteria

When choosing nozzles, you need to focus on the features of the work performed. One of the reasons for the rapid deterioration of equipment. Improper use. It’s one thing to screw self-tapping screws into wood when assembling furniture, and another. Installation of metal structures, where the equipment experiences increased resistance during the screwing process. An impact screwdriver must necessarily be provided with special equipment, since standard equipment will NOT be able to withstand shock loads.

To correctly approach the choice of bits, you need to Pay attention to the following parameters:

The material of manufacture affects the strength and durability. R-7 steel is used for common modifications. R-12, characterized by excellent resistance to any kind of metal. Chromium and vanadium coatings are added to protect against corrosion. The strongest. These are tips with a titanium nitride coating in a golden hue. Bits with titanium and tungsten plating have also shown themselves well in practice. For overly active use, experts recommend diamond-coated nozzles, due to which the chance of grinding the edges of the working area is reduced.

Processing technologies. Milling and forging The most popular methods. During milling, the top surface is removed to give the work area the desired shape. Forged tooling features increased strength, the material is not disturbed during production.

The hardness of the material of the screwdriver bit ranges from 58-60 HRC. Soft attachments wear out faster, they are most intended for hard mounts, as they are resistant to damage. Hard ones will last longer, but rather fragile.

Design features. The magnetized work surface makes positioning in the slots easier, but sometimes this magnet is superfluous. For an impact screwdriver, bits with a torsion part are suitable. Attachments are capable of Smoothing impact by withstanding high loads during operation.

Bit types

  • Direct
  • Cruciform
  • Hexagonal
  • Star-shaped

Special bits can be classified into the following groups:

  • Triangular
  • With persistent drywall stop
  • Spring-loaded and others

Combined are excellent in that they have different shapes of the working part at both ends. The cost is one level higher than other types.

Several bit standards are also distinguished:

  • Ph (Derived from Phillips). Cruciform bits, which have a conditional size from 0 to 4;
  • Pz (Pozidrive). The angle at the top is 50 degrees; the products are an upgraded model of those previously described; are distinguished by the presence of 2 or 4 additional slots at the base;
  • Sl (Slot). Straight spline, varying in width; the number in the marking means the slot width;
  • Torx (Also found TX). The slot is in the form of a hexagonal star. Suitable for structures that require a high level of strength.
  • HEX. Bit that is used to fasten screws with an internal hexagon; usually used to assemble furniture.

Tips for choosing

If you are planning to purchase attachments for attaching components, follow these tips:

Focus on the material. Highest quality alloys:

  • Chromium and Molybdenum;
  • Chromium and Vanadium;
  • Tungsten and molybdenum.

Steel bits It is not recommended to use, as they grind off almost after the first second of work.

The presence of a special coating on the bit is encouraged. Titanium, diamond or nickel. Optimum materials that will not let the metal rust and will last a long time. Titanium plating is often found at Bosch.

It is advisable to buy products with a magnetic tip. Working with him will be much more comfortable. The best representative of this property is WhirlPower.

Experienced craftsmen advise taking kits from bits. It often happens that there is a lack of a certain mount for work. Therefore, it is best to immediately stock up on a set of 30-50 attachments of various sizes and shapes. However, what are the best bits for a screwdriver to buy. You decide.

Which bits are better for a screwdriver: types, sizes and their designations

Today, in any household, an electric type screwdriver will become irreplaceable. With its help, you can assemble furniture, make repairs or make something several times faster. The beat plays a huge role in the operation of the instrument. At first glance, this part of the tool may seem quite insignificant, but in fact, it depends on it how convenient it will be to tighten self-tapping screws or all kinds of screws.

If you choose the wrong bit for your screwdriver, this will lead to the fact that it will always jump off the head or rotate directly during operation. As a result, the bit tip will be broken or damaged prematurely. To prevent this from happening, you need to know which bits for a screwdriver are best suited.

Overview of bits for a screwdriver varieties and designations

Today, experts distinguish between several different forms of bits for screwdrivers, namely:

  • Combined;
  • Special;
  • The main.

In most cases, cruciform bits of the basic type are used in construction. They have several standards: PH and PZ. PH designation. This is an abbreviated version from Phillips. Sizes can be from 0 to 4, but the most commonly used bits are # 2. It is worth noting that the bit has an excellent shape, because then the contact area increases several times and this allows you to evenly distribute the load. If you use bits for this type of screwdriver, then the risk that the tool head will be torn off or the slot is damaged is several times less.

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PZ. It is short for Pozidrive. These bits also have a cross-shaped working part. The main difference is that in addition to the presence of the main four ribs of large size, there are four additional ribs. They are located diagonally and are slightly smaller. Thus, the contact area is increased even more. In most cases, a bit for a screwdriver of this type is used to unscrew screws that have become rusty or, for example, jammed in some specific material. Professionals use them without fail if the volume of work is too large. The sizes of such nozzles also range from 0 to 4, but in most cases they use No. 2 and No. 3.

