Carburetor Adjustment Partner 350

Prototypes with similar characteristics

The chainsaw, successful in all respects, became the basis for the development of several versions. In particular, the Partner P350S model is equipped with a more powerful 2-horsepower engine and a 16-inch tire.

The Partner 350XT saw is operated with a 1.9 HP power unit. Its design complements an efficient inertial brake and an automatic chain lubrication system in operation.

Carburetor adjustment

Additional adjustment of the carburetor is necessary to change the quantity and quality of the working mixture with sudden changes in external temperatures, changes in the octane number of gasoline. Correctly made settings provide a combination of maximum traction characteristics with economical consumption of fuel and lubricants.

If the engine does not start, the cause should be sought in a malfunctioning spark plug, if it starts and stalls. Such a failure is highly likely to be a malfunction of the fuel system. Reliable starting is guaranteed by the presence of a primer, supply of a gasoline-air mixture in a ratio of 1:25, stable sparking.

In the case when the fuel mixture is NOT supplied to the carburetor from filling the gas tank, it is necessary to make sure that the filter is in good working order. In some cases, to restore the fuel supply to the carburetor, it is enough to clean the valve breather located in the gas tank cap with a needle.

: carburetor adjustment


The saw is fully competitive in relation to tools of the second well-known brands that are identical in cost and performance parameters. Consumer demand for DAEWOO DACS 4516, PATRIOT PT 5220 Imperial, Hitachi CS 33 EB and Ryobi RCS3835T models is consistently high.

In the domestic market range, powerful and reliable saws Zubr PBC-490 45DP, SPETS BP-4518, as well as a number of household models Caliber, Ural and Zenit are in demand.

It should be noted that in the production of domestic chainsaws, foreign components and modern technologies are used, therefore, in terms of operational capabilities, many domestic tools in this category are NOT inferior to imported counterparts.

Scope of practical application

The operational capabilities of the 350 model cover a wide range of chores for the preparation of firewood, cutting of industrial and construction timber, the formation of crowns of shrubs, ornamental and fruit trees.

  • The structural characteristics of the Partner 350 chain saw DO NOT anticipate the possibility of felling old trees and cutting large diameter trunks. Nevertheless, its design combines the advantages of assemblies and systems typical for semi-professional models.
  • At a budgetary cost, the Partner 350 saw in terms of basic performance is not inferior to many brand models that have proven themselves in woodworking works of various levels of complexity.
  • Tool safety factor is increased by simple but compliant design.

Stable sparking and reliable engine start is ensured by the electronic ignition system, safety of work. Lever configuration, comfortable throttle trigger placement and precise emergency brake actuation.


The design of the instrument uses a classic layout combined with modern design and ergonomic solutions.

  • The saw body houses an air-cooled engine with air purification and noise reduction systems, exhaust, tanks with fuel mixture and oil for chain lubrication. The drive sprocket drives the cutting chain.
  • The cutting device consists of a removable guide bar and a chain with a tensioner, which, in operation, at high speed, moves along a longitudinal groove 1.5 mm wide.

The chain is cooled with oil, which is supplied in the required amount by an automatic dispenser, depending on the operating mode. Engine oils and chain lubricants have different properties and are therefore NOT interchangeable. If the chain is not lubricated, it is exposed to overheating and forced wear, then the reason is most likely in the failure of the oil meter.

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Setting up

Preparation for work consists in checking:

  • Chain tension;
  • Fuel and oil level;
  • Serviceability of the braking device;
  • No backlash and tightening of screw fasteners.


Carburetor Adjustment Partner 350

If you have a saw Partner-350, carburetor adjustment can be done independently, without the involvement of specialists. After evaluating your capabilities and experience, proceed to the disassembly, the recommendations for which were presented above. Further, you can carry out the setting and subsequent adjustment. It is necessary to distinguish between three screws, it is in this amount that they are found in the saw Partner, however, in some models the screw is installed in a single copy. The manufacturer designated each with its own letter, which will allow you to understand what the element is intended for. Thus, the screw under the letter L must be used when setting low rpm. The upper speed can be adjusted with the screw under the letter H. Idle speed can be adjusted with the screw under the designation T, in the second models only it can be present.

Need for adjustment

In order to understand how the chainsaw is adjusted Partner-350, it is best to get acquainted with the device of this node in more detail at the first stage. If you understand the principle of operation and the constituent elements, you can independently determine the cause of the breakdown. Carburetor Acts as one of the main parts of the engine, which is necessary for the preparation and subsequent supply of fuel, the latter consists of fuel and oxygen. If the ratio of these ingredients is violated, then the motor may start to work incorrectly, and subsequently fail.

