Can a Circular Saw Cut Metal

is it possible to cut metal with a circular saw

Profiled flooring is nothing more than sheets of metal coated with zinc and, in some cases, additionally painted with special compounds to protect against corrosion. Their peculiarity is the special geometry of the plane in the form of alternating protrusions and recesses of a U-shape with a width of 30 to 300 mm. Of various depths. For the manufacture of corrugated board, steel is used with a thickness of 0.55 to 1.0 mm.

It is these characteristics that determine the features of cutting when preparing parts of the size you need. There are three options for cutting corrugated board:

  • Using a power tool
  • Manually
  • On the machine equipment

Below, we consider each of the options separately with a description of how to properly cut corrugated board, listing the pros and cons of the known methods of each of the masters.

Manual tool for cutting corrugated board

In most cases, power tools are used, because they are more convenient in operation and quick to use. The following power tool can be used to cut the Chishminsky sheeting:

  • Angle Grinder
  • Jigsaw
  • Electric shears
  • Hand Circular Saw

Tool for cutting corrugated board

Is it possible to cut corrugated angle grinder?

angle grinder, this is the popular common name for manual angle grinders. The device is practical enough for cutting various metals, including profiled flooring.

The basic rule that must be observed when cutting corrugated board correctly is to use a cutting wheel appropriate to the type of material being cut.

For grinders, depending on their size:

  • Small (circle diameter up to 135 mm)
  • Medium (circle diameter up to 175 mm)
  • Large (circle diameter up to 325 mm)

How to cut angle grinder corrugated board? It is necessary to select circles corresponding in diameter to the nameplate size of the tool. This is important to ensure convenience.

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In addition, the choice of size depends on the depth of the depressions on the profiled sheet.

Working with a small angle grinder with deep grooves on the corrugated board, you will not be able to immediately cut the sheet in the places of the lower corners. for this you will have to turn the sheet over. Therefore, immediately choose an angle grinder on which you can install a circle of maximum diameter.

The second feature of cutting corrugated board is an angle grinder. the sheet should be exposed to the pads at some distance from the ground or the plane of the table on which you are cutting. Otherwise, the circle will “cling” to the earth and raise a cloud of dust or simply spoil your desktop or workbench.

Using an angle grinder to cut corrugated board in the hands of an experienced worker allows you to cut out parts of the desired geometric configuration, including along an arc with certain radii.

It is an acceptable way to cut profiled sheets. But, again. only if you use:

Video: Can a Circular Saw Cut Metal

  1. Professional tool
  2. Choose the right canvas

First-class electric jigsaws, firstly, are not powerful enough to perform such operations. Secondly. there are practically no blades for them, using which you can cut sheets with a thickness of 0.75 mm or more.

It is quite possible to cut a professional flooring C8 with a professional fretsaw, the technical characteristics of which are to the liking of the purchasers, but you will have certain inconveniences in the work. First, the sheet for the cut needs to be installed in an upright position, but this is not very convenient, so it will be necessary to maintain the already cut strips, for which you need one, and preferably two helpers.

The conclusion and opinion of professionals with experience is a jigsaw, this is not the best option for choosing a tool.

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Electric shears. scissors for cutting corrugated board

It is quite convenient to use such scissors. they cut quickly and for a metal with a thickness of even 1.0 mm, with a certain skill of the worker, they are quite suitable.

They also allow you to perform cuts of various complex geometries, but. After working with electric scissors, sheet bends occur along the edge of the cut.

This will require you to perform additional operations at the end of cutting. the edges will need to be trimmed manually using a mallet or hammer with wooden linings per sheet so as not to damage the metal coating.

Hand Circular Saw

A hand-held circular saw, as well as an angle grinder, is very convenient when cutting corrugated board, if you have chosen a model with a large diameter of the cutting wheel and used a special cutting wheel for working “on metal”.

All work can be done in one turn on the tool.

It is also possible to make cuts along an arc with a certain radius of curvature.

So, what is the best way to cut corrugated board?

Summarizing the use of a particular power tool for cutting profiled flooring, we can conclude that the most optimal and convenient should be recognized as an angle grinder and a hand circular saw. Electric scissors and jigsaws are more suitable for a small number of operations.

Power tools are used in any field of construction. A special need for them arises when you build a unique fence from a profiled sheet with your own hands. Especially if it is planned to decorate the fence with forging elements.

Uniqueness may lie in the design. It is here that all possible types of design of the fence from the profiled sheet are listed, as well as ways to decorate it. Beautiful fences from corrugated board are an opportunity to stand out, emphasizing your individuality.

Hand tool

A hand tool suitable for cutting corrugated board can include:

  • Hacksaw
  • Jigsaw
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Here you need to make a reservation right away. working with a hand tool is practical only for very small volumes of operations.

Another case when a hand tool is needed is the creation of a complex geometry of the cut when finalizing individual lines after working with a power tool.

In general, working with a hand tool for cutting profiled sheets is very time-consuming, time-consuming. This allows us to conclude that cutting corrugated board using a hand tool is inefficient and disadvantageous.

Edge Corrosion Protection

Protecting the edges of corrugated sheets from corrosion significantly extends their service life. This event is especially relevant after cutting sheets with an angle grinder or a hand circular saw.

During operation, the angle grinder, due to the increased friction speed of the disk on the sheet of frequent coating. zinc or special paint. literally burns out from high temperature.

The exposed metal remains open before exposure to negative physical and chemical factors and is very quickly destroyed (rusts). To protect it, special paints and varnishes should be used. Their consumption for coating the cut ends of the profiled sheet is minimal, it takes a little time and is easily done manually.

Such small expenses of additional material and working time will extend the service life of the corrugated board much longer and fully justify themselves. Professionals definitely do not advise to neglect such a seemingly trifle if you want the material to serve you for a long time.

Video about tools that are used when cutting corrugated board

Also, we recommend that you watch how to cut corrugated video, which clearly shows the cutting of material with various tools with minimal loss. The video below shows cutting corrugated board, with such tools as: angle grinder, circular saw, jigsaw, electric scissors, scissors.