Chainsaw Adjustment Partner 350

Chainsaw Partner 350 starts and stalls

There may be several reasons for this malfunction. Most often, the engine of the tool starts and immediately stalls due to a clogged factory breather, as a result of which fuel does not enter the engine cylinder in sufficient quantity for operation. To fix the damage, you will need to remove and clean the breather. If it is damaged, then it will need to be replaced.

Chainsaw Adjustment Partner 350

Another reason is the missing contact of the spark plug with the electrical wiring cap. This can be due to mechanical shock or engine oil carbon deposits on the plug. To repair the Partner 350 chainsaw, the spark plug will need to be removed and cleaned. In some cases, a complete candle replacement can help.

The third reason for the malfunction is a strong blockage of the standard chain saw muffler. Over time, carbon deposits form on its walls, which prevents waste from exhausting the engine. As a result, gases build up inside the motor and interfere with proper operation. To fix the damage, it is necessary to remove the muffler and clean it with compressed air. You will also need to disassemble the motor and blow out its cylinder.

Chainsaws Partner (Partner) 350

Popular among gardeners, the Partner 350 chainsaw successfully combines endurance, the ability to cope with the most difficult household tasks and economy. This model tolerates operation well in difficult weather conditions, which makes it possible to use it both in summer and winter, without the risk of unexpected breakdown of the main working units

Oil for chainsaw Partner 350. How to choose?

To extend the life of the engine and other working mechanisms of garden tools, it is necessary to use high-quality engine oil to prepare the fuel mixture. When burning in a cylinder, it should form as little ash as possible, which settles on the walls of the muffler and on the spark plug.

The engine oil used for refueling must quickly dissolve in gasoline and be thoroughly cleaned of harmful impurities, which, over time, settle in the narrow channels of the Partner saw carburetor.

In addition, Partner 350 chainsaw oil must have high lubricating and anti-corrosion properties, as well as resist wear well.

It is best to use Stihl and Husqvarna brand 2-stroke oils for fuel blending. They lubricate the working units of Partner garden tools well and, when burned, do not emit a large amount of ash.

Chainsaw device Partner 350

The Partner model in the 350th configuration stands out for its excellent selection of components and high build quality. Garden tool base. 2-stroke 1-cylinder internal combustion engine running on a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and engine oil. Engine piston group. Forged and plated with chrome alloy to extend the working life of the internal combustion engine. The factory engine device includes a proprietary CCS filter, which is distinguished by the ability to capture the smallest foreign particles, prevent them from entering the fuel.

The Partner 350 chainsaw differs from analogues in its simplified start-up, which was achieved thanks to a modified starter with a self-cleaning drum, a professional fuel pump and durable electronic ignition. For preliminary pumping of the used fuel into the cylinder, the model is equipped with a primer.

For the safety of the operator during the operation of a working chainsaw, Partner has equipped garden tools with a high-quality inertial brake, which instantly responds when the saw headset hits a nail or any other foreign object.

Saw blades Partner. Metal bar and chain. They are tensioned using two keys, without the need to remove the protective cover of the plastic case.

One of the main advantages of the Partner 350 chainsaw is the convenient location of the controls required for operation. The throttle lever, combination switch, and factory starter cable are located at the rear of the tool, making it much easier to operate in tight spaces.

Chainsaw Partner 350. Ignition adjustment

When setting up the ignition of Partner garden tools, you need to think about when its engine stops starting, or when the rated power of the engine has dropped noticeably. Before adjusting the ignition, you will need to thoroughly clean the spark plug, and also wipe the coil itself from dust.

The further procedure is as follows:

  • First you need to remove the left cover of the protective plastic case;
  • The flywheel and ignition coil are located under the cover. They must be located at a certain distance from each other. A template or a regular paper business card will help to establish the gap between them;
  • To perform the adjustment, you will need to Unscrew the 2 screws located next to the flywheel. During their rotation, the element will move away from the coil;
  • Further, on the side of the coil, you will need to firmly set the template and start turning the screws in the opposite direction;
  • As soon as the handwheel makes contact with the template, you need to complete the adjustment.

