Can a hammer drill be used as an electric screwdriver?

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Electric wrench. Wheel specialist!

It’s not uncommon in complicated situations where using a single wrench is just not enough. Then you have to take special tools in your hands: they help in the work with parts that have threads. Among them we can distinguish an electric screwdriver and a nutrunner. These technical devices serve the same purpose. to speed up work associated with a large number of nuts, bolts and screws used. Despite the similarity of the tasks, they have a number of significant differences. To find out more about them and which tool is better to use, read the following overview.

An electric screwdriver is an electric tool whose main purpose is to carry out the work of screwing or unscrewing various screws, bolts and self-tapping screws. One can only imagine how much time it takes to screw in a few hundred screws by hand when assembling, for example, an ordinary built-in closet for things or shelves for tools. Using this attachment, the entire job can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. In addition, this power tool has some other additional features:

  • use as a cordless drill;
  • Replacement of conventional hex wrenches with special bits;
  • Ambient light function in low visibility conditions.

An electric electric screwdriver is also convenient in that it can screw in screws to a predetermined depth. Therefore, all the screw heads will be positioned in one plane, which will give the work a beautiful and finished look.

The appearance of an electric screwdriver

Additional features of screwdrivers

Modern equipment has a number of additional functions that can greatly simplify its operation. Such features include:

The speed of rotation is very important for an electric screwdriver, because the more revolutions per minute the tool performs, the less the load on the motor.

  • Impact mechanism. quite a useful function, allowing you to drill holes in stone and brick.
  • The impulse increase in torque is useful for the easier sinking of the fastener into the material, when unscrewing a stuck screw or drill.
  • The backlight is an important addition when working in hard-to-reach places or in places with poor lighting. The most successful option is to place the light source above the battery pack.
  • An important function of the device is the ability to regulate the rotation speed. Almost all modern models are equipped with this function. With its help, you can independently set the required speed of rotation of the drill, which allows you to perform the tasks more qualitatively.

Quality repairs without electricity

Trying to understand the difference between an electric drill and a cordless drill, then remember:

  • Cordless drills have much more powerful motors with high voltage, which is not the case with electric counterparts. Therefore, if the owner needs to introduce long screws or studs into a wooden board, you will definitely need a battery-powered tool
  • High-quality screwdriving is only possible with an electric screwdriver. Here we deal with a smaller number of revolutions, which is easy to control, which is especially important for craftsmen with minimal experience
  • Regular power outages are among the main reasons for choosing cordless units. They are conveniently used at the height of a three-storey house, in the attic and, of course, in rooms with old electrical wiring. In our villages, every fifth inhabitant faces this problem, and the natives of the village Cminy in Volyn do not know what a bright light is at all. For ten years now, common kerosene lamps have been replacing the bright light function here. So answering the question of what is better a drill or an electric screwdriver with a quick-release drill chuck, without a doubt choose the latter option
  • Ease of construction and installation procedures. Many electric drills weigh at least 4.5 pounds, and long cords often interfere with work. If you consider this particular selection criterion, buy an electric screwdriver. Our store has a wide range of models from trusted manufacturers that can be purchased in installments
  • For a major repair of a country house with an area of 120 to 250 square meters you will definitely need a mains unit. With its help it will be possible to work with fasteners of different lengths and diameters. Other than that, quickly screw in screws and work on hard surfaces. You need an electric screwdriver for minor repairs
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What is the difference between a drill and a torch

Combined brick, sandstone and curbstone are among the hardest materials. To drill them you need a peorator, with which you can also work with thick sheets of metal. If you analyze the technical properties of the tools, particularly the impact force, torque, the individual drilling modes, you can find many similarities with proprietary drills. But there are a lot of differences.

The first and most important point is that the drill has a manual impact function. The drill has either a pneumatic or an electromechanical drill.

What is the difference between the drill and the torch, experts who have repeatedly had to make holes in concrete to install dowels or, for example, the installation of pipes, know well. Of course, for such purposes, you can use the first device, but the high quality of work in such a situation is not to talk about. And you certainly can’t make a large-diameter hole. For these works you definitely need a peorator and special drill bits for drilling large holes.

