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Sharpening chainsaws is often required in everyday life, and it is not always possible to find a place in the garage or basement for the stationary installation of special equipment. In this case, this model is the best choice. The most compact machine that does not require installation and can be set up in a working condition in a couple of minutes. A light engine is installed here, thanks to which the total weight of the machine does not exceed 6 kilograms. Of course, such a motor cannot boast of high power, but it is not needed either. It produces 130 watts and rotates at a speed of 2.5 thousand revolutions. Enough to sharpen a standard chain.

There are holes for bolts in the bed, that is, if necessary, the tool can be fixed, but the bed itself is made of metal and is the heaviest part of the equipment. Even if it is not attached to a workbench, the machine will not walk on it, since the metal blank will simply hold it in place. Chain pitch and size are set with two adjusting bolts. Very convenient and fast, which cannot be said about the main handle, which is not very comfortable. However, the saw does not need sharpening so often, and you will not work for hours on this machine, so you can put up with such a nuance, especially considering the other positive aspects.


A chainsaw chain does not dull so often, and it makes no sense to buy complex equipment for sharpening it. If you need a machine that can be simply removed to the mezzanine and quickly put into working order, then pay attention to this model. This is the best machine in terms of operation, and this is achieved by removing all additional functions as much as possible. Surely there is only one saw in your house, which means one chain. You simply set its dimensions on the bed, and remember them. No need to constantly re-configure everything.


One of the main parameters when choosing any rotating machine is the number of revolutions per minute. But to say that the faster, the better is impossible, especially in the case of sharpening tools. The fact is that at a high rotation speed, overheating of the sharpened element occurs, and the grain size of the disc must be carefully selected. This is the fastest machine on the market. It rotates at 7.5 thousand revolutions per minute and, thanks to its own disc, sharpens the chain as quickly as possible..

Customers will also be pleased with the price of the product for which this brand is famous. However, one cannot fail to mention the disadvantages, and there are quite a few of them here. For example, the need to attach the machine to the base. There are 4 mounting holes in its bed, and if this is not done, the tool will walk on the surface, interfering with work. Unsuccessful balancing is also noted. The engine is quite heavy and outweighs in the tilted position, which once again tells us about the need for a stationary mount. In the garage or basement of your own house, this may not be very convenient, since the chainsaw does not dull so often, and sharpening is required only from time to time, and it is a pity to allocate a specific place for the machine, and it just does not make sense.


Many do not want to sharpen the chains for their saw on their own and turn to specialized workshops. Professionals in their field work there and use good equipment, for example, this one. This is a professional machine that does not make sense to buy for the home. It is designed for aggressive use and heavy loads. A powerful 235 watt motor with a rotation speed of 3 thousand revolutions is installed here. Not the highest indicator, but it is at this speed that you can achieve the most accurate sharpening and avoid possible overheating.

The machine is universal and can sharpen any chains, regardless of their size and the pitch of the links. It is equipped with a swivel bed, on which there is already a special ruler. Knowing the parameters of the chain, you will quickly set the required position and get to work. Another argument in favor of using only in the workshop is the size and the need for a permanent installation. The machine will take up a lot of space in your garage, which is very inconvenient..

SAFUN CSH-150-104

The problem for many people who have decided to sharpen a chainsaw chain, but have no experience in this matter, is the tuning of the tool. In most cases, it is done with two adjusting bolts, and everything is done by eye. With this model, you will not have such problems, since the setup system here is thought out as much as possible and it can be safely called the best of its kind. Unfortunately, the manufacturer had to sacrifice the versatility of the machine, and not every saw can be sharpened on it, so before buying, make sure that your model fits these parameters.

To set the required size, you just need to install the guides on the corresponding risers on the bed. No adjustments and adjustments. Everything has already been thought out and calculated. It is very convenient and, most importantly, quickly, and besides, it is a household machine that is installed on any flat surface and does not require fixation. If necessary, it can be mounted on bolts, but even without them, the vibration level will be the lowest due to the fact that a perfectly balanced engine with a rotation speed of 5 thousand rpm is installed on board..

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Today, there is a chainsaw in almost any household. It greatly facilitates the life of the owner of a house or summer cottage and allows cutting down trees and loosening firewood with minimal effort. All chainsaws work with a chain, which is a cutting element, and like any cutting element, the chain sooner or later becomes blunt and requires sharpening. You can take it to a special workshop, but there you will most likely be sent home for a few days, and even take a tidy sum for it..