Screwdriver bits, which are better? If it is necessary to repair household appliances, cars, then you cannot do without the use of Special T-bits. They allow you to tighten or, on the contrary, to unscrew the screws, which have a star-shaped surface.

Flat bits are used so that you can work with fasteners, which are used for soft materials. These types of screwdriver bits are effective under heavy loads. If we talk about marking of this type, then SL, from Slot, sizes are from 0 to 7.

If you need to deal with all sorts of bolts or nuts, then you can not do without a bit, which is made in the form of a wrench. In this situation, it is worth noting the fact that such attachments can only be installed on very powerful screwdrivers. The size of the bit can be different (6-13 mm) and it is best to choose it in accordance with which bolts you will have to work with.

Bits For A Screwdriver Which Is Better

In turn, special bits are used in order to repair machinery or industrial equipment, special fasteners. This means that they are used in Special rather narrow areas. Triangular bits for a screwdriver are considered popular and those that have two small projections in the form of horns. Special bits include those that experts use for convenient work with drywall. In this situation, a certain limiter is installed, which does not allow screwing the self-tapping screw too far, which can lead to damage to the surface.

Which bits are best for a screwdriver? It is also worth considering specialized bits, which have spring clips. In this case, the screws can be tightened at an angle of 30 degrees, which is very often used when working in certain hard-to-reach places. It is worth mentioning about the combined bits, which differ from the rest in that they have two working surfaces. They can be of different types and even sizes, in most cases the combined bits are slightly longer than usual.

Important points to pay attention to when choosing bits for a screwdriver

To ensure that working with the screwdriver does not bring inconvenience, the result was excellent, and the tool itself could be used for a long time. You need to choose the right bits for the job. If you plan to work with many types of materials, it is best to purchase a special set, which includes the basic types of bits.

The second very important question that needs to be studied before making a purchase is what kind of material the bits for the screwdriver and their working part are made from. To date, only three alloys can be called the most reliable and high quality, which can serve for a long time. It is an alloy of chromium and molybdenum, chromium and vanadium, tungsten and molybdenum. Do NOT in any way choose bits that are made of steel. They are erased quickly enough, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to finish the work performed with high quality the first time.

Experts say that the presence of a coating on the bit, which would protect its surface, also plays an important role. If these parts are coated with titanium on top, then there is no doubt about the quality of the bits for the screwdriver. In terms of durability, titanium can only be compared with diamond or nickel. It should be noted that this will also be a tungsten-nickel plating. In this situation, tungsten will make the part as strong as possible, and nickel, in turn, will protect the bit from corrosion.

Screwdriver bits which are better. It is definitely difficult to make a choice, especially for a person who has never faced construction work before. In such a situation, it is better to heed the advice of a specialist and pay attention to three fundamental points, which were described a little above.


Many firms produce bits with their own markings, but in a standard form. Philips uses the letters PH on the Cross heads and produces them in 4 sizes: PH0, PH1, PH2 and PH3. The diameter depends on the size of the screw head. The most commonly used PH2 is used in home work. PH3 is used by craftsmen in car repairs, furniture assembly. The bits range in length from 25 to 150 mm. Flexible extensions are designed for fastening work in hard-to-reach places.

Pozidrive cruciform bits are double-shaped. Such a nozzle ensures reliable operation with torsional moments, strong adhesion occurs even when the screw head is turned at a small angle in relation to it. The size range of bits is marked with letters PZ and numbers from 0 to 4. The PZ0 accessory is designed for small screws and screws with a diameter of 1.5 to 2.5 mm. The largest head PZ4 fixes the anchor bolts.

Classification and features of the choice of bits for a screwdriver

  • Features:
  • Varieties
  • Straight spline
  • Cross
  • Hexagonal
  • Star-shaped
  • Non-standard forms
  • Classification by material and coating
  • Sets rating
  • Which is better in operation?
  • How to choose?
  • Tips for use
  • For repair work, assembly or dismantling of the retaining elements, power tools are used to facilitate the process of fastening and removing the retainers. Screwdrivers and drills can fail due to an incorrectly selected nozzle, therefore, for confident and high-quality multifaceted work, craftsmen use bits. Let’s take a closer look at the modern types of bits, what they are, and how to use them.

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    Classification by material and coating

    Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the bit is made, its coating. Most of the work is done by the surface of the nozzle, and low-quality materials will lead to rapid tool wear.

    Quality Bits Available in various alloys:

    • Molybdenum with Vanadium;
    • Molybdenum with chromium;
    • Will win;
    • Vanadium with chromium;
    • High speed steel.

