Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaw Partner P350s

carburetor adjustment for Partner p350s chainsaw

For people involved in construction or logging, as well as living in their own living room with an adjoining piece of land, it’s very handy to own a high-quality Swedish partner 350 chainsaw, which is an excellent substitute for other tools for cutting wood, for example, two-handed saws or hacksaws.

Like any other machine, chainsaws also require careful maintenance and periodic maintenance, otherwise they will quickly break as a result of operation. At the same time, asking qualified specialists to fix a chainsaw costs money that you probably do not want to spend for any reason, because you understand that you can fix most of the malfunctions and breakdowns yourself. To do this, you need to understand the device of the chainsaw and watch a video where you will receive detailed instructions for repairing the Partner 350 chainsaw.

Design features of a chainsaw

  1. This chainsaw is equipped with a gas engine with a power of one thousand three hundred watts. A distinctive feature of the device is the facilitated launch of the apparatus, carried out using an electronic type ignition system and a unique fuel pump.
  2. The manufacturer prudently put a protective system into the chainsaw, which stops the rotation of the chain with the help of an inertial brake in case of emergency situations. In addition, the unit is equipped with a device that lubricates the chain of the chainsaw automatically, without the efforts of the owner.
  3. The fuel primer makes it easy to launch the product both in the warm and in the cold season. The impeller on the starter makes it possible to clean its drum from dust and dirt without problems.
  4. The developers of the chainsaw made sure that the motor served you for a long time without breakdowns, so they equipped it with a filter equipped with a CCS system, with which you can prevent the absolute majority of residual particles from surrounding air from getting into the engine. Thanks to this, the owners of the unit can save fuel due to its low consumption by the device.
  5. Chromium is applied to the walls of the chainsaws, which allows you to increase the period during which the tool will reliably serve you.

Typical malfunctions and breakdowns of the Partner 350 chainsaw

The vast majority of product malfunctions occur due to engine problems and related systems. Typically, the unit must be disassembled to repair it. To avoid making a mistake during the disassembly process, read more about the design of the chainsaw in the video or operating instructions.

Malfunctions with the ignition system

When your chainsaw does not start, you should first see are candles ok, giving a spark, thanks to which the fuel is ignited and by the force of the impulse pushes the piston, doing useful work.

In order to assess the condition of the candle, you need to remove the wire that goes to it from the starter, and unscrew it using a suitable sized key from the groove. Inspect the candle: its appearance will tell you what happened to the chainsaw:

  • If carbon deposits are found on the surface of a candle, you can put forward the following hypotheses about a possible malfunction: either your carburetor adjustment is incorrect, or you put an excessive amount of oil in gasoline when preparing the fuel mixture before work, or you purchased low-quality oil. After solving the problem, clean the candle from soot, for example, with a needle or fine-grained sandpaper, wash the electrodes.
  • If you notice that gasoline leaks are noticeable on the candle, this means the following: either you did not read the instructions and, therefore, did not adhere to the rules explaining how to properly start the product, or the carburetor adjustment was not performed properly. In order to remove excess gas from the engine’s fuel supply system, shut off any possibility of supplying gas to the engine, then try to start the saw and after that check what remains in the combustion chamber. If there is nothing else there, then wipe the surface of the candle, screw it back into the groove and attach the starter wire to it. Then try starting again.
  • If the candle is excessively dry, then most likely gasoline cannot get into the engine. In this case, the problem is not in the ignition system.
  • To check whether the candle gives a spark, you need to put on it a wire coming from the starter, use a metal object to connect the nut on the candle itself and the cylinder to each other, and then try to start the engine. If you do not see a spark, then the candle is defective. There is only one solution. replacing a faulty candle.

Video: Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaw Partner P350s

Fuel system malfunctions

The consequence of such malfunctions is the inability of fuel to penetrate the cylinder and begin to carry out useful work on the rotation of the chain, therefore chainsaw will not start. The reasons for this are as follows:

  1. The fuel filter is out of order because it is clogged.
  2. The breather is clogged (this is the name of the hole made by the manufacturer in the gas tank and intended for air to enter the tank through it).
  3. Lack of fuel in the gas tank.
  4. The membrane in the carburetor is not complete or in the channels of the carburetor with a high degree of probability there is a blockage.
  5. The carburettor adjustment is not performed properly.

To determine if a breather or filter has clogged up with foreign objects, you need to disconnect it from the attachment points fuel hose and see if gas flows from it and with what pressure. If gasoline flows slowly and weakly, clean the breather with a thin, sharp object, such as an awl. If the problem is the filter, then remove it from the tank where the fuel is stored, and clean it, and if necessary, replace it.

Did you find that the cause of your problems lies in the carburetor? The good news is that if the filter on your carburetor becomes clogged, you can easily wash it yourself. In addition, without any problems, you will do the adjustment and tuning of the carburetor of the “Partner 350” chainsaw with your own hands, if you strictly adhere to the recommendations from the operating instructions.

The bad news is that with a different, more complicated carburetor repair, you are unlikely to do it yourself, and you will have to drive your unit to the mechanics. Sometimes the manufacturer deliberately does not write in the instructions, how to set up and repair a carburetor, so that people who do not understand the device’s device do not try to fix the malfunction on their own if the chainsaw suddenly ceases to start, and as a result does not break the unit completely.

Troubleshooting cylinder and piston group

To the main breakdowns of this system Chainsaws include:

  • Low pressure detected by a compressor in the cylinders, due to which the motor loses power and cannot rotate the chain at the speed necessary for efficient sawing of wood. The pressure at which the engine runs smoothly is approximately nine atmospheres.
  • Violation of the tightness of the rings in the pistons, as a result of which hot gases from the cylinders enter the crankcase. The fault is eliminated by replacing the rings.
  • Problems with the tightness of the gaskets located in the cylinder head (cylinder head). Visually expressed as emissions of gasoline combustion products through cracks in the gasket and pressure drops in the engine. The problem is solved by replacing the gaskets.

If you want to know if there are problems in the cylinders, then the easiest way to do this is to remove the muffler and assess the situation, looking through the hole left from the muffler removed on the inside of the cylinders. If you need repairs, you will of course need to remove the cylinder head for open access to the pistons and cylinders.

Muffler cleaning and repair

Sometimes, having dispersed your chainsaw to high engine speeds, you are surprised to find that the motor can not cope with them, and your tool stalls. In this case, smoke begins to pour out of the muffler. However, the motor runs easily at low speeds.

In this case, it is highly likely that the muffler of your unit clogged with soot and other products of incomplete combustion of fuel, so it must be cleaned. This work is done as follows: you will need to remove the muffler from the chainsaw and disassemble it; then clean its outer and inner surface from soot; in the last step, dry with a hair dryer and install on a chainsaw.

Please note that in order to prevent clogging of the cylinders with debris, it is recommended to cover the muffler opening with a plug or a rag.