Chainsaw Leaks Chain Oil

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Choice of oil for chain lubrication

After each refueling of the chainsaw with the fuel mixture Do not forget to check the amount of oil in the oil tank. In a chainsaw, an oil pump is responsible for delivering lubricant to the tire on which the saw chain slides. Normally, refueling of both Tanks. fuel and oil. should be done simultaneously. Chain oil must be filled into a Suitable Throat Tank. Otherwise, it may run out before fuel, which will lead to overheating of the chain and bus.

Chainsaw chain oil must be designed for this very purpose. The use of second lubricants is ineffective and Reduces the service life of Not only the saw, but also the tires of the machine. This is explained by the fact that the chain oil in its composition has adhesive additives, thanks to which the lubricant literally “sticks” to the chain. This property of the oil reduces its consumption, as a result of which the lubrication of the chainsaw bar and the saw chain improves, and their service life increases.

Also an important parameter of chain lubrication is its density. If you are going to use a lubricant other than that intended for chainsaws, you may notice that oil leaks during operation or after stopping the unit. This fact suggests that the grease is too liquid. In addition, the liquid lubricant will quickly scatter in all directions and, accordingly, quickly run out.

Chainsaw Leaks Chain Oil

Leading manufacturers of gas powered tools such as Stihl, Husqvarna, Makita, Bosch and the manufacturer of Oregon chainsaw components recommend special highly adhesive oils, including biodegradable ones. But oils of well-known brands have only one drawback. for 1 liter and above. In addition, the grease in the reservoir can thicken over time and clog the channels. For this reason, it has to be drained, and this already increases the consumption. But despite this, we have to admit the fact that only the use of Special lubricants can extend the service life of the chainsaw.

Husqvarna HP

It is a Swedish manufacturer that includes several well-known brands, including Partner (Partner), renowned for its semi-professional and professional gardening equipment. Husqvarna produces Not only machinery, but also high-quality lubricants used on almost all brands of gasoline-powered tools.

The photo below shows the Husqvarna HP 2-stroke oil, which contains special additives that can compensate for the poor quality of fuel, which is NOT a rarity in our country. After all, the octane number of gasoline purchased at a gas station does not always correspond to the declared.

This grease is green and contains a semi-synthetic base. It can be packed both in 10-liter containers and in 1-liter containers. The mixture is diluted in a standard ratio of 1:50 (20 g per 1 liter of gasoline). But when the engine is NOT yet run-in, or work in the cold is coming, the proportion can be increased to 1:40.

Fuel mixture preparation rules

It is necessary to dilute gasoline with oil in containers that are resistant to oil products (plastic or metal canisters). It is not recommended to use plastic water, juice or milk bottles for THESE purposes, as food grade plastic decomposes under the influence of gasoline. As a result of this process, the fuel mixture will change its properties, and it is difficult to predict what effect it will have on the engine.

The combustible mixture for the chainsaw is easy to prepare.

  • Take the required amount of lubricant and pour it into the prepared container. You should not pour all the prepared gasoline into a container with oil, half of the required amount will be enough.
  • Shake the container slightly, wait until the lubricant is completely dissolved in the gasoline.
  • Now you can fill in the remaining gasoline, mix it well with the mixture in the container. This completes the preparation of the fuel mixture for the chainsaw.

It is better to use the ready-made fuel mixture immediately. Therefore, it needs to be prepared in such an amount that it is enough for the expected amount of work. If, nevertheless, the mixture remains, then it is impossible to store it for more than 1-1.5 months. During this time, it will lose a significant part of its lubricating properties.

How to determine the ratio of gasoline to oil

The fuel mixture used in 2-stroke engines is prepared from a certain amount of oil and gasoline. The latter must have an octane rating of at least 90 and be unleaded. AI-92 fuel is best suited for THESE purposes.