There is an easier way. In fact, sharpening the chain yourself is not difficult at all, but you cannot do without a special tool. You need a machine, of which there are a lot on the market, and they cost from a thousand to ten. Let’s say right away that there is a difference between them, but a high price is not always a guarantee of quality and convenience. We have selected the 10 best chain sharpeners for you, and our ranking includes both professional tools designed for frequent work and household equipment. Regardless of the size and power of the machine, any model can be installed in the garage, and in some cases, it can be permanently put into a suitcase after work..

Choosing a sharpening machine should be based on several factors:

  • convenience;
  • engine power;
  • disc mobility;
  • overall structure size.

All parameters are subjective, except for professional equipment designed for heavy loads, where engine power is a fundamental factor. In the case of a household machine, any model, even the weakest, will do. The difference will be only in the speed of work.


A chainsaw is a dangerous tool in itself, and safety precautions must be followed when working with it. The chain sharpening machine is no less dangerous, especially on some structures. But if you look at this model, you don’t even immediately understand where its abrasive disc is, since it is reliably hidden in the body and only the cutting part protrudes outward. This is the best machine in terms of safety. It is not scary to work with him even if there is no experience, and this is very important, given the fact that we are dealing with a household tool..

It is domestic for a number of reasons: firstly, fastening at the base is done not with bolts, but with clamps, which is very convenient. Secondly, the power of the engine installed on board is only 85 watts, at a rotation speed of more than 4 thousand revolutions per minute. Professional equipment has higher rates, moreover, it is rarely equipped with a swivel bed. Here, the operator has the ability to turn the tool head, more accurately sharpening, and the chain pitch adjustment is adjusted with two bolts.


Another representative of CHAMPION in our TOP of the best chain sharpening machines is the C2000 model. This is a household machine with a power of 85 watts. The main feature of this unit is that the abrasive disc is completely hidden in a special protective casing. And to protect the eyes of the worker, a plastic screen is provided in the design of the machine. Therefore, such a machine is completely safe in terms of operation and is perfect for beginners who have not yet sharpened chains of electric and chainsaws on their own. But the increased level of safety is not the only advantage of this machine. CHAMPION С2000 allows you to sharpen chains of petrol and saws very accurately and at the same time quickly. The design of this device is thought out very competently and provides for a rotary work table, as well as a graduated scale, thanks to which it is possible to set the sharpening angle as accurately as possible from 0 to 35 degrees. All this is the guarantor of perfect chain sharpening. It is also worth noting that the manufacturer used very high quality materials for this machine. Its body is extremely robust. Therefore, such a machine will last a long time and will not let you down even in difficult situations..

  • Power: 85W.
  • Speed: 4800 rpm.
  • Landing D: 22.2 mm.
  • Circle size: 105mm.
  • Weight: 2.2kg.


VORTEX SZTs-200 is a simple, compact and very convenient machine that allows you to sharpen any chain, regardless of its size and the pitch of the links. The device has a 200 Watt motor capable of making up to 6000 rpm. Such productivity allows sharpening of chains in the shortest possible time. And thanks to the convenient adjustment with guide bolts, tool set-up time takes less than a minute. The machine is assembled from high-quality materials, and thanks to the ducts provided in its design for removing hot air from the body, such a machine does not overheat even during prolonged operation. So it will serve its owner faithfully for many years. Among the other advantages of this machine, it is worth noting the precisely calibrated center of gravity and balance, which exclude vibrations during operation. And thanks to the presence of a convenient handle, working with such a machine will be comfortable for both right-handed and left-handed people. Also, this machine is notable for its low weight, which allows it to be easily carried from place to place. In general, a great option for both domestic use and specialized services, which owners like for its compactness and performance.

  • Power: 200W.
  • Speed: 6000 rpm.
  • Landing D: 10 mm.
  • Circle size: 100mm.
  • Weight: 2KG.


Continues our TOP of the best chain sharpening machines – CHAMPION C2001. It is a professional grade tool with 230 watts of power and 3000 rpm. It is suitable for sharpening the cutting edge of electric and chainsaws of any manufacturer, and, moreover, for processing the main part, as well as persistent cutters. The machine boasts a reliable fastening system that eliminates the occurrence of any vibrations during its operation, which positively affects the accuracy of sharpening the chains. The disc of the machine has the ability to adjust the angle of inclination, which also allows for increased accuracy. The build quality of this unit is at the highest level. The body is made of durable materials that extend the life of the machine. It is also worth noting that it has a bright LED backlight, which will allow the foreman to work comfortably at the machine. And the protective casing will protect you from injury. Reviews for this machine are strictly positive, and as professionals note, the device quickly and accurately copes with sharpening even heavily worn chain teeth. In addition, it has no time limit. So I can safely recommend such a machine for specialized services where chains are continually sharpened..

