Chainsaw Partner 371 Carburetor Adjustment


The Partner 371 chainsaw is designed for domestic work. It is suitable for sawing small trees and shrubs in its own area, for harvesting firewood and for sawing.

Chainsaw Partner 371 Carburetor Adjustment


  • power. 1400 W / 1.9 l. from.;
  • rotation speed. 12000 rpm;
  • engine displacement. 36 cubic cm;
  • fuel tank capacity. 0.4 l;
  • oil tank capacity. 0.3 l;
  • weight. 4.7 kg (without tire and chain);
  • spark plug. NGK BPMR 7A;
  • noise level, dB (A). 111;

For the preparation of fuel, ordinary gasoline with an octane rating of 92 and oil for two-stroke engines are used, in a proportion of 1:50, respectively. Only after buying a chainsaw, during break-in, operation with increased oil is recommended. Details are written in the operating instructions.

Modification P371XT Chrome

The popularity of the standard version of the Partner 371 chainsaw provoked the appearance on the market of its improved modification Partner P371XT Chrome. It is characterized by better components. Increased engine power, from 1,400 (1.9 hp) to 1,650 (2.2 hp) watts. In the basic configuration, Chrome is equipped with a 40 cm tire.

Tire and chain

The saw mechanism of the Partner 371 chainsaw is made of high-quality materials, using modern technologies and includes everything necessary for safe and efficient operation:

  • tire and chain;
  • auto chain brake;
  • automatic chain lubrication system;
  • tensioning mechanism;

Tire and chain specifications:

  • tire length. 35 cm;
  • chain pitch. 3/8 inch;
  • the number of chain links. 52 pcs.;
  • chain thickness. 1.3 mm;

When choosing a spare tire or chain for the Partner 371 chainsaw, their parameters must be considered. When replacing one of the components of the saw set, if the part to be replaced does not fit, breakage may occur. For example, when installing an unsuitable new bus, the result may be an open circuit. If the chainsaw is powerful, then the damage to the headset will be significant, if it is weak, you can get off with just a chain jam. Therefore, when choosing a chain, always pay attention to such parameters as the number of links.

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The Partner 371 chainsaw with a standard tire is designed for chains with 56 chain links.


The complete set of the Partner 371 chainsaw does not differ from its competitors and includes a standard set.

  • chainsaw;
  • tire and chain;
  • 1 year warranty;
  • tire cover;
  • combination key;
  • tank for refueling;
  • user’s manual.

The complete set of the Partner 371 chainsaw cannot be less than declared by the manufacturer; when purchasing, always check compliance with the instructions!

Pros and cons

Considering the advantages and disadvantages of the Partner 371 chainsaw, you need to decide which of them are most critical. Many positive aspects can be common to all chainsaws, while negative ones are not so important. Therefore, when choosing, you need to rely not on the ratio of "" with "-", but on your own needs.


  • chrome-nickel alloy on the cylinder-piston system prevents the appearance of corrosion and rust, extends the service life;
  • easy start button. decompression valve;
  • emergency stop of the chain;
  • there is a vibration damping system;
  • the crankcase is made of magnesium alloy, due to which its strength is increased;
  • adjustable oil pump;
  • Partner branded air purification systems installed;
  • EcoBoost system. reduces emissions and fuel consumption; increases torque;
  • SoftStart system. allows you to run Partner 371 at low temperature;
  • Conveniently made handle, ensuring the reliability of the grip and containing the basic controls;
  • Auto-choke system. controlling the engine throttle;
  • convenient balance;
  • primer for pumping fuel;
  • CCS extends the life of the air filter.

Video: Chainsaw Partner 371 Carburetor Adjustment


Many who have purchased the Partner 371 complain of heavy oil consumption for the chain lubrication system. In fact, this statement is not entirely relevant, since oil consumption depends on the setting set by the owner and on the quality characteristics of the product.

Star and chain problems are not an objective indicator of saw quality. These are consumables.

You can clearly see how Partner 371 copes with logs of various thicknesses, in the video, which shows that thin logs of a chainsaw are sawed quite easily, and a log thicker requires some effort.

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User’s manual

Before working with the Partner 371 chainsaw, it is strongly recommended that you read the instruction manual. It describes in detail all the stages of handling the tool, from preparation, to the correct technique of felling trees and storage.

You can download the Partner 371 manual from our catalog of manuals or directly from the link.


Comparison with competitors

If the Partner 371 chainsaw is supposed to be a tool for your own site, where you need to cut thin branches, shrubs, cut firewood or file something from time to time, then it may well be considered as a good option.

If the work is supposed to be regular, or the trees under the saw cut are massive, then it is better to purchase a chainsaw adapted for this. For example, the Chinese 180th Stihl costs about 2000-3000 more, and there is no doubt about its quality. Sufficiently budgeted Husqvarna 140 or 236 also have good performance, although they are somewhat more expensive.

Partner’s classmates include chainsaws such as Champion, Patriot, Bison, Carver. All these saws are located in the segment of cheap tools. Partner and Carver among them can be safely called the best.

Note! Among Chinese chainsaws, this instance is one of the best, but it is worth treating it carefully, giving the instrument rest, and not drawing indicators higher than stated from it.

Carb adjustment

Before adjusting the carburetor, the chainsaw should be warmed up for a minute. The tool must be fully operational, as any deviation can interfere with proper operation and adjustment.

The carburetor is configured as follows. There are 3 adjusting screws on the saw carburetor:

  1. T. idle adjustment;
  2. L. low speed adjustment;
  3. H. high speed adjustment;

First of all, all three screws are tightened to the end. Immediately after tightening, “L” is unscrewed by 2 turns, “H”. by 1.5. These are average values, in the future they can be adjusted. After unscrewing the screws, the carburetor is replaced and the saw starts.

The screw “T” is gradually unscrewed on the established chainsaw. You need to let go until the moment the chain stops moving. That is, you should get a static chain on a working saw. If you feel that the traction is not enough and the tool may stall, you can add 0.25 turns to the screws.

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This completes the carburetor setup.

Note! Since the adjustment requires rotations of the screws, it is worth determining that one revolution = 360 °

The tuning process within the article is described very fluently, if something is not clear to you, we recommend that you read the carburetor adjustment guide on the Partner 350 chainsaw. The carburetors of the 350 and 371 models are the same, so the tuning procedure will be identical. The article discusses all the necessary aspects:

  • device and principle of operation;
  • necessary tool;
  • reasons and adjustment process;
  • DIY repair issues.


The Partner 371 chainsaw was bought for housework, mainly sawing for the firebox. Trunks with a thickness of 40 cm had to be cut, but the impressions remained mixed. After half an hour, the carburetor overheated, the chain tension regulator melted. The chain began to jump off after 20 seconds of operation. In all other respects, there were no problems.


The gasoline consumption of the Partner 371 chainsaw is small, oil, contrary to expectations, does not leak. Problems were with anti-vibration springs that could not withstand vibration. Replaced, there were no problems, spare parts are freely available and the price is reasonable. After a long work, subsequently seizes far from the first time, the saw periodically needs rest. In general. not bad for a household tool, if not used for wear. I recommend it.



It is worth acquiring a chainsaw for those whose sawing work is limited to small volumes and for those who are ready to repair Partner 371 saws with their own hands, because this tool requires a certain attention. If we consider more expensive brands, the advantage remains with them, but in the segment of cheap tools Partner is a fairly versatile, decent chainsaw capable of performing its functions.