Can I mow wet grass with an electric trimmer?

Care of the device

To prepare the machine for mowing, it is not enough just to plug it into a socket or fill it up with fuel. These are the necessary steps, but it is necessary to do some other manipulations as well. Before you clean your lawn or lawn, you need to manually remove all metal, stone objects, glass fragments, and other hard objects. Ideally, there should be nothing left but grass and low shrubs. If you have a shoulder mount, you have to remove the wire, because it can break the mower. When a site is prepared, it is possible to assemble cutting parts. To replace the cord on the knives unscrew the fastening nuts, put the desired part, put the nut back and tighten it with a wrench.

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Gasoline trimmers for grass should be filled only with the fuel that is prescribed in the manual. Devices with two-stroke engines usually use Ai-92 fuel. But it is not possible to lubricate them separately (unsuitable design). Therefore, pure gasoline can not be used, instead a gasoline-oil mixture is used.

It is also necessary to remember the basic safety rules when working. When mowing grass wear thick clothing impervious to dust and dirt. Protect the hands with gloves, and the eyes. a special type of glasses. Hold the mowing device strictly so that the working element runs parallel to the ground. Only after that you can start the engine.

The assembly procedure is described in the manual for each model separately. There is no point in duplicating it. The gasoline grass trimmer requires first “work in” to fuel, that is, let it work for 2-4 minutes at idle speed. While working, make sure you don’t get the feeling that the engine is working under load. Run-in, gradually increasing the level of load.

Grass trimmers with bike grips are held with both hands. If a handle is D-shaped, wrap your palm around it. Put on the belt at once so that it is easier to work. The lower the mowing unit is lowered, the more even the grass will be cut. Territory is divided into conditional squares, and in the process of work move in a clockwise direction. then the mowed plants will not interfere.

Mow high grass in 2 or 3 passes. If by chance the grass is wound around the spool or the disk, it is necessary to switch the device off and carefully clear the blockage. Trimmers recommend to mow lawns with line ends, not with entire line length. Leaning the tool in the direction of the plants to be mowed makes mowing large areas easier.

In addition to the mandatory adjustment and running-in before starting work, you need to observe a number of rules to make the mowing comfortable, the result. the best, and the service life of the machine. long.

Using the belt

Before you start the grass trimmer, you need to attach a belt to the assembled and ready to work device. fastened to the boom with a metal loop. Such a mounting can withstand heavy and prolonged strain. Some models allow the strap to be placed on one shoulder, others on both shoulders (backpack type straps).

Lawn mowing

A cord is needed for this task because grass on lawns is softer than normal. First make sure the area to be mowed is clear of large debris, branches, wires, tree stumps and bumps. The lawn must be cut evenly, that is. the height of the grass must be the same in all parts of the lawn. To mow correctly with a line trimmer, the appliance should be kept level with the ground at all times, driving it from right to left, smoothly and without rushing. You can divide the area into squares and trim them sequentially. It is recommended to move from one to the other in a clockwise direction.

Making hay

The hay should not be too fine, so mow right down to the root. It is better to mow with a disc, because meadow grass is tougher than lawn grass, and a fishing line will not cope with it. Lower the grass trimmer as low as possible, try to mow equal strips of equal length. For stronger-stemmed bushes and weeds it is best to mow in a circular arc to prevent damage to the disc. As in the lawn, the grass trimmer should be moved from right to left.

Mowing tall grass

In this case you need to move the trimmer from side to side twice to remove the height of the grass, and then mow it to the root. You may need three or more strokes. this depends on the length of the stems. It is better to cut stiff grass at the base with a disc.

Mowing wet grass

It is dangerous to mow with an electric tool during or after rain! Moisture can cause a short circuit in the engine, the grass trimmer may burn out, and a person may get an electric shock. Dew is also a concern, especially with low-mounted machines and corded models that need an extension cord. It is safe to mow wet grass with a brushcutter, though petrol mowers with a low degree of protection against moisture must be protected from rain.

Speed selection

You can only set the spindle speed on petrol-powered machines. This option is used for different types of work:

  • low speeds are suitable for mowing lawns;
  • Medium. for tall grass and thin shrubs;
  • high. for cutting down thick branches and bushes.

A machine with an electric motor is capable of running for up to 20 minutes at a time. Then the unit will need to be turned off for the same amount of time to allow the motor to cool down. Battery charge must be checked periodically.

lawnmowers can run for up to 40 minutes or even an hour without stopping to cool the motor. Then you need to shut them down for 10-20 minutes. How long a lawn mower will last also depends on the size of its fuel tank.

