Bosch Gsr 180 Li Review

Cordless drill / driver Bosch GSR 180-LI 2 х 1,5Ah Case 06019F8100 Reliable construction and industrial equipment for all areas of business and economy Bosch gsr 180 li review

  • bosch gsr 180 li review

Cordless drill / driver Bosch GSR 180-LI 2 х 1,5Ah Case 06019F8100. New in 2017, a practical and handy 2-speed cordless screwdriver powered by a removable Li-Ion 18 V battery and a 1.5 Ah capacity. The ergonomics of the BOSCH GSR 180-LI Professional tool are perfect: compact shapes, LED illumination, a robust body, for a quick change of accessories in the BOSCH GSR 180-LI Professional screwdriver, a 13 mm keyless chuck is used. The BOSCH GSR 180-LI Professional cordless drill / driver has an optimal torque setting for high-precision screwing of self-tapping screws with 201 torque steps.

Properties of the BOSCH GSR 180-LI Professional cordless drill / driver:

  • Integrated LED light for illuminating the work area in dark places.
  • Keyless drill chuck 13 mm.
  • Optimum torque setting for high-precision screwdriving applications with 20 torque steps 1. The torque is increased by up to 20% compared to previous models.
  • Optimum weight / power ratio with torque up to 21/54 Nm for effective screwdriving up to 10 mm screws and drilling in steel and wood with 10/35 mm holes respectively.
  • Electronic protection for ECP lithium-ion batteries.
  • For greater reliability and longer tool life, replaceable carbon brushes are installed.
  • Rugged, rugged, compact design.
Supply voltage, V18
Spindle speed, rpm450/1700
Maximum torque, Nm54
Diameter of the tool clamped into the chuck, mm13
Maximum drilling diameter in steel, mmten
Maximum drilling diameter in wood, mm35
Maximum diameter of the screwed in, mmten
Battery typeLi-ion
Impact modenot
Battery capacity, Ah1.5
Speed ​​controlYes
Keyless chuckYes
Number of gearbox speeds2
Weight, kg1.6

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The credo of our service is extremely simple and capacious: The technique must work.

In Nur-Sultan (Astana), Almaty, Shymkent, Atyrau and Ust-Kamenogorsk there are service centers with foremen for repair work in the workshop and on the road. The division by specialization allows us to grow and develop specialized service specialists who are able to quickly resolve issues related to the repair and maintenance of equipment.

In preparation for the promotion of the line of equipment, we carry out preliminary work on the selection and formation of a warehouse of spare parts for maintenance and repair. than 5,000 spare parts are stored in the warehouses of TSSP Kazakhstan and we are tirelessly working to improve the quality of the warehouse and ensure the constant availability of critical items for the smooth operation of our customers.

Cordless screwdriver Bosch GSR 180-Li (06019F8109)

  • Grade: Professional
  • Type: Shockless
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Battery capacity, Ah: 2
  • Battery voltage, V: 18
  • Battery type: Li-Ion
  • Max. Drilling diameter (wood), mm: 35
  • Max. Drilling diameter (metal), mm: 10
  • Weight, kg: 1.6
  • Chuck diameter, mm: 13
  • Chuck type: Keyless
  • Number of working speeds: 2
  • Idling speed, rpm: 0-450 / 0-1700
  • Maximum torque hard, Nm: 54
  • Maximum torque soft, Nm: 21
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Bosch GSR 180-Li cordless drill-driver, designed for driving screws and drilling small and medium-sized holes in metal and wood. The tool is convenient for driving screws in hard-to-reach places and overhead.

Screwdriver GSR 180-Li possesses:

  • 2-speed gearbox (one gear with reduced speed and optimized torque for screwdriving, the second gear provides optimal speed for drilling holes);
  • Backlit for comfortable work in poorly lit rooms and hard-to-reach places;
  • Lightweight (1.6 kg) for maximum ease of use;
  • Keyless chuck with Auto-Lock system for quick one-handed tool change;
  • System of protection of battery cells from overload, overheating and deep discharge;
  • 20 steps of torque adjustment to ensure high precision screwdriving steps of drilling;
  • Handle with rubber insert;
  • Reverse.

Cordless screwdriver Bosch GSR 180-Li comes complete with:

  • Li-Ion battery 18V, 2 A / h. 2 pcs;
  • Charger;
  • Case.

By purchasing a cordless drill / screwdriver Bosch GSR 180-Li, You will receive a compact and reliable tool for repair work.

Third opinion

The third important is the visibility of the motor and transmission mechanism. Here you can tell the numbers for yourself. On the previous models, the value of the soft torque became 15 and 18 Nm on the new ones, 18 and 21 Nm. The difference in the values ​​of the hard moment became even more pronounced. Bulo 30 і 33 N m became 50 і 54 N m. Tobto new items in case of need for practicality and in larger sinks: the maximum diameter of the screwed screws is from 7 to 8 to 8 to 10 mm. It is necessary to say, how to complete the serious meaning, and if the need for such robots is infrequent, we will not take up the reserve for the effort.

Other vіdmіnnіst

Another is a hundred percent change from the drill chuck. precisely, the patron here is the one, with two principles. The maximum diameter of the clamping equipment is from 10 to 13 mm, and a special coupling has been transferred to the new cartridge: when the embossed clamping ring is repaired, it will work. Old models did not have this.

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Why is there a difference in the development of battery-powered drills-screwdrivers

The models behind the calling view are even more visible one way of one. The difference is only in the installation of accumulator batteries and in the presence of an impact screwdriver with a pre-pumping cycle of changing modes. The phenomenon is very specific: the versatility of versatility, but about the versatility of versatility, it’s not so easy.

The charging attachment for all models can be the same as the universal one, Bosch AL1814CV, the kit includes two plug-in (slider) rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 1.5 A year. Such a capacity for a robot to complete in a practically uninterrupted mode, while one battery is working, a friend is charged.

Allegedly, Bosch has a variety of batteries and a lot of high capacity: the tools are used to the system ones, and that means that one and the same batteries are stagnant on different types of technology. The batteries are equipped with a comprehensive Electronic Cell Protection device. Exactly the same charger and exactly the same batteries were supplied with the guesswork of the Bosch GSR 1440-LI and GSR 1800-LI Professional models.

As soon as we get new items with the screwdrivers that have been promoted earlier, there are fewer indications.

If you want to see it, you can immediately see the appearance of a prefabricated non-woven insert (corrugated SoftGrip cover) on the screwdriver handle, without the middle before the driver. The back part of the handle is rubberized, a little bit on the models of the front generation. The shape of the body, zoosum, can be seen, a little more nutritional to the design, and the axis of the dodatkova insert with a short screw-down screw in the hand. The dimensions of Troja’s new products have changed.