Can a trimmer mow the lawn?

Grass trimmer and lawn mower. How they differ?

Many people think that both devices are used for the same thing. In fact, this is not the case. Undoubtedly, both the grass trimmer and lawn mower will be equally useful for us in the area of lawn care and mowing. However, the operating ranges of these devices are completely different.

Grass trimmer is effective mainly for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places, including areas around curbs, trees or nets. Bulky devices won’t do the job, so the grass in them will remain uncut. With a grass trimmer, we can easily get to the most inaccessible and tight spots on our property.

The lawnmower is used mainly for large areas, and is especially effective in cases of high grass. Of course, this device has a bigger and more powerful motor.

How to choose a grass trimmer for the lawn?

This device consists of a motor, as well as the working element, that is, the head, to which the cutting line for the trimmer or blades are attached. Despite their relatively simple design, grass trimmers (also known as hand-held lawnmowers) are very diverse, so there are several important things to consider when choosing them.

Type of drive

This is the most important parameter, because it determines the way you work, the use and the capabilities of the device. According to the type of drive they are distinguished into:

  • Gasoline grass trimmer. characterized primarily by high power, as well as a large cutting diameter, thanks to which it can be used to cut long grass and work on uneven terrain. It is relatively heavy, but it is easy to move. it is not limited by the length of the cable or battery. However, this machine has some disadvantages: bad smelling and harmful exhaust fumes and a higher price. The most popular models of gasoline trimmers today produce brands STIHL, Makita, Husqvarna;
  • Electric grass trimmer. it is lighter, cheaper and does not emit harmful fumes. Nevertheless, it has less power than petrol models, so it cannot cope with particularly difficult areas and overgrowths (its engine power is on average 4 times less than that of petrol models). It should also be emphasized that this equipment needs a long wire and constant power from the mains. so we are limited to the cable of the device during mowing;
  • Cordless grass trimmer is an intermediate solution. In this case, we are not limited to any cable, and at the same time we give up the environmental friendliness of the device. Note that the cordless grass trimmer is not as efficient as the gasoline one and is heavier than the electric one. In addition, the life of a fully-charged battery is only 1-2 hours.

As for the electric and battery-powered equipment, it is worth to pay attention to STIHL and Husqvarna brands. Electric grass trimmers NAC, Demon and Mcculloch have also proven to be great.

Engine power

As we have already noted above, gasoline grass trimmers are the most effective. the power of their engines ranges from 750 watts and reaches even up to 3000 watts. If you compare them with electric and battery models, their power is much less. and rarely exceeds 1000 watts (they usually have a capacity of 300-600 watts).

The engine type is also important. There are two and four-stroke mowers on the market. The first ones work on a mixture of diesel and gasoline, the second ones work only on diesel fuel. They are also more productive.

Type of cutting device

Different trimmer models have different types of cutting elements. They have different efficiencies. In particular:

  • Knife head. they are definitely more efficient than traditional lines, so they can handle any, even dense grass without any problems. It is recommended to pay attention to knives made of metal or steel;
  • Head with a shield. used mainly in professional devices, the power and price of which are high;
  • Head with a fishing line. the standard and most common solution in trimmers. Trimmer lines are usually nylon. their tips are lightweight and strong, so they are effective at cutting grass. Note that this type of head for trimmers is divided into three types. manual (in which we put and disassemble the fishing line ourselves), semi-automatic (in which all that is needed from us. to press the head) and fully automatic (in which no action is required from us to replace the fishing line).
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Working width

The higher this indicator, the more area of the lawn we can mow at the same time. In electric and battery-powered devices, this value ranges from 20 to about 40 cm, while in gasoline trimmers, the maximum width can reach 50 centimeters.

Additional functions and equipment

First and foremost is the blade guard. It protects the blade or line head from contact with hard elements (keeping the proper distance), such as curbs or walls, as well as branches and plant stems. This avoids damage to the cutting part of the grass trimmer as well as to the plants or gardening equipment.

In addition to the hood, many trimmer manufacturers also equip them with special straps, which we put on ourselves to have more control over the device and less fatigue, constantly holding it in our hands.

Which type of grass trimmer is the best?

Of course, much depends on the type of garden and the amount of work. If you have a fairly large area of the site, it is recommended to pay attention to gasoline models, but if the area is small, the lawn you mow rarely, it is better not to overpay and buy an electric trimmer for grass.

How much do lawn trimmers cost?