After adjusting the ignition, you need to reinstall the housing cover and check the operation of the Partner 350 chainsaw.If the unit was adjusted correctly, the chainsaw engine will start the first time.

What to do if the chain on the Partner 350 chainsaw is not lubricated?

If the chain for the Partner 350 chainsaw is no longer lubricated with oil, this can lead to overheating of the bar and rupture of the saw headset. Ignoring this problem can also lead to increased engine load, which can lead to engine failure.

The first thing to inspect if there is no lubricant on the chain. This is an oil pump. Over time, the teeth on its drive wear off, which can also happen due to a clogged pump. The element is usually impossible to restore, so it is best to replace it.

Often, lubricant does NOT get on the chain of the Partner 350 chainsaw due to clogged oil pipes. In this case, the hoses will need to be replaced by treating their joints with the fittings with a sealant.

Do-it-yourself adjustment of the Partner 350 chainsaw carburetor

Adjustment of the standard carburetor of the tool is necessary in cases of a slow set of engine revolutions, as well as with a sharp increase in the amount of fuel consumed. This procedure will help to reduce waste gases and extend the life of the key saw mechanisms.

There are holes in the upper left part of the tool body, which give free access to the adjusting screw. If tuning the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw is done for the first time, then this part of the body is best removed. This is necessary in order to see the position of the heads of the factory adjusting screws.

After removing the case, you will need to move all adjusting screws to the fully tightened position, and then unscrew them half a turn.

Further, the setup procedure should be performed in the following order:

  • In the case of adjusting the base carburetor with a previously removed cover, remember that the standard screw on the left is responsible for adjusting the amount of the fuel mixture, and the right one. For its quality. The carburetor also has a third screw, designated by the Latin letter T. With it, you can adjust the position of the base throttle valve when the engine is idling;
  • After installing the screws in the desired position, the faulty Partner chainsaw will need to be wound up and give its engine time to warm up. As soon as the standard cylinder heats up, you need to start adjusting the screw position of the amount of fuel used. In this case, you need to tighten the screw in the direction of the clock hand until the motor reaches maximum speed. Immediately after this procedure, the base number screw will need to be unscrewed a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction;
  • If after that the engine idle speed will be increased or decreased, then they must be adjusted using the screw T;
  • After that, you need to adjust the quality of the fuel mixture. To do this, the right screw will need to be turned until the motor reaches its maximum rotational speed. After that, it must be returned a quarter of a turn in the opposite direction.

After completing the above steps, turn off the instrument. After that, you will need to start the tool motor again and check its operation. Providing the Partner 350 saw carburetor is correctly adjusted, the engine of the model will run much more stable and quieter. Also, the amount of fuel consumed will be significantly reduced.

Chainsaw oil Partner 350

To prolong the life of your Partner 350, you must carefully consider your choice of fuel and oil. To refuel the tool, you need to use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 90. Gasoline AI-92 is best suited for a chainsaw.

To mix with fuel, you will need to purchase a special oil for two-stroke engines. It has all the necessary additives and substances that extend the life of the engine. Best to use branded oils from Stihl or Husqvarna.

The fuel mixture for the Partner 350 model is prepared in a 50: 1 ratio, that is, 1 liter of gasoline should be diluted with 20 ml of oil.

Chainsaw Partner 350. Malfunctions and their elimination

Most owners of this Partner model face problems that can be considered Typical for this tool kit. To be able to eliminate them, you should understand the causes of breakdowns and study the most effective methods of repairing them.

Chainsaws Partner (Partner) 350

The Partner 350 chainsaw is in high demand among both novice gardeners and experienced fellers. The model combines reliability, high build quality and economy. An important advantage of the tool is its low cost. This makes dust available to almost every customer.

