Blade blade for power tiller with his hands

Features of construction

First, let’s define the design. Motor-blade shovel blade is a curved working surface, which consists of the following elements:

  • a rigid frame;
  • stiffeners;
  • 2mm thick bent steel plate.;
  • heels (2 pcs.);
  • The metal blade (metal and rubber blade) is used in applications where snow, debris, etc. is shoveled.

Metal blade is used in excavation work, when it is necessary to level the ground, etc. д. metal shovel is used for groundwork, to flatten, etc., when clearing areas from snow, garbage, etc.; e); f); g); h). д. uses a rubber blade (gentle), which will protect both the attachment itself from damage when it comes into contact with hard surfaces, and the sidewalk (tile, asphalt, concrete).

Shovel blade

The standard shovel has a width of 100 cm. and a height of 40 cm.

There are two types of engine blades, which have some visual differences in their design:

Shovel blade for power tiller is designed only for cleaning territories from debris, snow, is used for leveling crushed stone, soil and sand. Bucket from both ends is closed by welded-on plates, so in addition to the already described actions, it can also be used for loading of the very sand, earth, snow, debris, etc. д.

We suggest to see the photo, where you can see how the shovel differs from the bucket:

Shovel to power tiller

Shovel to pushbucket

Installation type relative to the power tiller

Thanks to the relative simplicity of its design, its relatively low weight (up to 16 kg, incl.) and high functionality, the linkage can be attached to both medium and heavy power tillers.

Depending on the design of the motoblock itself, the canopy can be attached:

  • to the front;
  • The shovel on the back of the motorized unit, taking into account that the steering column of the latter rotates 180 degrees around its axis.

Working body location

Swivel blades are universal, because they allow you to set the desired angle of attack:

Non-adjustable awnings are rigidly fixed in the position required by the operator (straight, right, left) and are not subject to adjustment.

We suggest watching a video of the motobloc’s work with the direct and rotary blade:

Variety of couplings for popular brands of power tillers

The hitch. it is an indispensable device that comes with the power tiller, which allows you to aggregate a variety of attachments. Depending on the brand of power tiller, its design and construction, the fifth wheel coupling itself varies. Couplings are also available as adjustable (angle of attack, horizontal) and non-adjustable.

There are several types of mounts available:

Zirka-41 type

blade, power, tiller, hands


Zirka-105 type detachable hitch

Zubr” type

Forte” type

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Coupling for KIT-set equipped with front lifting mechanism

Types of lifting mechanism

Elevators allow you to raise and lower the working body (mouldboard for power tillers), to perform loading and cleaning operations. There are several varieties of elevators:

How to change power tiller rotary blades? dry land tynes Vs wet land tynes KAMCO tiller blade change

Can I make it myself??

To make a shovel yourself is also very simple: take a thin sheet of steel (3 mm), size about 900x250x500mm. Install the bracket on the ledges of your power tiller, screw it to the bars with bolts and nuts. Drill small holes (5mm), cover the bottom of the bucket made with tin, so that when you work it does not burrow into the ground. Note that, following these recommendations, a snowplow for a power tiller with your own hands can be used on most brands of power tillers.

You can also change the size of the product or expand the range of tools used in the work, but do not forget to record the changes in the drawing plans, otherwise the whole work will go wrong. Plans to create various devices to the motoblock with their own hands can also be found on the Internet, which provides a huge variety of all kinds of designs with recommendations for making.

How to make a snowplow from a tiller

Users are mainly interested in such questions:

  • Is it possible to construct a snowplow from a ready-made power tiller?
  • How to make a snow shovel with your own hands.
  • Is it possible to make an auger rotor device for snow removal by yourself.

On the Internet you can find many options for solving these issues, for example, we suggest reading the drawings motoblocheskogo scraper for snow with their own hands:

Now study the blueprint of the rotary snowplow, there are videos on the Internet, showing and telling all the steps of creating such a canopy:

Tools and materials

For independent creation of the snowplow blade you will need:

  • 850x700x3 mm steel sheet;
  • 4 steel plates 450x230x3-4 mm;
  • 850x100x3 mm strip of iron;
  • two eyelets for attaching rods;
  • 1 m square pipe with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  • M10,M12 and M8 bolts, as well as washers and nuts;
  • Two rods 520 mm long;
  • a set of metal drill bits;
  • pliers;
  • a set of wrenches;
  • a sheet of thick, durable rubber;
  • A small but thick steel plate;
  • angle grinder with metal discs;
  • electric welding machine;
  • hand-held electric drill.

Diagram of making a shovel blade for a power tiller

Homemade snow shovel

To independently make a snow shovel on a single-axle tractor “Neva”, to begin with, you will need to collect the necessary tools and materials. So, we will need:

  • An old steel barrel for 200 liters;
  • A strip of iron with dimensions of approximately 850x100x3 mm;
  • 1 m of square pipe with a cross section of 40×40 mm;
  • bolts M10, M12 and M8, as well as washers and nuts
  • a set of drills for metal;
  • pliers;
  • wrench set;
  • A sheet of thick, durable rubber;
  • A small, but thick, steel plate;
  • angle grinder with metal discs;
  • welding machine;
  • hand electric drill.