To prepare the mixture, you must use only engine oil from well-known manufacturers. The lubricant should be designed for high-speed engines with an air-cooled system. This component, intended for low-speed engines (moped, motorcycle, snowmobile), must not be used.

When preparing the mixture, it is required to strictly observe the proportion of gasoline and oil. As a rule, it is 1:50, that is, you need to take 100 ml of oil and dilute it in 5 liters of gasoline. This rule changes slightly if the engine or piston system is new and a break-in is required. In this case, the oil-gasoline ratio can be 1:40. For running-in, you will need 2-3 full refueling of the unit with a fuel mixture with this ratio. If you dilute the fuel mixture in a ratio of 1:30, then carbon deposits will inevitably form on the piston and inside the cylinder, which, as already mentioned, leads to breakdown of the entire crank mechanism.

Below is a table that helps you quickly determine the gasoline-oil ratio if you need to prepare a large amount of fuel mixture.

All about choosing your chainsaw oil

The resource of any chainsaw, no doubt, depends on the quality of its maintenance and operation. The most important requirement for this unit is the timely lubrication of all its moving parts. Chainsaw oil is available in different types, namely, motor and chain oil. The motor is poured into the internal combustion engine, and the chain is intended for the saw chain. Let’s figure out how to choose the right oil for a chainsaw.

Stihl HP

The grease was specially developed for the engines of Stihl equipment. It has a mineral base, has high lubricating and cleaning properties and can be used at ambient temperatures NOT lower than 10 ° С.

The grease is red and can be stored for NOT more than 4 years in a closed container. The latter can have different capacities, both large and small (for one-time refueling). For example, there is a 20-gram container on sale, the contents of which are added to 1 liter of gasoline. This is a very convenient option for owners of chainsaws who use them occasionally. Important: a mixture of gasoline with this oil cannot be stored for more than 1 month, since it will already lose its lubricating properties during this time.

Choosing engine oil

The oil intended for a 2-stroke engine must meet the following requirements.

  • The lubricant should form a minimum of ash during combustion. Ideally, it should burn out completely.
  • The lubricant must have good solubility in gasoline and a high degree of purification from various impurities that can cause clogging of very narrow channels of the carburetor.
  • The oil must have high anti-corrosion, anti-wear and lubricating properties.

There are certain standards for oils intended for 2-stroke engines: TC-W3 and 2T. A grease that meets the TC-W3 standard is used for water-cooled engines (outboard motors, jet skis). 2T oil is used as an additive in gasoline for 2-stroke air-cooled engines (lawn mowers, mopeds, chainsaws, etc.).

MOTUL Outboard Tech 2T Oil

When using poor-quality lubricant, the entire piston group of the engine may fail due to the formation of carbon deposits under the piston rings. As a result, they will NOT be able to compress, and scuffs will form on the cylinder walls. Also, improper lubrication of the crank gear bearings leads to overheating and, ultimately, to seizure. Important: it is forbidden to use diesel oil to prepare the fuel mixture, since it does NOT correspond to any of the above parameters.

Stihl HP Ultra

The oil belongs to the highest category. It is created on a fully synthetic basis, has a green color and has high lubricating properties, and, thanks to salt-free additives, does NOT create carbon deposits.

The oil was specially developed for the lubrication of engines operating for a long time at high loads and low ambient temperatures, up to 25 ° C. In addition, this lubricant does not harm the environment. If spilled on the ground, it will decompose by 80% in 21 days. The grease is packaged in bottles of 100 ml and 1 l.

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What parts of a chainsaw need oil

If you look closely at a working chainsaw, you will immediately notice its main moving part. the saw chain, which slides along the tire during cutting. Since the law of friction still exists, both parts will gradually wear out. To slow down this process, it is common to use chain oil specially formulated to lubricate saw chains.

