Chainsaw Partner 350 Which Chain

Chainsaw Partner 350 a reliable assistant with proper care The reliable partner 350 chainsaw is used in personal subsidiary plots. Compliance with the operating instructions and timely repair is the key to the trouble-free operation of the chainsaw.

Chainsaw selection principles

chainsaw Partner 350 which chain

So, the question arose, which saw to choose for work in the summer cottage. Of course, it should be a chainsaw, since it is mobile, does not depend on the energy source. Such a device can be used on a tourist trip to collect wood residues in the forest.

Quality products, not only saws, are identified by well-known brands. But here there is a danger of getting on a replica created in artisanal conditions. Therefore, you should take a closer look at the product. The expensive instruments of the world leaders Stihl, Husqvarna, Echo, Solo are more often counterfeited as expensive brands. Therefore, a Partner 350 chainsaw from the manufacturer can be purchased with less risk.

The weight-to-power ratio is directly related. Therefore, a professional tool for country use is not always suitable. Choose a home assistant with a small margin of power. The tire size of 45 cm on an amateur saw is a marketing ploy, it reduces the resource of the engine, the saw device will stretch with a jam.

Options for vibration damping, easy starting, convenient chain tension, accessibility of the air filter create additional convenience when using the tool. Of the household budget saws in the ranking of the most demanded in the fifth place, the chainsaw is called Partner 350 S. And in terms of price-quality ratio, this is the best mechanism.

Studying the instruction manual for the chainsaw Partner 350

It is unacceptable to work on complex household appliances without studying the device and operating rules. Instructions from the manufacturer in Russian translation include topics:

  • List of components and parts;
  • Information on how to correctly read the symbols on the equipment;
  • Safety precautions when working with a saw and compliance with sawmill technology;
  • Instrument assembly sequence instructions
  • Correct composition of fuel mixtures and requirements for chain lubrication;
  • Maintenance instructions for individual units;
  • A table of problems and how to fix them;
  • Technical characteristics of the Partner chainsaw.
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The official documents developed to help the owners of the equipment carry comprehensive information on the correct operation of the saw.

Technical characteristics of the Partner 350 chainsaw

The most common saw from the Partner range is the Partner 350 S. This model is used for longitudinal and cross cutting of wood. The tool is designed for a rail length of 40 cm. Of the options, the device is equipped with:

  • Inertial chain brake and built-in switch;
  • Electronic ignition;
  • Spring for easy engine start;
  • Vibration damper;
  • Automatic chain lubrication.

Main parameters:

  • Power 1.5 kW;
  • The angular speed of the shaft is 13000 rpm;
  • Working volume of the combustion chamber 40 cubic meters cm;
  • Bus length 40 cm;
  • Chain pitch 3/8 inch;
  • Total weight 4.7 kg.

Practical tips for using the Partner 350 chainsaw are presented on:

After proper running-in, adjustment, the saw operating mode allows performing a wide range of works, including longitudinal cutting of wood.

Design features of the Partner 350 chainsaw

The reliable and easy-to-use saw of this model has a gasoline engine with power of 1300 W. It features easy starting thanks to the built-in professional fuel pump and electronic ignition system.

The chainsaw is equipped with a safety system that automatically activates the double inertia chain brake. The chain is also lubricated automatically. Changing the chain tension of this unit is very easy with just two wrenches.

The chainsaw is equipped with a fuel primer, so it is easy to start at any time of the year. The starter drum of the tool is equipped with a special impeller, with which it is cleaned of dirt.

Filter with CCS system able to retain all residual particles. In addition, this system allows the air filter to be used for a long time, while saving fuel consumption.

Manufacturers of the Partner 350 chainsaw have equipped the cylinder walls of the piston group with a chrome coating, which significantly increases the service life of the tool.

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Chainsaw Partner 350: DIY repair,

Today, almost every household has a chainsaw, which is a worthy replacement for axes and hand saws. The Partner 350 hand-held chainsaw will be the ideal solution for people living in a private house or engaged in construction. This tool from the Swedish manufacturer is very convenient and compact, so it is suitable for any work on a personal plot.

However, improper care and intensive use of the unit can lead to its breakdown. In this case, it is not necessary to immediately contact a service workshop. Many faults can be corrected by hand. To do this, it is enough to study the saw device and instructions for its repair.

The main malfunctions of the Partner 350 chainsaw

Most often, the cause of a tool breakdown is associated with interruptions in the operation of the engine or other components and systems. Disassembly is required to eliminate any faults. To do everything right, you need to know the design features of the chainsaw and the main reasons for its breakdown.

Chainsaw safety

It is imperative to work with the Partner chainsaw exclusively with two hands. How to do it correctly can be seen on numerous. It is imperative to protect the organs of touch from dust, tyrsa and chips with headphones, glasses and a mask. Also remember to wear protective gloves, fitted clothing that does not restrict movement, and closed, comfortable shoes.

Before starting work, be sure to check the serviceability of the emergency stop of the chain, the presence and level of fuel and oil in the tanks. The manufacturer does not recommend using the chainsaw in enclosed spaces as the gasoline engine generates emissions that are harmful to the operator.

If you find any breakdowns or malfunctions, you can carry out repairs and maintenance yourself by carefully reading the operating instructions and looking at how to assemble and disassemble your Partner chainsaw. However, the manufacturer himself insists on high-quality, professional and qualified service in service centers.

Basic equipment and assembly of the chainsaw

When you purchase a Partner 350 chainsaw, you will receive it disassembled in the kit. In addition to the power unit, the box contains:

  • Guide rail 40 cm long;
  • Saw chain, consisting of 56 links;
  • Protective case for safe and comfortable storage and transportation;
  • A set of keys for the assembly and maintenance of the chainsaw;
  • Technical documentation (instruction manual and warranty card).
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The Swedish company Partner is the first in the world to launch chain saws. Since 2006, the company has become part of the Husqvarna concern. The assembly of each piece of garden equipment takes place at the company’s factory, in the homeland of the brand. It is worth noting the fact that almost the entire range of Partner is equipped with reliable and durable American Briggs Stratton engines.

Of course, any technique can also have some disadvantages. We will indicate the disadvantages of the Partner 350 chainsaw below:

  • High level of noise, vibration and exhaust;
  • Works hard at high speeds;
  • There are frequent overheating;
  • The fuel and oil tank rarely needs repair.

Preparing the saw for use

Before starting work, you need to set up the Partner 350 chainsaw. A properly prepared saw with a well-run engine does not cause any complaints from users. Setting up the unit is simple. Before starting the engine, check:

  • Tire fastening;
  • Chain tension;
  • Ease of rotation of the chain;
  • Brake operation;
  • Refueling with fuel and oil.

Then the engine starts. Warming it up, you can start working.

Starter cord breakage

Partner 350 is quite common on chainsaws, and on all chainsaws, therefore Partner 350 is no exception. This malfunction is not difficult to eliminate yourself. Having looked, it becomes clear how the broken starter cord is replaced.

Open circuit

This is mainly due to its overheating during operation. Overheating is caused by a lack of lubricant supply or dirt clogging the oil passages. First of all, all oil channels are cleaned, the inner part of the chainsaw is cleared of debris (sawdust) in the area of ​​the drive sprocket and the tire groove. Only then can a new chain be installed. If a problem is found in the oil pump, the saw must be repaired by a specialized workshop.