Partner 350 complete set

The manufacturer supplies the tool along with everything you need to assemble and get started with the tool. The scope of delivery of the model includes:

  • Tire, 16 “long with 3/8” groove and 1.3 mm shank width;
  • Chain, 16 “long and 3/8 slot wide”;
  • Combined key;
  • Operating instructions in Russian.

If necessary, the buyer for a separate fee can purchase a branded cover, a spare chain for the Partner 350 chainsaw, as well as keys, which will simplify maintenance and repair of the tool.

The Partner 350 chainsaw starts and stalls. How to solve a problem?

The most common cause of this breakdown is a clogged air filter. Due to dust, debris and insects, it is not able to pass the amount of air required for the normal operation of the Partner 350 chainsaw. In this case, you will need to remove the filter and rinse it with clean gasoline. If this does not help, then the filter element should be replaced completely.

Another common reason. This is a spark plug malfunction. To check, you will need to Unscrew the part and inspect it. If the candle has small light spots, then the part is intact. However, if the ceramic walls of the candle are covered with a thick layer of carbon and oil, then it must be cleaned. To do this, heat the AL-KO spark plug and carefully scrape off the carbon deposits. If this does not help, then the candle will need to be replaced.

How to adjust the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw

When performing construction and repair work in the country, it is impossible to do without the use of a gasoline saw. The same can be said for garden maintenance. In the event of a failure of this tool, all work will stall, so it is very important to be able to independently find and fix faults. With some experience, you can independently adjust the carburetor. Although this procedure is quite complicated, if desired, anyone can learn how to perform it.


Before proceeding with the regulation of the carburetor of the Partner-350 gasoline saw, it is necessary to study the design of the unit in all details. Since it is used almost unchanged in many models, the recommendations below are relevant for the vast majority of them.

When removing elements, you should exercise the utmost care. We lay them out in the same order in which they were dismantled. This will facilitate the subsequent assembly. The top cover is held in place by three screws that need to be removed. After that, a layer of foam rubber will become visible, serving as an element of the air filter. To remove the drive rod, you need to get rid of the gas hose. It is impossible to adjust the carburetor of the Partner-350 chainsaw without removing the tip of the cable; this must be done at the next stage. The fuel hose located on the left side of the fitting must be thrown off. After completing all the above procedures, you can disconnect the carburetor and begin to adjust it. This mechanism is very complex, for this reason, during the subsequent disassembly, when removing parts, it is necessary to be extremely careful. Without this, they are easy to lose due to their small size.

Additional recommendations

After purchasing a Partner-350 chainsaw, you can adjust the carburetor while using it. Before proceeding with THESE work, it should be noted that the factory settings are optimal. Using the screws described above, you can adjust the operation of the engine in special cases when extraordinary external circumstances, for example, individual climatic conditions, require it. When adjusting, use the screws marked with the letters H and L. To reduce the speed, they must be returned counterclockwise. To increase the speed, the screws must be returned in the opposite direction.

The required sequence of use of the screws is of great importance. It looks like this: L. N. T. If difficulties arise in the regulation process, it is advisable to promptly seek help from a specialist, since an incorrect setting can become a prerequisite for engine breakdown.

The need for adjustment

The need to regulate the carburetor of the Partner-350 gasoline saw is quite rare. The most common problems that arise are associated with engine wear or improper fuel supply. To determine the moment when the need to adjust the mechanism arises, there are several signs. One of them is that the engine stalls immediately after it has been started. In the second cases, it is not possible to start it at all. Such problems are caused by an excess of oxygen or a lack of fuel. A malfunction can occur when the fuel consumption increases, as a result of which the volume of exhaust gases increases. The reason for this process is the supersaturation of the fuel mixture with fuel.

Carburetor device

After deciding to adjust the Partner-350 chainsaw, the first step is to study the design features of its parts. The most important part of the system is the diffuser, which serves as a restriction device to increase the flow rate of the supplied oxygen. The diffuser is located directly near the inlet through which the fuel is supplied. The flow of incoming oxygen is regulated using a tube with a transverse damper available in the carburetor design. The fuel is supplied through a nozzle that looks like a needle. The design of the carburetor also includes a float chamber, the purpose of which is to regulate the fuel supply when entering the channel.