The cheapest electric grass trimmers today you can buy for 1250-1500. Nevertheless, these devices will be very limited, in terms of performance, as well as the service life. If you want to buy a stronger, more powerful and reliable device, it is better to consider buying a grass trimmer in the average price range. from 2.500 to 6.000. The most expensive are professional trimmers for grass. their price can reach 12-15 thousand.

Lawnmower or grass trimmer.

To bring your lawn to perfection will help you with timely and regular maintenance. Namely: frequent and regular watering, timely feeding and quality and weekly mowing. If everything is done in time and correctly, then the form of such a lawn will not only improve your mood, but also your family and guests. Especially if this lawn is created by your own hands.

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In today’s article, I want to pay attention to lawn trimming. How and with what to mow the lawn will depend on its appearance.

Lawn trimmer. a modern grass trimmer. It is made in the form of a long bar, the top of which is a handle (holder), and the bottom is the cutting mechanism. the head, the engine can be located both at the bottom and at the top. The head rotates at high speed and the piece of line tucked into it cuts the grass. Gasoline lawnmowers usually have the engine at the top, while electric trimmers have the engine at the bottom of the boom, making it heavier. Some models have special wheels to keep the balance when mowing the lawn.

Trimmer work is very simple. hold it with your hands and trim the lawn, making arcing motions in front of you. Mow like a regular mower. Your fatigue will depend on the weight of the grass trimmer and the area to be mowed. The productivity of your work will depend on many things, namely: the weight of the trimmer for grass, protective equipment (shield), engine power, your height. For the comfort of mowing with a trimmer they invented shoulder straps and a curved handle. But this is inherent only in brushcutters. The trimmer is another matter. its weight is not much, so it makes your work easier. In my case, and I mow with a Bosch Art 30 trimmer, it is not hard to mow, and I even do it with great pleasure.

Your efficiency depends on the engine power and the thickness of the line. Trimmer line for trimmers is suitable diameter of 1-2 mm, and for chain saws from 1.5 to 3.3 mm. To date, the sale of special blades. It is more suitable for trimming overgrown areas.

First of all, if you’re using a grass trimmer and you’re mowing regular lawn grass, you can use a thin trimmer line. If you have an area overgrown with coarse weeds, then choose a thick trimmer line. As a rule, lines of different diameters are sold with the trimmer.

Be careful: your line should not come into contact with hard objects during mowing. rocks, trees, berms. Because the trimmer line will wear out and shrink in length. And it will force you to constantly stop the work and lengthen it. Look for grass trimmers with a protective clamp.

Let’s start with the working width. It can be from 20 to 50 cm. The working width should depend on the size of the lawn.

Choose a grass trimmer with a limiter for economical use of the line. This will first save on the amount of line, and secondly will protect bushes and trees from damage.

Pay attention to the grass trimmer kit. It is better to choose a grass trimmer with additional attachments. This will extend the functionality of your grass trimmer.

Power grass trimmer. On high horsepower trimmers, the motor is on top, on low horsepower trimmers, the motor is at the bottom.

Choose grass trimmers with additional safety features: protection against overheating and blade jamming.

What’s the difference between a grass trimmer and a lawn mower?

Grass trimmers are more compact, lightweight and ideal for small lawns, and are especially useful for cutting hard-to-reach areas. Lawn trimmers work unaffected by inclines. Lawn trimmers are easy to care for: clean up after use and check the cutting line length (set the correct length). They are very easy to transport and cost much less than lawn trimmers.

The disadvantages of trimmers are their low power and lack of grass catcher box, which spoils the appearance of the lawn. The grass after mowing must necessarily be collected and disposed of. Do not mow wet grass with your trimmer. When working with gasoline mowers, there is also a huge disadvantage. noise and exhaust fumes. So I use an electric lawn trimmer on a small lawn and do not work on the entire area of the lawn, but only trim the edges.

Lawn mowers are ideal for medium to large lawns with a flat surface. They cut your lawn neatly and evenly.

Mechanical lawnmowers are considered quiet and environmentally friendly. This mower works on young or flat lawns and accurately mows young grass shoots without pulling them out.

Electric and petrol lawnmowers are more common and widely available on the market. They differ in engine type, working width, cutting height, grass catcher box volume and body type.

Wheeled lawn mowers are usually used on flat lawns. The optimum incline for these types of mowers is not more than 10 degrees. On lawns located on slopes, you should use special equipment. mowers with a two-stroke motor or on an air cushion.