Chainsaws can be equipped with both four-stroke and two-stroke engines. In 4-stroke units, the crankset is lubricated with oil in the engine crankcase. Two-stroke engines differ slightly in their design and operating principle. Gasoline in this type of drive enters directly into the space under the piston, where the crank mechanism is located, which has several bearings and bushings that need lubrication. Therefore, oil is added to gasoline for two-stroke engines of chainsaws, so that it, getting on the rubbing parts of this block, lubricates them.

Oil supply repair. STIHL MS 180 oil supply repair

Owners of this model of the tool should be prepared for the fact that they may be faced with such a nasty moment as oil leakage for lubricating the chain. Likely NOT to flow from the chain, flows from under the linings. The oil flows right from the start. Well I do not know. Oil can leak out while working with inventory and even when it just lies without action.

What is the reason for this phenomenon? The fact is that oil leaks due to density violations in the area where the hose from the oil tank and pump is connected.

The STIHL MS 180 chainsaw is an indispensable tool for logging and other wood construction work. It is one of the most acclaimed gardening devices and comes with multifunctional features.

The tool weighs about 4 kg. The power reaches 1.5 kW and the busbar length is 35 cm.

Note that from a semi-professional device for this model of the saw got electronic ignition and a fairly fast chain tension. In addition, the STIHL MS 180 saw has 2 tanks for gasoline and an oil mixture.

Reduced vibration is one of the main features.

This result is achieved thanks to 4 shock absorbers. It’s no secret that high depreciation has a detrimental effect on human health and in Europe they have been fighting it for a long time.

It should be noted that it is NOT advisable to disassemble this dust on your own without special instruction, in this case it is better to entrust the device to the masters.

Oil leaks from the Stihl 180 chainsaw

Chainsaw chain lubrication system

One of the fundamental chainsaw systems, without which work is impossible, is the forced lubrication system of the chainsaw chain. It is not a secret for anyone that at the moment the saw is operating, the chain friction against the tire of the chainsaw occurs, which causes its heating and early wear. To soften friction, the chain mechanism must be constantly Lubricated.

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Little tricks Chinese chainsaw / OIL leaks HOW TO REMOVE.

The disassembly and correct assembly of the oil pump and the sealing of the oil supply pipe are considered. If oil does not flow to the chainsaw chain, specifically because of this Why oil flows. If, during work, oil does not flow to the chainsaw chain, it is out of order, oil Why oil. How.

What to fill with oil for chainsaw Stihl 180 (stihl 180)

  • You will not regret money for the original oil Stihl HP 2-stroke oil costs a little more, but cleaning is even more expensive.
  • High-quality fuel can be poured into Mobile 1, and a three-phase one is suitable for lubrication, in no case do NOT fill the workings.
  • From inexpensive options, mineral oil 15-40, in winter 10-30. You can M8, for example, or M10.

Remember personal safety when working with a chainsaw.

Remember that the quality of the oil being poured affects the operation of the chainsaw. Poor quality oil can cause inefficient tool performance and adversely affect tool parts.

To ensure that the STIHL MS 180 oil pump delivers oil without difficulty, periodically check and clean the pump. So the oil supply process will be normal.

What to fill in oil for chainsaw Stihl 180 (stihl 180)

  • You will not regret money for the original oil. Oil 2-stroke Stihl HP costs a little more, but cleaning is even more expensive.
  • High-quality fuel can also be poured into Mobile 1, and a three-phase one is suitable for lubrication, in no case do NOT fill the workings.
  • From inexpensive options, mineral oil 15-40, in winter 10-30. You can M8, for example, or M10.

Remember personal safety when working with a chainsaw.

Remember that the quality of the oil being poured affects the operation of the chainsaw. Advantages of the Husqvarna chainsaw 240, Why gasoline is leaking from the Husqvarna chainsaw 240 × Oil of poor quality can cause ineffective tool operation and adversely affect its parts.

To ensure that the STIHL MS 180 oil pump delivers oil without difficulty, periodically check and clean the pump. OIL leaking Oil leaking from the chainsaw. A quick overview of why oil is in a chainsaw. So the oil supply process will be normal.