The pneumatic drive of a high-powered unit activates the hammer, which strikes the tool. The result: The hammer doesn’t drill into the concrete, it chops it. With an impact drill, the impact force increases while drilling. Speaking of the differences, we should not forget about the design features of devices. For example, most screwdrivers do not have chucks with cam clamps, so a full protection against rotation of the drill bit is as unrealistic as the possibility of free rotation. A new generation of fasteners is needed to securely fasten the drill.

I have in mind the tails, that is the main part of the drill, SDS plus. Maximum precision work is possible due to several guiding wedges as well as closed elements for securing with locking balls. The minimum length of the drill is 100 mm, and the maximum often exceeds 1000 mm. The most common drill diameters are 6 to 12 mm. For the first time this standard was established by the employees of Bosch, after which the torches of the presented sample became popular in Europe and across the ocean.

How to make a wrench from an electric screwdriver

For a variety of reasons in everyday life, you may need to unscrew a couple of dozen nuts. Buy for the sake of such a fleeting need wrench, pretty pricey, but in the manual twist does not want to, when in the possession of an old-fashioned electric screwdriver. It performs the main torque function, but needs to be reworked for unscrewing nuts. Here everything is very simple.

To make a wrench from an electric screwdriver, you will need a special adapter for bits and nozzles themselves, the size for your nuts. Adapters cost around 300 and are sold in most construction stores. When all components are at hand, clamp the adapter shank in the chuck, put on the needed bits and use the homemade nutrunner from an electric screwdriver. Due to the low power of an electric screwdriver, you have to loosen and tighten the nuts by hand, but the time for loosening will be reduced by a factor of ten. Of course, you can go further, get into the electronic components of the tool and increase the rotation power. We do not recommend doing such manipulations, as they are very likely to lead to a breakdown of your tool. Do not neglect the manufacturer’s recommendations. Article from the Rating section

Power tools Repair and retrofit Drilling tools

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High tightening torque


Electric Screwdriver Drill in One. Peoratorov with drill function electric screwdriver

In Oxar catalog.We presents torches with drill-function electric screwdriver from the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. Our experienced managers will be pleased to answer all your questions and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, will help you choose and buy the optimal torch for your needs with the function of a drill. electric screwdriver at the most reasonable price. We deliver in Moscow and to the regions of Russia in the shortest possible time and guarantee 100% originality and quality of products.

Quick change system for torch chuck

Peorator for home: general recommendations

What’s the best choice for renovating your apartment??

Top-class torch, gearbox made of metal, long mains cable, complete with chuck and carrying case.

The big problem with the dust protection. Easily clogged with dust when working at high volume. I pressed the switch on the lock, then I could not turn it off. It is clogged with dust and it was difficult to blow it out. But it is possible to restore the work of the mode switch only by taking apart the peorator.

A very reliable tool on the outside, plus, as it turned out, a high-performance one as well. It can be used for bricklaying, piercing, drilling with 65 mm core diameter. But the chisel mode is not suitable for concrete work: the tool is not powerful enough for this kind of work. The manufacturer classifies this model as a professional one, but the lack of dust protection spoils the whole impression.

I bought it when I had to make repairs myself. An excellent drill, which cannot be replaced by even the most powerful impact drill. I drill all the holes on the spot. You can drill holes of up to 10 mm in load-bearing walls. I only use it with Makita drills. It may not suit professionals, but that’s all I need.

How to use a drill with a peorator. PEORATOR: MORE POWER AND FUNCTIONALITY

The Peorator has no “drill” problems, such as fast wear and tear, or the inability to work in too hard material. All explained by the differences in its design. Their drill also rotates like a drill, but the main function of the peorator is the impact, and drilling is an additional mode. An electric motor in the peorator creates a pneumatic impact that is transmitted to the tip of the drill bit or chisel. The drilling function can be switched off, giving you a new tool, a jackhammer, which is very effective when you have to dismantle and break things.

The drill chuck is not the same as the chuck of a drill. The drill bit is just inserted in it, there is no cam clamp, so you need special drill bits.

The big difference of the torch shows up when you are working with hard materials. The impact of the tool is considerably less and the operating speed is faster. But note that consumables (drills, clamps, adapters) are also more expensive than the drill.