Comparative characteristics of lawnmower types.

Electric lawn trimmers are usually cheaper than their gasoline counterparts. They are considered environmentally friendly and run quieter than petrol mowers. The engine starts with virtually no problems in any weather. But there is one big disadvantage. they are dependent on power sources. The cable limits the mowing area. Therefore, they are best suited to work on small lawns. But today there are models on sale that run on battery power. But then again, it doesn’t last long.

I will say from my own experience, that I use only an electric mower. Satisfied. There was one small repair in 4 years.

Gasoline lawnmowers not only work loudly and leave behind a lot of smoke and exhaust fumes, but also do not start after long periods of inactivity. The great advantage of such mowers is the engine power, respectively, provide a high-quality and smooth cutting. You can mow any size lawn with these mowers.

P.S. What do you mow your lawn with?? What model do you have?? Please write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. Thanks!

What to look for when choosing a grass trimmer

Before you buy a grass trimmer, study the following characteristics:

  • Power. It determines the space you can mow without damaging the device. The more powerful the engine, the heavier and more expensive the grass trimmer and the higher its performance.
  • Boom. It can be straight and curved. Grass trimmers with a straight handle are considered more reliable and powerful. And with a curved. more maneuverable, they are more convenient to work on uneven areas, mow the grass between seedbeds and flowerbeds.
  • The handle. There are three types of handles: P-, D- and U-shaped. Most often there are models with P- or D-shaped handles. Lightweight, low-power devices are equipped with it. They are the most maneuverable, so they are easy to work on small areas. If the mowing area is large, a U-handle is better. less fatigue for the operator.
  • Cutting element. Usually it’s a trimmer line, blade or disc. Lawn trimmers with a handy line are good for uneven, stony areas. Blade. thick stems and bushes. With the disk. bushes and branches up to 4 cm thick.
  • Mowing width. The larger the element, the larger the area that can be mowed in one go. The largest mowing width is in petrol models. But this parameter is only important for large volume of work.
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Patriot PT 553

Powerful petrol grass trimmer with adjustable handle designed for mowing dense grass on uneven, large areas. Modern design, reinforced engine housing, sturdy drive shaft. Replacing the filament with a chopping blade is useful for mowing dead wood, tough weeds, and small bushes.

High performance and excellent traction. Easy access to the air filter and spark plug allows for regular maintenance without going to a service center. Power 2200 W, fuel tank capacity 1,1 l, weight 7,2 kg.

What trimmers are good for wet grass

To understand what trimmers can mow wet grass, and what not, you should understand their device. To date, there are two basic types of brushcutter available to the consumer:

Electric trimmers, depending on the location of the engine, can be:

From a safety standpoint wet grass can be mowed only with a gasoline trimmer or a “litovka”. But using an electric brushcutter is highly undesirable. This is especially true for low-engine trimmers, because they are located in the area of water ingress. As a result, it may cause a short circuit.

It is not recommended to mow grass during rain and electric trimmers with a top-mounted motor. In the case of water penetration to the power unit can not only short circuit, but also electrocute the mower.

Wet grass should not be mowed with lawnmowers with an electric drive. The reason is the same as with low-mounted electric lawn trimmers. there is a good chance of a short circuit. Furthermore, there is the danger that the power cable for the machine will be accidentally cut because of negligence.

If there is still a need to cut the grass in wet weather or in the dew, it is better to use carbureted brushcutters and lawnmowers. It’s much safer for life and health.

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Can I mow in the rain?

Gardeners often do not know whether they should mow wet grass with an electric lawnmower. Contrary to a hand lawn mower it is not a good idea to mow with a petrol mower. but not with an electric one either. When you work with an electric trimmer or a similar lawnmower, moisture can get into the drive or wires, you will get a short circuit, and at best the tool will burn out, and in the worst case. the operator will suffer.

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What to look for when choosing a portable grass trimmer?

The most important characteristic is the power. The higher it is, the better and faster the trimmer mows, but it will also make more noise and vibration. The power of electric trimmers varies from 250 watts to 1700 watts.

Power up to 600-700 W is good for taking care of small unstarted areas, trimming edges. These machines are often used in addition to a more powerful trimmer or wheel mower. 1000-1200 watts is serious power for an electric grass trimmer. Well, and 1500-1700 W is already so uneconomical that it is more profitable and reliable to buy a gasoline trimmer for grass. Power models, working on gasoline (from 1 to 7 liters).с.), usually enough for the care of complex and neglected areas, and here you need the increased power of four-stroke engines not only for direct mowing, but also for the movement of the unit.

