Bosch s5 silver plus battery maintenance

Bosch batteries : Bosch S4 Silver, Bosch S5 Silver Plus.

The company, now known as Robert Bosch GmbH, was founded by Robert Bosch in Stuttgart in 1886. The first car battery brand Bosch was produced in Germany back in 1927, simultaneously with the advent of the Bosch ignition system. Today the group Robert Bosch GmbH. is a group of companies producing automotive and industrial equipment, consumer and household products.

The automotive division of Robert Bosch GmbH is one of the world’s largest independent manufacturers of automotive components and parts. The main fields of activity of the company are production, sale and maintenance of automobile systems and units. Robert Bosch GmbH has about 270 subsidiaries and more than 13,000 service centers in more than 140 countries.

Catalog: Bosch batteries

Capacity: 52 Polarity: reversed Size: 207x175x175 Warranty: 2 years Cold cranking current: 520 Note: S5 001 Manufacturer: Germany

Modern Bosch batteries, with their increased capacity and higher cold-start currents, guarantee an engine start in practically any weather conditions. Innovative electrode array technology makes Bosch batteries resistant to high temperatures in the vehicle engine compartment and at the same time contributes to a significant reduction in water consumption, which ensures minimal self-discharge, extreme resistance to urban driving and optimal functionality throughout the battery’s lifetime.

Bosch batteries have the following advantages:

Ensure a fast, powerful start. Ensure reliable engine starting even at extreme temperatures and after long idle periods. Safe in any situation. Suitable for installation inside the vehicle interior (if the vehicle design provides for it), since they have central vents and labyrinth covers. Reliably supply power to on-board vehicle comfort and safety systems. High quality is ensured by application of Bosch silver technology. Optimized for the electrical performance requirements of global automakers.

New power for your car. Bosch Silver

With its innovative silver plating, the Bosch SILVER battery offers you more: more value, more quality, more bang for your buck and more technology with Bosch!

In summer 2005 the Bosch Silver program was redesigned and modernized, taking into account the increasing demands to the battery in the original. From this year Bosch offers an updated program Bosch Silver, which fully meets the requirements of car manufacturers to electrical and technical parameters, as well as to the quality of the batteries supplied to assembly lines.

The Bosch Silver battery program now includes the basic program, the diesel program, and the Asia Silver program. All silver-alloyed batteries offer the following advantages:

100% maintenance-free Increased cold-start current New optimum grid geometry Increased electrolyte reserve and robust construction due to thicker plates Absolute tightness thanks to flame-resistant labyrinth lid Resistance to city traffic and extreme cyclical loads Charge-level monitoring (Bosch Silver High Performance (Diesel) and Bosch Asia Silver) Ready for installation and start-up Quality from the manufacturer

This program includes 26 types, providing over 95% market coverage. Bosch batteries are the best choice for people who value comfort and safety.

High Performance (Diesel) program

This range includes 7 types, all with improved power output and increased cold-start capability. Bosch Diesel batteries, also called Bosch High Performance, are equipped with the Power Control System. With the new practical battery gauge, the driver can check the current state of the battery at any time via visual indicators on the battery cover.

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Bosch Silver Plus Battery: How to Tell a Fake?

Any well-known brand of products, both foreign and domestic, which sells well, they try to counterfeit.

The area of batteries is not an exception. It is the German batteries that most often try to counterfeit.

To date, one of the most reliable and popular on the market is the Bosch Silver Plus battery because of the ability to operate at extremely low temperatures and long service life.

How to distinguish an original Bosch Silver Plus battery from a counterfeit?

The battery case should be in perfect condition. as stamped at the factory.

Counterfeit batteries often cannot hold their original shape, resulting in varying depths of notches, terminal lead channels and deformed plastic.

All of this can be seen with the naked eye during a routine inspection of the battery.

Indication of production location

The case of the original Bosch Silver Plus battery is marked with the place of manufacture of the specific battery. This is necessary so that in the event of a factory defect, it is possible to trace, in which production was the technical failure.

Counterfeit batteries are rarely labeled and cannot give information on where the battery was manufactured.

Bosch car batteries are also marked according to the date of manufacture. This is done using a special technology that makes it possible to read the production date on the casing of each specific battery.

Counterfeit batteries may have no date stamped at all, or may only show the year of manufacture.

Original batteries contain the full date of manufacture. date, month, year.

Buy original batteries for a car or any other type of equipment with delivery within Nizhny Novgorod you can in the online-shop “Center-AKB”.

Bosch S4 Silver

The Bosch S4 series is also called the Bosch S4 Silver, as a result of its patented “silver technology. By adding silver to the battery plates, Bosch achieves a significant improvement in performance.

