Chainsaw adjustment Champion 254 carburetor

Champion – 237

Champion – 237-16 – this is the average in the entire model range. This is due to the low power and application of the product. Belongs to the household class.

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Basic equipment and production

All Champion tools are supplied as standard, which includes the minimum number of tools required for setup and maintenance. Many owners recommend buying additional parts and oil when purchasing a Champion chainsaw. Despite the fact that the company cares about the quality of the products, buyers note the weak points characteristic of a particular model..

All products are manufactured in China, which significantly reduces the cost of Champion chainsaws. At the same time, some accessories for saws are produced in Europe and America. For example, engines for Champion are produced by BriggsStratton..

Among the features of the Champion manufacturer are:

  • Equipment production is carried out with quality control at all stages.
  • Champion products meet national and international quality standards.
  • High technological potential of the company. Manufacturing is carried out in modern world-class automated factories.

The manufactured products are constantly being improved by the company’s developers, the old models go out of production. This guarantees maximum user comfort and safety during sawing work..

Champion – 251-18

The Champion 251-18 is a full-fledged semi-professional model. The length of the bar allows you to use the chainsaw for felling large diameter trees. Thanks to the fuel pumping system, the saw can be used in harsh conditions.

The first signs of a carburetor malfunction

Due to untimely or unprofessional periodic maintenance of the chainsaw, as well as due to heavy load, difficulties in its operation may arise from time to time. For professional workers, such breakdowns can reduce their efficiency and ruin the mood for the whole day..

Carburetor malfunctions, in turn, have specific symptoms. From them you can immediately determine the cause of the breakdown..

The following signs indicate an incorrect carburetor setting:

  • The tool starts up problematic, after which it immediately stalls.
  • Chainsaw stalls when you press the gas.
  • Gasoline is consumed in large quantities, and it still remains in the cylinders and does not burn out to the end, and the exhaust is excessively thick.
  • The carburetor settings set at the manufacturer’s factory are knocked out due to improper use or self-adjustment.
  • Debris has entered the air intake system. Because of this, she went out of order.
  • The engine pistons are used up. Adjusting the carburetor in this case will only temporarily solve the problem..

In the event that dirt gets into the carburetor, one setting is not enough. Here you just need to clean it. When the pistons are used up, then an overhaul of the engine is required..

But after that, of course, you need to adjust the carburetor jets, as well as purge and clean them..

Flagship models

Flagship products exist in every company, this also applies to Champion chainsaws. A flagship is a product that sells well in the market and has the best performance that a manufacturer could achieve at a certain stage. The best models of Champion chainsaws are:

These are two models that are similar in their technical and structural characteristics, but are obsolete and have been discontinued and replaced by more modern ones..

Gained popularity due to its compactness, ease of repair and operation.

Models 2, 3 and 5 are still in production and are recommended for purchase on the company’s website. The versatility of these chainsaws makes them the top and best selling chainsaws on the market..
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Champion – 138

There are several options for this chainsaw on the market. Depending on the length of the tire, Champion 138-16 and 18 can be purchased. The operating instructions for this model can be viewed at the link.

Owner reviews

Nikolay, Magnitogorsk:

Three years ago, I bought Champion 137. It is still running, but we do not use it, since we purchased a more powerful model for work.

Pluses: This saw is great for on-site work, but no more. Disadvantages: With prolonged use, it stalls or overheats. In comparison with an analogue, for example, Energomash, Champion is a rather weak saw.

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A chainsaw is a tool that will come in handy in any dacha farm, even for amateurs, not to mention professional workers. But, like any other device, a chainsaw needs constant care and prevention. One of the most common procedures is adjusting the carburetor of a chainsaw due to a past misalignment..

Features of branded products

Chainsaws Champion are manufactured in China, which in no way affects the quality of the assortment produced, in particular, there is no assembly carelessness characteristic of Chinese counterparts.

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The belonging of products to the budget price group is manifested:

  • the use of inexpensive plastics;
  • bundling of products with headsets with less perfect performance characteristics.

Nevertheless, the Champion chainsaw can be effectively used in a wide range of sawing operations in private household, municipal forest park and construction profile..

