Can an electric screwdriver drill into wood?

Can I drill into a wall with an electric screwdriver?

You can screw a self-tapping screw into wood in three ways, with a screwdriver, an electric screwdriver or a drill. The easiest and most inexpensive way to screw in a screwdriver. Wood is soft and pliable material that allows you to screw a sufficient number of screwdrivers in it without much fatigue. In order to screw in a large number of screws you must resort to using an electric screwdriver, it will do all the power part of the work for you. Screw a screwdriver in wood with a drill is also not very difficult, but to do this, the drill must have a function of continuously variable speed control.

In fairness it is worth writing about such a method, as a diamond drill bit in concrete.

There are special drills for diamond drilling, which are quite massive machines that drill with diamond bits. And theoretically, such a bit can also be adapted to an electric screwdriver. These bits have a landing place as a small rod with a 1/2″ thread. And if your electric screwdriver has a 13 mm chuck rather than a 10 mm chuck, you can get a drill bit like this right behind the chuck.

If the chuck is 10 mm, then you need to come up with some kind of adapter.

However, this story has one fat “But!”which completely ruins all these plans. And that’s “But!”- the price of the crown, which is comparable with the price of a new torch, and often even more expensive. So you can immediately discard this method.

It is possible to drill through concrete with an electric screwdriver, but it will be difficult. In fact, you’ll be doing most of the work with the drill bit. During the Soviet times, people in the concrete actually did all the holes and were doing without screwdrivers or drills. An electric screwdriver only makes the job a little easier in this case.

So again, I recommend getting a peorator. For example, on the website can buy the cheapest screwdriver for a ridiculous amount of money. You can see that by clicking here.


The impact drill is no substitute for a peorator. And vice versa? After all, many models have a non-impact rotation mode. so you can’t drill metal and wood with a peorator? In principle, you can. over, the peorator usually has a more powerful motor than most household drills, so it is more likely to cope with drilling large diameter holes, both in thick boards and in metal. But there are a few subtleties.

First of all, the chuck. Almost all metal and wood drill bits have either a round shank for the chuck, or a hexagonal or tapered shank. they will not fit in the foot drill. Some rotary drilling machines have a removable chuck for such cases.

For other geared motors, there are adapters that let you fasten the jaw chuck to the axis with an SDS (or SDS-Max) shank. it can be installed into the geared motor chuck instead of the drill and the drill bits can be already clamped in it.

Second, the rotational speed of the cutter is often quite low, up to 1000 rpm or less. This may not be enough for metal drilling, so pay attention to this parameter when choosing a tool if you are going to use it as a drill.

Thirdly the geared chuck is not fixed rigidly to the axis of the tool and the play in it will be much bigger than in a drill. especially if you use an adapter. Therefore, the use of peorator as a drill should be only in those cases where the runout of the drill will not damage the machined material or the drill itself.

It is convenient to use the Peorator as a drill with Levis spirals, with wood core bits, with thick metal drill bits for small-diameter drill holes.

Drills thinner than 8 mm should be used with care, as should feather bits and Forstner drills. wedging and twisting of the drill bit can damage the workpiece (or the drill bit itself).

Can I drill wood with a metal drill bit? Can I drill into wood with a concrete drill bit?

High speeds cause the core drill bit to become very hot, the hole could expand and the drill bit would fall out. It takes longer but is safer to work with a regular screwdriver. If after all the efforts you have made, you still have not managed to screw in the screw, you can try using a hammer. Knock on the head should be careful, and the method itself is allowed to be used only in cases where the fastener will not be subjected to high load. It should be noted that the peorator is perfectly easy to cope with this kind of difficulties without a drill, but it makes holes that exceed 13 mm in diameter.

If you want to use universal drills, you have to remember that they require cooling, vibration off and are only suitable for a regular drill. A classic drill consists of a power cord, button, condenser wire, reverse, brushes and springs, armature, stator, gearbox and chuck, bearings, wrench and mounting screws.

Preparation of the surface

A correctly inserted drill bit increases the quality of drilling, and can make it safer. The first thing to check when you start with the drill is whether there is any dirt on the drill itself. A rag is a great helper for cleaning drills.

