Chain saw oil

What oil for an electric chain saw should not be used, and what to add to the lubrication system and what can be replaced?

The service life of both the cutting attachment (bar and chain) and the oil pump greatly depends on what kind of oil is used to lubricate the chain in an electric saw. Therefore, it is very important to select the right oil. Let’s figure out how to do it.

What can be used to lubricate an electric chain saw?

Such a question is often sent to us by our readers, in most cases we answer them. the same as for a chainsaw. Let’s see why we answer this way.

The design of the cutting part of a chain saw and an electric saw are the same. Both saws have a bar, a chain, and an oil pump. Everything is identical except for the powertrain that powers it all. An electric saw has an electric motor, a chainsaw has an internal combustion engine.

Therefore, for the chain lubrication system of the electric saw, the same is used as for chainsaws.

If you see an inscription like this on a box of oil. “Special oil for the chain saw lubrication”, then remember that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy.

Caliber is one of the popular chain oils.

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What to replace?

Any other oil with good adhesion properties is as good as that of chain saw oils. This does not include any oils designed for car engines. They have a low adhesion value. Such oil will not stick to the teeth of the chain, but will simply fly off it at the moment the chain link passes along the driven star of the tire, especially at high speeds.

Poor adhesion oil adheres very poorly to the chain

As a result, it turns out that the saw cuts dry, because of this, the chain, tire and even the drive sprocket quickly wear out. It also increases engine wear and increases energy consumption.

Development is highly discouraged because it clogs the oil pump of the chain lubrication system. At first there will be good savings, but after a certain time this will lead to expensive repairs to the chain lubrication system.

If you want to save money, buy cheap analogs from Caliber, Oregon, Zubr, etc. instead of STIHL or Husqvarna branded oils. The difference in price is 2 or even 3 times.

Electric saw chain lubrication system. design and principle of operation

In most cases, factory-installed power saw fittings include:

  • reservoir for periodic introduction of liquid;
  • a mesh filter that cleans the liquid from foreign solid fractions;
  • a short hose made of technical rubber through which the composition flows from the tank to the moving parts of the tool;
  • oil pump. under its action, the liquid is pumped from the reservoir to the rubbing elements of the tool drive;
  • gear. through it, the force from the electric motor is transmitted to the saw oil pump.

The pump plays a key role in this unit. As soon as the engine speed rises, the built-in gear receives enough force to drive the oil pump. When operating, the pump increases the pressure inside the lubrication system. As a result, the air pushes the liquid out of the tank towards the tire. Getting into the place of contact between the saw housing and the guide, the liquid flows into the groove, which is needed to lubricate the bar. The end link of the lubrication system becomes a chain, in the links of which grooves or holes are also provided. Through them, the chain oil for the electric saw is distributed along the entire length of the cutting body.

What kind of oil to fill in the electric saw to lubricate the chain?

When choosing oil for chain saws, owners of garden equipment have 2 options: a special proprietary product or ordinary machine lubricant used to maintain the operation of moving parts of equipment. It should be noted that a special lubricant is better and more efficient, since in its production, brands take into account the peculiarities of the operation of the drive mechanisms of electric saws, as well as the load on them during operation.

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To improve its performance, brand-name electric chain saw oil always contains important additives. It is they who make high-quality branded lubricants better and more expensive than machine lubricants.

Most gardening machine operators and power saw manufacturers advise the use of formulations for chain lubrication, the packaging of which is marked with the letter “N”.

Their main benefits include:

  • high degree of biodegradability;
  • special additives responsible for protecting rubbing parts from wear and heat;
  • increased adhesion.

All these qualities extend the life of the drive and the cutting attachment of the tool, which significantly reduces the frequency of bar and chain replacement.

Electric Chainsaw Oils

As is the case with gasoline saws, electric powered garden chain tools need to be lubricated. Oil in this type of equipment is necessary only to ensure the operation of the cutting attachment. Without the right amount of high-quality lubricant, the tire and chain will start to wedge and fail quite quickly. To prevent this, the owner of the tool must constantly monitor the level of the liquid, as well as rinse the parts responsible for the drive of the headset in time.

