Can you cut with a grinder?

What is better. angle grinder or grinder?

Construction and repair work involves performing cutting, scraping, grinding, polishing surfaces made of different materials, so in the arsenal of the master is often present grinder and angle grinder. Many beginners get their tools mixed up, or don’t know which one to choose for a specific task. Through a comparative analysis of the units we will tell you what is better angle grinder or grinder.

Place Model
1. Makita GA5030, 720 W, 125 mm Prices Overview
2. Interskol angle grinder-125/900 671.1.0.00 Prices Review
3. Bosch GWS 660-125, 660 W, 125 mm Prices Overview
4. Stanley Sb90 Prices Overview
5. Makita 9910 Prices Overview
6. Resanta LShM-75/900 Prices Review
7. Wert EES 125DE, 350W Prices Overview
8. Makita BO5031, 300 Watt Prices Review
9. DeWALT DWE6423, 280 W Prices Overview
10. Makita BO3711 Prices Overview
11. BLACKDECKER KA300 Review
12. Makita BO3710 Overview

Operations that can be performed with the angle grinder

Angle grinder is a multifunctional tool. Drive mechanism in it is an electric motor, which through the gearbox transmits motion to the shaft with a removable nozzle mounted on it. General view of the device in the photo below.


There are models on the market that vary in power and design:

Professional large angle grinder 230mm Stern AG230B

Powerful devices are powered from three-phase voltage of 380 V, and household. from single-phase 220 V. There are also low-power cordless models.

Angle grinder (angle grinder) can do the following basic types of work with various materials:

If the angle grinder is fixed, it is possible to grind various tools on the wheel: cutters, drills, knives, etc.

Angle grinder is designed to work with such materials:

angle grinders are widely used both in household and industrial applications. This is due to their wide functionality, due to the following factors:

  • a large selection of different nozzles from different materials to perform various operations;
  • the possibility of fixed fixation with the help of special fasteners;
  • Some models have additional knobs and several speed modes of operation.

Remember at all times that only special discs are used for each material.

What is the best wheel for cutting metal??

To work with metal more often use abrasive discs. They are divided into discs for ferrous metal, stainless steel and aluminum. If you need a clean and thin cut, you are better off with a disc 1 mm thick. Do not use it for cutting metal that is too thick, because the disc might break.

The thickness of the cut and its depth depends on the diameter of the disc. Cutting metal requires a cutting disc with a thickness from 1 to 1,2 mm, for professional work up to 2,5 mm. If you intend to make a shaped thread on a thin metal, you need a disc with a small diameter or used.


Using an eccentric (orbital) grinder

Orbital grinders by the principle of action are similar to rectangular vibrating grinders, but are more productive and have a finer degree of grinding and polishing due to the complex path of vibration. The surface treatment is carried out by the grinding disc with a diameter up to 150 mm, as an abrasive attachment use special sanding discs with different grit size or sanding felt tips.

Power of orbital grinders is usually 200-650 W, speed. up to 13000 per minute, the speed of oscillation of the eccentric. up to 24000 per minute. The speed and oscillation control and the eccentric amplitude adjustment are very useful functions, just like on HMMs.

All grinders are characterized by the formation of a large amount of dust at work. Some models are equipped with holes in the base plate for dust extraction and a dust bag

This option is very useful when working indoors, so if possible you should consider models with a dust collector. Also the length of the cord is important. with a short cord you have to use an extension cord at all times

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A cordless grinder is also an option. When buying, it is worth paying attention to the shape of the handle and weight of the tool, holding it in your hands for some time, trying the inclusion and regulation of modes.

Grinding flat grinder and angle grinder (angle grinder)

Angle grinder (angle grinder) is a multifunctional device, which is also used in the situation under consideration. Special circles are used for this purpose. Petal circles are made of sandpaper, which is attached to a flat surface. The wheel can be of different diameters and grit sizes. When choosing, the following recommendations can be highlighted:

  • to remove paint, a coarse-grained wheel should be used;
  • If it is necessary to remove a thin layer of wood, you can take the abrasive, which has a medium grit;
  • if you want to make the wood particularly smooth, you can use a fine-grained abrasive.

However, it should be noted that the surface will not be removed along the fibers. In this case it is practically impossible to regulate the speed of rotation, feed rate. Use an angle grinder can be used in cases where there is no need for high performance.

In order to grind wood, you can use special equipment, which is called a surface grinder. The peculiarities of this machine include:

  • Wood is scraped by reciprocating motion of the abrasive material.
  • Sandpaper moves at high speed, which allows you to achieve a good result at work.
  • Unlike other methods, in this case the grinder grinds along the fibers, which determines the high quality of the product.

