Carburetor Adjustment Husqvarna 137

Chainsaw device Husqvarna 137

When assembled on a Husqvarna 137 saw you can see:

  • Handles (front, rear and starter grip)
  • Covers (cylinder, clutch and starter)
  • Chain brake handle;
  • Tanks (for fuel and chain oil);
  • Levers (throttle, control and choke lock)
  • Ignition switch;
  • Muffler;
  • A tire with its guide and end sprocket;
  • Chain with its tension screw;
  • Protective shield for the right hand.
Carburetor Adjustment Husqvarna 137

Photo of a disassembled Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

There is a fuel and lubrication system inside the device, including a carburetor, and an ignition system.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 137

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  • Carburetor Husqvarna 137
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Chainsaw Husqvarna 137 (Husqvarna) refers to the amateur non-professional options. Light weight (4.6 kg without chain and bar) and engine power (1.6 kW) made it highly popular with consumers. For this model, 2 tire options are applicable, length 13 “and 15”. Their step is 0.325 “, and the maximum end radius. 10T. With proper operation and timely maintenance, it will last for many years. During operation, the device emits a noise of 98-108 dB.

Adjusting the carburetor Husqvarna 137

In the correct operation of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, a high-quality carburetor setting, chain tension and sharpening are important. To adjust the carburetor, you need to return the screw on it, which regulates the idle speed until it stops. Then, counterclockwise, you need to return the screw 4.5 turns. In this position, the chain does not have to rotate when the engine is running. If this is not the case, you need to contact the service center. Each step of adjusting the screw should be no more than 1/16 of a turn and be accompanied by another test of operation.

Chainsaw chain Husqvarna 137

For this variant of the device, the Swedish manufacturer recommended the Husqvarna H30 chain with a drive link thickness of 1.3 mm. The manufacturer recommends that it be sharpened by a specialist. The degree of tension is determined visually. Its adjustment is carried out with a screwdriver with an adjusting screw in steps of ¼ turn to the right or left.

Carburetor Husqvarna 137

Carburetor manufacturer. Walbro. Device type. WT-660.

Specifications Husqvarna 137

How to adjust the carburetor

The factory settings of the fuel block of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw guarantee optimal engine power and economy of the working mode. But in the process of operation, the tool must be transferred to the summer and winter periods, which requires additional adjustment of the parameters set by the manufacturer. Also, adjusting the carburetor is important when there is a decrease in traction, or the amount of haulage fuel changes not for the better.

Many owners resort to the help of specialists in solving this problem. But you can make the necessary adjustment at home.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Warm up the engine and Tighten the idle speed screw until it stops.
  • Then loosen it, returned it counterclockwise by 4.5 turns.
  • Watch the chain while the engine is running. If it moves, the adjustment has failed. Only the specialists of the service center can help in this situation.
  • In the event that, after adjusting the carburetor, the engine does not start or immediately stalls, check the presence of fuel fluid in the supply tank, as well as the suitability of the spark plugs and air exchange filter.
  • When the chainsaw engine stalls with increasing load, you need to check the center jet. Usually its clogging disables the device.

: adjusting the carburetor of your Husqvarna chainsaw

Chainsaw “Husqvarna 137”: how to disassemble and assemble, how to adjust the carburetor

Small-sized chainsaw “Husqvarna 137” is characterized by good quality, maintainability and durability. This solid machine is ideal for non-professional needs.

What features this model has, what should the owners take into account when disassembling and assembling it, as well as in the intricacies of adjusting the carburetor, we will describe further in the article.

Scope of application

The device is suitable for sawing everything except metal nails and earth. Its technical characteristics allow you to expand the scope of application to almost professional level.

The tool is used for:

  • Firewood preparation;
  • Preparation and dismantling of construction timber;
  • Forming and sanitary pruning of fruit trees;
  • Manufacturing of designer wooden parts for interior landscaping.

Husqvarna 137 easily cuts hard trees with trunks up to 30 cm, copes with standard, diagonal, single-start and longitudinal threads. And its compactness allows you to work even in hard-to-reach places.

over, during the sawing process, fatigue is felt after a long time, which is due to the high center of gravity of the saw, its narrowed configuration and flat body bottom.

How to disassemble and assemble the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

Dismantling the body of a chain chainsaw is carried out in order to replace the cylinder and piston system. For this, all the bolts are loosened and removed in sequence.

