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Six Things to Consider When Buying a Riding Lawn Mower

Whether you’re a first-time homeowner wanting to invest in lawn care gear or a seasoned pro looking to expand your power equipment arsenal, you’ll need a lawnmower to make landscaping a faster and easier process. You’ll be able to trim the grass in your yard in less time and with more accuracy if you have a good lawnmower in your shed, saving your money on a professional landscaper. Find the best riding lawn mower for sale using professional assistance.

If you have a tiny yard, a riding lawn mower is ideal. If your yard is more than a quarter of an acre or you want to spend less time mowing it, you might consider upgrading to a riding lawnmower. This article will assist you in selecting the best one by looking at aspects like the size of your lawn, the kind of terrain, and particular features to look for.

If you’re thinking about buying a riding lawn mower shortly. Here are some of the factors you need to consider before buying:

Understand the Different Types of Riding Mowers

There are two main types of riding lawn mowers. The tractor-style riding mower is the most popular, with either an automatic or manual gearbox steering wheel and pads. Compact variants of tractor-style riding mowers are more agile and easy to maneuver in tight spaces. For larger operations, there are larger models that are more powerful and offer broader cutting widths.

A zero-turn riding mower, on the other hand, has left-right steer-drive handlebars for more versatility. Zero-turn lawn mowers are better suited to backyards with a lot of obstacles, trees, or oddly shaped garden beds. Also, it has an extremely tight turning radius thanks to a rear-mounted engine and rear-wheel-brake steering.

Consider Your Budget

Looking at secondhand riding lawn mowers, if you have a limited budget, may be a good idea. When properly maintained, a used mower will last for many years and will likely cost less than half as much as a new model. If you are unfamiliar with mowers, it is a good idea to bring someone who is.

If you decide to explore any older riding lawn mowers, it is a good idea to bring someone who is an expert in identifying the quality of the tractor. This will make it easy to assess the mower’s overall condition and establish whether the asking price is reasonable.

Ensure Mulching Feasibility

If you own a mower, chances are you have had to deal with mowing your lawn and dealing with the time this takes. While there are many different types of mowers, whether riding or pushing, of course, one common problem that most people faced in the past was how to best handle the clippings.

If you have a short-cut lawn, rear-rear discharge works best. Rear-catcher mowers collect the clippings as they cut them, making it perfect for lighter cutting conditions. Some walk-behinds may be converted to rear discharge by installing a special mulch plug into their mowing deck.

Inspect the Weight of the Riding Lawn Mower

Ride-on lawnmowers are very heavy, weighing approximately 150kg. The center of gravity is raised when the rider’s weight is on top of the lawnmower, especially with tractor-style versions. While side-mowing is possible and convenient, you will find that steep slopes over 10 degrees are not doable on a ride-on lawnmower.

If you’re planning to use your ride-on for areas of steeper grades than this, it may be better to invest in a walk-behind lawnmower – though if you need something versatile that can both side-mow and go up embankments (making it very useful as part of a gardening business) then getting a pair of either standard or high capacity rear wheels might just be the answer!

Explore Mower’s Transmission Type

When shopping for a new lawnmower, it’s important to consider how quickly you need to mow your lawn. For larger jobs or uneven terrain where ramps are needed, try a self-propelled mower with variable speeds and high wheels that can better maneuver around objects.

You may also want to incorporate various add-ons to get the kind of results you need. For example, if you want your lawn mowed evenly, think about a model that includes height controls so you have precision when choosing how tall of a blade you wish to use for your yard.

Some models even include advanced settings for each wheel, so there’s no guesswork when attempting different types of terrain. It would be wise to pick one that allows speed adjustments on each wheel independently so that one side doesn’t creep ahead as the other drags (this is especially useful if you are ever having problems with traction).

Consider Size of the Your Lawn Engine Power

The size of your lawn will play a huge part in deciding which tractor will suit your needs. Depending on the sizes of your lawn, different sized tractors with varying Horse Power are needed to meet the varying demands.

So, make sure you obtain the correct tractor for the size of your lawn.

Find the Best Riding Lawn Mowers for Sale in Texas

Knowing what you need, how much you can spend, and what sort of protection you can get against breakdowns and system malfunctions are all important considerations when purchasing a riding lawnmower.

Take your time and look at a number of models that are within your budget and have the features you need to make lawn care easy. By weighing all of your options, you’ll have a better chance of finding a mower that you’ll like for many years to come.