The design is quite simple, allows you to achieve a good quality. But when changing large surfaces, the sander has a low efficiency. Certain models have a rather large surface to which to fasten the sandpaper, but to provide the necessary force in this case is quite difficult.

Belt-type sander

Belt sanding machine is the most productive tool that can be used for woodworking with high productivity. The jet method also offers high performance.

The design works with a round grinding belt, which can have different grit sizes. The structure carries out material removal along the fibers. However, do not forget that you can not sand the corners with this design. Tape can be used for a large amount of work: floor, walls, furniture and so on.

Despite the great automation of the work, it is possible to provide mechanical action by hand. This is due to the fact that the removal of fibers can be carried out in the right direction. It is also possible to carry out processing of corners. However, in order to achieve the desired result, you need to have certain skills. The work in this case is very difficult, requires a lot of time. That’s why manual tools are very popular only in certain cases.

The most versatile attachment to the “angle grinder”. One is quite sufficient for various degrees of sanding. The nozzle itself is a metal base, on which the circles are mounted with one or another grit. They are easy to change or as they wear out, or in the case of switching to another area of work. Consequently, only grinding wheels are consumables. The nozzle itself is used indefinitely.

How to grind with an angle grinder

Do not forget that the grinding is always associated with a lot of dust. Preparing for the grinding, do not forget about yourself! Mask and respirator are the best assistants in the grinding process. It is also possible to find an option where a mask is combined with a good respirator.

The filter of the respirator will clog very quickly, so it is necessary to prepare several pieces at once for rapid replacement. Only after a thorough preparatory work can you start sanding.

The name says it all. Such nozzles are processed by the final parts of wooden workpieces (cuts). Especially effective if you have to deal with right-angled (beveled) cuts.

Sanding wood

If you decipher the abbreviation angle grinder, it is clear that it is finishing. the main purpose of the “angle grinder”.

Can an angle grinder to saw wood with a disc for metal?

The question is often asked: “Can an angle grinder saw wood with a metal blade??”. Of course you can, but it is not recommended. The wood will simply begin to smoke, there will be an unpleasant smell. It is better to use specially designated discs for this purpose.

How to cut concrete pavers with a grinder

The depth of cut should be increased gradually, do not try to cut everything in one go. Never remove the blade guard! Wait until the wheel has stopped after you have finished working. do not throw the “angle grinder” with the rotating wheel. Do not grasp the tool immediately after stopping it to avoid burns.

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Metal cutting technology with angle grinder

Angle grinder (angle grinder), or angle grinder, as it is commonly called, is an indispensable and versatile tool in construction, designed for cutting and processing hard materials. But it is also one of the most dangerous types of equipment, so cutting metal with an angle grinder and other types of material requires compliance with all safety rules.

Choice of angle grinder

For proper and accurate work, you need to buy a tool that is suitable for the power and diameter of the cutting abrasive wheel and functionality. Decide what kind of work you need the tool for.

For home repair masters can get by with a low-powered angle grinder, and for professional construction will need serious multi-functional equipment.

Low-powered units are connected to a 220 V household socket, powerful. are connected to the industrial three-phase network, with a power of 380 V. In low-powered grinders often jams disk when cutting thick metal, it is dangerous because the unit can break from the hands, hurt, or break the drive.

Advice to novice craftsmen to buy an angle grinder under the drive 125 mm with a capacity of 0.8-1 thousand. W and the number of spindle speeds of 10 thousand. on./min. This power is just enough to cut iron.


Used for cutting metal, stone, glass, and for roughing, grinding and scraping. Fixed stationary, it is easy to sharpen cutters, knives, drills, etc. д.

When choosing an angle grinder, you should pay attention to the fact that it is convenient to hold in your hand. The quality and safety of work also depends on it. If possible, choose a model with rubber grips.

Choice of blade

For each type of robot, a specific disc is assumed, with the right diameter and thickness. Small diameter. 125 mm, and a large or often used. 250 mm. The thickness of the cut and its depth depends on the diameter of the blade.

To cut metal, you need to buy a cutting disc with a thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm, for professional up to 2.5 mm. If you are supposed to do a shaped thread on a thin metal, you need a disc with a small diameter or used.

Grinder Safety.- and lies you are told to scare you.

Regardless of the size of the disk, a protective cover is placed, it is used when cutting metal. When cutting metal, you expect a flight of small particles, to avoid damage by small metal scraps set the shield.

Basic safety rules for working with metal

Before you begin work, you must familiarize yourself with how to properly use the angle grinder, as well as with the peculiarities of safety. Even if the master has not the first time in the hands of an angle grinder. You should be focused and as careful as possible to avoid unnecessary emotions in order to prevent injuries.