Electric saw chain lubrication functions

The mechanisms for transmitting force from the motor to the sawing organs of the power tool consist of several elements. During operation, they give in to increased and continuous friction. To reduce the stress on these parts, the owner of the chain tool must ensure that a suitable hydraulic fluid is available.

Saw chain oil speeds up the operation of the installed cutting attachment. In addition, the lubricant protects the metal parts of the tool from dust and moisture on their surface, which lead to corrosion, as well as destruction of the drive mechanism.

Another important function of the fluid is to protect the chain, bus, and power saw drive bodies from the formation of resinous deposits and carbon deposits. A high-quality composition maintains the integrity of the metal guide, preventing it from glowing, as well as further deterioration. As a result, the cutting headset of the power tool will cut efficiently and smoothly for several seasons in a row.

TOP 5 Saw Chain Oils

The market today is overflowing with lubricants that their manufacturers claim are capable of ensuring trouble-free operation of the cutting attachment and its drive mechanism. But not every composition shows a truly high performance and efficiency. We are talking about inexpensive fluids with a minimum of m of necessary additives, as well as non-original oils that are marketed under the name of well-known brands, that is, counterfeits.

In order not to be mistaken when choosing an oil, it is best to give preference to the following chain compounds:

  • 1. Forest Plus from STIHL. The main advantages of this formulation include good adhesion as well as high workability up to 15C. Observing the recommendations specified by the German manufacturer, the service life of the composition will reach 3 years;
  • 2. Bio Plus from STIHL. For the production of these lubricants, a natural plant base is used. This allows the oil to decompose in the soil without damaging the soil. German manufacturer’s grease can be used at temperatures up to 15⁰C;
  • 3. Synth Plus from STIHL. This oil successfully withstands increased loads and work at temperatures down to. 25⁰C. For the production of the composition, a balanced synthetic base is used;
  • 4. Husqvarna Vegoil. The use of this material from a well-known Swedish manufacturer allows you to save up to 40% oil without reducing the protection of the drive and the cutting elements of the electric saw. The oil prevents the formation of resinous deposits and rust on the surface of the tool parts;
  • 5. Champion BAR CHAIN ​​OIL. Inexpensive chain oil designed for intensive use in summer and winter. The liquid is released with high adhesion and decent anti-corrosion properties.

Regular use of any of these oils will ensure trouble-free operation of the saw chain and bar, regardless of the stress on the cutting attachment.

Oil does not flow to the saw chain. reasons and self-repair

Most often, the “culprit” of the lack of lubricant supply is the electric saw pump. During operation, he, like all other elements of the system, lends itself to increased loads. In addition, the pump gradually becomes clogged with debris, which passes through the strainer along with the oil. The accumulation of fine debris interferes with the normal operation of the pump and, over time, leads to serious damage to the tool.

At the same time, it is far from always a problem in which the chain on the electric saw is not lubricated. connected to the pump itself. The gear wheel, which is responsible for transferring power from the motor to the oil pump, can also fail. It can be displaced during the impact of the electric saw or simply become unusable due to wear. This is easy to spot when looking at the star. If during self-diagnosis it was proved that the star is out of order, then it needs to be replaced.

Another reason due to which oil is not supplied to the chain of the electric saw is the depressurization of the system. Pressure must be built up to circulate fluid inside the assembly. If it is not there, then this indicates the formation of holes or cracks that may appear in the walls of the oil hose, as well as in the place where it is connected to the pump or to the guide of the electric saw. In any of these cases, you need to carefully check the oil supply system and restore its previous tightness.

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Caution. fake!

dangerous is the use of cheap oil-chain counterfeit, which accounts for 7 to 12% of total sales. Counterfeits, with varying degrees of success, copy the appearance and labeling of branded products from leading manufacturers, therefore, when choosing an oil yourself, you should be especially careful.

Branded chain oils

  • STIHL ForestPlus mineral oil can be poured into the saw system at ambient temperatures up to 15 ° C, maximum shelf life is up to 3 years.
  • A characteristic feature of BioPlus organic oil is the rapid decomposition of the vegetable base when it gets into the ground. Adhesion and temperature characteristics identical to ForestPlus.
  • SynthPlus, a low temperature mineral oil, maintains performance at ambient temperatures up to 25 ° C.