Need for adjustment

To understand how the Partner-350 gasoline saw is adjusted, you need to study the design of this unit as much as possible at the first stage. Understanding the principles of its functioning and familiarity with the features of its parts will help to identify the cause of the malfunction on its own. The carburetor is one of the main engine components. Its purpose is to prepare and further supply a fuel mixture consisting of gasoline and oxygen. In case of violation of the required proportions of THESE ingredients, the engine begins to function incorrectly, and later it fails completely.

Briefly about the manufacturer

The Partner trade mark began its history more than 50 years ago. In 1950, the first development saw the light. Special Swedish saw “Be-Bo”. During the entire period of the 50s, this chain saw steadfastly withstood the competition and even managed to become one of the most popular in all of Europe. Be-Bo helped to improve the logging process in Scandinavia.

A few years later, the products were re-released under the name Partner C6, and after this debut release, all products of this company came out under the brand marked with the Partner badge. Dust was predicted to be particularly successful. This novelty simply rocked the entire world market! Immediately after the first models, the release of counterparts such as Partner R11 and X21 followed.

Soon TM received a new name, which is known to this day all over the world. This is this AB Partner.

In the sixties, the company developed rapidly and increased its production. Export volumes grew by leaps and bounds, and the popularity of chainsaws kept pace with unprecedented heights.

Since 1961, this organization has begun the production of engines for petrol cutters and go-karts. A decade later, in 1971, a new factory came into operation, which contributed to the expansion of the product range.

Starting in 1990, Partner began production of a range of gasoline-type garden equipment, among the products there were new chain-type saws, lawn mowers, trimmers, etc.

In 2006, when Electrolux, which has owned Partner production since 1979, began overproduction at Husqvarna AB.

Description and technical characteristics of the device

The Partner 350 chainsaw is an example of an excellent saw workshop, suitable for various types of work in the garden, harvesting firewood, etc. Compared with the Stihl ms 180 chainsaw or Patriot chainsaw, the Partner 350 is very necessary when it comes to occasional use. at low load levels.

It is important to note that the unit has a chrome-plated inner surface of the working cylinder, which makes it possible to significantly extend the operating life of the device. This chainsaw has a good air purification system, CCS mark. In other words, it will be said that the unit uses an air cleaning system, which is based on the principle of a conventional centrifuge.

After cleaning, the air prepared for operation will enter the carburetor through special filters. If you are interested in tuning the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, then we inform you that you can easily disassemble and clean it on your own. To adjust the carburetor, simply add air to the system and let it run for a minute. Then check it several times in a row, but slowly. You can see how to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw here.

If there are “dips” in dynamic work, then it will be necessary to Unscrew the L-screw L by ¼ of its turn and re-check everything. As you can see, adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands is possible and is not particularly difficult.

The device of the Partner 350 chainsaw is quite simple to understand. If you are a beginner, and do not know how the trees are dusty with a chainsaw, go here.To finally delve into the scheme of operation of this unit, we suggest reading in detail the user manual.

Chainsaw Partner 350 features:

  • Household saw;
  • Equipped with a single-cylinder two-stroke engine;
  • The specific power of the system is 1.8 hp. (1.3 kW)
  • Cubic volume of the engine. 36 cm;
  • Start type. Manual;
  • Fuel volume. 400 ml;
  • Oil volume. 200 ml;
  • Cooling system type. Air;
  • Maximum idle speed up to 4000 rpm is characteristic;
  • Working length of the bus. 0.4 m;
  • Chain step. 3/8;
  • The type of fuel used for work. Oil gasoline;
  • Nominal weight about 4.7 kg.