Once all the tools, materials and drawings are assembled, you can begin to make a moldboard for a motor-pilot with your own hands. The easiest solution would be to make a bucket from an old 200 liter barrel, because it initially has an optimal roundness. In this case, it will not be necessary to heat metal sheets and bend, giving them the desired shape. So, you need an old barrel, from which you need to cut the lid and bottom with an angle grinder. The resulting tube should be cut lengthwise into three equal segments. These two thirds need to be connected together on the contour by means of a welding machine, and the remaining third should be cut by an angle grinder into strips, which will be used to ensure sufficient rigidity. One strip to attach on the sides of the shovel, and several pieces to distribute evenly along the entire length of the blade.

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The construction of a homemade snowplow

Now, to further strengthen the entire structure of the blade, it is necessary to make a knife at the bottom of the bucket. This will require an iron strip with dimensions 850x100x3 mm. Using an electric drill drill drill three holes with a diameter of 5-6 mm and the distance between them is 100-120 mm. This is necessary to reinforce the rubber seal, which will prevent the bucket from damaging the pavement. The blade to the working edge of the bucket is fastened with a bolt connection.

After assembling the snow shovel and blade, it is necessary to make and mount the attachment for the blade. Weld a piece of pipe to the homemade motor-blade blade in the center of the design. Fix a semicircle of thick sheet metal in the middle of the tube by welding and make a few holes in it for adjusting the desired angles of rotation and fixing the blade of the power tiller.

Then you need to take another piece of pipe with a square cross-section and make it into an L-shaped holder. The short side of this holder is installed in the rotary semicircle and the other end of the pipe is bolted to the frame of the power unit. For setting the height of the blade use two bolts screwed into the recess of a square tube, which is welded to the coupling and put on the L-shaped bracket. The video shows a snowplow for power tiller and how to work with it.

Features of making a snowplow blade

Consider another option for making a shovel, which is not too different from the previous one. For the blade itself you need 3 mm steel plate, and for the columns, which provide additional rigidity, you need to take thicker steel. You need to make holes in the stands to attach the shovel to the boom. It is very important to ensure that the homemade attachment is positioned vertically in relation to the front of the power unit.

Such a tool as a snow plow, which is coupled with a power tiller, is designed for clearing snow, garbage, transferring soil from one end of the plot to the other, etc. п.

Such a tool can be used in different directions and places. For example, for use on a personal plot, in the field, or for any economic activity.

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Such a shovel greatly simplifies the process of cleaning something due to the large working surface.

A complete system looks as follows:

Such designs have a variety of modifications, which have common features. Basically, this is both the principle of operation and design of the device itself. Today, the purchase of such a device is not some luxury. This is a common everyday technique of dacha owners for personal needs. With their help, you can easily clean up your dacha, remove trash and snow, level the site, etc. п.

Using a snow blower

Such a tool as a snow plow, which is coupled with a power tiller, is designed for clearing snow, garbage, transferring land from one end of the plot to the other, etc. п.

Such a tool can be used in a variety of ways and places. For example, for needs on a personal plot of land, in the field, for any economic activity.

Such a shovel greatly simplifies the process of cleaning something due to the large working surface.

The whole system looks as follows:

These designs have a variety of modifications, which also have common features. Basically it is both the principle of operation and design of the device itself. Today, the acquisition of such a device is not some kind of luxury. It is a common everyday equipment of dacha owners for their personal needs. With their help you can easily clean up the country house, remove trash and snow, level the site, etc. п.

Advantages and principle of work

The main advantage of the mounted snowplowing equipment is the rapid removal of snow. The main load is on the power tiller, not on the man. In a short time, the device provides an opportunity to clear a large area or a long stretch of road from skids.

If we consider a homemade mouldboard for a power tiller assembled with your own hands, another advantage is the cost savings. Factory-made attachments are expensive. Self-made blade will cost less, even if the metal for its assembly will have to buy.

If there is sheet metal, scraps of pipes or profiles available, it will cost free to make a snowplow

The attachment operation principle is simple. The blade is connected to a trailed device on the power tiller. The unit may vary, depending on the make of machine. Select the angle position of the shovel. The operator starts the engine of the power tiller and moves it. As wet snow accumulates, the bucket is periodically cleaned to reduce the load on the engine. Since the optimum shovel width for most power tillers is 1 m, a suitably sized swath will be cleared in one pass. If the bucket is set at an angle, the parameter will be slightly smaller.

Important! For a powerful power tiller, the width of the shovel can be increased, but this will reduce maneuverability on difficult terrain.