The Husqvarna range of chain oils is represented by the brands Vegoil and Husqvarna Bio Advanced. According to experts, chain lubricants of the brands Oleo-Mac, Makita and Champion with similar performance characteristics are produced at a high quality level.

The practice of using proprietary formulations for lubrication and effective cooling of professional-grade saw equipment shows that their cost is fully compensated for by the full and low-cost development of the resource of the tire, saw chain and drive sprocket.

Criterias of choice

Engine oils and their chain counterparts are not interchangeable. The compound for chain lubrication has a number of characteristic differences, in particular, an increased level of adhesion to metal.

  • Saw sets of all types of hand saws have the same design, therefore the chain oil for the electric saw is identical to the composition that is used in sawing mechanisms of gas-powered models.
  • When choosing a chain lubricant for a specific model, it is recommended to give preference to the grades and grades indicated in the operating instructions. As a rule, these are proprietary developments, created taking into account many factors.

In the absence of a recommended consumable, it is better to use a well-known brand of oil. Branded products of these manufacturers are characterized by universal lubricating properties, stable operating parameters in a wide range of temperature effects.

Mineral and organic chain lubricants

Chain oil for an electric saw of a budget price level has less perfect properties. Consequently, the scope of its application includes short and not intensive sawing work performed in the range of optimal loads.

The lubricating properties of mineral and organic chain oils are almost identical. The essential advantage of organic lubricants is neutrality and environmental friendliness. For Chinese-made saws, chain lubrication oil with proprietary additives is recommended, which in many characteristics is not inferior to European counterparts.

Value for money alternatives

The price of a chain oil of an average quality range is several times less than the cost of an engine oil, and automated lubrication systems allow the lubricant to be consumed in an economical mode (up to 50%).

On the other hand, the use of alternative materials can significantly reduce the life of the bar, saw chain and drive sprocket. In different versions, this indicator can vary from 5 to 15%.

Disadvantages of lubricant substitutes

A household or professional electric chain saw, when filling the lubrication system with a cheap surrogate, may require replacing the standard headset long before its designated resource is exhausted. According to proven data, the use of substandard oil reduces the service life of the saw mechanism by an average of 35-40%.

Маленькие хитрости китайской бензопилы/ПОДТЕКАЕТ МАСЛО КАК УСТРАНИТЬ.Little tricks Chinese chainsaw

  • Used automobile oil contains microparticles of metal, combustion products and acid-base compounds, which negatively affect the wear and corrosion resistance of the metal of the sawing mechanism.
  • Also, it is not recommended to pour automobile and tractor engine oils into an electric saw with a chain set. Such a refueling can initiate a decrease in performance and even a breakdown of the oil pump drive of the lubrication system.

Only in the absence of other options, for a one-time operation, you can fill the system with diluted to standard density. autol or dismeasto.

Saw chain oil: choose and use correctly

The service life of the electric saw headset largely depends on the quality and correct dosage of the special lubricant supplied to the rubbing components. Saw chain oil is a mineral or organic based compound with special functional properties.

The tandem of the bar and the saw chain is operated under conditions of high static and variable loads, therefore, in parallel with the lubrication of rubbing parts, their full cooling is realized.

Oil system health monitoring

Lack or absence of lubrication in the tandem “bar-saw chain” is manifested by additional load on the electric motor and the characteristic smell of burnt wood. In this case, work should be stopped to determine the cause of the failure and eliminate the malfunction.

To check the standard or automatic lubrication system, it is enough to hold the saw headset with the engine running over a sheet of paper for a short time. The size and density of the oil spot can be used to judge the real performance of the oil pump and the health of the system as a whole.

Saw chain lubricants. which option is better to choose

Do not think that oil is not required for electric saws. On the contrary, a high-quality lubricant is almost the most important and necessary substance. A good product allows you to use the saw for a longer period and provides protection against negative effects.

I have an electric saw at home and the main task is to ensure the protection of the tool during storage. I think many are looking for options to provide protection for the saw chain during the conservation period. In the review, I will talk about which lubricants are most suitable for applying to the chain of an electric saw and whether engine oil can be used for this purpose.