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Central Pa FREE Riding Mower Removal, Disposal Recycling.

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We provide free removal of riding mowers, lawn tractors at no cost to you. Many times, people just like you replace their riding mower, but have had difficulty getting rid of, or disposing of the old one. Now there is a great option, and the best part, it’s provided at no cost to you! We do ask that the riding mowers be complete, not missing major components, in decent cosmetic condition, and in our service area to be considered for pickup.

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How to schedule.

We make this part as easy as possible for both of us. The first step, is to text a pic or two of the rider and engine. Text the pics to 717-940-9029. Once you do, we will contact you shortly!Once we confirm, you do not have to be home for the pickup to occur, and generally the riding mower should have tires inflated, and be placed to the side of your home or driveway, or anywhere accessible with truck and trailer. (Please, no curbside pickups)

central, free, riding, mower

What else do you accept?

Primarily, we accept riding mowers, commercial mowers, motorcycles ATV’s. We do accept some snowblowers, tillers, self propelled mowers. It’s best to text a few pics of what you have available for pickup. We can contact you quickly, to discuss pickup options.


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Free Riding Mower Removal. Too good to be true?

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Free Riding Mower Removal

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Free Riding Mower Removal

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Helpful riding mower maintenance tips.

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Free Riding Mower Removal

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Lawn Mower Disposal

central, free, riding, mower

Lawn mower disposal can seem like a complicated process. Trust me; it doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you have an old riding lawn mower or an old push mower, you should be able to get rid of it by the end of the day.

For those of you wondering what to do with an old lawn mower, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through the ways you can get that mower out of your garage.

Option 1: Sell Your Old Lawn Mower

Before outright disposing of a mower, we suggest looking for a new home for it.

Lawn mowers are essential for every residence with a yard, so used mowers tend to hold a high demand during the growing season. Before you consider any other options, you should attempt to sell the darn thing.

Countless sites allow you to list things for sale eBay, and Craigslist are all great resources. Maybe you are selling a big riding lawn mower after you upgraded, or perhaps you are just moving on from the trusty push mower you have been using for the last ten years. Either way, if your grass cutter still has life, it still has use.

Snap a picture of that grass clipper and post it on Craigslist! If it’s reasonably priced, many people are on the lookout for a good old lawn mower. The best part about selling is that someone will probably come and pick it up. Not having to deliver it is a huge perk for many people. Even if you sell it for five dollars, that’s still five more than you had.

If you do end up selling it on Craigslist, follow these tips for staying safe.

Option 2: Lawn Mower Donation

central, free, riding, mower

If you decide to give it away, you should call your family, friends, and neighbors to see if they are in need of a lawn mower. You would be surprised how many people need a lawn mower.

If you are feeling generous, drop it off at your local thrift store. If the mower is still working, they will turn around and sell it for a low price. Depending on where you live, there might even be local charities who would be happy to repurpose or give it to a person in need.

I haven’t even mentioned the most surefire way to donate something…

The best way to donate an old lawn mower is to set it out on the curb with a piece of cardboard that says, “FREE.” Most of the time, people can’t bare passing up on something that’s free. Every single time I drive by something that’s free I at least stop and think about picking it up.

As an extra effort to get it off your property, you can post it in the free section of Craigslist. You can expect to see it gone within the hour if you give people a heads up.

Option 3: Lawn Mower Recycling

central, free, riding, mower

Recycling a lawn mower is by far the most time-consuming method. We always recommend choosing efficient and environmentally conscious ways to recycle equipment and machinery. Items made up of multiple materials tend to be a pain.

If you choose to recycle a lawn mower, chances are you will need to take it apart. The first thing you should do is take the spark plug out and drain the oil and gasoline. Due to the simplicity of a mower engine, this step should be relatively easy.

Many auto parts stores offer free oil recycling. Disposing of old gas from lawn mowers isn’t as easy. You will need to take it to a hazardous waste center. If there isn’t a lot of gas left in the tank, you can just run the mower until all of the gasoline is used. This method helps you avoid a trip to the waste center. Learn all about hazardous waste recycling at Earth911.

While your mower is still flipped over, remove the blade (or blades) from under the mower deck. Make sure that spark plug is pulled out!

Next, you should remove all of the plastic from the lawn mower. Most of the time this will be the wheels and deck covers. These can either be recycled or thrown away in your regular trash.

Depending on the type of metal that is left, you might be able to make a few bucks by scrapping the metal. Even if it’s not worth anything, you can responsibly recycle the machine.