There are a number of things you need to do to keep your lawn mower running smoothly and for a long time.

  • The grass trimmer should be stored in a dry room.
  • Clean grass and debris from the appliance after each use.
  • The air filter and the cooling screen on the gasoline grass trimmer motor must be periodically cleaned in the way described in the instruction manual of the machine.
  • Keep an eye on the gearbox for lubrication.
  • Wires of electric trimmers must be intact, without cuts or cracks in insulation. Connect the device to the network only through grounded sockets.
  • All cables must be coiled up after use.

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How to mow grass correctly with a lawnmower

Making green lawns in villas and country estates is becoming a popular pastime. At first glance, it seems simple: allot a place for a green lawn, sow the area with grass seed, and wait for the field to turn into a green lawn. Only later does one realize the need for proper care, and that is primarily in the skillful operation of the lawnmower. It turns out that you need to mow the lawn not only for beauty.

How to mow with a grass trimmer with a fishing line

The grass trimmer is the easiest to use and very effective tool. It’s the easiest thing in the world to plug in and go. But there are still some nuances, which you should know in order to have a long and productive grass trimmer.

Preparing the lawn. Visually inspect the mowing area and remove all foreign objects, like stones, glass, wire, etc.д. If something falls out of the line suddenly while you’re working, it can cause injury.

Installing the cutting system. There are low-power grass trimmers that can only work with a fishing line, mowing soft and succulent grass. they do not need to have a cutting system installed. But some trimmer models, in which the motor has a 1 kW or more capacity, can work with a knife. If there are tough weeds or even small bushes on the site, you need to unscrew the nut of the working attachment and install the cutting blade. Then firmly tighten the nut with a wrench.

It is very important when working with a trimmer wear safety glasses, because even if you have cleaned the area of debris, plant stems and grass can fly into the eyes. The same stems, grass and branches can hurt your hands, so it is advisable to wear gloves as well

Electric grass trimmer simply plugged in, but the battery must be charged for a few hours before work. Then, if there is a shoulder mount, hang it on the shoulder, backpack. on both shoulders. Grasp the Grass Trimmer firmly in the palm of your hand: the D-handle should be tightly grasped, and the Garden Grass Trimmer with a bicycle handle (U-handle) should be held firmly with both hands. Hold the grass trimmer above the grass, so that the line spool or the blade is parallel to the ground. Switch on the starter.

How to mow correctly. The cutting mechanism rotates counterclockwise. So that the grass cuttings fall on the area you’ve already mowed, easily, with simple movements, sweep the trimmer in front of you, from right to left. To remove the grass cuttings you need to mow in a different direction. from left to right. If the area is flat and large, divide it into imaginary squares and mow along the outside of such a square. If the area is on a slope, you need to start mowing from the bottom of the lawn, passing across the plot. in one line. When you reach the edge, go back and mow in the same direction, parallel. If there are a lot of trees on the site, mow only with a fishing line, otherwise you can cut the trunk of the tree with a knife. In a garden like this, it’s best to mow around the perimeter, going around the tree in a circle.

Finishing the job. Turning off the engine and taking the straps off your shoulders is not the end of the job. Carefully clean the bobbin and blade of grass. Then fold the trimmer, if it is telescopic or collapsible, and hide it until the next mowing.

How to mow trimmer with a knife

Have you ever wondered? How to mow grass correctly with a trimmer. No? And this is an interesting question. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

What is a grass trimmer (lawnmower)?

The grass trimmer is the most versatile tool you’ve ever had at your disposal. Powerful grass trimmers, popularly called brushcutters, can not only level the edges of your lawn. They can be equipped with metal blades for removing weeds, reeds, bushes and even small trees.

As powerful grass trimmers cut larger and tougher plants than conventional electric grass trimmers or curved shaft grass trimmers. Handling and safety precautions will also be special.

So, how to properly and safely mow with a trimmer:

Protective equipment for working with brushcutters

Tip: This article does not supersede the instructions in the use and safety manual. Always read the product manual before use and follow safety precautions.

To work safely with a brushcutter (trimmer) you will need:

  • Helmet;
  • Headphones;
  • Eye protection (mesh shield or goggles, or better yet, use both);
  • Long, sturdy pants (shins are in close proximity to the knife or fishing line, so must be protected);
  • Boots with non-slip soles (preferably with a steel toe);
  • Soft gloves (for protection and vibration absorption);

Blades for brushcutters (grass trimmer)

When working with a brushcutter, we can use a fishing line. However, the real advantage (apart from the engine’s high power) is that it can be fitted with metal blades.