Now it’s time to install the new piston and crankshaft. To do this, press in the drive gear of the oil pump and put on new bearings on both sides. The oil seal will be located on the left. The piston is mounted on the connecting rod in a specific position. This is indicated by an arrow on the top of it. After disassembling the structure, it should return to its original position and point to the muffler. In our case, there is a tapered seat for the flywheel and part of the crankshaft on the left, and on the right. Oil pump drive gear. So the arrow must point north.

Further, a retaining ring can be inserted into one of the gears. A piston pin is inserted into the opposite one. And only after THESE manipulations the piston is put on the upper head of the connecting rod. Now you need to push the piston pin and, on the other side, install the retaining ring on it. At this stage, the assembly of the crankshaft and piston is complete.

The following actions should be focused on sealing surfaces, contact of the cylinder with its bottom cover. For THESE purposes, the usual automobile sealant “Abra” or silicone “Hermesil” is used. The product is applied in a thin layer (no more than 1 mm) to the edge of the lid, after which the part must be set aside to dry for 5-7 minutes.

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In the meantime, we are starting to assemble the chainsaw engine. Please note: the lock of the compression ring is at the level of the pressed-in pin. It is important not to confuse this point and to insert the piston correctly. This is done carefully, without unnecessary movements and efforts. The part should fit easily inside.

Then, on top of the lining, fasten the cover greased with sealant and screw it with bolts.

Be sure to check that the applied product extends beyond the joint on all sides. Turn the crankshaft by hand. It should rotate easily.

Then we proceed to mount the engine on the crankcase of the chainsaw, screwing it from below with 4 bolts.

The resulting structure is installed on the base of the saw, offset the holes and fixing the parts with screws.

If 2 rubber buffers fall out during disassembly, I return them to their place.

After that, we lower the crankcase and insert the gas lines into its hole.

At the same time, it is important to keep the channel in a taut position, otherwise bends may appear on it.

Now the turn has come for the decorative attachment, which needs to be fixed with 1 screw.

Then we assemble the oil pump in the reverse order of disassembly and fixing it with 2 self-tapping screws.

The next step is to install the clutch, washer and drum, which must first be lightly greased with oil.

After it, weights are put on the structure.

Put on the cylinder 2 nozzles, and then Installing the carburetor adapter.

This is done in such a way that a large oval hole goes into the black tube, and the second, a small one. Into the seals of the impulsive channel.

We proceed with the installation of the ignition module on the cylinder and screw it.

Do not forget to put terminals under the lower screw to ensure power supply.

For convenience, you can move the low-voltage wires into the carburetor compartment so as not to touch them during further work.

We mount a flywheel on the engine. There is a groove on the seating surface, and there is a kind of key on the flywheel body.

Please note that on modern power tools the magneto is installed in only one position using a veneer connection. Adjustment of this mechanism is not provided.

When the flywheel is turned clockwise, upward movement of the piston is seen into the exhaust port.

Exhaust gas outlet

As soon as he closes this “window”, load the rope through the candle hole.

Rope with knots

Stretch the flywheel and clutch with a 17 wrench.

During the operation of the chainsaw, the magneto tightening level will independently adjust. The string can now be removed.

Next, adjust the clearance between the ignition module and the flywheel. To this end, we turn the crankshaft, after which we bring the flywheel and ignition magnetic lines under each other. Place a probe in the resulting space.

Its role is played by an ordinary aluminum strip from a beer can. The cut piece is bent in half so that the thickness of the material does NOT exceed 0.2 mm.

In this position, tighten all available screws and remove the lining.

Loosen the screws of the ignition coil, after which it will be pulled to the flywheel, clamp them. The required clearance is set

Now we collect the muffler. For this purpose, initially we install its back, the gasket, then the screen.

It is characteristic that all these components are attached with a single small bolt. Therefore, for convenience, screw them in with 2 large screws.

Install the air duct and its drum, then install the starter cover.

If the components do not fit into their natural position, pull the cable.

At the final stage, tighten the bolts.

Place a gasket under the tire, straightening its bent antennae if necessary.

Next, in the carburetor compartment, we mount the ignition switch, put one of the wires on its contact.

We put on the carburetor, and on top of its fitting on the lining adapter the gas lines.

Installing the air damper.

We mount the metal rack for the carburetor and screw it.

Twisting one of the lower self-tapping screws, put the terminals of the low-voltage wire under it.

Then install the throttle rod.

The turn has come to install the air filter and its housing.

Please note that the rubber covers on the bolts are put on when the filter is removed after adjusting the carburetor.

Now you can put on the cover on the chainsaw, securing it with 3 screws.

Do not forget to screw on the cross handle, Installing a rubber buffer between the joint parts.