Another important parameter is what the cutting unit consists of. It can be only a line for trimmer or a line for trimmer and a blade (disk), and seldom. only a blade. Trimmer line is a consumable item, and you might run out of it suddenly. Blunt or shrunken blade can be a good help in trimmer’s cutting line. Although each user with experience understands what is good for what: someone uses a knife to cut bushes, someone likes a thick line for trimmer, and the knife is used for trimming. In most cases (especially in inexpensive trimmers) the kit includes a thin line for trimmer of poor quality. even in trimmers of famous brands. Experienced users immediately change the line for trimmers to a thicker one. 1,6-2 mm in diameter.

What to do with mowed grass?

Usually the grass cuttings should be immediately removed from the mowed lawn. usually it is done with a rake. But in the hot season, when the lawn is not cut too short, the grass clippings can be spread evenly over the plot and left as a mulch, which will help retain moisture in the soil.

In autumn it is important to properly prepare the lawn for winter, including timely pre-winter mowing. If this is not done, the tall grass will lie on the ground during a cold spell and hinder the sprouting of young growth in spring. In addition, such a lawn is more vulnerable to many diseases.

The last mowing should take place about two weeks before the first frost, on a warm and windless day. Mow the grass 1-2 cm higher than normal. The grass cuttings should be removed.

Which lawns do not need mowing??

If you want to have a trouble-free lawn, you can sow sprouting bentgrass on the plot. It is a small herbaceous plant which does not grow taller than 15 cm. The bent grass will climb over the ground and form small bushes. The result is a light green “mat. It looks very neat and rather unusual, as the grass grows in several tiers, and you get a lawn that does not require mowing. The bentgrass grows quickly, so in a very short period takes up all the territory allocated for the lawn. Herewith lawn care is quite simple, because the plant is undemanding to the composition of soil and other conditions of growing. However, bentgrass will grow best in drained, fertilizer-rich soil.

Another lawn that does not need regular mowing is the mower lawn. To create it, it is enough to buy a special mixture of seeds. When choosing it in the store, try to pick mixtures with grasses that grow well in your area. A lot of different kinds of plants are used for a moorland lawn: daisies, marigold, poppies, flax, cornflowers, delphiniums and others.

What do you think of the idea of creating a meadow in the backyard? Meadow lawn though is afraid of trampling, but you do not need to mow it more than once a month, or even less often. It is made from a mixture of grasses, herbs and legumes. Lawn mixtures may contain fescue, ryegrass, creeping clover, yarrow, minted verbeissima, daisies, perennial chamomile, chionodoxa.

We have answered all the important questions most frequently asked by gardeners about lawn mowing. We hope that your lawn will always be well kept and beautiful.

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Garden shears

Lawn shears are a small hand-held tool for trimming small or hard-to-reach areas where a grass trimmer or lawn mower cannot be used. They come in handy if you need to trim the grass accurately along paths, along lawn edges, between tiles or around other plants. The scissor blades are parallel to the ground and can be swiveled. Lawn shears can be cordless or mechanical. Operating time depends on battery capacity.

Taking care of the lawn using the right tool will not take much time, and the result will be excellent. The lush green of the lawn grass will delight you and the neighbors. A beautiful lawn is a great place for outdoor recreation and children’s games!

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When to start mowing lawns

Young lawns can enjoy their first emerald sprouts not yet fully developed when more than 4 weeks have passed since they were planted. When the grass shoots reach 8-10 cm in height it’s time to think about the first cut. The first rule for starting a lawn is not to cut it too short.

Thin grasses will be exhausted and the lawn may have gaps that will eventually be filled with weeds. Leave at least 5 cm, then the mowing height depends on the grass composition of your lawn.

Mow lawns in dry weather, but the surface of the ground itself should be moistened to prevent pulling the young shoots that have not yet hardened. Mowing wet grass can lead to clogging of the lawnmower, and if the soil is too wet, there is a high risk of damaging the grass cover.

What to mow the lawn with

It’s a question to ask yourself the moment you decide to build a lawn on your lawn. The quality of the grass will depend on the chosen technique. No matter how much you want to, but you can’t create a perfectly level surface with a lawn mower. For this purpose it is better to use special equipment.