Compared to the previous S3 class, the Bosch S4 Silver has the following features:

  • cold starting current was increased by 15%;
  • its service life has been increased by 20%;
  • starts the vehicle’s engine in all weather conditions;
  • Fully powering a vehicle with average demands;
  • Available for European and Asian vehicles.

The versatility of “Bosch” S4 is confirmed by the fact that it covers 97% of the passenger car market. it can be installed on almost any car. And the innovative PowerFrame grille technology gives the Bosch S4 Silver the following advantages:

  • The stable grid frame prevents corrosion and buildup at the edges, which prevents damage to the cage or shorting due to contact between the negative plate and the grid;
  • stamped manufacturing technology gives good adhesion of the active mass and increases the strength of the grid. this makes the battery charge quickly;
  • The improved shape, with the current-carrying cells oriented toward the central contact, reduces resistance and gives the best conductivity.

Charging procedure

For successful charging of the maintenance-free battery the primitive chargers made in the Celestial Empire or in the garage with your own hands from an old transformer are not suitable. Ideally a device that supports these functions is needed:

  • automatic maintenance of the charging voltage at the level set by the user;
  • the current voltage and current data should be shown by the instruments or on the digital display;
  • Cyclic charge / exposure / discharge that promotes the desulphation of the lead plates.

If you plan to work with the battery in the garage, it is not necessary to remove it from the car. Before you can charge a maintenance-free car battery with a battery charger, you will have to disconnect the onboard terminals. This will reset the controller errors and user settings. Not a big problem here, just some inconveniences. Then proceed according to the recommendations:

  • Connect the leads from the charger to the power supply, observing the polarity. The “” and “-” signs are usually stamped right on the crocodiles on production units.
  • Evaluate the voltage delivered by the battery. If it is below 11 V, you are dealing with a useless and completely discharged battery and it is practically impossible to repair it.
  • First of all set the voltage to 12,6 V, switch on the device for charging and watch the process for 30-60 min. Jumping readings of ammeter, as well as rapid boiling of electrolyte, indicates a high probability of internal short circuit in the battery. You have to stop charging and think about buying a new power supply.
  • If the above negative signs are not observed, then increase the voltage to 14.4 V. While charging, the current will gradually decrease. Refer to the lower limit of the ammeter reading 0.5-1 A, once it is reached the charge must be stopped or the electrolyte will boil. This concludes the restoration procedure.

The date of manufacture of the Bosch S3, S4, S5, S6 car battery

The Bosch batteries have the VIN number stamped on the cover. There are variants of this code: 13 digits and letters in a row, or groups of 9 and 4 digits.

The first character (letter). is the name of the manufacturer:

H Hannover, Germany Hannover, GermanyC Ceska Lipa, Czech RepublicE Burgos, Spain Burgos, SpainG Guardamar, SpainF Rouen, France Rouen, FranceS Sarreguemines, France Sarreguemines, FranceZ Zwickau, Germany Zwickau, Germany

Third mark (letter). the type of order, where this battery will be delivered: to a car factory, to a wholesaler, to a car manufacturer or to a retailer. Batteries sold by retailers do not have access to a bank. This is how the manufacturer protects its products from damage when sold through non-specialized retailers.

You should also be aware that Bosch does not own any battery manufacturing plants. “The corporation orders its products from the most famous battery manufacturer in the world. Varta. For example, the Bosch S4 battery in your car is a Varta Blue Dynamic battery with a different label. Interesting fact: the number (3,4,5,6) in the name of the battery Bosch, after the letter S means the name of the model line and at the same time the estimated life of the battery. Bosch batteries are usually manufactured in the Czech Republic, (letter code. “С”).

The date of manufacture of the battery is encoded in numbers, which occupy the fourth through eighth positions in the code:

The last digit of the year, the month (represented by two digits), the day (also represented by two digits)

For example: The code G2C2082410474 contains the date of issue of the battery: 2-08-24, 2012, month 08 (August), the 24th of the month.

It was like this before 2014. If the fourth digit in the code is 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.д., you should use the table below.

Attention! Varta and Bosch started using a new battery manufacturing date coding in 2014. In the long code it is 4-6 digits. 4. year of manufacture, 5-6 encoded the month of manufacture:

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Hello. Please help me to understand the year of manufacture of the battery Bosch S5 Silver Plus 0 092 S50 060 63 Ah. The marking is G3C1772230974 536038 213A 13. Do I understand correctly that the release date is September 2021?? Please help me very much.