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If the drill is weakly anchored, then there is a risk that it will fly out and injure the master

Accordingly, it is necessary to immerse the drill bit as much as possible in the chuck up to the stop! It is important to watch that the drill bit in the tool is fixed strictly along the axis

How and what to drill a hole in metal?

If this rule is not observed, drilling in concrete will be performed poorly, the shape of the hole may be unpredictable, and the cause of all these misunderstandings will be the elementary effect of drill bit run-out. Never try to hold the turning chuck with your hand. that’s what the body of the drill is for.

Otherwise you might injure yourself. Gloves that do not fit properly can also get caught in the chuck and cause injury.

Overalls should not hang loose. they can be rolled up or pinned down with armbands.

When trying to drill into a particular surface, we are often faced with the question of the right tool. How to drill wood versus steel, can you drill accurately through glass or ceramics?? In the cutting tool department you cannot find anything else to do. So, choose a drill

You should not push the drill as hard as you can. it will cause you to fall, because it will make it harder for you to control your balance. You can also break the drill bit.

How to drill through glass? How to choose a drill?

Tips for Driving Wood Screws | Rockler Skill Builders

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Can an electric screwdriver drill into metal?

You can, with modern screwdrivers you can make a hole with no problem.

an electric screwdriver is not just a construction tool, it is the most in demand and in domestic situations, which sometimes arise in our lives. Electric screwdriver has many uses: tightening and unscrewing screws and screws, drilling in wood, metal, chipboard, OSB, plywood, tiles and other materials, as well as bricks and lightweight concrete (if there is a function of impact).

There are 2 types of screwdrivers: mains and battery. Comparing these types, it can be noted that the mains electric screwdriver has the advantage that it is always ready to work, while the cordless one needs to be charged (this can take several hours).

The ability to drill in various materials is directly related to the rotation speed and torque. With the high torque electric screwdriver you can both turn self-tapping screws and drill. With low torque, only soft materials such as wood can be drilled. For tightening screws the rotational speed should be 400-500 rpm. If it is necessary to drill, then the rotation speed should be set at 1200-1300 rpm.

Also, an important element in an electric screwdriver is the gearbox, which determines the angular speed of the working shaft of the device. For drilling should be 1200-1500 rpm, for screwdriving will be enough 500 rpm.

If you choose a mobile electric screwdriver, then look, that the set had a spare battery, which will help avoid downtime. Also, if the first one fails, you don’t have to rush out and buy a new battery. A new battery costs 80% of a good electric screwdriver.

Screwdrivers can be equipped with different batteries:

Lithium-ion battery is considered the safest material for humans, but it is not resistant to low temperatures.

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Before you buy an electric screwdriver must try it in action, many stores provide such an opportunity. the electric screwdriver must be comfortably placed in your hand, otherwise you will have difficulty working with it, your hand will get tired very quickly.

Cheap and of poor quality electric screwdriver can fail very quickly, so it’s better to spend once for a good tool and work at your pleasure.

The task: to drill holes in steel pipes (posts for video) and drive screws there. Capacity of 10-15 otv 2-4 mm per hour. there is a socket for recharging, it is not possible to pull 220 to the poles.

Yes, virtually everything. If the drills are properly sharpened. And if you are specific, then announce the amount allocated to the tool, and then the fans will come running DeFort, Bort, Packard Spence, etc German-Swedish-Chinese brands and trample on the. р. I apologize in advance if this list does not include your distinguished company.

Screwdriver with two spare batteries plus conductor on the pipe plus a stock of drills. and off we go.

In my recent experience. Recently drilled a dozen holes 8 in steel 2 mm (4 at first, then drilled 8), one 4 in steel 10 mm, drilled 3 screws stuck, 2 holes 4 in steel a few mm, threaded them. A few self-tapping 4 in wood, drilled holes for them. hole under the cable 8 in the wood of 20 mm, then a few more screws in the dense plaster, the force on the verge of breaking the slot (if the hands and screw it in, then a very powerful screwdriver sweating a lot). Did a few minor things, screws, small self-tapping screws, one hole in plastic with a blunt drill bit. can’t remember everything. ah, yes, before that, the phone jack on the wall with a self-tapping screw, the other into the cork (did not go), a hole in the brick under it. All this on the same charger, charged a long time ago, in mid-November (t.(self-discharge must be taken into account), there is still a charge, but how much. I do not know. I think this should cover the work that you want it to do in an hour, and during this hour to charge another battery. So it’s all realistic.