Different types of trimmer blades are designed to cut different types of vegetation:

  • Blades with 8 teeth or fewer: Grass and weeds;
  • Knife with 9-40 teeth: thick weeds and bushes
  • Saws with more than 40 teeth: small trees and young saplings;

When changing knives, be sure to use gloves.

Each blade is marked with the size (diameter) of the planting hole in the center. Usually it is 2.5 cm, but there are different occasions. Therefore, please refer to your trimmer user manual for the exact size of the hole on your trimmer.

How to use a grass trimmer with a blade correctly

Regardless of which blade you use, always keep it parallel to the ground. Adjust the straps so that the grass trimmer sits comfortably in this position, with part of the boom behind the handle resting on the shield on your hip.

Knives can only be used, on a straight-shaft trimmer. This means rotating the knife counterclockwise. And that means it’s best to cut with the left side of the knife and move the grass trimmer head to the left.

If you cut with the right side of the blade (especially the right front side), it can bounce (kickout), or as the Americans say kickout. A bounce (kick) of the blade is a quick jerk or jump of the grass trimmer, as if it hits an obstacle and bounces. It may not be safe.

Cutting different types of vegetation

In addition to keeping the knife parallel to the ground and cutting thicker thickets with the left side of the knife, there are a few tips to consider for each type of vegetation you may encounter:

Grass and weeds

To cut tufts of grass and weeds, make sweeping motions back and forth in long arcs, as if you were using a scythe. Hold the grass trimmer so that the blade barely hovers above the ground.

Dense shrubbery

Cutting thick, dense shrubs starting at the base of the plant is not the easiest way. Instead start by lifting the knife up to about waist level, keeping it parallel to the ground. Lower slowly until the blade is just above the ground. Never lift blade above waist level.

Small trees and seedlings

Grass trimmer with saw can be used to cut trees up to 2.5 cm in diameter. For larger diameter trees, use a chain saw.

Hold the grass trimmer so that the blade is 5-15 cm above the ground. Hold the saw steady and press the left side of the blade against the right side of the tree. Cut evenly without pushing.

A lawn mower (grass trimmer) is one of the time-tested tools in the field of landscaping. Its versatility makes it useful for servicing and working in even the most difficult and inaccessible places.

Love, GardeniumPro and may the Force be with you.

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Care of the blade

As the main working element of any lawnmower is its blade, the work of the technique greatly depends on its serviceability and sharpness. Generally a lawn mower will cut the grass even with a blunt blade, but this will affect performance and the result. That is why you should not ignore the manufacturers recommendations concerning blade replacement and sharpening. Working with dull, faulty, out of balance blade you do it at your own risk, because if it breaks you cannot use the warranty service. That is why it is necessary to regularly take care of the blade: wash, sharpen it and change it in time.

Is it safe to mow on wet grass with a lawn mower?

You were preparing to mow your lawn but the rain threw your plans into disarray. Can mow wet grass? This is the question homeowners ask themselves. Let’s get to the bottom of this.

Is it okay to mow wet grass

You’ve decided to wait on mowing. And rightly so. If possible, we should avoid this procedure. But if you just need to mow the lawn. We will give some tips on how to avoid the bad consequences of this idea.

But first, let’s find out why mowing a wet lawn is a bad idea:

It is not safe for you

For starters, you might slip and fall on the wet grass. Especially if you work with a trimmer or your lawnmower is non-self-propelled. Getting hurt if you fall or, worse, getting hit by rotating parts of your equipment.

Second, if you mow with an electric tool (especially a corded one), then at best your equipment will burn out, and at worst you could get an electric shock.

Thirdly, wet grass will clog the deck of the mower and you have to muffle it often to clean it. And finally you will get the dirt flying in all directions all over your clothes.

It is not safe for the lawn

Mowing wet grass or grass covered with dew can cause damage to the lawn. As it is very easy to pull out wet grass with the root. This increases the risk of fungus on the lawn.

Wet grass is very difficult to cut evenly. At first it will seem like you have mowed perfectly. But after the grass dries, you’ll see that the lawn is very uneven.

Also, if the soil is very wet, the wheels of the mower or your shoes can compact the ground a lot, and this is not good for the health of the lawn.