Saw Partner-350 (Partner). Specifications and operating instructions, carburetor adjustment and tuning, device diagram

Modern chainsaws differ in order from their predecessors. New models from leading manufacturers are already equipped with more reliable and powerful motors that allow work to move faster, excellent anti-vibration systems, which do not give hands fatigue and do NOT tire after the first hour of work. It is easy to work with such units, they are easy to care for and repair. But the price, respectively, is an order of magnitude higher.

Good Chainsaws Can’t be too cheap and that’s a fact. But it is not always necessary to overpay Big Money for the supposedly distinctive advantages of a model, if such are NOT so critically necessary. Today there is a huge selection of such equipment, among the names of which there are both time-tested brands and new models that have not yet had time to loudly declare themselves (see the article which chainsaw to choose). If you look at the chainsaw russia, the price of THESE chainsaws is an order of magnitude lower.

The best option among the many available (see Rating chainsaws) is the Partner chainsaw. Its price ranges from 7,000 to 9,000 rubles. This option is very convenient and useful, does not require additional equipment and is an excellent solution to many economic problems.

Partner chainsaw instruction manual

To use the chainsaw correctly and at the same time NOT harm your health, you must read the instructions for use and water for operation.

Chainsaw Partner 350 user manual is quite simple.

First you need to remove the fuse and tire cover. After putting on the chain and saws, twisted the tension bolt until the weakest chain links do NOT touch the very bottom of the bar. Tighten the tire bolts firmly. It is also important what kind of oil to fill to lubricate the chainsaw chain you will use.

Pull the chain manually to check the correct installation. It should move smoothly along the guides. Next, you need to fill the chain oil in the hole specially designated for this and check the saw stroke. Then you can carry out a test run of the device.

Remember that its further operation largely depends on the correct commissioning of the unit. Unlike the goodluck chainsaw, Partner 350 requires a special approach to ignition control, since the power of a two-stroke engine, whose nominal value is 1.3 kW, often does not give a smooth start but “shoots” with early ignition, which is not just inconvenient, but also contraindicated for a crane. saw operation.

For an example of work, see:

DIY Partner saw setup and adjustment instructions

Before starting the saw, it is imperative to check how the cutting attachment is adjusted, namely the bar, chain, sprockets, etc. This is necessary for good grip.

Remember to first check the dust on a light load by cutting small limbs and branches. After running out of one tank of fuel, it is worth stopping the dust and turning it off. In this mode, you need to check the tension of the chain, since an oversight in this aspect threatens injury! If the chainsaw does not start, the causes and remedies can be found here.

Poor machine maintenance can lead to damage or injury. Be sure to check the sharpening of the chain and the level of its tension. It is advisable to purchase a machine for sharpening chainsaw chains how to choose can be found here.

Poorly sharpened chain. Chainsaw engine load, poorly tensioned chain. The possibility of injury to the operator due to its rally


To summarize, I would like to note that excellent technical characteristics, together with an acceptable price range, make the Partner chainsaw an excellent option for working on a personal plot. The device has a good anti-vibration system, it is characterized by easy access to the air filter and automatic supply of chain lubrication.There are also various attachments and attachments for the chainsaw of this manufacturer.

Thanks to the mechanical brake, the safety of the chainsaw is at the proper level. There is also a quick start device that allows you to easily start dust in different climatic conditions.

If you do not know what to do if the Partner 350 chainsaw starts up and stalls when you press the gas, then this article is for you.

The equipment of the device is standard: it includes the Partner 350 chainsaw itself, one tire and a chain, an accessible user manual, a specific set consisting of all the necessary keys, a watering can and a container for mixing fuel with oil.

Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands

Construction and repair activities often require the use of a chainsaw. Adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw can be done independently with certain knowledge. The need to implement this process rarely arises. It often appears when the engine is worn out, fuel flow errors. It is possible to understand that adjustment is required if during operation the motor starts to stall for no reason, extraneous noises appear.

Pull the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw with your own hands

Young tuning of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw will eliminate the occurrence of the above problems. This work begins with disassembly. Adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw requires knowledge of information about the design of the working unit.