So, this drill can do everything a hammer drill can do, but without that:

  • Cope with punching holes in very hard materials (such as reinforced concrete).
  • Can chisel with different types of chisels. This feature is of great help when you need to make a small-shaped break (groove) in a concrete or masonry base.

Peorator is always larger and heavier than a drill. For example, a core drill with a power of 1.5 kW weighs around 11 kg, and an impact drill with the same power. 6 kg.

When selecting a peorator, note that the motor can be in either a vertical or horizontal position. This also has a major impact on ease of operation and performance.

In the technical passport of the torch we advise to pay attention to the power and frequency of blows per minute. In low-power devices look whether it is possible to adjust the speed, then you can always use the torch as an electric screwdriver, which adds convenience.

Adapters and peculiarities of choice

Buying an adapter is a great way to extend the functionality of your torch. The cost is not high. But it is not recommended to buy frankly cheap adapters.

Peorator-to-drill adapters have the distinct advantage of quickly changing accessories, which increases productivity as well as reducing the time it takes to switch from one accessory to another.

Actual option is an adapter in the form of an SDS chuck, which is installed on the rotary tool, turning it into a drill.

This adapter is suitable for drilling, with which the drill can not cope, and the electric percussion tool will easily perform. Give preference to the quick-clamping types. Such an adapter head for domestic and professional peorator gives an excellent opportunity to tighten the tool without additional devices. Simply turn the tool in the palm of your hand.

In order to make the SDS chuck last longer and more effectively, it is recommended to clean it periodically from accumulated dust and to lubricate it.

At present, the transition element is only available for small and medium-sized rotary tools. That is, for domestic and semi-professional tools. This is due to the risk of using rather fragile drill bits on powerful percussion tools. Although it is possible to change from SDS Max to an ordinary drill bit if you have a strong desire.

The choice should be guided by the suitability of the tool for the use of the adapter:

  • Speed regulator. The option is considered extremely important. Because the drilling of different surfaces requires a certain rate of rotation of the working mechanism.
  • Mode switch. The same metal can only be drilled with “drilling” mode activated.
  • Reverse. The function gives the possibility to rotate in two directions. Otherwise it is not possible to retrieve a jammed bit.

Tips for your selection

When selecting adapters for the perorator for the drill should not be particularly difficult. All these products are equipped with tips for SDS devices.

  • Size matching. There may be some difficulties because the collet chuck used by the drill or screwdriver is not suitable for the available threaded connection. So before you buy an adapter, measure the bore on your chuck.
  • From torator to screwdriver. If you want to use the torch as a powerful screwdriver, you need a different kind of adapter. It makes it possible to attach the bits. The design includes a shank and clamp for hexagonal bits.
  • Adapter type. It can be a quick-clamp and a key. Key locks are more reliable in terms of locking quality. And quick-clamp adapters are much more convenient to use. Here already make a choice based on your own preferences.

An alternative option is to purchase a special adapter chuck for the rotary tool, which also gives an excellent opportunity to use an ordinary drill bit.

But since a new chuck is quite expensive, most domestic workers prefer affordable, but reliable and easy to use adapters.

The adapter is simply inserted into the existing drill chuck, making it suitable for clamping a drill bit.

There is nothing complicated about disassembling the fixture. It is enough to disassemble the construction and replace the previously removed element, instead of which the adapter was placed.

Of course, in terms of installation, the adapter is more difficult to work with than a new chuck. So it is worth thinking about getting a special chuck rather than an adapter.

How often do you work with a torch or drill?? Was an adapter necessary?? What did you use: an adapter or a special chuck??

How to drill through concrete without a torch with an electric screwdriver for 1000. 5 New Year’s gifts

