Chainsaw Stihl Ms 211. A Proprietary Model For The Discerning User.

In the market of imported sawmills, each new model of the brand Shtil becomes a real bestseller. The lightweight, economical and comfortable Stihl MS 211 chainsaw was not an exception. This model was created taking into account the operating experience of previous models and the best examples of the European range.
The tool formally belongs to the household category, however, in its development, new design solutions and know-how were used, which allowed the MS 211 model to come close to the top lines of consumer ratings.
Saw Shtil 211 is characterized by the highest performance for its power class, the efficiency of maintenance, reliability of working units and component systems.
The range of its application extends to a wide range of work related to the procurement of firewood, cutting construction and commercial wood, the formation of decorative crowns and fruit trees.
The design of this tool incorporates the concept of maximum comfort and safety of works of increased complexity.

This contributes to:

  • ergonomic product design;
  • special pens configuration;
  • excellent balancing;
  • effective emergency brake operation.

The model compares favorably with similar developments:

  • perfect vibration protection system;
  • dual circuit air filter with pre-cleaning system;
  • reduced fuel consumption by 20%.

The 2-MIX technology allowed the percentage of toxic compounds in exhaust gases to be reduced by more than half.
The characteristics of the working set determine the suitability of the tool for felling and sawing trees with a diameter of more than 30 cm. The successful design of the saw in all respects served as the basis for creating technically advanced versions.
The Stihl MS 211 C-BE model is additionally completed with a system for easy start-up of ErgoStart and a modified device for adjusting the tension of the cutting chain.
The capabilities of this tool can be expanded by installing a Picco Duro carbide chain. Its increased cost is compensated by a fourfold increased work resource.
With a dead weight of 4.3 kg, the saw is characterized by small size.
A considerable volume of the hull is occupied by a two-stroke internal combustion engine with a working volume of 35.2 cm3, which develops 2.3 hp in operating conditions.

  • The fuel is a metered mixture of motor gasoline with Stihl brand oil in a 50: 1 ratio, which enters the carburetor from a 270-ml internal reservoir.
  • The life of the power unit is increased due to the manufacture of parts of the connecting rod-crank group of forged steel, thin-layer chromium-plating of the cylinder mirror, and precision assembly.

Unqualified intervention in the fuel system can adversely affect the performance and efficiency of the engine.
The carburetor needs additional adjustment only when switching to seasonal operating conditions or when operating on gasoline with a different octane number. Information about the sequence and features of its adjustment contains the attached instruction.
Powerful powertrain allowed taking advantage of 14-inch guide tires. The lubricant of the cutting chain is implemented by automatic feeding of oil from the built-in tank of 200 ml.
The headset is equipped with a device for an emergency stop of the saw and a catcher, precluding injury to the operator when the chain breaks or leaves the guide groove. A stretched or damaged chain must be replaced.
The universal mounting of the working headset allows the installation of smaller tires and chains. Such a repackaging is advisable when working in hard-to-reach places or when cutting hard and viscous wood.
Oil chain oils are preferred because of their stable performance. The properties of vegetable greases are less perfect since during prolonged storage the density of these compounds increases.
There is no shortage of spare parts and consumables for chainsaw brand Shtil. High maintainability and convenient access to the instrument systems allows its owners to eliminate operational failures and faults with their own hands. The key to the popularity of products of this brand is the high quality of consumables and components.
If the engine has reduced power, the cause is most likely a blocked air cleaner, oil is flowing. you should make sure that the oil tank and oil line are tight. Elimination of such faults is performed with a minimum set of repair skills.
First of all, the tool fully corresponds to its power category. A properly adjusted engine can provide a full-fledged drive of a working headset with a sufficiently large reserve of torque.
Despite the small displacement of the power unit, the designers were able to reduce fuel consumption by 20% and implement exhaust gas cleaning technology by 70%.

The model combines in its design:

  • moderate cost with practicality of use;
  • working comfort and performance;
  • full operation of the saw in difficult weather and climatic conditions with maintainability;
  • the possibility of using standardized parts of the working headset from other models of the same type.

A wide range of spare parts, operational work of regional service departments is positively noted.
Disadvantages affecting the working and performance characteristics of the saw Shtil MS-211, for the time since the start of production is not detected. Separate comments on the adjustment of the fuel equipment, the interchangeability of the elements of a working headset are mostly subjective.
The cost of sawing Calm model MS 211 with a branded chain was established at the level of 15 900 rubles. Price indicator version Stihl MS 211 C-BE with a more durable carbide chain a thousand rubles higher. The range of sales of used models consists of proposals ranging from 8 to 12 thousand rubles.
The chainsaws of the household category that are identical in terms of working capabilities and cost are represented by products of well-known manufacturers. These are branded chainsaws. ECHO CS-350TES-12 “, Hyundai X 380, Husqvarna 236, Hitachi CS33EA and their versions of the same type.
After several attempts to master the Chinese chainsaw consumer goods, I got to know each other in the service center. A familiar specialist helped with a moderate surcharge to exchange the problematic tool for a welcoming, but quite smart Shtiel 211. The transaction turned out to be extremely successful, the traction and other instrument performance turned out better than expected, and after replacing the chain and drive sprocket, I began to receive a lot of positive work of emotions. The engine starts in half a turn, and the exhaust is clear, but not loud. Fuel consumption is above normal, well, this was to be expected, the car is far from new.
When returning from remote fishing, a fallen tree blocked the road across the entire width. If it were not for the chainsaw, which our colleague constantly carries in the trunk of the car, would have to call for help from the city, and this is incomplete 70 km. I then looked, saw the brand Calm, not new, but the trunk with a diameter of about 400 mm without much tension cut during no more than 3 minutes.