In order to solve the STIHL MS 180 problem associated with oil supply, it is purposeful to disassemble the device.

Solution to the problem:

  • Check the hose, if it is damaged, then replace it with another one. Or try to degrease the hose and wash it, and put it on the sealant, everything should work.
  • Check the filter oil for breakage, clean it (if you filled in the waste)
  • There may also be a clogged start, with all this a vacuum appears in the fuel tank and affects the fuel supply. The problem may be in the adjustment of the carburetor and there may be clogged channels, well, or the air filter, you need to thoroughly clean the filter and carburetor channels.

How to fix oil leaks on a chainsaw.

One of the cases of elimination of spontaneous theca of lubricating oil for a saw chain from a chainsaw. Repairs.

In general, the main problem is due to poor oil.

It is not recommended to pour oil into a chainsaw which is not intended!

HP Super

Designed for high-performance engines and 4-stroke engines made using 2-MIX technology. The performance is slightly worse than that of the HP Ultra, therefore, at the moment, the HP Super is NOT supplied to the counters of authorized Stihl dealers.

Bioplus chain oil overview

Bioplus is plant-based, which allows it to decompose in the shortest possible time when it gets into the soil. It is this property that has been awarded the European environmental safety mark. According to the information available on the manufacturer’s website and is Official, BioPlus has been tested according to OECD 301 B.

For maximum convenience of consumers, it is packed in 4 types of containers, these are:

  • Liter bottle.
  • Canister with a capacity of three liters.
  • Five liter canister.
  • Plastic twenty liter canister for those who use a chainsaw on a daily basis and use a large amount of lubricants.

Bioplus price may vary depending on the region of sale.

Bioplus has a shelf life of four years. Brown color.

Stihl HP Review

Stihl HP is a chain saw lubricant formulated to meet high quality requirements and designed to lubricate internal engine parts during engine operation. It is made on a mineral basis and has good combustion performance (has a low level of emission of harmful substances during combustion).

Original Stihl HP is red and sold in Stihl branded packaging.

It comes in several packaging options, the most popular of which is a one liter bottle with a built-in dispenser. You can also find Stihl HP in a canister of five, ten and fifty-five liters.

The smallest package of Stihl HP, which is convenient to use in cases where you need to prepare only one liter of fuel mixture, is a twenty-gram plastic bottle.

Also, the company produces one hundred gram bottles of Stihl HP, which can be used to prepare five liters of fuel mixture.

Shelf life, if stored in a closed container, is 4 years.

Stihl HP Ultra Review

Unlike conventional Stihl HP oil, HP Ultra is designed for high engine loads during operation and is recommended for use on professional chainsaws. This oil is synthetic. In order for consumers NOT to confuse diluted fuel, it has a green color, respectively, a ready-made mixture of gasoline with Stihl HP Ultra also has a greenish tint.

There are only two packages of this oil. This is Stihl HP Ultra 100 ml and 1 liter with dispenser.

The cost of Stihl HP Ultra is almost twice the price of Stihl HP and for this reason it is less popular in our country.

Stihl HP Ultra has a four-year shelf life.

Stihl lubricant for two-stroke engines

Stihl engineers develop oils that are optimally suited to all two-stroke engines fitted to Stihl chainsaws and trimmers and beyond. The Stihl two-stroke lubricant range includes several product options:

  • Stihl HP;
  • Stihl HP Ultra;
  • Stihl HP S

How to distinguish fake Stihl oil

An attacker does NOT miss an opportunity to make money selling counterfeit products of a well-known brand. Stihl oil is NOT an exception. The most commonly encountered counterfeit Stihl HP because it has the highest sales volumes of all Stihl lubricants.

In order to distinguish a fake from the original, Stihl has issued a special brochure, in which it has recorded all the main differences between the original and the fake.