Bosch s3 006 480A 56Ah how to understand this AG7A 8076

Help me understand this AG7A 8076 Bosch

Hello What is the year of the CAC720021 1092 536569

Good day bought a s4029 with the marking G4C1380131015 536569 334C 14 help is 21 years old then 38 is not on the table

Hello Hello I bought a s4029 marked G4C1380131015 536569 334C 14 help 21 year then 38 is not in the table

Good afternoon I bought a s4029 marked G4C1380131015 536569 334C 14

How do I know if this is a 2009 or 2019 model year??

CAC4592710245 536367 Good afternoon! Can you please tell me the year and month of issue?

Funny how this article is written. People have a lot of questions. Or lazy and rkjp

Good day. Please tell me if I’m reading this correctly? C8C859261. 2018 year. November 26th.Thank you

on the battery engraved FGJ 536571 D C5C9593811295 is it branded and what year

Please help me, I can not figure out what year the ACB 512014010A514

Thank you for the accessible and useful information!

Can you tell me the year of the c7c 1110222270 825527

P.S.Or rather, these numbers are for January 2028, apparently they should be read as January 2018. I guessed correctly?

For example this code: C3C837272 8135 536237 GCUB. The number 837 is not in the table. That’s what? Fake?

What year is this battery H9C656011 0385 554968

Help with deciphering the battery. Bosch s 3. Here’s the code. CAC386181 1369 536209

C3C837272 8135 536237 GCUB firm Bosch help.figure it out.what year.

Please tell me the date of manufacture of hob990113 0706? Thanks in advance

What is the date of manufacture of the Bosch E6E860112 battery?

Bosch S4 001 C2C717841 1786 Give me the date please

GlC0101220751 53657 does it read correctly October 2000? Thank you in advance for the answer

Afternoon! Thank you for the helpful information! I have a question:I have a Bosch 52Ah battery (4-6 digits) I have “713”, it is not in the table, does that mean that the battery is not original? Thanks.

G1C9582020579 Help with year and month!)

Hello, I ordered a battery in an online store came this code Bosch Z4A1100110183 and apparently a CU. Help decipher

Afternoon ! Help me figure out the year cac857272 0212

Good afternoon! C7C 1 09 29 13182. 2011- year 09-month 29-day

C7C1092913182 what year, the battery God Silver, 4s 60A

Bosch 45 ah battery is written in two rows 610 914 (114) RA And on the second row 0 092 S40 210 What year? Thank you.

Afternoon! Help me understand B 26 A 08 811 03D

Please advise how to determine the date of manufacture here: csc570910845

Good afternoon ! Help me figure out the year. found two numbers533776IN and 533725IN

Charging boshov model plus

Before you charge a car battery at home, you need to prepare the tools for the job. After removing it, clean the battery terminals with a terminal brush, a mixture of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid. If there are many growths on the battery terminals and posts, wear protective goggles and a mask to prevent airborne corrosion from touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Must not touch the face until hands are washed. This battery model is maintenance-free, so it will not be possible to open it to check the acid level. Instructions for safely charging a car battery:

  • Start charging the battery immediately after discharge.
  • Charge the battery with a special device, following the instructions for the specific fixture.
  • Check that the charger is suitable for the job.
  • Make sure that the charger is off.
  • Connect the positive cable of the device to the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Connect the device’s negative cable to the negative battery terminal.
  • Set the device to the slowest charging speed.
  • Turn on the charger and set the timer.
  • When removing the unit first turn it off, then remove the positive and negative cables.
  • After the end of the charge will appear on the battery panel indication.
  • Connect the device to the car and check the operation.
  • If the driver is not going to drive the car after recharging, check the battery level after 12 hours to make sure there are no problems with the battery itself.

If the battery charger doesn’t work, it may have a serious breakdown and need to be inspected or repaired.

How long to recharge a dead battery?

Unattended battery is good, but if you kill it once to zero, then after that it is practically dead (especially in winter).

Dream. Never failed on FORD. Charge it once every six months as a now on a kopeck.

Maintenance free doesn’t mean it’s not rechargeable!

Hello please tell me I have the same battery and charger, a year ago also did this procedure is ok, but there was a different battery.I hooked it up but the diode that flashes just keeps going off?Or it flashes later?The self-diagnostic shows that the works.and it doesn’t get much heat either?

I did not see a flash on this particular charger. Which one of the bulbs only changes color. To be honest, I charged it once. I can’t really remember now.)

Rocket battery

The Rocket battery is renowned for its reliability and high quality. Models of this type are installed by the manufacturer on Hyundai cars.

Can I remove the cover on the Rocket battery for maintenance? When you use the battery for a long time, its characteristics over time can deteriorate, but you should not rush to the store for a new battery. Just service the old Rocket battery and it will last for years to come.