After the work done, you should have 4 self-tapping screws: short ones twist from the bottom, and long ones. Sideways.

Saw device

If you disassemble the saw body “Husqvarna 137”, then among its components you can find classic elements of mechanical engineering and the latest technological developments.

The structure consists of:

  • Cylinder with piston engine;
  • Clutches;
  • Starter;
  • Front and rear starter handles;
  • Chain brake and its handle;
  • Fuel and oil tanks;
  • Silencer;
  • Pinion tires;
  • Chains that are activated using a tension screw;
  • Protective cover for the right hand;
  • Ignition switch;
  • Throttle and its locking lever;
  • Air damper regulator.

Outwardly, this is a block inside which there is a two-stroke internal combustion engine with the necessary containers for fuel and lubricating fluids.

Of all the components, the tire and the cutting chain are counted as replacement parts. As their resource is depleted, it is necessary to timely replace this equipment. This can be done with the introduction of spare parts for analog or other brands with the appropriate length.

The process of replacing worn out components is simple, but at home it requires the use of a set of factory keys.

Chainsaw specifications

Chainsaws “Husqvarna 137” are no longer produced today, as they were replaced by a new improved 236th model. However, in everyday life, almost every fifth courtyard still has such an apparatus. In addition, for many, he is an irreplaceable assistant in the household. The device turned out to be so perfect that even the most picky critics found it difficult to name at least one of its flaws.

Description and technical characteristics of the saw

Chainsaw model “Husqvarna 137” (included in the list “best chainsaws”) first went on sale in 2005. It was released at the same time as the Husqvarna 142 chainsaw. It was appreciated by “amateurs”. This is an amateur saw model. An excellent option for working in the country. Most of similar models do not start well due to rare use.

At the dacha and suburban area, it is not often necessary to use a chainsaw. Husqvarna specialists have developed a new technology that will come to the rescue in case of problematic starting of the saw, thanks to which the Husqvarna 137 starts up, as they say with a half-turn.

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A special spring is built into the chainsaw, which turns the crankshaft at the right moment. This makes it possible to start dust without effort in relation to the starter cable.

In addition, the Husqvarna 137 has an improved ignition mechanism that produces a spark. The manufacturer made sure that the “amateur” chainsaw was equipped with a device, which is equipped with professional models of dust.

The design of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw is as close as possible to the design of professional equipment. However, the ergonomic design is also appreciated by amateurs. The model is equipped with an air injection system called “Air Injection”.


  • Fuel tank volume. 0.41l.
  • Weight without fuel and without tire. 4600 g.
  • The bus is long. 220-380 mm.
  • Vibration on the front handle. 4.9 m / s.kv.
  • Vibration on the back handle. 7.7 m / s.kv.
  • Chainsaw power. 2.2 HP.
  • Engine volume. 36.3 cubic meters Cm.

Chainsaw Husqvarna 137 price. From 1200 to 2200 rubles.

It will be easier to choose the right oil for chainsaw chain lubrication, read our other article.

Chainsaw instruction manual

Chainsaw “Husqvarna 137”, like other models of this brand, is equipped with an inertial automatic chain brake. This part was invented by the engineers at Husqvarna. Now most of the manufacturers still produce chainsaws with a contact brake. That is, the brake is applied when interacting with the hand during a kickback. In practice, such a contact brake may NOT work at all. Do not forget to take care of the engine, to find out how to dilute gasoline with chainsaw oil read this article.

The auto-vibration system of this model works on the principle of “two masses”. The manufacturer DOES NOT issue other systems.

The Husqvarna 137 is equipped with a high profile professional chain (just like the Stihl chainsaws). This is another difference from low-profile chainsaws. The chainsaws with a high profile chain are forty percent higher. This is especially striking with large volumes of work. In addition, these chainsaws maintain high performance even when working with contaminated wood.

One of the most common mistakes when starting “Husqvarna 137”. Closing the air damper without turning on the ignition.

It turns out that the fuel mixture enters the cylinder. And there is no spark, no ignition occurs. After that, you will have to Unscrew the candle, wipe it and screw it back in. Therefore, it is worth remembering that all Husqvarna chainsaws have a combined damper, and the ignition in them will turn on automatically at the moment when the choke lever is pulled out. Errors in this case are not required.

How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna (Husqvarna) chainsaw. Saw setting and adjustment

Before you go shopping for a chainsaw, you need to decide what kind of work it will be intended for. This can be daily work at a sawmill or using a saw to work in the country.

In either case, a chainsaw from the manufacturer “Husqvarna” will be able to cope with the task.

