Can I mow brushwood with a trimmer?

Can I mow with a trimmer when it rains?

The fact that the grass would be time to mow, yesterday it rained, and today it was cloudy, it rained only in the morning.

In the instruction manual they say that it is suitable and I quote: “suitable for collecting even wet grass”. It means it is possible to mow wet grass? German AL-KO lawnmower

Maxim, it’s better to mow when the lawn is dry then the grass is better mowed and the collector stays clean and not in the mess of cut grass. Although if you really feel like it, you can mow wet as well, the lawnmower won’t suffer from it!

Larissa Wait until it dries, because wet grass can be “pulled out” and there will be “bald spots”.

Ivan I also mow during the rain, if not a lot, I go to the cottage once every two weeks so I have no time to wait for nature’s grace

Katya I am waiting until it dries out, at least a bit.

Dima We mow early in the morning, while the dew is still there. Ok. You can not adjust to the weather, of course after the rain is undesirable!

Hope If the mower is not electric, you can, but it’s better to let dry out, because the wet ground and the grass will trample, and this is undesirable.

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Brush Cutter vs String Trimmer | Weed Whacker �� or Eater?

Thistle Sandpiper: How to mow without getting hurt found out from the biologist Igor Dalke, how to fight with broomstalks correctly and as safely as possible.

In summer, dacha residents spend their time and energy not only on apples and carrots, but also on the battle with broomstalk. This activity is akin to wrestling with windmills, and besides, it’s quite dangerous.

How not to get hurt, said Igor Dalke, a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Ecological Physiology of Plants of the Institute of Biology of the Komi Republic of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

Thistle: how to mow and not to get hurt

Sobesednik.We asked biologist Igor Dalke for advice on how to fight the wood thistle in the best and safest way.

In summer dacha owners spend their time and energy not only for apples and carrots, but also for the battle with hogweed. This activity is akin to fighting windmills, and besides, quite dangerous.

Igor Dalke, a senior researcher at the Laboratory of Ecological Physiology of Plants of the Institute of Biology of the Komi Republic of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told us how not to get hurt:

Brush Cutting

Filling your lawnmower with petrol and oil

Before you mow grass with a chainsaw, you need to fill the tool with fuel. Gasoline and oil are used as fuel. But remember that you have to mix petrol and oil only for two-stroke engines. Four-stroke motors run on pure gasoline, because their design has a separate container. the oil sump. There is no oil sump in the design of 2-stroke gasoline trimmers, so you need to fill the tank exclusively with gasoline and oil.

For gasoline it is recommended to use fuel grade AI-92. In order not to make a mistake, you should read the instructions offered by the manufacturer. Often, most manufacturers recommend using AI-92 fuel, and only some recommend pouring AI-95.

Gasoline must be diluted with oil in the ratio of 1 to 25. It means that you need to add 40 ml of two-stroke oil to 1 liter of gasoline. But it’s not all so clear-cut. The proportion of 1 to 25 is universal, but there are different values for each model of tool. These values are also indicated by the manufacturer in the manual. For more information on how to properly dilute gasoline and oil in a lawn mower, click here. After diluting the gasoline with oil, you should fill a full tank and get to work.

This is interesting! If a four-stroke lawnmower is fueled, then clean gasoline must be poured into the tank, and engine oil must be poured into the oil tank up to the maximum level.

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How to put on and hold it correctly?

The quality of your work also depends on what technique you use. You need to be able to hold the machine correctly for proper technique, and you need to put it on correctly for comfort. The fact is that not all grass trimmers are equipped with a shoulder strap. If you have one, you need to put it on so that you are comfortable. There are models of devices whose belt can be uncomfortable, so try to put the grass trimmer as comfortable as possible.

During long work, it also happens that there are pains in the back and muscles, so the most comfortably worn tool can reduce the number of such unpleasantness.

Another function is to adjust this belt. On the higher quality models, its convenience is given a special role and made special positions that allow the scythe operator not to feel uncomfortable. You can adjust the height of the belt by choosing the right one for you.

Now let’s talk about how to hold the machine properly. Different types of trimmers have different handles. Some have it in the shape of a bicycle handlebar (which ensures that the load is distributed to both hands). On some units you can see the D-shaped handle. The bicycle version needs to be held with both hands, and firmly.

Despite the presence of rubberized handles, it is better to rely on yourself and do not hope that they will not slip. Hold the D-shaped handle with one hand, with the palm of your hand to provide more grip area. This will give you full control over the handle, which will have a positive effect on steering.

Complete information about hogweed on this site:

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Thanks. You have a very detailed description here. I would also like to add that burns from milk thistle on no account can be treated with urine. In this case it will only make things worse

Thanks for the info. I want to know what to use for burn stains?