Also, we invite you to take a look. In which, using a specific example, it is shown how a package of high-quality Stihl oil should look like and how to distinguish a fake.

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Which Stihl oil to choose for a chainsaw

Any two-stroke chainsaw engine runs on a mixture of gasoline and oil, respectively, how long it will last depends on the quality and correct mixture of THESE components. Also in chainsaws it is necessary to Lubricate the bar and chain, and the quality of the lubricant is NOT the last factor affecting the duration of use of THESE parts of the chainsaw. In this article, we will talk about the oils that Stihl produces and recommends for use Not only on chainsaws of its own production.


Synthplus is a semi-synthetic oil that retains its properties even under the most severe conditions. It is able to maintain performance at minus 25 degrees. Synthplus mixes well with BioPlus, allowing you to easily switch from one type of oil to another.

Synthplus, has a long shelf life, which, if properly stored, reaches seven years. Synthplus oil color, brown.

Stihl SynthPlus is packaged in containers of the same capacity as BioPlus.

Mixing ratio

Very often people ask the question, how much oil per liter of gasoline is considered the norm. It is easy to answer it, because the instructions for any Stihl chainsaw, as well as on the additive package, indicate that when using original Stihl products, the proportion of oil and gasoline should be 1:50. This means that for one liter of fuel, it is necessary to add 20 ml of the additive.

Chainsaw oil

Hello! In this article, I am going to tell you which chainsaw oil to use. The information presented here is based both on my personal experience of using dust, and on the experience associated with the fact that I am a sales consultant for this technique. this is both communication with buyers and with service masters. Plus there will be a theory. where without it.

What kind of oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw?

A special oil for two-stroke engines is used to prepare the fuel mixture. There are a great many of them today. However, manufacturers themselves, especially serious ones such as Stihl or Husqvarna, always write which oil to mix with gasoline for their chainsaws. They are produced under the same brand, so, for example, Stihl oil is suitable for Stihl saw, and Husqvarna oil for Husqvarna.

Representatives of manufacturing companies at the same time declare that they do not know how the chainsaw will work with other oils, but they can definitely guarantee the correct operation of their equipment when the fuel mixture for it is prepared on the basis of the product that they indicate in the instructions for exploitation. By the way, if a malfunction occurs in the piston group during the warranty period, you may be refused free repair if it turns out that you added something other than what the manufacturer indicates.

Masters from the services with whom I had to communicate, praise all the same Stihl and Husqvarna oils.

Chainsaw Oil to Gasoline Ratio

To find out how much oil to pour into gasoline for a chainsaw (as for any other two-stroke technique: trimmer, motor-drill, etc.), you need to look at the correct proportion in the instructions for the saw or on the packaging. Usually, when using the “native” version, the proportion is 1:50. If another type is used, it is recommended to mix it in a ratio of 1:40. That is, for example, with a ratio of 1:50, we divide 1 liter by 50 and get 0.02 liters. this is the amount that needs to be added to 1 liter of gasoline. That is, for 1 liter of gasoline, pour 20 ml.

The proportions of gasoline and oil for a chainsaw must be observed with great accuracy, therefore, to determine the required amount, I advise you to use a conventional medical syringe of 20-25 ml. In addition, there are special packages with a dispenser, as well as containers for mixing. The latter allow you to measure as the required amount of both mixed products.

When using a syringe or a package with a dispenser, you need to have a container by which you can accurately measure the required amount of gasoline.

So, after adding the required amount of oil to gasoline, just shake the container in which they are mixed, and that’s it. the fuel mixture is ready.

You should NOT stock up on the mixture for future use, as it has a limited shelf life. Usually the shelf life after mixing should NOT exceed one month, but some service centers recommend generally storing the finished fuel mixture for NOT more than 3 days.

Mineral or synthetic oil. which is better to add to gasoline

Two-stroke oils can be mineral or synthetic. As in the case of a car, synthetics are always more expensive here than mineral water. Its most important advantage is that, when used, carbon deposits do NOT form inside the chainsaw cylinder. This prolongs its service life. Thus, if you want the saw to last as long as possible, fill in synthetics.