Additional recommendations

If you purchased a saw Partner-350, carburetor adjustment can be made during operation. Before carrying out these works, you must remember that the factory settings are optimal. Using the screws described above, you can adjust the operation of the motor in special situations, among them different climatic conditions can be distinguished. It is necessary to use screws under the letters L and H when adjusting. To increase the speed, they must be returned clockwise.

To reduce the speed, the screws are turned in the opposite direction. It is also important to take into account the sequence of using the elements, which looks as follows: L. N. T.

Carburetor device

If you decide you need to adjust the saw Partner-350, then you first need to study the design of the elements. The system consists of a diffuser, which acts as a constriction to increase the oxygen flow rate. The diffuser is in the immediate vicinity of the fuel inlet. Available in carburetor and cross-flap tube, it is needed to regulate the oxygen flow. Fuel comes from an atomizer, it is represented by a needle. To adjust the fuel at the entrance to the channel, a float chamber is required, it is also available in the carburetor device.

The need for adjustment

Chainsaw carburetor adjustment Partner-350 required in rare cases, most often problems arise, expressed in improper fuel supply or engine wear. But there are signs that the mechanism needs to be adjusted, here are some of them. After it was possible to start the engine, it immediately stalls. In some cases, users cannot start it at all, and the reason lies in a lack of fuel or an excess of oxygen. The problem can arise in the event of an increase in fuel consumption, the result is an increase in the volume of exhaust gases. This can happen due to oversaturation of the mixture with fuel.


If you will be adjusting the chainsaw carburetor Partner-350, then you should familiarize yourself with the device of the node in more detail, in many models the design features almost do not differ from each other, therefore the recommendations given will be relevant.

The elements must be removed with the utmost care, putting them in order, this will help you during the assembly process. Three bolts hold the top cover, they must be removed, then you will see a layer of foam rubber, which acts as an integral part of the air filter. The technician will have to get rid of the fuel hose, this will remove the drive rod.

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Chainsaw carburetor adjustment Partner-350 is impossible if you do not remove the cable end, this should be done in the next step. The gasoline hose, which is located to the left of the fitting, will need to be overthrown. All of the above work will allow you to disconnect the carburetor, which can be adjusted. This mechanism is complex, therefore, if further disassembly is necessary, you need to remove the elements carefully, because their size is very small, because of which they can be easily lost.

Chainsaw carburetor Partner-350 device repair yourself.

How to adjust the chainsaw carburetor yourself? Setting up the carburetor of a chainsaw how to adjust the carburetor in a chainsaw gasoline foreman how to adjust the korbyurotor? Chainsaw carburetor Partner-350 device. Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands

Construction and repair activities often require the use of a chainsaw. Adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw can be done independently with certain knowledge. The need to implement this process rarely arises. It often appears when the engine is worn out, fuel flow errors. It is possible to understand that adjustment is required if during operation the motor starts to stall for no reason, extraneous noises appear.

Features of the device

It is important, before starting the work process, to run in the factory device in a timely manner, to set it up in time.

The main constituent components of a carburetor are:

  • Main part. It is a special tube designed to allow air to pass through. There is a damper with the ability to change the location.
  • Diffuser. This is the narrow area of ​​the tube. It is necessary to accelerate the flow of air-type mass.
  • Fuel supply channel. The fuel is stored in a float chamber. From there it goes to the nozzle and then to the atomizer.
  • Camera. It is similar in shape to a container. Maintains the required amount of fuel.

We need tools to set up and repair the saw. Screws L, H, T, diagram.

Ural chainsaw carburetor device. Adjusting the carburetor of the walbro chainsaw correctly

Slowly picks up speed (lean mixture), it is necessary to partially unscrew the screw 1 of the carburetor. The engine speed will decrease. To increase idle speed, screw 3 must be partially tightened. Check the engine again for throttle response; At the end of the adjustment, fix the screw 3 with locknuts 2 (Figure 1).

4.5.2 Setting the engine to maximum power

This adjustment should be made after 25 hours of running the chainsaw in operation and after adjusting the engine idle speed. Adjustment is made by screw 2 (Figure 2) of the carburetor, by depleting or enriching the combustible mixture in the engine operating mode. When the screw is partially screwed in, the mixture becomes leaner when unscrewed. Get rich. The most advantageous position of the screw 2 of the carburetor is determined experimentally by checking the operation of the chainsaw when cutting wood. In this case, you should be guided by the following requirements for the operation of the chainsaw.