Option 4: Have Lula Pick it Up

We don’t endorse laziness, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time to do options 1-3. In other cases, you might not have the type of vehicle capable of hauling something as big as a lawn mower.

Lula offers an on-demand junk removal option. Rather than hassling with the old lawn mower yourself, you can have someone with a truck come to pick it up this afternoon.

All you have to do is take a picture and submit a request through the Lula app. That request is sent out to all of the qualified drivers in your area. Our drivers are fully-vetted people who use their pickups to dispose of your junk. With our service, you can trust that everything will be handled promptly and responsibly.

Download the app and let somebody else take care of you lawn mower disposal.

Anything found written in this article was written solely for informational purposes. We advise that you receive professional advice if you plan to move forward with any of the information found. You agree that neither Lula or the author are liable for any damages that arise from the use of the information found within this article

Lot # : 4. Riding Lawn Mower. Vintage

Warren Dunn had a small engine repair shop lawn care business in Carmel, IN for many years and moved it to New Castle, IN 5 years ago (Greycat Small Engine Sales Service LLC). He had mowers, snow blowers, weed eaters, leaf blowers, chain saws and tools to work on all of the above. We are privileged to assist his family in selling his items in an estate online auction. There are many makes models: John Deere, Wheel Horse, Huffy, REO, Craftsman, David Bradley, White, Ariens, Lawn Boy and Toro. Bidding Opens July 31st, Open House will be August 9th from 4. 6:00 p.m. at 1754 W County Road 300 N, New Castle, IN 47362 Bidding will start closing on August 12th at 6:30 p.m. Pick up of items will be August 13th from 2. 6:00 p.m. Call, text or email questions to 765-541-0304 or harmeyerauction@gmail.com.

Auction Terms Conditions Harmeyer Auction Appraisal Co., LLC. retains the right to govern goods and services sold to clients and to maintain the level and integrity of our business. Harmeyer Auction Appraisal Co., LLC. has the right to terminate the auction at any time; withdrawal from sale of any item; to sell at this auction items not listed; to group one of more lots into one or more selling lots or to subdivide into two lots or more selling lots. The auction company also reserves the right to sell all of the items listed in bulk. Payment: a) All payments will be required to be paid for with the credit card on file after auction is complete. b) Buyer’s Premium is 13% Online c) Buyer specifically waves the right to dispute or deny payment for any purchases made with a credit card. d) No items will be removed until they have been paid for. Purchaser is responsible for removal of all purchased goods. No abandonment of purchased items is allowed. All abandoned items will be sold for storage and moving fees. Loading Equipment: a) Buyer is responsible for their own removal of all items. Please bring any packing material and boxes that you may need. Please bring assistance to move heavy items to your vehicle and any tools for dismantling. Item Removal: All items must be on the scheduled pick up date. If other arrangements are absolutely necessary please contact site manager No Liability: a) Harmeyer Auction Appraisal Co., LLC. assumes no liability for your purchases. The buyer assumes and does agree to indemnify and hold the auction company and seller harmless from any future claim that shall pertain to fitness or use of the asset being purchased. b) Persons attending during exhibition, sale or removal of goods assume all risks of damage or loss to person and property and specifically release and indemnify the Auction Company from liability therefore. Neither the Auction Company nor his principal or seller shall be liable by reason of any defect in or condition of the premises in which the sale is held. Consignors Bidders: a) All consignors must fill out a contract with Harmeyer Auction Appraisal Co., LLC., sign forms and abide by our terms listed. b) All bidders must register for bidder’s numbers using proper ID or proper information. c) Any employee of Harmeyer Auction Appraisal Co., LLC. may bid at any auction if they wish to purchase an item. d) All items become the sole responsibility of the purchaser when the auctioneer confirms your bid as the successful winner. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items. e) If there is any dispute between two or more bidders, the auction company or its’ auctioneer, may decide the successful bidder. The decision of the auction company, or its’ auctioneer, shall be final and absolute. Loss of Bidding Privileges: a) If you have failed to pay for an item your bidding privileges will be revoked. Your privileges may be restored by paying for the item or repaying for the loss of the revenue due to the items not having been sold and by placing a credit card on permanent file whereby future purchases will automatically be charged. Delinquent Accounts: a) The bidder that has not paid for, or has not removed their items from the auction site, will be subject to the cost of storage, trucking, re-sale, deficiency balances, collection fees, and any legal fees for recouping a loss due to the bidder’s negligence. Reserves: a) Any and all items that Harmeyer Auction Appraisal Co., LLC. agrees to sell are subject to a reserve as per Indiana State Auction Law. Documents: a) All documents must be completed in full by buyers and sellers. 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With roots dating back to 1914, Toro was built on a tradition of quality, long lasting products and customer relationships. We take the same technologies that professional contractors rely on and design them into every product we build. From power-packed beasts that take on untamed acreage to space-saving sizes that tuck neatly into your garage, Toro zero turn mowers feature the ultimate in comfort making your mowing experience enjoyable and give you a beautiful lawn in less time.

