Bosch Hob Does Not Turn On

Electric surface

First, let’s talk about how to repair an electric hob and what kind of malfunctions this plate option may have. Most often, owners encounter a situation where the hob does not work or one of the burners does not heat up when the power is connected.

Bosch Hob Does Not Turn On

In this case, the repair comes down to the following steps:

  1. Check the voltage at the outlet, as it is probably this electrical point that has failed, as a result of which there is no power.
  2. Carefully inspect the cord and plug for mechanical damage. Sometimes the repair ends here. you just need to replace the electric plug or cord.
  3. Remove the hob from the countertop by disconnecting all the wires and unscrewing the mounting plates.
  4. Using a multimeter, check the thermal fuse (pictured below) and the transformer. If the resistance is absent or differs from the nominal, it is necessary to replace the circuit elements with new ones.
  5. Check all wire connections (on the control unit, switches, thermostat, burners) and make sure that there is no banal open circuit. First, try to visually find the fault, and then with a multimeter, ring all sections of the circuit according to the diagram.

Often, it is not difficult to find a breakdown of an electric hob with your own hands if you can handle a multimeter. In the absence of this device, you can use the indicator screwdriver, which will show the presence of voltage in a certain section of the circuit.

In addition, I would like to tell you why the hob may stop working so that you know the cause of the malfunctions and how to repair each. So, among the main breakdowns, the following are most often found:

  • The fuse blows as a result of a power surge. Replacement is not difficult, in addition, the cost of the fuse is scanty. To protect the equipment from such a malfunction, it is recommended to install a surge protector.
  • The burner does not work (one or several immediately). Most likely there was an open circuit on the heater. If this wiring is decayed, DIY repair will not be difficult if you have a soldering iron. If the heating element burns out, it must be replaced with a new one. TEN rang, but is he whole? Check the control unit, sometimes even a break in the contact occurs on the switch, which must either be repaired or replaced.
  • The sensor does not work. Here things are more serious, because the touch hob will be difficult to repair for a novice electrician. First, as in previous cases, ring the sensor. If it is not possible to find a common cause of the malfunction, you will either have to replace the touch panel or have it repaired. Typically, failure of this circuit element is extremely rare and is caused by improper operation of the equipment. If you find that the sensor does not turn on after washing, it means that the control unit simply burned out from the saline solution, which is recommended by some unfortunate advisors on the forums to wash the surface.
  • Does not heat up or slightly warm. Again, ring the heating element, thermostat, temperature controller. The opposite situation may occur when the electric hob is very hot and does not turn off. In this case, with a probability of 95%, we can say that the cause of overheating is the failure of the thermostat, which does not turn off the power with sufficient heating of the burners. The thermostat is not repaired, so it must be replaced.
  • Cracked surface. The rarest of cases that can happen with a glass-ceramic hob. If you saw that a web of cracks formed on the surface, and at the same time you are 100% sure that no one from the family dropped heavy dishes on it, there can be two reasons.
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Video: Bosch Hob Does Not Turn On

Immediately we recommend that you watch the visual video instruction, which shows how to properly repair the electrical surface:

Induction cooker

If your induction hob does not work, there may also be several causes for the malfunction. To your attention an overview of the main malfunctions and methods of repair on your own:

  1. The stove turns off and does not turn on. If the model of technology is modern, then do not worry. it is a special protective function. The power will be turned off if the diameter or material of the dishes is not suitable for heating. In addition, the lack of heating can be caused by the fact that you removed the dishes from the burner (switching on occurs automatically only if there is a container on the heating surface). By the way, do not worry if the hob does not heat up itself, because according to the principle of operation, the device heats only dishes.
  2. Long and weak heat. In this case, most likely the reason is the improper utensils, so there is no need for repairs. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for containers. For the heating to be fast and normal, the bottom must be flat, and the container material itself should be metal. Otherwise, a situation may occur when the induction hob does not see the dishes, and therefore does not turn on.
  3. It turns on independently in the absence of dishes on the burner. Here the malfunction is that, most likely, there is a metal object on the burner that causes a trip. In addition, the cause may be salt, which remained on the surface after washing, or a malfunction in the control unit, which will need to be repaired.
  4. Doesn’t work at all. As we said earlier, you need to disassemble the technique and ring all the elements of the chain. Typically, repairs come down to replacing the fuse yourself.
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Induction cooker repair instructions are provided on the video:

Gas stove

Well, the last version of the technique that may fail is a gas stove. If your gas hob does not work, there are not many causes of malfunctions. Typically, problems arise with the piezoelectric element and the nozzle from which the gas is supplied.

So, to your attention, the causes of breakdowns and how to repair the hob do it yourself:

  • The pie is ignited badly. In this case, check the burner electric ignition for clogging. If the ignition is really clogged, wash it and thoroughly wipe it with a dry cloth after washing.
  • There is no gas. First check if the tap on the gas pipe itself is closed. After that, get to the nozzle and check if it is clean. The reason why gas can stop flowing or is poorly fed is most often the nozzle being contaminated with fat or food. Repairing such a malfunction will not be difficult, the main thing after washing is to thoroughly wipe the water with a dry cloth.
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That’s all the main malfunctions of a gas hob. Sometimes incorrect operation can be caused by improper installation of kitchen appliances. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with how to properly connect the electric hob yourself!

In conclusion, I would like to summarize that most often the electric hob does not work due to failure of the fuse or contact break. Least of all breaks the control unit, which is already difficult to repair by yourself. We hope that now you know why this technique breaks down and what to do for DIY repair!