How to cut metal properly? The basic rules of the process:

  • The specialist should arm themselves with protective goggles when working with the angle grinder, take shields to avoid eye contact with sparks, small metal particles.
  • It is advisable to protect all parts of the body. Protective gloves must be worn, not cotton gloves as they are easily flammable.
  • Cutting metal with an angle grinder requires the removal of adjacent objects, especially those that are highly flammable.
  • Obligatorily work piece should be secured in a machine tool or vise. You should not hold it with your hand, do not clamp it with your feet.
  • When installing a new disc, spin it at maximum speed, keep the angle grinder away from yourself.
  • If the disc is defective, it can break into small pieces and injure.
  • The angle grinder guard must be adjusted, securely locked in place. It is mounted to protect your eyes from flying particles.
  • The master must remember, when replacing discs or when resting, the machine must be unplugged.
  • Do not change discs while the angle grinder is on.
  • Move around the work area only with the angle grinder turned off.
  • If the light is accidentally turned off, you must turn off the angle grinder to avoid an unexpected turn-on.

Do not put cutters, saws instead of the disc, it is strictly forbidden. You must obey safety rules and minimize the possibility of injury.

Tips on how to cut metal properly

When picking up an angle grinder, you must remember that this is one of the most dangerous tools for injuries. If the disc breaks, the angle grinder can break and hit you. Small parts can fly out when cutting, you must take all necessary precautions.

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How to handle the machine properly? Additional safety precautions:

  • After learning how to use the technique, you need to acquire cutting skills. You should start by practicing on unnecessary parts.
  • The blade tip cuts the metal better and more efficiently.
  • When cutting metal, it is necessary to sprinkle water on the material to cool it. This applies to all models.
  • With more expensive ones, everything is automated and rotating is easy, without clamping the blade.
  • Do not operate the machine at full power. This leads to fast wear and tear, as well as a quick breakdown.
  • Watch out for saw blade wear. The direction of work requires attention and sensitivity.

Recommendations of the masters

How to properly cut the material? There are a number of auxiliary recommendations for operating an angle grinder at home.

To avoid overheating, take breaks every five minutes to allow the angle grinder to rest, for example for 20 minutes. This is especially true for low-power models.

Aluminum is a soft and ductile metal. When cutting a part of great thickness, you need to drip kerosene. This substance is easily flammable, so you must follow all safety rules to avoid ignition.

Used discs are used for cutting tin plates and shaped carvings. Don’t throw away the waste after work.

Angle is not cut in one step, each shelf is cut separately. To cut a long pipe requires a certain technique of cutting, you need to start cutting near the hanging edge. If you start in the middle, the metal will bend and jam the disc.

What to choose. a grinder or angle grinder

Buying a device, you must first determine what it will be used for. Working with wood has its own subtleties. improper or not careful enough processing with the wrong tool can ruin the entire appearance of the product.

An ordinary angle grinder is inexpensive, easy and economical to maintain and repair. It can be used to quickly cut wood using a petal sanding disc. sandpaper attached to a rigid circular base. There are discs of different abrasiveness to choose from, proceeding from the goal in view. However, the quality of such processing will not be high: the surface is smooth, but not quite flat. The reason for this is the high speed, and in addition the tool has to be constantly kept in the balance.

This method is good when you want to sand, for example, paving slats, boards for roughing or the ceiling. But it is not suitable where it is important to get a perfectly flat surface, as well as for processing corners and other reliefs.

For these purposes, it is better to use professional sanders. belt, or “tanks”, for roughing, when you need to remove a thick layer of wood, vibrating. at the intermediate stage and eccentric. at the final stage, when you need to finally grind the product.

The use of several types of grinders is preferable, because this is required by the technology for grinding wooden surfaces. Start grinding, using coarse paper with an abrasivity rating of 60, then 80, and gradually increasing the grit size to 150-180.

When processing wood after sanding with a tool, it is recommended to complete it manually, because otherwise, after covering it with a stain or paint, you will be able to see traces of the tool. Sand the wood strictly along the fibers with quick, light movements. In the final step, when using a fine-grained sandpaper. almost no pressure.

What can be used for cutting steel??

Steel can be cut at home with an angle grinder, it is generally a home tool, not very hard steels are cut with a hacksaw for metal. If by “hardened steel” you mean something like a good drill, cutter, or other high-carbon steel product, then there is only an angle grinder with a metal disc.

It is a good idea to cut thin alloyed steel with an arc plasma jet. The area of rational use of plasma cutting extends to steel of 1 to 10 mm thickness (when cutting manually). When mechanizing the process, plasma cutting metal with a thickness of 3. 4 mm is less economical than cutting with a piercing arc.