  • Power: 230W.
  • Speed: 3000 rpm.
  • Circle size: 145mm.
  • Weight: 5.8 kg.
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Huter ECS-100

The Huter ECS-100 is a machine designed primarily for sharpening Huter chainsaws. But as experts and buyers note, it perfectly sharpens chains for other manufacturers’ saws. With a power of up to 5200 rpm and 100 watts, this machine will be an excellent assistant in your household. It handles not only the edge of almost all saw chains, but also allows you to sharpen drills, picks and cutters with ease. Also, it provides the ability to adjust the angle of sharpening of the chain. And thanks to the locking mechanism, the chain teeth are even, of the same height. Users love this machine for its simple functionality and quick set-up with adjusting screws. Of the design features of this machine, it is worth noting the presence of special ventilation outlets that remove excess heat during operation, thereby preventing overheating of the device. For comfortable work on the machine, there is an ergonomic handle, a chain clamp and a shield that protects against sparks. In general, if you need a simple and durable machine for sharpening saw chains from various manufacturers in a country house or a summer cottage, then you should pay attention to this model..

  • Power: 100W.
  • Speed: 5200 rpm.
  • Landing D: 23 mm.
  • Circle size: 108mm.


  • Power: 100W.
  • Speed: 5000 rpm.
  • Landing D: 22 mm.
  • Circle size: 114mm.
  • Weight: 2KG.

Einhell GC-CS 85

The next hero of our TOP is Einhell GC-CS 85. With its compactness and power of 85 watts, it will be an excellent purchase for your home or country house, where you need to sharpen chains of electric and chainsaws from time to time. The grinding wheel installed in the machine is capable of making up to 5500 revolutions per. At the same time, the machine works, as its owners note, quite quietly. It is also worth noting that air cooling is provided in its design so as not to cause overheating of the circuit and the device. And to protect the operator during work, the protective casing allows. Also, this machine has a scale for adjusting the sharpening angle. In general, a great option for domestic use, which will save money on sharpening chains in specialized services. It is inexpensive and pays off in the shortest possible time..

Self Sharpening Chainsaw

  • Power: 80W.
  • Speed: 5500 rpm.
  • Landing D: 23 mm.
  • Circle size: 108mm.
  • Weight: 1.98 kg.


Rotation speed indicator, rpm 5000
Voltage, V 220
What power, W one hundred
Ø, mm 114
Landing Ø, mm 22.2
Circle thickness, mm 3.5
Grinding wheel parameters, mm 114
Table rotation angle, degrees thirty
Weight, kg 2
Price, rub. 3390


Rotation speed indicator, rpm 7500
What power, W 160
Ø, mm one hundred
Landing Ø, mm ten
Circle thickness, mm 3.2
Grinding wheel parameters, mm one hundred
Gross weight, kg 1.75
Price, rub. 2679

Using a file

Several types of files are prepared for work. The following options will come in handy:

  • round type with a diameter of 4-5.5 mm;
  • file of suitable size.

How to sharpen your own chainsaw teeth for less than $40


The sharpening process begins with the installation of the chainsaw on a flat surface. After that, the chain is revised to identify broken teeth and other damage. If serious defects are found, processing the equipment with a file will be useless. It will be possible to restore the chain only by cardinal methods..

Next, the following actions are performed:

  • The chainsaw brake must be rearranged to the working position..
  • Start working with the file by moving it forward in the chain teeth. The pass is parallel to the mark on the rig. This marking is applied to the product by manufacturers intentionally in order to maintain the sharpening angle..
  • By moving the rig along the bar, all teeth are processed.

Reference! To simplify the sharpening process with a file, the use of special holders will help, on the surface of which there is a mark on the angle of the cross and longitudinal cut.

How to use a chainsaw chain sharpener

Before using the machine, you should familiarize yourself with the rules for operating the equipment, the features of its setting.


To prevent damage to the chain during sharpening, to avoid injury, it is recommended to observe the following precautions during machine operation.

  • The operator must wear personal protective equipment (goggles, overalls that cover most of the skin, respirator, etc.).
  • Use a protective shield when sharpening.
  • The sharpening angle must be selected correctly. Otherwise, the equipment will become unusable..
  • Wait until the rotating sharpener reaches full speed before touching the work surface..
  • It is forbidden to use a chain or gear wheel on the machine. This results in a strong kickback, which reduces control over tool management..
  • The chainsaw must not be used immediately after sharpening the chain. It is necessary to give time to cool down the metal. To speed up this process, you can use a compressed air cylinder..
  • Sharpen tooling in a timely manner. With regular use of the tool, restoration of the cutting edge is required once every 2-3 weeks. Household saws need service every 3 months. But it is worth focusing on the performance of the chain according to the signs listed above..
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Grinding wheel diameter, mm

This is one of the most important parameters that is also taken into account when buying a circle. It depends on where the machine will be used:

  • diameters from 90 mm to 115 mm are suitable for domestic needs;
  • up to 400 mm – use in industrial shops, workshops.