But, IMHO, mandatory requirements should be:

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I have a screwdriver Bosh Gsr 14.4-2, blue, two speed, two batteries, one hour charging. 14.4 V x 1.5 Ah battery. What does the index mean.2 don’t know, I assume it’s because of the battery, t.к. Model without it in parameters 1:1, but the battery capacity of 1.2 Ah. Bought in the house for 3900, it’s cheap, just happened to get on some action Without the action this is worth somewhere at least 4 with a few hundred. Good luck!

Greetings to you! This article will talk about whether or not an electric screwdriver can drill concrete. There are times when you need to make a hole or dimple in concrete, and there is nothing but an electric screwdriver at hand. You’ll have to think about what to do with it. There are of course impact screwdrivers, but even they can’t handle concrete. At most they can handle a brick.

I still recommend to get a torch for such cases, of course. Even with the cheapest one. You can make a hole in seconds. But if you need to get the job done right here and now, you can try the following method. True, for it in addition to an electric screwdriver and a drill bit you need two more things. a puncher and a hammer.

You can use an ordinary drill on metal. but after this work, it instantly blunted and to drill the metal it will then have to sharpen. If the electric screwdriver is an impact drill, you can use a brick drill bit with a tungsten carbide tip.

How to drill?

  • First you put the drill bit in the right place and hit it with a hammer until there is some indentation.
  • Then take an electric screwdriver and drill. This way you remove what the puncher has crumbled, and you can also move a little further, as the drill is able to drill into the mortar. But it cannot cope with large fillings such as stone or rubble, so it can only drill until it hits them.
  • When the drill bit hits a rock or gravel, then again take the drill bit and hit it with a hammer.
  • Repeat until you get the result you want.

The work is quite difficult and requires a lot of effort. But it nevertheless leads to the desired result. That is, the work that the peorator does on the fly, in this case you will have to do by hand with a puncher.

If you bump into rebar when you work, then change the place of drilling. Of course, you can try to drill through the rebar with a drill bit for metal, but it will be even more time consuming, so it is easier to change the place of drilling.

Drilling wood with an electric screwdriver

First you need to insert a drill bit suitable for the job into the chuck. Then set it to the appropriate mode. An electric screwdriver has a corresponding drill icon and a rotary arrow. These two values should be combined and the tool will go into drill mode.

In this mode, the ratchet stops working (motor overload protection). That is why you should be careful when drilling, otherwise the drill will jam and the motor may be damaged. If you work with a cordless electric screwdriver, it is desirable to have a lithium-ion battery (Li-ion). It is unpretentious and durable.

Then you can press “Start” and start drilling. During operation, it must be ensured that the drill is not skewed. Otherwise it can break off. Most screwdrivers have 2 speeds. If the wood is hard, it is better to choose the second speed. What mode is necessary for screwing in a self-tapping screw or a screw, you can judge by the thickness and length of the fastener.

The electric screwdriver can be used as a wood drill

What you drill big holes with

Many people wonder if an electric screwdriver can drill holes of different diameters. It is possible, but the tool must be fitted with additional accessories.

  • Bits (for metal). A small circle of a specific diameter with sharp edges. A drill bit must be positioned in the center to penetrate the metal. The crown at low power makes a hole or a hole of the desired diameter. During work, the edge of the drill bit and the surface of the material must be cooled.
  • Several steps. Drills of different diameters are needed here. from the smallest to the largest. Start with drill bits of small diameter, gradually increasing, depending on the width of the hole.
  • Cone-shaped device.

The above methods are suitable for working with metal. But they can also be used with other materials if desired.

Cone for drilling

Can an electric screwdriver drill through a concrete wall?

Cordless electric screwdriver. truth and legends

Some time ago, the cordless electric screwdriver was quite expensive and on a theoretical level ineffective compared to the power drill. The main reasons for this fact were weak batteries, great charging time, little power, low spindle speed.

For these reasons, it would be rare for a craftsman to want to have such a device in his own workshop, and even if he did, it simply cost a lot at the time.