    The latter material is cheaper and subject to rapid wear and tear, so it is NOT considered when comparing performance.

    The soldering of the bit is made of spraying:

    • Nickel;
    • Titan;
    • Wolfram carbide;
    • Diamond.

    The outer coating is always applied, it provides protection against corrosion, increases wear resistance and improves the strength of the material from which the element is made. Titanium drinks appear in golden hues.


    This tip is shaped like a six-pointed star. These bits are used in the repair of cars and foreign household appliances.

    Bits Available in sizes from T8 to T40, indicated in millimeters. Sizes below the T8 value are produced by manufacturers for highly specialized screwdrivers used in microelectronic engineering. The star-shaped nozzles also have a second mark. TX. The number in the marking indicates the distance between the rays of the star.

    The six-beam insert creates a secure grip on the bolt bit without excessive force. This shape minimizes the risk of screwdriver slipping and bit wear.

    Torx hule campaign bits Available in two options: hollow and solid. This point should be considered when buying.

    Which is better in operation?

    The question of bit exploitation always remains relevant.

    • German kits from Belzer and DeWALT represent above average quality products. In the first minutes of operation, the fasteners wear, small breaks of bits, breakthroughs on low-quality elements appear, but after a few minutes the wear stops. These changes are happening with all the bits of different companies. German Bits Most Impact Resistant.
    • In large sets HITACHI 754000 Bits of all sizes and types are presented, they are suitable for craftsmen of large repair and construction companies. The bit quality is average, but it is compensated by the number of attachments. With a careful attitude, the service life will be unlimited.
    • Kraftoul introduces chrome vanadium alloy tips. The set consists of 42 items, one of which. Case. Adapter with tail in ¼ inch included.
    • Makita (German company). Set of chrome vanadium steel, Presented by common types of splines. The bits are designed to work with a screwdriver, but the kit also includes a manual screwdriver. In addition, there is a magnetic holder. All elements are of high quality.
    • The American Milwaukee set provides craftsmen with a working surface, each with a sophisticated Shock Zone technology, which protects the bit from kinking during operation. Excellent elasticity and impact resistance of the material ensures a long service life.
    • The Metabo set is color coded. Each type of spline is color coded for easy storage and retrieval of a particular bit. The set contains 9 elongated bases of 75 mm and 2 nozzles.
    • Ryobi. A Japanese company that focuses on duplicating popular bits in various lengths. The magnetic holder is made in a non-standard format, looks like a bushing with a hexagonal stem, because of this, loose magnetic fixation of the fastener and the bit is possible. In general, the set has sufficient strength and quality materials.
    • The Bosch company has established itself as a company producing quality products that enjoy the prestige of craftsmen. The most used bits are gold-plated titanium, but tungsten-molybdenum, chrome-vanadium and chrome-molybdenum bits are more durable. Titanium is replaced with nickel, diamond, and tungsten carbide to protect against corrosion and reduce wear. Titanium coating increases the price of the product, but it also lasts longer. For short-term and rare works, you can choose ordinary hardware.
    • If you need to replenish the set with individual pieces, it is worth taking a look at the Whirl Power tools, marked with a green marking. They have excellent hardness and magnetism, the fasteners are held for a long time. The bit adheres tightly to the cartridge and does not fall out. The standard bit WP2 in most cases is used to fix screws, while for self-tapping screws, WP1 is intended. The length in bits is different, the size range is 25, 50 and 150 mm. The tips have notches that are responsible for the wear resistance of the material. Bits of this brand have proven themselves in the market, are used by construction firms and private craftsmen.

    Straight spline

    These bits are found in all bit sets, as they are used in almost any job. Bits for a straight slot appeared first, today such nozzles are used in working with screws and screws, the head of which has a straight section.

    Equipment for a flat slot is marked S (slot), after which there is a number indicating the slot width, the size range is from 3 to 9 mm. All nibs are standard thickness. 0.5-1.6 mm and are NOT marked. The tail indicates the material from which the nozzle was made. All elements have increased erosion protection and hardness.

    Titanium slotted bits are incredibly durable. Gold plating is swept away with the letters TIN, indicating that the tip is made of titanium nitride. These tips are wider than standard. Up to 6.5mm and slightly thinner. Up to 1.2 mm.

    Slotted nozzles are often reversible, in combination with a cruciform tip. This is due to the versatility and frequent demand for the product. The thickness of a flat bit is usually NOT indicated, since it has an internationally accepted standard from 0.5 to 1.6 mm.

    Some accessories Available in an elongated version. Due to the length, the possibility of tight contact between the screw and the nozzle is achieved, which improves the quality and accuracy of work.