Scope of application includes:

  • felling dead wood and harvesting firewood;
  • formation of tree crowns;
  • production of original elements of architectural and landscape design.

Champion 242

Household chainsaw with improved performance.

The list of the indisputable advantages of this model:

  • small weight in relation to the same type of developments, only 5.4 kg;
  • increasing the efficiency and traction parameters of the standard 2.3-strong engine with a working volume of 42 cm3;
  • increased to 400 and 220 ml capacity of the supply tanks.

Champion 265

The design of this product is as close as possible to the analogs of the professional class. The engine displacement is increased to 64 cm3, according to the rest of the saw performance characteristics, the saw is identical to the proprietary developments of the new generation.

Champion 250

A powerful and efficient chainsaw with a 2.95 hp engine is of particular interest for users who prefer to have at their disposal a tool with a sufficiently large supply of torque..

The thrust of the 50 cc drive is effectively realized by the performance of the 18-inch headset. The safety of complex sawing operations is ensured by the speed of the emergency stop device and the design of the saw chain, which neutralizes the prerequisites for kickback when the headset enters the start of the cut.

Information support

The official website of the manufacturer posted on the network includes a complete catalog and prices of products in its information volume. Information support facilitates the selection of a model according to technical and operational parameters corresponding to the features of subsequent operation.

The sales list contains powerful models designed for time-consuming sawing work and light chainsaws, completing sets of household tools for private and farms, included in the equipment of expeditionary, search, tourist groups and emergency rescue teams.

  • Economical consumption of fuel and chain oil reduces the wearable headroom to a predetermined minimum.
  • The small dimensions of subcompact models determine the possibility of transporting a chainsaw in the trunk of a car.
  • In order to assemble the chainsaw from transport to working position – just a few minutes.

Champion 137

A household class model with a dead weight of 4.5 kg is designed for sawing various types of wood with a diameter of up to 30 cm.A full drive of a standard 16-inch headset provides the thrust of a 2.1-horsepower engine with a cylinder displacement of 37.2 cm3.

The tool can claim a universal status, since it can be used with equal success in private household and construction work of increased complexity..

Taking into account the power of the power unit, the model is equipped with:

  • inertial switch of the emergency stop mechanism;
  • the autonomy of the 137-16 series chainsaw provides the volume of refueling tanks, respectively 310 and 210 ml.

The quality characteristics of the tool are confirmed by the presence of a certificate of conformity of the European standard.

Champion 120T-10

The light and compact household chainsaw of the 120T-10 series opens up an overview. The tool weighing 3.64 kg is equipped with a two-stroke carburetor engine running on a standard mixture of gasoline and engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.

The thrust of the power unit with a volume of 25.4 cm3 and a power of 0.9 hp. More than enough to drive a headset that includes a 250 mm guide bar and saw chain with a standard 3/8 ” pitch.

Autonomy of work is ensured by a supply of fuel and chain oil in supply tanks with a volume of 230 and 160 cm.The presence of a start lock, an effective emergency stop brake and a chain catcher has a positive effect on the safety of sawing work.

The advantages of this model:

  • modern design and dense layout of internal equipment;
  • comfortable grip from different positions;
  • equipping the drive with an economical and easy-to-maintain diaphragm carburetor.

Dismantling the carburetor.

The carburetor, such as we will consider, is installed on many saws of similar brands such as – Poulan, Mc Culloch, Max Cut, CHAMPION

We unscrew all three screws (as shown on the pointers) and remove the top cover of this saw from the body.

We remove the air filter from our case (shown in the figure) – the filtering foam rubber air element (in the figure, the foam rubber is green).

We unscrew two nuts at once, and remove the air filter housing itself.

Removing this air filter housing simply isn’t enough to remove it from two bolts. He will not be removed. It will be prevented by the ledge, which is indicated on the arrow..
It is necessary to apply a very slight upward force to the filter housing, until the protrusion is slightly higher than the upper very edge of the chainsaw crankcase, and remove.

We work on the right side of the carburetor from us. We remove the fuel hose (as on the upper arrow) and then the draft of the air damper drive.