When disassembling parts for repairing the Partner saw carburetor, it is useful to use the following recommendations:

  • When shooting Husqvarna saws with your own hands, you need to be as careful as possible. You need to remove each element. It is advisable to lay out the parts in the sequence in which they are removed. This will help make the reassembly process as fast as possible. You can quickly disassemble the unit.
  • The top cover is held in place with three screws. You will need to carefully disassemble them. Under the removed cover there is a foam layer. It performs the air filter option.
  • You will need to remove the filter rod in the saw. To do this, dismantle the petrol hose.
  • To adjust the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw, you need to remove the tip, which is located on the cable. To do this, carefully remove the fuel hose and disconnect the carburetor. Take it off slowly.
  • After completing all the above steps, you can start adjusting the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw. Please note that this type of operation is considered quite time consuming. You will need to configure it in stages. The individual elements are small in size. It is important not to lose them during disassembly, adjust.

Features of the device

It is important, before starting the work process, to run in the factory device in a timely manner, to set it up in time.

The main constituent components of a carburetor are:

  • Main part. It is a special tube designed to allow air to pass through. There is a damper with the ability to change the location.
  • Diffuser. This is the narrow area of ​​the tube. It is necessary to accelerate the flow of air-type mass.
  • Fuel supply channel. The fuel is stored in a float chamber. From there it goes to the nozzle and then to the atomizer.
  • Camera. It is similar in shape to a container. Maintains the required amount of fuel.

We need tools to set up and repair the saw. Screws L, H, T, diagram.

The main features of the Partner chainsaw tuning

The Partner 350 saw, when the carburetor is adjusted correctly, is able to function properly and reliably. At the basic stage of adjustment, it is necessary to tighten the adjusting screws to the maximum. These screws have a special designation. “L” and “H”. They roll up slowly to the required stop. The operation is performed in a clockwise direction. Then, the screws will need to be unscrewed in the reverse order one and a half times.

Further, adjusting the carburetor of Partner 350 equipment with your own hands implies performing the following list of actions:


STIHL MS-180 Husqvarna 137

Partner. 350, 351

The main causes of malfunctions in the chainsaw 350

  • Malfunctions associated with the accumulation of large amounts of oxygen or the presence of insufficient fuel.
  • Interruptions in operation are noted if an increased fuel consumption is carried out, leading to a large emission of exhaust gases, which oversaturated the fuel mixture.
  • An unexpected malfunction often appears when there are mechanical breakdowns. So, in the presence of strong vibrations, a similar problem may arise, the protective cap is damaged. Vibration loosens fixed bolts.
  • Worn piston area of ​​the motor. This problem can be eliminated only by replacing the damaged element. Then you need to configure the node.
  • Interruptions in the operation of the Partner 350 carburetor may appear when using low quality fuel. This problem causes the filter to be damaged. To eliminate this situation, it is necessary to disassemble, flush the working units.

Features of re-checking the operation of the Partner 350 chainsaw

A device such as the carburetor of a Husqvarna chainsaw is important to additionally test for reliability, at idle speed. After you have tuned the equipment in acceleration mode and at maximum speed, it is important to make sure that it also works properly at idle speed. To do this, you need to fix the device chain in a stationary state.

When you press the accelerator, the saw begins to gain momentum quite quickly. The operating noise of the engine in dust must be identical to a four-stroke unit. If the above points are not observed, you will need to re-configure the settings. Such a problem can arise in the absence of the necessary experience in the traffic controller. After setting, Install all elements in the same sequence.

The partner 340s saw carburetor is designed for mixing fuel and air masses. When implementing this process, a strictly established portion is observed. In case of failures in compliance with the required rate, problems arise in the functioning of the engine of the device.

With a lack of the required amount of oxygen, the fuel mixture is poorly saturated. Over-saturation is also undesirable. It leads to serious disruption. Therefore, it is extremely important to adjust the equipment before starting work. For those who disassemble and set up already on their own, this type of saw adjustment is done quickly.