True, it is worth noting that if you have already used mineral water for a long time (at least 100 hours), then you cannot use synthetics. This is due to the fact that synthetic oil, having cleaning properties, will wash away the carbon layer accumulated on them from the cylinder walls, and its fallen off pieces can lead to damage. Therefore, if you have been using mineral water for a long time, then use it.

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain

Now let’s move on to chain lubrication. To lubricate the chain, you must use a special adhesive lubricant specifically designed for this. You can, of course, fill in other types of oils, for example, transmission or engine oils, but they should not be as effective to lubricate the tire and chain as a special adhesive oil for chain lubrication does.

This is due to the fact that the special lubricant contains adhesives that make it “stick” to the chain. Due to this, it does not fly out as much when the chain rotates, as other types of it do. Therefore, the bar and chain wear less and last longer.

If you drop a good adhesive on your thumb and index fingers, connect them, and then spread them apart, you can see how it stretches between them. Other types cannot do this.

Density is an important characteristic. Do NOT take too much liquid grease, as it is quickly consumed. As my experience shows, as well as the buyers with whom I had to communicate on this topic, the longest consumption of lubricant for the Stihl chain.

It is also worth noting that if you care about nature, then you can use oil to lubricate the chain, which subsequently decomposes, do not harm the environment. It is produced on a plant basis. The price will of course be higher.

Pour chain oil into a special tank right up to the neck. It is recommended to top up when refueling the saw with a fuel mixture, since, usually, when a full tank of fuel mixture is developed, there is still some chain lubrication left. But if it is NOT topped up, then it will be used up before the fuel runs out.

That’s all. I hope you found it interesting and learned something new for yourself. Use only special oils for gasoline and chain lubrication, and your chainsaw will last you its entire life.

Read more articles on my site. Bye and see you soon!

Pro’s recommendations for the selection and use of chain oils

The operation of the lubrication system must be monitored periodically. A lack of oil supply can be easily identified by the increased load on the engine and the smell of overheated wood. The crown and bearing of the driving and driven sprockets need additional lubrication.

Self-selection criteria

The problem with how to replace branded chain oil, which is not available for sale, is relevant for many peripheral regions. According to experts, a full-fledged analogue is products of well-known brands Stihl and Husqvarna, identical in basic characteristics. Motor and chain oils from THESE manufacturers have proven themselves from the best side in all respects.

Taking into account the possibilities of the offered assortment, the consumer can make a choice in favor of a more expensive chain oil or its budget analogue. In addition to branded products, the list includes Enkor, Nanotech Standard and Nanotech Premium oils, which retain working properties at temperatures up to 30 ° C.

Mineral oil versions Presented by the brands Makita and Makita Oregon, identical lubrication characteristics in organic chain oils Makita Biotop, Stihl Bio Plus, which are sold in packaging from 1 to 25 liters.

Most professional sawfillers prefer one brand of branded lubricants. Continuous use of one brand of oil allows you to explore its capabilities and use them with maximum efficiency.

Chainsaw chain oil: what, where and when to use?

The saw headset of a chainsaw works in difficult conditions, which negatively affect its durability. Chainsaw chain oil supplied to the working area prevents overheating of working parts, promotes productive sawing of hardwood. The smooth running of the chain removes some of the load from the power unit.

Chainsaw designers recognize the need for complete lubrication of the headset, therefore, in the compact designs of modern chainsaws there is a place for a consumable oil tank and oil pump, with a fixed or adjustable performance.

Performance properties

Branded or standard chainsaw chain oil meets the requirements of Special Standards in terms of density, viscosity, degree of removal of impurities and second performance characteristics.