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We finally remove the carburetor and remove the tip of this cable from the drive lever of this throttle valve.

On the left side of us, we also pull the gas hose together from the carburetor fitting.

The carburetor is now removed and ready for further disassembly..

In the example we are considering – a chainsaw, confusing, that is, there is no gasoline in the gas tank. Therefore, when we removed the gas hose on the right side of this carburetor, the fuel from the hose did not come out at all. Your tank may be full, and therefore, after working with a saw, not so much time may pass..
During operation, the fuel in the tank is under low pressure, therefore, after removing the hose from it, fuel will start to flow.

Prepare in advance a clothespin or clips or an ordinary nut for 13.

We completely unscrew the idle speed screw and the screw securing the carburetor cover on top.

Then remove the top cover. The area of ​​the carburetor will open, which is called the fuel pump where the blue transparent gasket is the fuel membrane.

On the left side of the carburetor, remove the two screws (according to the instructions, the screws are designated L and H), before removing the spring clip from them. When assembling the carburetor, these screws must not be confused; there is an annular groove on the H screw. if not, mark any screw.

Remove four screws from the bottom and remove the very bottom carburetor cover.

Remove the assembly of this needle valve. For this purpose, remove the screw indicated by the arrow in the figure. There is a small spring under the two-arm lever.

Determination of the cutting chain wear

Before each start of work, special attention should be paid to the appropriate sharpening rules and the tension of the cutting chain. The chain tension is correct if the chain is on the underside of the bar and can be easily turned by hand. To do this, the chain brake must be released..

The chain to the chainsaw requires sharpening in such cases:

-when sawdust from sawing damp wood looks like wood flour.

-the cutting edge is visibly damaged.

-Pulls the saw to the left or right while cutting. This is caused by uneven sharpening..

Timely identification and elimination of the wear level of the chainsaw chain is the key to a long service life of the entire cutting set.

Chainsaw carburetor Champion: and its adjustment

Champion chainsaw carburetors have three adjustment screws:

L – jet screw for adjusting low speed

H – jet screw for high speed adjustment

Screw. T at Partner and Husqvarna (at Calm LA) – adjusting the idle speed of the chainsaw
Chainsaw carburetor Champion

The H and L screws adjust the ratio of the mixture of gasoline and air, which is determined by opening the throttle valve of the carburetor. When the screws are unscrewed, the mixture is enriched, and the revolutions increase accordingly, when the screws are tightened, the mixture becomes leaner – the revolutions fall.

The screw T (LA) is designed to adjust the idle speed. The basic “tuning” of the chainsaw is done at the factory during final testing. The carburetor is usually adjusted for a richer (than optimal) fuel mixture. The factory setting must be maintained during the first hours of saw operation. Then (optional) a more precise carburetor adjustment is made..
Chainsaw carburetor adjusting screws

We begin the adjustment by setting the idle speed, for this we rotate the screw T (LA) counterclockwise, achieving a complete stop of the chain at stable engine speeds.
Chainsaw carburetor device Champion
Chainsaw carburetor detailing

For further fine adjustment, you need a tachometer and it is better to entrust it to specialists, especially since in most cases it may not be needed.
Adjusting the carburetor of the Patriot 4518 chainsaw
We start setting up the tool with screw L, then use screw H and finally screw T (LA).

Chainsaw Carburetor | How to Tune & Adjust ‘Correctly’

We find the highest idle speed, for this we slowly turn the screw L in different directions. After finding the position of the highest engine speed, turn the screw L 1/4 turn counterclockwise. If the chain rotates at idle speed, the screw T should be turned clockwise until it stops..

The H screw adjusts the power and speed. Adjusting the carburetor to a lean mixture leads to excessive speed, engine overheating and failure of the piston chainsaw.

We warm up the chainsaw engine at idle speed for at least 10 seconds and turn the screw H 1/4 turn counterclockwise. Let the engine run for about 10 seconds, then check the maximum engine speed with a tachometer. If the maximum speed does not correspond to the passport one, the operation should be repeated. When the mixture is too rich, the muffler starts to smoke, when the saw is too lean, it squeals and overheats.
We finish the adjustment by adjusting the idle speed, as already described above. The idle speed is set correctly if the engine runs smoothly at minimum speed and the chain does not rotate.
The carburetor can be considered adjusted if the engine accelerates quickly and sounds like a four-stroke at full throttle..