Lawn shears

This is a pretty simple device will cut the grass around the edge of the lawn and in hard to reach places, as well as mow small lawns. However, the use of lawn clippers is not efficient, because it is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Garden trimmer for grass

Garden grass trimmers are equipped with an electric or gasoline engine. The first ones are lightweight, small in size, but require a socket and long wiring.

Gasoline-powered ones are portable, but heavier in weight. the grass trimmer is excellent for cutting grass in hard-to-reach places, where it cannot be cut with a mower. Can be used for mowing small areas.

Lawn mowers

Today there are many models of lawn mowers, differing not only in price, type of cutting element and type of engine, but also the presence of auxiliary options. Therefore, when choosing a mower, you should consider the engine power, the area and shape of the lawn, and a number of other technical characteristics.

Using a hand-held mechanical lawn mower allows not to depend on the availability of energy sources and to mow the lawn perfectly, without harming the nature. Sharp blades provide the highest quality of mowing, although it is quite difficult to work with it.

Electric mowers are easy to use, easy to clean, work quietly, relatively safe for the natural environment, excellent for medium-sized lawns. Practically the only inconvenience in using this kind of mowers is the need to connect to the power grid. Perfect for small, flat lawns.

Gasoline lawnmowers are ideal for mowing large lawns of all shapes, yet they are independent of external power sources. However, gasoline mowers are heavier, more difficult to use and make a lot of noise.

For larger areas, there are more sophisticated and larger lawn trimmers. As a rule, such machines are equipped not only with blades for cutting the grass, but also with tools for aeration and sclerification. Some have a vacuum function to collect leaves, grass clippings and debris. Machines for large lawns are called garden tractors.

How to mow the lawn evenly trimmer

Shoulder straps are used for easy operation of the trimmer. They allow you to distribute the weight of the device and work it in a plane parallel to the ground. Before starting work, you should take care of safety. The blade of protection should send the mowed grass to the side. The technique of working with a trimmer is identical to using a grass trimmer. Make successive circular motions in front of you. To ensure that the height of the mowed lawn is the same, you need to control it yourself. This can be achieved as a result of experience gained or by upgrading the tool. If you bend the brackets of the two side wheels from a child’s bike symmetrically and bolt them to the grass trimmer hood, this construction will allow you to fully control the standard cutting height.

Important! The first mowing of the lawn should be carried out at a grass height of 10 cm. To avoid damaging the plants, do not cut more than 3 cm.

Which is better: a grass trimmer or a lawn mower

Each grass trimmer device has its own advantages and disadvantages. Based on the needs, one should choose the one whose advantages will be greater in this situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a lawn trimmer for grass:

  • Compact. Compared to a lawn mower, it is much smaller.
  • Mobility. The grass trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • It is indispensable in hard-to-reach places.
  • Can be used on uneven ground.
  • No special maintenance after use. It is enough to clean the device from the remains of grass and check the trimmer line.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Price appeal. Grass trimmer costs less than lawnmower.
  • The device has a small power.
  • Grass is scattered over the lawn when mowing. After work, you need to collect the grass clippings.
  • Can pull poorly rooted grass roots.
  • There is a prohibition on mowing wet grass.
  • Grass cutting is noisy.

Advantages and disadvantages of using a lawn trimmer:

  • The quality of cutting is even and neat, to a width of 30-40 cm.
  • Does not pull grass up by the root.
  • Practically silent.
  • Equipped with a grass catcher box, so there is no need to collect the grass clippings after work.
  • No special skills or physical effort required.
  • Suitable for work only on medium and large lawns.
  • Used on a young lawn with not very tall grass.
  • Productive on flat areas and on slopes not exceeding 10 degrees.

To care for the lawn on the dacha site it is better to buy a gasoline trimmer for grass. Mows vegetation of varying stem thickness. If the lawn at the dacha is homogeneous, it will be sufficient to purchase an electric grass trimmer with a capacity of 1 kW. Before buying, you should think about the conditions of storage and transportation of the device.

Did you know? The first grass trimmer invented was designed to remove weeds around trees. Its uniqueness was in the fact that the work did not damage the bark of the trees.

For areas with wild vegetation, it is better to use a metal knife as a cutting tool. Select the device should be based on the work it will regularly perform. Extra power greatly increases the weight of the grass trimmer and fuel consumption. Disadvantage. leads to poor-quality work and even breakage of the tool.