Modern, times are changing, and the increasing popularity of new solutions to date served the fact that today you can choose among a huge number of models of wrenches with different technical parameters and setting the device for their own needs. What’s the main point: it’s saved at a reasonable cost.

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Still, you might have some hesitation before you buy: what else will an electric screwdriver do? An issue that includes a number of myths that deserve close attention.

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It can not drill in concrete. in hard concrete, even a good drill can, can not cope, so, it is certainly not a task for an electric screwdriver. However, some models have a hammer function, and this can be a temptation for drilling thinner concrete, brick or stone. In building materials that are now commonly used in single-family home construction, aerated concrete, silicate brick, plaster or wood, you can drill with a simple electric screwdriver without the impact function. Just use the right drill bit.

Do You Really Need To Pre Drill Your Holes? STOP DOING THIS

Drilling concrete without impact

I was comparing, drilling facing brick, with a Bosch GSB 10.8-2-LI impact and impactless screwdriver (PS130 in the U.S.) and.

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The battery will run out quickly. It all depends on what we’re doing. With capacities up to 2AH and voltages up to 24V, cordless screwdrivers today are very effective. Selected models come with 2 batteries and a fast charger (charging the battery in 0.5. 1.5 hours), which allows almost uninterrupted operation.

It is worth noting, of course, that battery capacity depends on the load applied to the power tool at the workplace. Probably the battery will last longer screwing screws into wood than drilling into steel. It is important to use the batteries properly, discharge them fully and charge them according to the instructions. this will greatly increase their life.

information about this can be found in the manual of the device or obtained directly from the manufacturer.

Much weaker than a drill. a lot of it in this case is a very strong word. Of course, it is hard to expect that a device powered by a battery of 18V was stronger than a machine running on 230V. But even this question was answered by the engineers. Today, thanks to gearboxes, powerful batteries can do much more work than drills in the same amount of time. At the same time we would not depend on a power source, which in many cases is a very strong argument.

Very little functionality (only for screwing / unscrewing screws). in fact, the name indicates the most common use of the device. It should be noted that most screwdrivers have a lock on the drill position, which allows drilling in metal, wood, and some ceramic materials. You can also use an electric screwdriver to clean wood/metal surfaces using sanding stones or a small wire brush. The list of jobs grows.

Is it worth buying another battery. if you look at the price, the battery itself is 60-70% of the cost of an electric screwdriver. Thus, it is better to look for a device with two batteries in a set. With normal use, such a helper will serve you for many years.

Can an electric screwdriver drill through concrete??

Every person who at least once faced the need to make a hole in the wall of a certain size, wondered what tools to use for this.

It really isn’t easy to make even the smallest hole by hand without having enough knowledge of what to drill concrete with, and what to use for it.

The right tool and source material in this case is very important, because the outcome of the whole process depends on it. Our article will help you understand how to drill a concrete wall.

If you are going to drill a hole in a concrete wall, you have to be properly prepared for the work. I would advise to start with the choice of the tool.

In such a situation there are only two possible options. an impact drill or a torch.

Naturally, a peorator would be the preferred solution, because the original function of this tool is to pierce concrete or stone, to create holes of different diameters.

The feature of the tool is the ability to create large diameter holes, while a standard drill can not cross the threshold of drilling holes with a diameter of more than twelve centimeters. When it comes to a material as unconventional as aerated concrete, a drill is a must, because the wall will be permanently damaged if you use a rotary tool on it.

Impactless drill will be completely useless for such work, moreover, in the process the tool can be broken.

How to drill?

It’s not an easy job and it takes a lot of effort. But nevertheless it leads to the desired result. That is, the work that the peorator does on the fly, in this case you have to do manually with a puncher.

If you hit a rebar, change where you’re drilling. You can of course try to drill through the rebar with a drill bit for metal, but it will be even more time consuming, so it is easier to change the place of drilling.

How to drill?

The work is quite difficult and requires a lot of effort. But it still leads to the right result. That is, the work that the pedal does on the fly, in this case you have to do by hand with a drill.

electric, screwdriver, drill, wood

If you work on the rebar, you have to change the place of drilling. Of course you could try to drill through the rebar with a metal drill bit, but that would be even more time-consuming, so it’s easier to change where you drill.