Where does “hogweed” grow, I’m from Kazakhstan, the eastern region, I would like to know more precisely, in the mountains or steppes, or in an ordinary vegetable garden, everywhere?

Thanks. Is there anything you can do to get rid of the stains after the treatment?? I have a stoma with huge spots on the sides :-((((

Unfortunately, I have not found yet how to get rid of scars. I’ve got some myself. If any of the readers can give me a hint, I would be grateful.

Treatment of burns from hogweed: “Lorinden C” or “Panthenol” ointment. In advanced cases, intramuscular injections: Calcium gluconate 5 ml. “Dexamethasone 1 ml. 1 ampoule each once a day. 4-5 days in a row. The doctor prescribed. It helped me. No scars left.The burn was terrible.

My piece of land is near a ravine. Every spring, water flows down the ravine from the fields of the collective farm, where the collective farm agronomist left an eternal memory of himself by sowing them with hogweed. Stalin’s revenge” or “Memory of the agronomist” was removed from the fields by plowing, but the infestation remained along the roadsides and in the ravines. Every year I get burns by mowing the grass behind the vegetable garden and I dream of scattering cowhopper seeds in the agronomist’s vegetable garden.

(Hogweed grows everywhere, mostly in the vegetable garden)), but the scars will last a lifetime. How to treat them, who knows??

Scars don’t last a lifetime, at least not for me. For burns, it’s easier to wash with cold water. It helps me to have a bath, a steam room. You can relieve the itching and pain by applying Novacaine lotions. It is necessary to cover the burned parts of the body from the sun’s rays.

I have one question. One time my class and I went for a nature walk. A bunch of guys from our class with their bare hands were tearing up bushmeat leaves in order to scare the girls with them.) After that the guys never got a hint of burns, though I try to walk a mile away from them. Why ??

likely it was autumn or early spring, as the hogweed exudes its dangerous sap only in heat or at signs of fire, so as to protect itself by creating a halo of sap around it, which will take up all the fire. I got terrible burns on Sunday, foolishly not knowing, thought that just scratches from the bushes of the forest, came home treated with alcohol, which caused an even greater reaction. I put panthenol on my feet, and they’re terribly red with little blisters. Foolishly also shoveled them himself.

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I only see borage in the Leningrad region and nearby areas. My husband burns himself every year, but I am more worried about the children

Housecarps are growing all over Russia, they occupy more and more areas and there is no escape from it, the government does not think about it and does not give any money to fight it. And at this time there are less and less places for Russians to rest, all the riverbanks are already overrun by bushchevik.

I have a burn on my stomach.Passed quickly (a week or so), but left a scar, and in the middle of the pink spot (ripped off the film, when it healed).Nothing hurts, I wash normally, but my question is: Can I bathe in the river or sunbathe?And will it go away soon?

This is certainly a horror and not a weed, every year I get burned. I didn’t get it last year and now I got a burn and it’s all over my body. I can’t go out, I have to stay home

Can you tell me if you can burst a blister from a borage by yourself?? or if they’re going to burst on their own?

You can, but firstly you have to be sterile so that nothing can get inside and close with a clean bandage after they burst. Secondly, you need to prevent the fluid from getting onto healthy skin, otherwise there will be a secondary burn.

I have a burn on the outer side of the hands, it is now the third week, the skin has grown hands ointment with vitamins, and some kind of pink like green (long does not wash off) now redness, and around the redness dark spots will they get rid of?my hands are swollen and blisters only on the second day after the burn.

Thank you! Of course, if I had read your article sooner I would have sought help from a doctor.But I had not realized that my child’s blisters could be the result of a plant burn, especially since, like you write, it really does look like a skin irritation at first.And if you also take into account that the child is on the street all day long (wounds, cuts, scratches) and the last 2 years he had some strange dermatitis, of course you think that this is just another rash, and you do not hurry to the doctor. But with each passing day more and more blisters on my arm (looked like a mutant lizard from the movies).I took the baby to the skin clinic today.dispensary. The doctor said that the burns are caused by a plant, and it is most likely the borage. She has prescribed: 1) Diet. no fat, salty, spicy food, no soda, juices, citrus fruits, chocolate; 2) Activated carbon in the morning on an empty stomach; 3) Antihistamine; 4) Calcium; 5) Outwardly to rub with fucorcil (it is a red liquid like green. it dries skin better and does not wash off long time) and on dry areas. cream (like acriderm, adventan). So 7-10 days.If in spite of the treatment, the area of the lesion will become larger and larger, you should urgently contact her.

brushwood, trimmer

Thank you for the detailed story about the doctor’s recommendations. I’ve been burned more than once. And yet I forgot what to treat it with. I already have all these medications. I’ll treat it.