DIY instructions for setting up and adjusting

Before proceeding to setting up the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, you need to install it. Before starting work, you need to study the device of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw.

  • Be sure to wear gloves for protection. They are NOT included in the package, so you need to take care of their purchase in advance. First you need to install the saw comb and secure it with two screws.
  • If chains and bars are not installed, they should also be replaced. To do this, remove the cover and the nuts securing it. If there is a shipping pad on the chain, remove it.
  • Adjust the chain tension with the adjusting screw. It is important that the delight can enter the hole in the tire. To advance the gripper, turn the adjusting screw counterclockwise. This way the correct gripping position can be achieved.
  • Next, you need to prepare the chain for installation. For this, its correct position is selected. A sprocket is placed on the chain, which is located behind the clutch drum. The chain is passed between the sprocket teeth.
  • The top of the guide bar must be moved into the groove of the guide bar.

When the installation is over, you can proceed to setting up the “Husqvarna 137″ chainsaw.

  • First you need to set the saw switch to the “On” position.
  • Then pull the idle throttle lever until it stops.
  • Pull the cord with a sharp movement of the hand (but not more than ten times).

To start and tune an already warm engine, you need to:

  • Set the saw switch to the “On” position.
  • Directs the Mode Change Knob to the HalfChoke mark.
  • Use your right hand to pull on the cord until the engine does NOT start.
  • Press the engine starter to return to idle speed.

For the disassembly and assembly process, see:

In the manufacturer Husqvarna

The company called Husqvarna was founded in 1687. “Husqvarna” (Husqvarna). It is the market leader in production and garden technology. It is part of a Swedish concern that unites several companies. Manufacturing various types of equipment, ranging from compact sewing machines and ending with impressive ATVs.

“Husqvarna” offers its customers the most extensive range of specialized machinery and equipment. In recent years, the company has increased the number of patented innovations. Husqvarna stands firm on the watch for progress.

The manufactured products of this brand turn hard work (see How to cut a tree with a chainsaw) into a simple activity that does not harm either humans or the environment.

Chainsaw “Husqvarna 137” belongs to equipment produced under the category “Forest professionals”. Along with this model, the manufacturer also produces universal professional chainsaws, blowers and pole saws. All manufactured equipment is compact in size and easy to operate. All Husqvarna chainsaws have three features. Ability to absorb unnecessary vibrations, improved air filtration system, high power.

Husqvarna Safety Guidelines

Due to the Husqvarna 137 being a high speed cutting tool, certain safety rules must be followed.

To avoid an accident, read this manual carefully.

    The spark plug wire must be disconnected during transportation, cleaning. It is important to be careful that it does not come into contact with the spark plug in order to avoid a sudden start of the circuit.

  • When working with the saw, it is necessary to wear protective clothing: non-slip shoes with steel inserts, special gloves (not included in the delivery set), a mask or safety glasses (anti-fog). Hair should be pulled back above the shoulders.
  • If you use a chainsaw regularly, you should have your hearing checked periodically by a hearing care professional.
  • Chainsaw Must only be used by adults.
  • Do not expose body parts to dust when the engine is running.
  • During the operation of the saw, the presence of children and animals must be limited to at least ten meters.
  • Do not use the chainsaw when AL-KO is drunk or when you are upset, depressed or tired.
  • Do not start work until you are wearing protective clothing and a work area is NOT equipped.
  • The saw should only be operated in a well-ventilated area.
  • When cutting a branch, be prepared to jump back at the end of the work so that you do not get hit by a felled tree branch.
  • Place dust on the surface only after it is turned off.
  • Before turning on the dust Make sure that the circuit will NOT come into contact with anything during operation.
  • Your chainsaw should only be serviced by a specialist.
  • The saw handle must be clean and not stained with machine oil.
  • Oil and fuel tank caps must always be tightly closed.
  • Only Husqvarna accessories should be used as spare parts.
  • Do not smoke while refueling.
  • Dust should be filled on bare ground in the open air. It is not allowed to do this indoors.
  • Before starting the engine of the chainsaw, you must move ten meters away from the place where refueling was carried out.
  • Allow the saw to cool before refueling.
  • Kickback may occur if the moving chain touches an object. Rapid movement of the device down and up. This can lead to a complete loss of control of the chainsaw and further serious damage.
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    “Husqvarna 137”. This is an indispensable assistant in a suburban area or dacha. It is distinguished by its modern design, high power, compact dimensions and low fuel consumption. This is perhaps one of the best amateur-grade chainsaws. With proper operation and compliance with all safety rules, it will serve its owner faithfully for more than a dozen years. For possible malfunctions of the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw, read our other article.