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Champion Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment: What You Need to Know?

Champion chainsaw carburetors have three adjustment screws:

Are you here

Chainsaw break-in instructions

Before starting the operation of any imported chainsaw, its preliminary running-in is required. It is necessary, on the one hand, to extend the service life of a gasoline engine. During the running-in phase, the moving parts must first run in to each other, because increased frictional resistance is observed in the drive train. On the other hand, during break-in, you can acquire the necessary skills to work with a chainsaw. This is especially important for those who use a chainsaw for the first time..

When working with the chainsaw, use only branded oils when preparing the fuel mixture. The brands of oil that can be used for preparing the fuel mixture are indicated in the operating instructions. Observe the required proportions of oil and gasoline. The octane number of the gasoline used must be at least 90 (except when it is specified in the operating instructions).

Before starting the chain saw, be sure to check that there is oil in the chain oil reservoir. At high speeds, in the absence of chain lubrication, the chain and bar may fail. During operation, you can easily check for the presence of chain lubrication. With the chainsaw running at high RPM, direct the tire onto a blank sheet of paper. With normal lubricant flow, a strip of oil will be visible on the sheet..

Carefully read the instructions, those sections related to starting a hot and cold engine. The principle of starting the engine is the same in all saws. Differences can only be in the location of the saw controls (STOP button, choke lever). Remember to check the position of the overrun brake before each start. The inertia brake must be released. When the inertial brake is off, the chain on the tire is pulled freely by hand (this operation can only be carried out with work gloves).

How to Tune a Carburetor on a Chainsaw! EP 73

When the chainsaw is operating with the inertial brake on, the chainsaw body melts in the clutch area and the chainsaw may catch fire. Repair, which is necessary in this case, will be recognized as non-warranty and will be made only at the expense of the client.

Running-in must be done within 3-4 hours. It is forbidden to operate the chainsaw in idle mode for a long time during running-in. It is allowed to idle for 15-20 minutes with intermittent gas circulation of the engine at intervals of 20-30 seconds. Then it is necessary to continue running in the operating mode with light load. This means cutting small diameter wood with minimal operator effort..

After running the chainsaw, it is necessary to present it to the service center for control adjustment of the carburetor. Only a qualified technician can carry out the adjustment. After setting, you can use the gasoline tool according to the instruction manual.

It is recommended to periodically (about once every six months) present the gasoline-powered tool to the service center for preventive maintenance and checking the carburetor setting. This service is paid.

It is important!

As you know, the Champion chainsaw is deservedly popular in our country both with construction and logging organizations, and with many owners of personal plots and country cottages. Such an increased demand for a chainsaw is associated, first of all, with a rather long service life and its absolute reliability in operation..

And in order for the Champion chainsaw to work properly, timely adjustment of the carburetor is needed, which not only ensures the efficient operation of the entire tool, but also significantly extends its service life.
And this adjustment can only be carried out with a correctly tensioned chain and a cleaned air filter. The carburetor of the Champion chainsaw is adjusted by means of three screws and is carried out in two stages: with the engine off and while it is running. First, the screws for the maximum and minimum revolutions are turned clockwise until the stop when the engine is stopped. And then, without stopping, turn the adjusting screws in the opposite direction by 1.5 turns.
The second stage involves adjusting the idle speed while the engine is running. But, before proceeding to the second stage, you need to initially warm up the chainsaw engine for five minutes. And then, when the engine is idling, slowly turn the adjusting screw clockwise. But, as soon as the chain starts to move, you must immediately start turning the screw, in the opposite direction, counterclockwise.
For an inexperienced person, performing all these manipulations to correctly adjust the carburetor can cause certain difficulties. And therefore, it is better, nevertheless, to turn to professionals, with the help of whom the carburetor adjustment will be quickly carried out and the Champion chainsaw will be able to work without interruptions. Experienced specialists will not only help you adjust the carburetor, but also advise on how to properly use your Champion chainsaw..