It’s not safe for the lawnmower

As said before, wet grass is physically hard to mow. Excessively wet grass clogs the deck, blades and ejection port. Wet grass clippings remain on the mower and create a breeding ground for mildew and rust. Excessive moisture is also bad for the fuel.

How to cut wet grass

If you do decide to mow your lawn despite the above consequences, learn how to do it with less damage. First of all, don’t mow in the rain. it’s a disaster. Don’t mow early in the morning. Instead, choose noon or evening (with dry grass, it’s the other way around).

Use a sharp blade

The mower blade has to be sharp. Especially when you mow grass in damp conditions. If there are scratches or dents-change or resharpen the blade.

Protect the deck of the lawnmower

Spray the inside of the mower deck with silicone or a special Teflon spray. That protects the deck from dirt and grass, and prevents rust.

Mowing height

Raise the height of the mowing line to 7-10 cm. Yes, a short lawn looks very pretty. But when the grass is wet, it’s not pretty.

Mow slowly

Reduce mowing speed. This will allow the mower to handle the grass more easily. Don’t try to beat the cutting speed record. Take pity on your technique.

Clean your lawnmower or weed trimmer

Once you’ve finished mowing, get rid of any wet grass and dirt. You may need a metal brush. Make sure the tool is dry before putting it away for storage. This will prevent mold and rust.

Now you know if you can mow wet grass. Please carry out the safety precautions below. Take care of yourself and the people around you.

Love, GardeniumPro and may the Force be with you.

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As soon as the grass seed has been sown, you must immediately ask yourself which tools you need for mowing your lawn. You can’t get a straight haircut with a simple scythe. There are a large number of different tools available for this purpose:

Grass trimmer

Consists of a rod with handles, a special reel, and a motor that can be electric or gasoline powered. The reel has a bobbin, on which a special line is wound or a knife is put on.

Please note! Electric grass trimmers just plug in and they’re ready to go. It is light, handy, but it requires a long wire and an outlet, which is not always convenient. Mowing large areas may be more difficult.

  • Low-powered. Comfortable, lightweight, but can’t handle tough, wet grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. Available with bottom-mounted motor and with top-mounted motor. It is possible to install a special blade, which allows you to mow coarser grass. Lower-mounted models cannot mow wet grass.
  • Cordless. lightweight, mobile. The disadvantages are that the battery lasts only one hour.

Gasoline-powered grass trimmer is heavier than an electric mower, but differs from it in mobility. It has a forged shaft, shoulder straps and a powerful power drive. The design of the gearbox enables the use of not only the line but also the blade and toothed disc, which significantly improves the quality of mowing. The gasoline mower can mow very large areas.

Trimmers can mow in hard-to-reach places (under benches, near the pillars), as well as mow paths, regardless of their location.

grass, electric, trimmer


It is clear why this machine is so named. it is a technique for mowing grass on the lawn. Looks like a cart on wheels with special blades and a device for collecting clippings. Lawn mowers come in different models:

As with trimmers, gasoline lawn mowers are mobile, can work away from home. But they have a lot of weight, are more difficult to use and also make a lot of noise.

Electric lawnmowers are lightweight, do not make a lot of noise, clean well, absolutely no harm to the environment. The disadvantages include the need for a nearby power supply.

Cordless are all good: a little noise, the lawn is smooth, easy to work, but the battery lasts for a certain amount of time.

Spindle mowers are such mowers, where there is no motor. The device is designed as if the lawn is cut with scissors. It turns out very beautiful and neat, but the process is very time-consuming.

Lawn shears

This tool is used where it is impossible to work with a lawnmower or trimmer.

grass, electric, trimmer

Once the lawn grass seeds have been sown, you must immediately wonder what tools you need for mowing the lawn. A simple scythe will not get a straight cut. A large number of different tools are available for this purpose:

grass trimmer

It is a rod with handles, a special spool and a motor, which can be electric or gasoline. The spool has a bobbin, on which a special line is wound or a knife is put on.

Take note! An electric grass trimmer is simply plugged in, and it’s ready to go. It is light, handy, but it requires a long wire and an outlet, which is not always convenient. Mowing a large area will be difficult.

  • Low-powered. Comfortable, lightweight, but can’t handle tough, wet grass and weeds.
  • Powerful. Bottom-mounted and top-mounted. A special blade can be installed, allowing you to mow coarser grass. Low-mounted models cannot mow wet grass.
  • Cordless. lightweight, mobile. Disadvantages include the fact that the battery lasts only an hour.

