Can I Use a Hammer As a Screwdriver

It is necessary to use the puncher in the most various cases. This tool is literally indispensable in the decoration and repair of residential and other premises. In skillful hands, a punch replaces a number of other devices, the thing remains for small. to know how to use this device.


Before figuring out certain nuances, you need to understand the general principles of the device. The main part of any hammer drill is an electric motor. If it is characterized by increased power, it is mounted vertically. But in structures that do not create significant effort, the engine is placed horizontally. The second option is preferred if you have to work in a limited space. But at the same time, one must not forget about the increased load on the motor and the weakness of cooling. If the designers have chosen a vertical layout, everything will be all right with cooling. In addition, such a system creates less vibration. Another division is associated with the device of the percussion mechanism.

Almost all modern rotary hammers are equipped with an electro-pneumatic working part. It provides powerful shocks with relatively low energy consumption. When the engine rotates, the force inside the sleeve is applied to the chain. The outer sleeve synchronously oscillates. The pneumatic system is good because at idle the device turns off itself.

How to prepare for work?

Before you do this or that job, you have to choose and put the necessary nozzle.

Can I use a hammer drill as a screwdriver

This means the need:

  • remove the cartridge;
  • clean it;
  • coat the inside of the cartridge with grease;
  • put the cartridge in place;
  • lock the nozzle by lowering the ring.

Actions in various modes

For drilling, the toggle switch is moved to the appropriate position. Turning on the engine at idle, apply the nozzle to the place where the hole should be punched. To control the torsion speed of the drill and nozzle, use a special trigger. Drilling occurs if the hammer is moved to a different mode. Usually it is indicated by a picture showing the hammer and drill. Speed ​​adjustment during drilling is rare.

To work in the chiselling mode of the material, the puncher is switched to the program indicated by the image of the hammer. But that’s not all. you need a nozzle that can act like a chisel.

Such a nozzle is mounted at the necessary angle with respect to the surface to be treated. To set the desired number of strokes, as well as their strength, the trigger is pressed with different effort. Such work, which is important, requires some skill, and may not work right away.

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Separate rotary hammers can be used as a screwdriver. The necessary information is always indicated in the instructions for the device. To tighten the screws or unscrew them, a specific nozzle is needed. There may not be a special screwdriver mode, usually the “Drilling” program is used instead.

Key requirements and safety information

It is important to understand that regardless of the manipulations performed, the punch is not a toy. This is a serious mechanism, besides being energized. Whatever the purpose, work only with special gloves and goggles. Outerwear. strictly with long sleeves. All buttons, zippers and other similar elements must be buttoned all the way to prevent accidental grip of the drill.

A useful addition for any home craftsman working with a puncher is a cartridge-mounted shield. It will stop the flow of various particles of matter flying out of the holes. Especially careful should be taken wherever there are hidden communications. It is useful not only to familiarize yourself with the drawing, but also to mark the route of the wires, the wiring of the pipes on the surfaces themselves. Workers must hold the punch with both hands at chest level, it is also useful to spread your legs slightly in order to gain a large area of ​​support.

It is unacceptable to use such a technique, standing on flimsy and unreliable stairs, on various kinds of drawers, on other dubious quality supports. Of course, the use of a rotary hammer in low light is prohibited. When hollowing or drilling holes, the tool is directed at right angles to the wall. The slightest skew entails cracking of the cartridge. It is impossible to repair it, it will only turn out to be replaced.

If you need to drill a very long hole, it is better to do this in several steps. So there will be fewer errors, the tool will last longer, and it will be possible to clean the channel, thereby reducing the operating time. Important: the punch does not “like” strong pressure, there will definitely not be any practical benefit from the pressure, but a breakdown is quite likely. If the device is in shock mode, you cannot start it at idle. Otherwise, the force usually spent on breaking through the material will break the mechanism.

When it is known that the wall is composed of loose material, it is treated only in the drilling mode. This reduces particle dispersion and allows you to spend less time on cleaning. But hard surfaces are treated only with the use of protective grease and liquid refrigerant. As soon as the tool has warmed up, it is immediately turned off and not started until it cools completely. This is important even in cases where the time specified in the instructions has not yet passed.

It must be remembered that even the best perforators create a lot of noise. Their use is allowed only from 7 to 23 hours. As soon as the work is completed, the tool must be cleaned of dust. Store it strictly in warm and dry rooms. Periodically, the drilling machine must be disassembled and lubricated.

How to ditch walls for wiring?

This machine is suitable for chipping even better than a conventional drill. It is much more reliable and quite effective in shock mode. For work, a steel blade is used, nozzles with a short and long drill. Strictly on the selected line make holes 2.5 cm deep. The step between them should be from 1 to 1.5 cm.

The spatula allows you to clean the prepared strobes, remove all contaminants from there. Tip: to make the initially uneven shafts smoother, they are modified using an angle grinder with a diamond blade. But this method is accompanied by the release of a large amount of dust. You can remove it using an industrial vacuum cleaner. In any case, when the gating is completed, you will have to ventilate the room.