Chainsaws Brand Homelite. Technical Specifications and Operating Rules

Less well-known companies and brands of gardening equipment are now gaining popularity, which are almost on the same line in quality and performance with the flagships of this market. For example, Homelite chainsaws have long been loved by owners of suburban, private or garden plots, where you need to carry out small repairs, harvest firewood or cut dead wood.

Chainsaws Brand Homelite. Technical Specifications and Operating Rules

In 1921, the Homelite company (Homlight) was formed in the USA, which initially specialized in home electric lighting. After some time, the company began to develop in several directions, developing, designing and releasing various equipment that helps to manage the household.

At present, the Homlight is owned by the Techtronic Industry (TTI) Group Corporation, which, in turn, produces garden equipment on electric and gasoline drives.

Basic equipment and manufacturer of Homlight chainsaws

When you buy a new Homelite chainsaw, you get it disassembled:

  • chainsaw body;
  • a tire whose length matches a specific model;
  • saw chain;
  • tire cover for safe, comfortable storage and transportation of the tool;
  • technical documentation (warranty card, user manual).

Since the company itself is American, production is concentrated in the United States, despite the fact that the main office is in Hong Kong. All spare parts and components are produced directly at the company’s factory, where they are transferred to the assembly shop. Already from there, finished chainsaws are transported to sales offices around the world.

Homelite saw lineup

The charm of the range of the company Homlayt is that along with ordinary household models are semi- and professional saws. Thanks to this, each user will be able to choose their own level of the saw device. Homelite produces not only benzo, but also saws.

Considering all the latest technical developments, the manufacturer regularly updates the range of saws, adding more and more new and advanced tools. Between themselves, Homelite chainsaws differ in power, price, degree of equipment and technical characteristics.

Homelite CSP 3314 chainsaw

This lightweight and versatile Homelite CSP 3314 is most popular among users. It is mainly purchased for personal use: harvesting firewood, pruning trees, and performing simple construction tasks.

Powerful two-stroke engine with a volume of 33 cm3 and a small weight of 4.5 kg. allow you to easily control the tool due to easy start and electronic ignition. The technical characteristics of this model are very similar to those of the Homelite CWE 1814 saw.

Homelite CSP 3316 chainsaw

Homelite’s Homelite CSP 3316 is considered one of the brand’s best household chainsaws. Manufacturers lengthened the tire to 40 cm and upgraded the vibration damping system.

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The operation of automatic oil supply and cooling systems has also been improved. Plastic parts are additionally coated with a special solution to ensure a longer service life. The new Homelite CSP 3316 model has become more productive and economical, reducing oil consumption by up to 50%.

Homelite CSP 4016 chainsaw

This Homlayt chainsaw can be equated to a semi-professional model due to the increased safety during complex and lengthy work. The engine itself has been improved, its traction characteristics and power up to 1.5 kW.

The upgrade of the saw parts in the form of a tire and a chain guarantees a more reliable and stable operation of the chainsaw. An important nuance of using the tool is the ability to replace the tire and vary the length from 41 cm to 50 cm.

Homelite CSP 4518 chainsaw

A powerful and stable Homlight chainsaw with an engine of 3 horsepower and a volume of 45 cm3 is quite entitled to have a semi-professional character. In addition to the enlarged engine, this model has an improved vibration damping system, a reliable metal catcher, a faster and more accurate emergency brake.

Air purification now goes through 3 levels, guaranteeing a reduction in the emission of exhaust emissions harmful to humans.

complete information about the tool is presented in the instruction manual.

Homelite chainsaw maintenance, basic troubleshooting

The preparation and refueling of a tool must be approached very responsibly, since the fuel mixture is flammable and can cause a fire. For the fuel mixture itself, it is necessary to use gasoline with an octane rating of at least 87 and loved by oil for two-stroke engines.

It is best to use AI-92 gasoline. It is also important to clearly maintain the ratio of components indicated on the oil packaging. Basically, you need to mix 50 parts of gasoline and 1 part of oil (50: 1 ratio). Homlight chainsaws have an automatic chain lubrication system during operation. Before starting sawing, check the presence and amount of fluid in the tank.

It is recommended to use oil of the same brand as the saw itself, Homelite in our case.

Regarding the step-by-step guide on starting the engine, it can be read in the instructions that are attached to each chainsaw. However, do not forget about running a new saw. To do this, start the engine, put the chainsaw on a flat surface and let it work a little (2-3 minutes).

Possible malfunctions

Any damage that the manufacturer provides is set forth in the instructions for the Homelite CSP chainsaw, which describes the possible causes and ways to eliminate them. Breakdowns may be due to the fact that:

  • the saw does not go to idle, where the cause is the failure of the carburetor;
  • there is no chain rotation when starting the engine due to lack of oil in the tank or a malfunction of the fluid supply system, excessive chain tension;
  • strong saw and saw chain heating due to activated emergency brake, chain tension too high or damage to it.

Speaking about the carburetor, it should be noted that it is set up at the saw assembly stage, at the manufacturer’s factory. The carburetor for the Homelite 33CC chainsaw is particularly powerful and economical, due to which it is very popular with the American company.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to independently adjust the carburetor for several reasons:

  • switching to gasoline with a different octane rating;
  • sharp temperature jumps;
  • air pressure drops;
  • Convert from winter to summer or vice versa.

Video review Homelite chainsaws

Owner reviews about chainsaws and the American company Homelite

Nikolay, 67 years old, Odessa

“I’ve been using Homelite for about 10 years now. Changed several generations of chainsaws, in the garage there are a couple of electric ones. I love this company very much. They have the highest quality and service, there were no special breakdowns, and if there were any problems, I repaired everything myself, read the instructions. It is also necessary to clean the filter regularly: it’s both useful for the operator and good saw. The only thing is that if the temperature is more than 30 degrees, then it does not keep idle. The rest is top class! ”

Cyril, 44 years old, Astrakhan

Advantages: durability of the headset and accessories, quality, reasonable price, profitability.

Disadvantages: in the summer I noticed an overspending of oil and fuel, but for me this is not a very big minus. "