Grass trimmer with a gasoline engine is heavier than an electric mower, but differs from it in mobility. It has a forged shaft, shoulder straps, and a powerful power drive. Gear construction allows you to use not only a line, but also a knife and a toothed disk, which greatly increases the quality of area treatment. Lawn mowers can mow large areas with a gasoline mower.

Trimmers can mow hard-to-reach places (under benches, near pillars), and mow paths regardless of their location.


It is clear why this machine is so named. it is a technique for mowing the grass on the lawn. Looks like a cart on wheels with special blades of grass and a device for collecting cuttings. Lawn mowers come in different models:

As with trimmers, gasoline lawnmowers are mobile, can work away from home. But they weigh a lot, are more difficult to use and make a lot of noise.

Lawn mowers with electric motor are light, do not make much noise, are well cleaned, absolutely harmless to the environment. The disadvantages include the need for nearby power.

Cordless are all good: a little noise, the lawn is smooth, it is easy to work, but the battery lasts for a certain time.

Spindle mowers are such mowers where there is no motor. The device is designed like a lawn mower with scissors. It turns out very nice and neat, but the process is very time consuming.

Lawn shears

This tool is used in places where you can’t use a mower or trimmer.

How to mow the lawn (grass mowing)

How to mow your lawn professionally. A well-tended lawn makes any home look nice. A simple and cheap way to keep your lawn nice and healthy. Is to use a lawn mower. In addition to keeping the lawn in good condition, the lawn mower must also be maintained so that it is effective at mowing the lawn.

how to

Make sure the mower is set at the correct cutting height. Different types of grass require different mowing heights. Determine the type of grass on your lawn before you set the mowing height on your mower.

Keep the mower in good condition. Even if you don’t use a lawn mower, it’s important to keep it in good condition throughout the year. Just like in a car, you need to make sure that all lawn mowers are working properly before you start mowing the lawn. If the mower blades are not crushed, it can damage your lawn, leaving some of the grass un-nourished and susceptible to disease. The rule of thumb for mowing the grass.

How To Mow A Lawn That Is Wet or Damp

Try to mow your lawn when it’s not too hot outside. It is best to mow when there is morning dew on the grass. High temperatures can be very dangerous and should always be taken into consideration.

Check for debris on the lawn. Before mowing the lawn, it is important to make sure there is no debris in the grass or that any debris could damage the mower. You need to make two passes around the edge of the lawn. Be sure to block off passageways.

We must try to mow the same area every time in the opposite direction. Failure to do so can cause a lot of wear and tear or damage to the lawn in some areas.

Cut the grass around beds, trees, and all areas where the mower does not cut to the same height as the lawnmower (a grass trimmer can also be called a brush cutter, brush, clipper, or electric brush). Mowing the grass. Be careful when trimming the grass trimmer not to damage tree bark or clog the grass trimmer.

It is necessary to alternate the direction of mowing along and across, up and down, in different transverse directions of the lawn. But we must remember that you can only mow by pushing the mower forward, and you must never pull the mower towards you. It may not be safe.

Tips (mowing the grass)

Try to keep the mower at a constant speed with the throttle. This will ensure a smoother cut, extend the life of the engine, and reduce fuel consumption.

After you cut the grass out of the mower’s reach with the grass trimmer, install the Kromkorez attachment on the grass trimmer and trim all the edges of beds and paths, and remove grass that grows from cracks in paths.

Do not exceed the mower’s operating speed. At high speeds, mowers may not be able to respond and run into a stump, wire, or rock in the grass.

Make sure that the height of the mower on the lawn matches the recommended type of grass on the lawn.

Only mow your lawn when it is dry. If your lawn is wet after rain or watering, the lawn trimmer can get clogged with wet grass or soil. In addition, moving the mower on a wet lawn can cause soil compaction and lawn disease. This can ruin your entire lawn.


Always wear protective goggles when mowing grass trimmers, as stones, glass, nails and other debris can fly out from under the working blade.

If there is any mower blade malfunction, it should be muted first, remove the spark plug cover, and then troubleshoot.

Make sure children, animals, helpers and rattlesnakes are a safe distance away from the mower or lawnmower. Their blades can injure passersby if they are too close. One of the cardinal rules in grass. mow.

Do not fill up your mower or grass trimmer while the engine is hot. There have been fires and explosions resulting in injury or trauma. Always let the mower cool down.

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