MyRIDE Comfort System

Toro’s got your back. Literally. Our patented MyRIDE Suspension System features a suspended, fully-floating rear and front shock adjustable operator platform that takes the bumps so your body doesn’t. With MyRIDE, the best seat in the house is actually in the yard. (Select models only)


IronForged Decks

Built to Last. Get years of reliability and top performance with the IronForged Deck, a 10-gauge High Strength fabricated steel deck shell, reinforced leading-edge across the entire deck, huge 6 inch spindles and belts reinforced with bulletproof material. (Select models only)

Built With ProDNA

The same, commercial-grade DNA that pros rely on, courses through the veins of every mower we build. giving you lawn-dominating power, durability, and precision to get the job done quicker and right the first time.

Need more help finding the right zero turn mower for you? Read this article that walks you through a wide variety of options to think about.


Choose a deck that fits your needs, from the 32″ to get into tight spaces, to our 60″ time saver. No matter the size, our decks are built to last, and will let you cut like the Pros.

Property Size

What’s the size of your property? From suburban lawns to large properties, cut your mowing time with zero-turn steering. Giving you a gorgeous lawn and more time to enjoy it.

Terrain Type

What type of terrain are you cutting? Whether it’s a finished manicured lawn with obstacles or a rough pasture, we have a mower for you.

Creature Comforts

From our Handcrafted seats to the MyRIDE suspension system, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable ride, keeping you productive and feeling fresh.


central, free, riding, mower

How To Choose the Best Riding Lawn Mower

Toro riding mowers are built to last longer and perform better than any others you can find, but for many people, it’s hard to narrow down your choices to find what’s right for your lawn. The lineup of Toro riding mowers is solely zero-turn mowers because we believe they offer the most comfort, durability, and capability compared to others such as lawn and garden tractors, and allow a better mowing experience for our customers.

Because of their maneuverability and comfort, zero turn riding mowers are ideal for lawns with many obstacles including garden features, trees and landscaping. Consider the acreage of your lawn that needs to be cut, and the versatility you need, such as if you need to tow anything or mow different types of brush or grass. To start with, consider the size and grade of your lawn.

Now that you know the benefits of buying a zero-turn mower, here are the 8 key things to consider when buying a riding lawn mower.

  • Durability – look for designs that are inspired by commercial machines
  • Deck Construction – a heavier deck doesn’t mean a better quality of cut. Be sure to research those that leave a good after cut appearance.
  • Engine Design – single-cylinder and twin-cylinder options are available, with twin-cylinder being the choice of professionals
  • Cutting Height – look for easy adjustability without intricate parts which could break over time
  • Wide Tires – wide tires offer the most traction and weight distribution for better stability
  • Comfort – seat construction, suspension, and accessories (such as a sun shade) make all the difference
  • Speed and steering control – adjustable speeds, smooth operator controls, and zero-turn steering give the operator full control
  • Price – a key consideration for most customers, zero-turn mowers start around 6500,500 and go up depending on need for features, range, and comfort

There can be a lot to consider when making this choice, and Toro has a fantastic selection of products above. For more information about these 8 steps to choosing the right riding mower for you, read more at yardcare.com


Property Size

What’s the size of your property? From suburban lawns to large properties, cut your mowing time with zero-turn steering. Giving you a gorgeous lawn and more time to enjoy it.

Mowing Deck

Choose a deck that fits your needs, from the 32″ to get into tight spaces, to our 60″ time saver. No matter the size, our decks are built to last, and will let you cut like the Pros.

Terrain Type

What type of terrain are you cutting? Whether it’s a finished manicured lawn with obstacles or a rough pasture, we have a mower for you.

Creature Comforts

From our Handcrafted seats to the MyRide suspension system, you’ll enjoy a more comfortable ride, keeping you productive and feeling fresh.

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