How to drill through concrete without a torch with an electric screwdriver for 1000. All these 15 years, the neighbors have been drilling into the walls nonstop. One of the most talented neighbors begins to drill into the wall with a low-powered drill (drill with peorator function) on January 1 in the afternoon. Drills briefly but persistently. I can feel in my spinal cord that it is definitely not powerful enough. But no matter what, he tries to break through the wall Against his background, the neighbor upstairs, who since the morning rolls cast-iron balls. just an angel, a cast-iron angel. The obsession to drill through a concrete wall without a torch hasn’t left me for the last decade. About five years ago I witnessed a worker drill through a granite step in a nearby store. I was pretty sure that they drilled without a bumper, otherwise the step would have just cracked But how they did it I did not think to ask. The inspiration came this summer when I wanted to make a sculpture from cobblestones at the cottage. The idea was simple, to connect the stones with a stud by drilling a hole in them. In Leroy I came across a budget drill bit for ceramics and glass. It cost 60. Took a couple to try it out. I tried to drill through the limestone, a small stone, in the countryside. Overjoyed by the success, I began drilling into the granite boulder. Drills long enough, drilled about 3 cm deep. I was satisfied with the result. The ceramic feather drill bit drilled the stone faster than the diamond drill bit. Now let me digress. Moving on to a cordless electric screwdriver. I have always wondered how many screwdrivers I should have. I’ve been using a screwdriver a lot lately and when I don’t have one handy, I feel uncomfortable. I need one electric screwdriver at the cottage, the other at home, so as not to drag the device here and there. At the end of this holiday season, one of my screwdrivers broke Dexter 18v. It seems that the engine is dead, the screwdriver worked 4 years, I drove it a lot. In 4 years of at least 300 hours it has worked. I’ve been sanding and drilling with it a lot, I must have overloaded it. I had to think what screwdriver to buy to replace it. I complained about the electric screwdriver to a friend. And oh well, the friend offered to sell him the broken electric screwdriver. He offered as much as 1,000 for it, but in the end we agreed on 1,500. Now Santa Claus just had to bring me a new electric screwdriver for the New Year. Added 1200 and Santa Claus brought me a new DEKO electric screwdriver in a case with two lithium batteries 12 V / 2 Ah. The exact model name is DEKO DKCD12FU-Li 063-4094. The description of the torque is 28 Nm, I thought that is not enough torque. I really like the new screwdriver, especially the case. In December, the stars were aligned. I had an urgent need to hang a couple of showcases for medals and awards on the wall. I was too lazy to get the drill out. I remembered about the magic drill. the ceramic feather drill. Well, if I drilled a granite pebble in the country, then I certainly can drill a wall. I thought. And the new electric screwdriver needed a test run. I got a new drill bit, 5 mm. Drilled eight holes in half an hour I’m sorry, holes. The drill bit burned, because I drilled at maximum speed (1350 rpm) and forgot to wet the drill bit. It took me about 30 seconds to drill one 20mm deep hole. Took longer to mark than to drill. Couldn’t help but be pleased that I seem to have drilled faster than my neighbor. And I drilled very quietly. You should have drilled on the first speed of the electric screwdriver at 300 RPM and moisten the drill bit more often. We hammer in a cork with a diameter of 6 mm, screw in a screw and hang up the showcase with the jewelry. Just a home museum.

I had an invaluable experience. Old, broken tool (electric screwdriver) can really sell for a substantial amount. The best present for the troublesome neighbor is a ceramic drill bit. All the neighbors will be in favor. Silence is the best gift for January 1. DEKO electric screwdriver is not a bad budget gift. A showcase for medals. an original gift for your friends, if they still have their grandfather’s awards.

Useful tips for use

Let’s get acquainted with some useful tips for operating both conventional screwdrivers and tools such as a power drill, using which you will be able to use your tools long and well:

  • If you are going to attach or remove the battery, be sure to turn off the electric screwdriver;
  • Do not overheat the tool during operation and take breaks at the slightest sign of overheating;
  • If you are using an electric screwdriver at high rpm, it is recommended that you spin it at idle afterwards until it cools down;
  • if you lose the mains supply, the charger lead or cord must be replaced;
  • do not use it in rain, snow or any other wet environment.

When using an electric screwdriver:

  • always make sure that all parts of the tool are in good working order;
  • if you have not used the instrument for a long time, it is advisable to charge the battery, since even when it is not running, the battery is discharged;
  • During the drilling procedure itself, be sure that no electrical cable, various pipes, and so on pass anywhere;
  • as well as when using a conventional electric screwdriver, try to avoid getting moisture on the body of the device;
  • When using for the first time, charge the battery for at least 12 hours;
  • during direct use, avoid frequent braking of the appliance, otherwise you may damage the battery pack.