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Why do you need lubricant?

Owners of such a tool often mistakenly believe that oil is not required to lubricate the saw chain. The chain is subject to a serious load in the form of heating and constant friction. Obviously, such a mode of operation will very quickly render the instrument completely unusable. The problem can be solved very quickly and simply. apply to the chain and neutralize the negative impact.

The components present in the lubricant protect the element of the device from heating by reducing friction. As a result, the service life of the electric saw can be extended for a long time. Sometimes there are cases when extra effort is required to cut. If this happens, it means that the used lubricant is of insufficient quality or the volume of the product is insufficient.

In a situation like this, I would suggest doing two things. First you need to check the oil level in the saw tank. Lubricate the chain additionally before starting work. Good lubrication will make the saw work more efficiently, lighter and longer tool life. Equipment devoid of maintenance is prone to frequent breakdowns. She will not be able to serve the owner for a long time.

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Popular brands of grease

Many manufacturers make saw lubricants. Among the current proposals, there are little-known and not very popular ones. If you need lubrication for the chain of an electric saw, then you should pay attention to the most popular formulations:

The name of the lubricating composition general description
Forest plus The oil is in demand. The composition has excellent adhesion. The product can be used at temperatures up to 15 degrees. Retains its properties for up to three years.
Bio Plus Produced on a plant basis. Upon penetration into the soil, it begins to decompose. Can be used at temperatures from 15 degrees.
Sunth plus Made on the basis of synthetics. Serious loads are easily endured. Suitable for use at temperatures up to 25 degrees.
Champion A unique product suitable for very low temperatures. It is sold in containers of 3 and 10 liters. Differs in low cost.
Husqvarna Popular composition. Differs in low cost. Gives good results.

You can easily select a suitable product from the presented lubricants. It is important to consider at what temperature the electric saw will be used in the future.

Is normal engine oil suitable for lubrication??

This question is considered one of the most common. Engine oil is often on hand, but special chain lubricant is not always available. For this purpose, it is permissible to use engine and transmission compounds, but it must be remembered that mineral oils should be avoided. Mineral water is suitable only for specific saw models, which is described in detail in the technical documentation.

It is strongly not recommended to lubricate the saws with such compounds, unless the manufacturer’s permission is given. The main task of motor oils is not this, which means that you should not use the product so as not to harm the tool.

Vegetable oil should not be used either. The lubricating effect will be achieved for a short time, but it is important to remember that the product will dry very quickly and the saw will again be left unprotected. You shouldn’t use working off. The quality of such a product is extremely low and it does not provide any protection for the saw.

Varieties of lubricants for electric saws

The modern lubricant market offers several options for such products. The compositions differ in the basis. synthetics, mineral water or semi-synthetics. In recent years, herbal lubricants have gained popularity. Each option has strengths and weaknesses:

  • Synthetic lubricants. If we consider lubricants in terms of stability, synthetics will take the lead. Substances can ensure the operation of electric saws even in very cold weather (up to 40 degrees Celsius). The disadvantages include the high cost of the product.
  • Mineral lubricants. The products of this group are quite popular, since they are several times cheaper than synthetics. On the other hand, technical parameters are inferior to synthetic lubricants. Mineral-based oils cannot withstand temperatures as low as 25 degrees Celsius. The grease hardens and has a detrimental effect on the individual parts of the saw. For the winter period, the substance is not suitable.
  • Semi-synthetic lubricants. An intermediate link between synthetics and mineral water. They do a good job with their functions. Have an affordable cost. The properties do not reach the level of synthetics.

Today it is not difficult to choose a suitable composition for lubricating an electric saw. When choosing, it is worth focusing on the operating conditions of the saw and on the composition of the lubricant.

  • Electric saws require mandatory maintenance. Chain lubrication should also be included in the general list of manipulations.
  • The best lubricant option may be a product from the saw manufacturer. Usually, such options are high cost, therefore, people do not always choose this option.
  • Do not use engine oil as a lubricant. Working off is categorically not suitable. The listed options will only harm the electric saw.