  • Organic and mineral compositions do not differ significantly in their working properties.
  • Experienced users recommend working on organic consumables if the intervals between using the chainsaw do NOT exceed several days.
  • Anti-corrosion and other protective properties of more expensive mineral oils are used if the tool is used for infrequent one-time work.
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It is not difficult to check the oil for compliance with the external temperature, and at the same time the lubrication system for operability. To do this, hold the saw headset running at medium speed over a blank sheet of paper for a few seconds.

By Shiro and the saturation of the oil strip, one can judge the suitability of the composition for long-term operation at a given air temperature and the performance of the built-in oil pump.

Adjustment of oil density to external temperature factors

The use of chain oil at low temperatures up to 20 ° C negatively affects the performance of the oil pump and the durability of its drive.

In the absence of the required material, the problem is solved by diluting the oil thickened in the cold. Dehydrated kerosene is the best solvent.

Such an additive will provide full lubrication of the headset, but it is recommended to significantly limit heavy loads when the saw is operating on diluted oil.

Benefits of higher price oils

The branded chain oils are formulated with beneficial antioxidant, anticorrosive, stabilizing components and additives that help maintain the oil’s performance and increase the wear resistance of working equipment under difficult operating conditions.

The quality of branded consumables is benchmark. Most of these are products of leading manufacturers Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Daewoo and a number of others. Over the past few years, the quality of Chinese chain oils produced by a state-owned enterprise has improved significantly.

Chainsaw owners decide on their own which oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain. At its best, it is a consumable adapted to the climate of the region Recommended by the operating instructions for this model.

Price features of the offered assortments

European chain oils of a high price group Recommended for the operation of professional chainsaw equipment operating in difficult and even extreme conditions.

The cost of consumables is fully compensated by the productivity of large-scale sawing works, reliability, almost complete production of the specified service life by the sawing equipment.

Domestic chain oils are mostly produced from their raw materials, imported additives and using modern technologies.

In terms of quality and performance characteristics, the Russian assortment is NOT inferior to similar products of European brands, but it costs much less.

Chinese sawing sets of the middle class are inferior to European counterparts in terms of wear resistance and durability of operation. This imbalance is partially eliminated by the use of chain oils recommended by the manufacturer, developed by Chinese specialists.

According to the suppliers of consumable components, the presence of special additives in Chinese chain oils has a positive effect on the performance of standard saw chain bars, as well as chainsaw equipment in general.

All of the above applies only to the products of large companies. The benefits of using chain oils for small private enterprises have not been proven in practice.

Dangers of using oil counterfeit

The performance characteristics of cheaper counterfeit oils are inferior in key parameters to proprietary oils. The problem is that we are counting on the estimated quality of the product, users operate their chainsaw equipment at full loads.

The use of surrogate oils initiates accelerated wear of the material part, in some cases it is the basis for the cancellation of the factory warranty obligations by the service departments.

Advantages of automatic systems

Less oil-consuming chainsaws equipped with automatic lubrication systems. Depending on the engine speed, the oil supply is metered by a variable displacement pump.

At idle speed, oil is practically NOT consumed. Models with automatic lubrication cut material consumption by almost half.

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain

The answer to this question is quite simple, for this you need to open the instructions for any dust and it will indicate that you need to fill in oil that has a good adhesion effect.

What is it for? The fact is that the chain moves along the tire at a high speed, and if oil with low adhesion is used as a lubricant, then most of it, by inertia, flies off the end of the tire and lubrication of its lower part does not occur. This phenomenon can be observed with a little experiment. Start the chainsaw, direct the end of the tire towards a bright surface and add maximum gas. As a result, oil stains will appear on it, which are proof of the theory.

Chainsaw sprocket lubricant

To increase the service life and reduce friction on the drive sprocket, the manufacturer equips this mechanism with a needle bearing, which must be lubricated periodically. Stihl multipurpose grease can be used for lubrication.

If you DO NOT want to overpay, it is better to use an inexpensive, but no less high-quality option, Litol or Litol 24 grease. Due to its viscosity, Litol will easily replace the original.