Don’t forget some specifics about storing an electric screwdriver. During storage, disconnect the battery from the instrument, it is recommended to store these parts separately. Once the battery has been removed, it should be placed on a charge. Do not forget that if you do not use it for a long time, the batteries may be discharged, and therefore it is recommended to charge it periodically.

the electric screwdriver has a gearbox that requires lubrication. The frequency of this procedure depends on the model used and how often you use it. A warning that the tool needs lubrication is the presence of an unpleasant tearing sound, or a heavy rotation of the chuck. Silicone or Teflon grease, “Lithol” or Mannol are good for lubrication.

Before you start using the electric screwdriver, remember to read the user manual before using it. This booklet usually indicates the technical characteristics of the model in use, the various structural features, the recommended applications, and tips on care, maintenance and transport.

Can concrete be drilled with an electric screwdriver??

To answer this question, you need to know in what material you want to drill holes, what depth and diameter. Holes of 10 mm or more in diameter cannot be made with an electric screwdriver. But if the drill bit is thin (3-5 mm), it is possible to drill with an electric screwdriver with such elements. Drill bit speed affects your ability to drill in hard materials. 500 rpm is good for screwing./The tool can be used for drilling in concrete at a rotational speed of 1300-1500 rpm; the pistol-shaped handle is suitable for screwdriving./min. Equally important is the torque, namely, how much force is applied to tighten the screws or the drilling process. For concrete, choose an electric screwdriver with a power of 140 N/m, using it in the working extreme position of the clutch at maximum power.

The design of an electric screwdriver consists of the following elements:

  • pistol-shaped handle (for working with the leading hand);
  • electric motor;
  • clutch;
  • The chuck for locking the bits;
  • limiter. the button that starts and regulates the rotation
  • pinion (gearbox), which transmits the rotation from the motor to the shaft;
  • A battery to supply power and DC voltage to the motor.
  • Cordless. Self-contained, thanks to an internal battery.
  • Mains. A mains power supply is necessary when using. This power tool is much more powerful and cheaper than the cordless type.

The cordless type loses productivity when discharged, so you should charge the tool each time before working according to the instructions. The mains screwdrivers do not have this problem, because they are connected by a cable to the mains. For drilling in concrete, the unit is equipped with a function of impact drilling with a switch side of the head rotation. reverse and reverse. The second mode is used for dismantling. To drill holes in concrete, the models have a torque adjustment function. This is necessary so that the slot and replaceable bits don’t wear out.

Pros of impact drills on concrete

The list of advantages of this class of tools:

  • autonomy and the ability to hold a charge for a long time (in models with no mains cable);
  • easy drilling of tough materials;
  • adjustment of drilling speed;
  • power capacity and power, represented by varieties for each specific type of work;
  • safe use due to the low voltage, even in wet conditions and in open areas of the construction site;
  • the ability to work in hard-to-reach and remote from the utilities;
  • storage in a special case.

The main parameter that characterizes the device when choosing is the power with which it works and the number of revolutions of the drill per minute. the higher the number of revolutions, the better.

An extension of the old drill bit

We clamp it in a bench vice and cut off the front part using an angle grinder or a metal saw, and also weld it to the base of the drill.

As a result, it is possible to press bearings of different sizes by selecting the appropriate head.

Also, this combination of tool and tool, using the rotation and impact mode, turns the whole system into an impact wrench, which will make it easier to unscrew the bolts and nuts of the chassis of the car or dismantle the body units.

Peorator savvy

You can also use it to open the doors on your car, for example, when the lock gets rusty or frozen in the frost. To do this, act through a piece of plastic or a book in a thick cover on the door trim in the vicinity of the lock with the same tool in chiseling mode. The small but high frequency vibrations cause the rust or ice to crack and crumble, and the lock mechanism can be opened easily as it is loosened.

The alternator can be disassembled quickly and easily with the help of the torator and hammer by acting on one part with the tool in chisel mode while applying a small axial load to break the other part at the same time. The vibration in this and similar cases breaks up the dirt, dust, grease, and other ingredients that have accumulated and hardened after long time use at the junction of the parts, making it easier to disassemble.

You can also use it to remove brake drums, flip old catalytic converters out of the exhaust, etc. д.