You may need distilled water, battery charger, areometer, awl or drill, and a “minus” screwdriver to do the work, since the Rocket battery is maintenance free.

In this type of battery there is a cover welded on the technological holes for the electrolyte refill. The cover also hides the holes for the drainage of hydrogen generated during charging. For service it is the holes for topping up the electrolyte that are interesting. To add the bath fluid, holes are drilled in the battery compartment above each can. After the fluid is refilled, they are sealed with a good thermo glue. After sealing the holes, the battery is charged.

Why it’s important to check the battery?

Do you know the current condition of your battery?? Most drivers don’t think about this until it breaks down or the car stops starting. The best solution is to check the condition of your vehicle’s power supply at regular intervals.ч. The battery is serviced by Bosch Service Center Auto Service.

You can also do it yourself using the battery chargers C3 or C7 from Bosch. This check is quick, easy and without any risk ensures that the car is ready to go at any time and its battery is fully charged. With the C7 you can also charge a fully discharged battery with the push of a button.

How to charge a maintenance-free battery. Instruction

Be aware that the charger must be disconnected when connecting the battery

Important to remember! While 1/10th of a battery’s capacity is considered the nominal charging current for serviced batteries, voltage is considered the main indicator during charging for maintenance-free batteries, not current.

Information on maintenance free batteries

Maintenance free batteries should only be charged with an automatic battery charger. The thing about maintenance free batteries is that the degree of battery charge at the end of the charge is directly related to the amount of voltage supplied by the charger. For example, at 14, 4 volts, a 12 volt battery can charge to about 75%. 85% in 24 hours, if the voltage is 15 volts in the same time to 85%. 90%, and at 16 volts to 95%. 97%.

It turns out that the maximum charge of the maintenance-free battery can be achieved at a voltage of 16.3-16.4 volts for 20.24 hours.

In our case, an unattended battery Bosch silver S4 we charged with a regular charger, with exposed voltage of 14.4-14.5 V was charged for 24 hours at 90%, It should also be noted that at the beginning of charging current reached 40-50A. You should have left the battery on for a few more hours to get a full charge.

How to determine the year of manufacture of a Bosch battery

The marking is different for batteries manufactured before and after 2014.

To find out the date of manufacture of the battery “Bosch“, produced before that date, it is necessary to analyze the 13-character code. The first letter therein codes the plant where the battery is made (the company has 7 of them, all of them are in Europe), the second number is the assembly line number. This is followed by a symbol indicating the type of shipment (wholesale, small wholesale, retail). The fourth digit is the year of manufacture (1. 2011, 2. 2012, etc.). д.), serial numbers 5-6 stand for the number of the month of manufacture, 7-8. the date of manufacture.

Thus, the marking C8C9091510474 means that the battery is made in 2009, on September 15.

Since 2014, the marking has changed, and deciphering the date of manufacture of the Bosh battery has become even more difficult. Here, three digits in a row, 4 through 6, are responsible for the date. However, to decipher this three-digit code, you will need to consult the table. It is not possible to memorize it because it uses a rather complicated coding by year and month.

How to charge Bosch batteries with a battery charger

Since most models of batteries of this manufacturer are maintenance-free, a car owner should only occasionally check the terminal voltage and recharge the battery if it is below the recommended level after a long trip (14.4-14.6 V, depending on battery type).

it is better to use an automatic charger, if it is possible. one made by the same producer. In this case you only need to connect the unit correctly, plug it in and press one button for the selected charging mode.

If you use a charger that does not have an automatic mode, there are several nuances to consider.

So, how to charge Bosch batteries correctly:

  • if battery is of service type, the initial charging current is chosen on the basis of capacity (if it is 55Ah, the current rating will be 5Ah).5 А);
  • AGM batteries may be charged with any current, the main condition is that the voltage must not be higher than recommended for this model;
  • The procedure should be performed in a ventilated room;
  • If the battery was brought in from the street, you need to give it time to warm up to the indoor temperature;
  • Before charging, clean the terminals and housing from oxide and dirt;
  • when connecting the charger to the battery it is important to observe the correct polarity;
  • If you can open the lid of the collapsible battery, remove it, but in the process of charging check the level and density of the liquid, if necessary. top up with distilled water;
  • in addition, when charging you should periodically check the temperature of the electrolyte. it must not exceed 50 degrees. If it does not, you must stop charging temporarily until the acid solution has cooled.

If you leave the vehicle idle for an extended period of time, be sure to recharge the battery! prolonged storage in discharged condition causes sulfation of the plates and shortens the battery life.