In general, borage grows everywhere. so be careful!! When I went to Moscow region I noticed that borage grows on chernozems and not on clay and loamy soils.

I burned myself in Dombay, when I was hiking in the Ptysh Gorge. My dermatologist advised me to treat my skin as follows: 1) to avoid strong allergens (honey, grasses, etc.).) and alcohol 2) suprastinex. 1 tablet. After breakfast. 7 days 3) prick blisters and wipe them with blue, I couldn’t find blue, I wipe them with chlorhexidine (you can use miramistine) 4) Belogent ointment. 7 days 5) Soak as little as possible.

I didn’t get blisters but it was swollen Many people have allergies. They use diazolin in pills, synthomycin ointment I used to put my foot in a barrel of water. it went away and then it stung again It’s from the fennel family. it spreads its seeds, so you have to mow it right away, before it bursts with seeds.

What trimmers are good for wet grass

To understand what trimmers can mow wet grass, and what not, it is necessary to understand their device. There are two main types of trimmers available to the consumer today:

Electric trimmers, depending on the location of the motor, can be:

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If the grass is wet from rain or dew, only a petrol trimmer or a Swissvax trimmer should be used for safety reasons. Using an electric brushcutter, on the other hand, is highly undesirable. Particularly with bottom-mounted machines, because they are in the water spray zone. This can result in a short circuit.

It is not recommended to mow grass in rain or with top-mounted trimmers. In the case of water penetration to the power unit can not only short-circuit, but also electrocute the mower.

Wet grass can’t be mowed with electric lawnmowers either. The reason is the same as with the electric bottom-mounted trimmers: a short circuit is highly probable. Apart from that there is the danger that the power cable which powers the machine could accidentally be cut through through through negligence.

If there is still a need to cut the grass in wet weather or in the dew, it is better to use carbureted brushcutters and lawnmowers. It’s much safer for life and limb.

Can cowhopper be weeded by mowing alone??

In principle, yes. But it takes about 10-12 years if no new seeds ripen. If you miss something and the new seeds fall into the ground. you’ll have to start counting all over again. In the shorter term (about 4 years) it’s possible, but you have to mow once a week all the time. Another way is to combine mowing (every three weeks) with sowing white clover seed.

Hogweed mowing is the most dangerous for humans of all methods of control, so it is very important to follow safety precautions in its most reliable version.

Mowing is useful when you need to take time out during the season. You were going to apply herbicide, but the delivery was delayed, or the weather was unlucky, and he is already producing buds. In this case, it makes sense to mow, and then you will have about 3 weeks more time before new flowers.

What’s better: grass trimmer or lawn mower

Each grass trimmer has advantages and disadvantages. Based on the needs, you should choose the one whose advantages will be great in this situation.

Advantages and disadvantages of a lawn trimmer for grass:

  • Compact. Compared to a lawn trimmer has a much smaller size.
  • Mobility. The grass trimmer is easy to use and can be used on small lawns.
  • It is indispensable in hard-to-reach places.
  • Can be used on uneven ground.
  • Doesn’t require special care after use. It is enough to clean the device from the remains of grass and check the trimmer line.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Price appeal. Grass trimmer costs less than a lawnmower.
  • The device has low power.
  • Grass is thrown on the lawn when mowing. After working you need to collect the grass cuttings.
  • Can pull poorly rooted grass with roots.
  • There is a ban on mowing wet grass.
  • Grass cutter operates with great noise.
brushwood, trimmer

Advantages and disadvantages of using a lawn mower

  • Mowing quality is even and neat, 30-40 cm wide.
  • Does not pull grass at the root.
  • Practically silent.
  • Grass catcher box, so there is no need to collect the cuttings after work.
  • Using the device does not require special skills and great physical exertion.
  • Lawn mowing on medium and large lawns is best suited to medium and large lawns.
  • Used on young lawns with not very tall grass.
  • Productive on flat areas and on slopes not exceeding 10 degrees.

To care for the lawn on the dacha site it is better to buy a gasoline trimmer for grass. It allows you to cut vegetation with different stem thickness. If the lawn at the cottage is homogeneous, it will be enough to buy an electric grass mower with a capacity of 1 kW. Before you buy, you should think about how to store and transport the appliance.

Did you know? The first garden grass trimmer invented was designed to remove weeds around trees. It was unique in that it did not damage the bark of the trees as a result.

For areas with wild vegetation it is better to use a metal blade as a cutting tool. Select the device on the basis of the work that it will regularly perform. Excessive power greatly increases the weight of the grass trimmer and fuel consumption. The disadvantage is that it leads to poor quality work and even tool breakage.