How to choose a machine for sharpening chainsaw chains

The function of the cutting element of the chainsaw is performed by the chain. In the process of work, she becomes dull. It is possible to restore the working capacity of the tooling by means of periodic sharpening. A special machine will help to do this efficiently and quickly..

QPT ZS-325

A popular automatic machine that is designed for accurate and fast sharpening of chains. In most cases, it takes about 3 minutes to process one canvas. In industry, the device is used due to the use of a powerful 125 W motor, the maximum rotation speed of the cutting element is 11,000 rpm. The movable element allows you to change the sharpening angle in the range from 0 to 45 degrees. Good quality can be achieved by installing the required number of chain teeth, for which there is a special counter. After finishing the work, the machine will stop automatically.

  • Good build quality
  • High power
  • There is an automatic counter


Professional model suitable for use in the private or industrial sector. The installed motor has a power of 180 W, the rotational speed of the disk is 2 800 rpm. At the time of operation, the noise level is within 75 dB. The frame is made of plastic, it provides reliable fixation of the device on a flat surface. Pleased with the rich set of delivery: two discs and a swivel caliper.

  • Acceptable cost
  • Good performance
  • There is an emergency shutdown function
  • A protective cover is installed
  • Relatively low structural strength


This model is considered the fastest to use. The sawing tool has the highest indicator of the maximum number of revolutions per minute that the cutting disc makes (7.5 thousand rpm). It should be borne in mind that by increasing the cutting speed, the surface begins to warm up quickly. Therefore, you need to choose a disc with a suitable grain size..

  • The device has the highest processing speed
  • Relatively low cost
  • Good build quality
  • Cutting is possible only if the structure is securely fixed, for which you need to use 4 fasteners
  • Bad balancing
  • The installed engine is heavy


One of the most affordable deals on the market. The reduced cost is primarily due to the simplicity of the design. Therefore, it is recommended to purchase such a manual device if sharpening is extremely rare. The construction is made in the classic form. The case is quite massive, there are several adjusting screws on it.

  • Low price
  • Simple construction
  • Small size
  • Poor chain retention at the time of work
  • Low accuracy
  • Few adjustments

OREGON 519789

For professional work, you need to choose powerful and functional models, which include the Oregon 519789. The installed motor power is 214 watts. With this machine, you can sharpen the chain in increments of ¼ – ¾ inches. The manufacturer paid due attention to the quality of the clamps. The improved system eliminates the possibility of chain displacement at the time of processing. Wheels with a width of 3.2, 4.7 and 6 mm can be installed on the machine. Torsion spring significantly increases productivity.

  • Comfortable grip
  • High performance
  • Optimal backlight level
  • Three grinding wheels included


Sharpening with a machine will do the best, and this manual option is very good. It is produced by an Italian company, which results in a high build quality. The tool is centered on the saw bar, so the chain does not need to be removed. To increase the processing accuracy, a scale was created by which you can control the angle of the cutting part. A special latch eliminates the possibility of chain movement during operation.

  • Well proven lifting mechanism
  • Reliability
  • Practicality
  • High precision can be achieved when working
  • Light weight of the whole structure
  • No file included

Hand device

A manual-type sharpening machine is the cheapest. It is recommended to purchase it if work on it is carried out at short intervals. Hand-held equipment is most often installed at home or in small workshops. The disadvantage is the low automation of the process, which negatively affects the quality and amount of time spent.

Manual options are more like a tool than a machine. Almost all are represented by a combination of a frame on which the file is fixed, with a fastening and a turning element. The work is carried out manually, while the main parameters are controlled by eye.

OREGON 220 590181

One of the best and most expensive offers on the market, suitable for professional use. The rotation of the circle is carried out by a 1.5 kilowatt motor. In this case, there are two sharpening discs, they can be alternated when heated.

Memorizing the feed angle is one of the useful functions of the device. This is because each saw is sharpened at a specific angle, making constant changeovers difficult. It is for this reason that the device is installed in workshops, since several craftsmen often work on the machine. Good balancing is responsible for accurate positioning of elements relative to each other. This reduces the likelihood of marriage..

  • Best value for money
  • High-quality assembly
  • There is a function of memorizing the feed angle
  • Good electric motor