A) The engine of the chainsaw must develop a power that provides high cutting performance with moderate exhaust smoke.

B) The engine of the chainsaw should have good throttle response, and should not overheat, slow down and stop when cutting wood (engine overheating is a sign of an excessively lean mixture and engine overload). Due to lack of experience, there may be cases of complete misalignment of the carburetor, while the chainsaw stops working normally, it becomes difficult to start the engine.

To restore normal adjustment, it is necessary to set the carburetor screws 1 and 2 (Figure 2) to their original position as follows: a) screw in screw 1 until it stops and then Unscrew it by one turn; b) screw in the screw 2 up to the stop and then turn it out by 1/2 turn. After restoring the original position of the adjusting screws, adjust according to the methods described above.

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Figure 1- Throttle control lever (bottom view) 1-lever, 2-nut, 3 screw

Figure 2. Air damper adjustment and control elements 1- idle screw, 2 full throttle screw, 3 choke lever (shown in position open)

Chainsaw oil Ural

Dilute gasoline with М-8В oil in a ratio of 1/20. From long experience of use. This is the best option. At the same time, the candle does NOT become oily for a long time and serves as long as possible.

Oil in the gearbox of the Ural chainsaw for lubrication of the M-8V chain

For chainsaw Ural 70-76 The above data are different. For more information, read the corresponding instructions. Pay special attention to the brand of gasoline, oil used, engine speed, weight. This modification is not so widely used, but for those who use it there is a detailed description in the documentation at the beginning of the page.

Ural chainsaw carburetor device

During the operation of the Ural chainsaw, various malfunctions occur in the operation of the carburetor, due to the use of mostly poor-quality fuel or violation of the operating rules.

Photo-1. Schematic diagram of the carburetor of the Ural-KMP-100V chainsaw.

The carburetor consists of:

1-inlet valve, enrichment button 2, suction valve-3, carburetor membrane-4,

Idle screw-5, full throttle screw-6, lock spring-7, starting air damper-8,

Main system atomizer-9, diffuser-10, throttle lever-11, carburetor body-12,

Throttle valve-13, idle system nozzles-14 and 15 channel of the idle fuel system-16,

Check valve-17, return spring-18, valve seat-19, valve lever-20, fuel chamber of the regulator-21,

Pump diaphragm 22, housing-23, pump cover 24, cavity of the booster pump-25. Designation by arrows on the schematic diagram:

1-fuel supply, 2-communication with the atmosphere, 3-air flow, 4-pressure from the crankcase.

The carburetor device on the Partner-350 chainsaw. Description and specifications

The Partner 350 chainsaw is an example of an excellent saw workshop suitable for various types of work in the garden, harvesting firewood, etc. Compared with, the Partner 350 is very necessary when it comes to intermittent use at low levels of load.

It is important to note that the unit has a chrome-plated inner surface of the working cylinder, which makes it possible to significantly extend the operating life of the device. This chainsaw has a good air purification system, CCS mark. In other words, it will be said that the unit uses an air cleaning system, which is based on the principle of a conventional centrifuge.

After cleaning, the air prepared for operation will enter the carburetor through special filters. If you are interested in tuning the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, then we inform you that you can easily disassemble and clean it on your own. To adjust the carburetor, simply add air to the system and let it run for a minute. Then check it several times in a row, but slowly. Look

If observed failures in dynamic work, then it will be necessary to Unscrew the L-screw L on ¼ its turnover and re-check everything. As you can see, adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands is possible and is not particularly difficult.

Chainsaw device Partner 350

The device of the Partner 350 chainsaw is quite simple to understand. If you are a beginner, and do not know how the trees are dusty with a chainsaw, go. To finally understand the operation of this unit, we suggest you read the user manual in detail.

Chainsaw Partner 350 features:

  • Household saw;
  • Equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine;
  • The specific power of the system is 1.8 hp. (1.3 kW)
  • Cubic volume of the engine. 36 cm;
  • Start type. Manual;
  • Fuel volume. 400 ml;
  • Oil volume. 200 ml;
  • Cooling system type. Air;
  • Maximum idle speed up to 4000 rpm is characteristic;
  • Working length of the bus. 0.4 m;
  • Chain step. 3/8;
  • The type of fuel used for work. Oil gasoline;
  • Nominal weight about 4.7 kg.

Chainsaw carburetor device