    Read also how to repair a Husqvrna chainsaw.

    What is the factory setting of the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw?

    In order for the chainsaw to start anyway, even if the setting is incorrect, the factory settings of the screws H and L are applied. Most Husqvarna chainsaws can be started by unscrewing both screws exactly one and a half turns. Only then can the position of the screws be changed in order to achieve the desired fuel consumption and maximum efficiency. It is regulated by XX also after THESE manipulations.

    If you still have questions about adjusting the carburetor on the Husqvarna 137 chainsaw and the second models of this line. I recommend watching this:

    How to adjust the carburetor on a Husqvarna 137 chainsaw

    Chainsaw. It is a great helper for any man living in his home. The chainsaw device is a complex system that requires careful maintenance and requires increased attention. Today you will learn how to adjust the carburetor of a Husqvarna 137 chainsaw with your own hands in the garage.?

    Do-it-yourself Husqvarna carburetor adjustment?

    To correctly adjust the carburetor of the chainsaw, you need to stock up on the appropriate tool in advance.

    You will need the following list:

    • The most common screwdriver, with which you can unscrew or tighten the adjusting screws;
    • A tachometer designed to count the revolutions of the crankshaft. It is necessary when adjusting the idle speed, since it is quite problematic to determine the number of revolutions per minute by ear;
    • Phillips screwdriver. It is needed to be possible. Unscrew the screw (T);
    • Compressor with a special gun connected to them. The blowing device will help get rid of excess litter and dirt, since the carburetor must always be clean.

    How does the carburetor work on a Husqvarna 137 chainsaw?

    The chainsaws of THESE models are most often fitted with a Walbro carburetor from the factory. Before adjusting the Walbro carburetor on a Husqvarna chainsaw, you need to have a minimum understanding of its structure and know how it works.

    What is worth Pay attention?

    Once your Husqvarna carburetor adjustment is complete, you need to make sure that the engine is running smoothly and that the saw can easily rev up and down. The idling of the chain is considered abnormal, so it is necessary to re-adjust its connection to the clutch with the screw H.

    Do not forget that the unit is NOT set up immediately: you need to wait a while, as the Husqvarna chainsaw does NOT immediately react to changes in the position of the screws. This time can range from 5 to 15 seconds. This Time does not prescribe the table, so you can only find out experimentally.

    If, after adjustment, a huge amount of smoke appears during operation, then the supply of the fuel and oil mixture must be adjusted. For THESE purposes, rotate the screw L.

    What is responsible for the air supply

    Two dampers are responsible for the air supply, installed on the diffuser chamber. The first can regulate the amount of air at the moment the accelerator is pressed and is called the throttle, and the second ensures the limitation of the air supply at the moment when the chainsaw is cold started. To facilitate starting, the flap is closed, which means that the mixture becomes rich, as it is saturated with a large amount of fuel. It is easier to work in this mode, but since it increases fuel consumption, this mode does not apply throughout the entire operation. The saw is worn out.

    A check valve is used to spray fuel into the cylinders.

    The principle of operation is simple: it limits the return of the mixture back to the chamber. All the main malfunctions of chainsaws, most often, manifest themselves when this mechanism does not work properly.

    • The most common mistake is storing the instrument for too long. The fact is that with prolonged inactivity, the valve sticks and either fills the cylinder with fuel, or simply does not open.
    • Second problem. This is an increase in the amount of air in the mixture, caused by its suction from the outside when the valve does not work properly. It is no longer possible to adjust here, since in this case only valve repair or its replacement helps, since the saw will not react to the adjusting screws.

    Unlike the car, the carburetor setting of the chainsaw provides for three adjusting screws that are responsible for the quality of the mixture, the quantity and the nominal crankshaft speed of the Husqvarna engine:

    • Screw L. Designed for setting the number of revolutions when operating in medium modes and regulates low revolutions;
    • Screw H. Adjusts the number of high revolutions and thrust of the installation;
    • T. Designed to adjust the total amount of fuel and adjust the operation of the throttle assembly.

    It is not recommended to touch the first two screws, and not having special skills. The problem is that if you configure them incorrectly, then the carburetor will NOT be able to start the engine, or even start it in the wrong operating modes. Such adjustment of the screw can lead to its early wear and failure. This principle is embedded in many devices.

    Settings parameters do not show any table. Therefore, you should not look for these data in special literature, but only strictly follow the instructions. The table in the passport has only informational value, Regarding the characteristics of the engine.