Lubricate the sprocket of the chainsaw tire, you can use the same lubrication as the leading one, using a special syringe for this. This allows the grease to be pressed in, through the technological holes in the tire, to the sprocket bearings.

Manufacturers of adhesive oils

Almost all manufacturers of chainsaws are engaged in the production of consumables for them, explaining this by the fact that these products are most suitable for use in conjunction with their saws. There is no information about how true this is, but Based on the experience of operating and repairing chainsaws, it can be noted that there are no significant differences in the service life of parts or at least visible wear.

But the fact is the fact, the manufacturers recommend and cannot be hidden. So, back to the manufacturers, and let’s start with the popular Stihl brand.


The company offers its customers Husqvarna Bio Advanced oil for use in normal and extreme conditions. The oil is made from plant components and is safe for the environment, it is supplied in one liter and five liter containers.

As an economical solution, the company has Vegoil oil, according to the manufacturer, its consumption is reduced by 40% in comparison with others. Supplied in a liter container.

The company also produces bearing grease, which it recommends for lubricating the bearings of the drive sprocket and the sprocket on the saw bar.

Less common, but popular among chainsaw owners, are:

  • Polar Lube mineral. Oleo-Mac;
  • Adhesive CHAMPION, sold in containers up to 10 liters, which is convenient for use in forestry;
  • Makita Biotop;
  • Anchor.

You can get acquainted with some oils for chains by looking below, in it a seller of a large network of tools comments on the use of adhesive oils from various manufacturers.

Stihl adhesive oils

The following adhesion oils are presented on the company’s website, designed for various operating temperatures and having a good lubricating performance:

  • Forestplus adhesive oil. recommended for use at temperatures up to. 15 ° C, shelf life under storage conditions is 3 years. Supplied in 1 liter or 5 liter containers;
  • Bioplus. its peculiarity is a vegetable base, which allows it to decompose quickly when it gets into the soil. It is used at minus 15 and is supplied in three, five and one liter containers;
  • The latest SynthPlus oil is characterized by its ability to maintain performance at minus 25 ° C.

How to replace the original expensive oil and is it worth

In situations where it is not possible to use original ones, they can be replaced with oil for car engines. Cheap automobile oils such as autol or diesel lubrication options, due to low adhesion properties, are unsuitable for long-term use.

Some owners, despite the recommendations, still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. Such oil cannot have any negative effects on the lubrication system, which means that the only difference is in the quality of the tire protection against chain friction.

Chainsaw chain oil. which one to use

You are a recent owner of a chainsaw and still DO NOT know which chain oil is best to use. The absence of THESE known, can have a detrimental effect on the tool, because the type and quality of the lubricant determines how long the tire and the tool chain will maintain their performance.

After reading this article, you will fill the knowledge gap, because we will consider the use of oils, of various manufacturers and brands, to reduce friction between the parts of the saw headset. And also we will figure out what additional lubricants are used to service the chainsaw in order to maximize its service life.

A little about the lubrication of the chainsaw chain by working off

Waste oil is called oil that has served its life in an engine or gearbox of a car. Many owners of chainsaws, trying to save money, use it to lubricate the chain, which results in serious repair costs.

The reason for THESE breakdowns is the presence of metal shavings in the mining, which settles in the crankcase of the car, and at the time of draining the mining from the pallet, it merges with it.

Once on the tire, metal shavings act on its surface as an abrasive. Simply put, instead of protecting the surface, working out increases tire wear, drive sprocket, and drive sprocket bearing on the tire. Working off also affects the chainsaw chain, in those places where it bends and increases the risk of breaking the chain mechanism.

Conclusion: to lubricate the chainsaw chain, you need to use original lubricants from manufacturers. It is unacceptable to use exhaust from the car engine. In the absence of high-quality oils, a short-term replacement with clean automobile oils is allowed.