Champion Lawnmower Drive Belt Replacement

Lush vegetation between houses in a residential quarter or cottage can clutter paths and areas under fences. Unlike a neat lawn, tall grass looks ugly. At enterprises, uncut areas of greenery create an unfavorable impression. To correct this situation, use lawn mowers. But due to their limited maneuverability and high cost, not everyone can afford to buy it, especially in the country or in the communal services. Now there are their lightweight counterparts. grass trimmers that can do the same job, but are more compact and inexpensive. To correctly choose this garden tool, you need to know the main types of trimmers and what parameters they must meet in order to cope with grass on a specific landscape.

Champion Lawnmower Drive Belt Replacement

The best trimmer manufacturers. which company to choose

Good trimmers are produced by companies that have proven themselves in the high-quality manufacture of other electric and gasoline tools.

Those who do not have time to delve into the features of this product can be recommended to purchase a device from any of the companies in the following list:

For those who want to see the advantages and disadvantages of specific models from these brands, a corresponding article has been written with a detailed review. Well, for those who want to understand everything on their own, the parameters and features of this garden tool are given below.

The principle of operation and the device trimmer for grass

Grass trimmer is a garden tool for cutting green vegetation with a soft stem and not thick dead wood. Unlike lawn mowers, the devices have a small weight and are worn by the operator on belts, and do not roll on wheels on the ground. Light weight makes it easy to transport the devices to the place of work and quickly move from site to site.

Using the cutting part of the trimmer, you can:

  • maintain a low grass height on the lawn;
  • mow it between houses and along paths;
  • remove deadwood thickets near the carriageway;
  • cut vegetation directly under the fence;
  • cultivate the green shores of ponds.

Trimmers have a low cost, unlike lawn mowers, and increased maneuverability makes them more convenient to use. Both residents of the private sector and utilities, as well as enterprises, buy such an instrument in order to take care of the existing territory.

The operation process of the garden tool consists in putting the case on the operator’s body through special belts. The trimmer head is brought to the grass and the button on the handle starts the engine. Torque is transmitted to the bobbin through a rigid shaft in the apparatus tube. The head contains a cutting element that cuts grass stems at high speed.

To prevent impacts on solid objects and sticks flying out in the face, a protective cover is provided, covering 40% of the circumference of the diameter of the action of the cutting part of the tool.

Most modern trimmers have the following device:

1. motor (electric or gasoline);

2. fuel tank (in the case of an internal combustion engine);

4. handle for direction (1-2 pcs);

5. a rigid shaft for transmitting rotation from the motor;

6. a bobbin with a cutting element (fishing line or knife);

7. protective cover;

8. belt fastening.

Types of Grass Trimmers

The cutting unit of the trimmer has a removable or non-removable design. Depending on this, the functionality of the models differs. But all trimmers are divided into three categories.

Electric trimmers

This type of tool works from a household network in 220V. The electric motor rotates the shaft and starts the cutting mechanism. To use the device, an outlet and carrying device must be nearby. This partially hampers the maneuverability and scope of the tool, but allows you to work silently.

Still, such a device has no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. Such models are well suited for summer cottages and private firms with a small territory where you can get by with just one carrying coil.


  • lungs;
  • make little noise and do not interfere with neighbors;
  • inexpensive;
  • there are powerful models;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • handle height adjustment;
  • the possibility of setting different knives.


  • inconvenience from a wire that can be accidentally cut;
  • limited area to carry length.

Petrol trimmers

The principle of operation of this type is similar to electric, but rotation here is provided by an internal combustion engine. To do this, an additional tank with fuel is attached to the rod, as a result of which the device receives a large mass.

With such a tool, you can freely move around the territory and even work where there are no buildings and electricity. There is no need to constantly remember the cord and be careful not to cut it. It is actively used for mowing grass on the sidelines, maintaining the beautiful condition of yards in high-rise areas and on the territory of large enterprises.


  • powerful models;
  • replacement of knives;
  • no area restrictions;
  • high performance;
  • robust construction;
  • wide area of ​​commercial use.


  • heavy;
  • additional fuel costs;
  • more noise;
  • air emissions.

Cordless Trimmers

A less common type of garden tool is trimmers working with an electric motor, but on battery power. This allows you to cut the grass all the same silently, but not depend on the length of the carry.

Due to limited time use, such models are bought for caring for country houses where there is no electricity or for landscaping kindergartens and similar institutions.


  • silent
  • setting up different cutting systems;
  • no area restrictions;
  • lungs;
  • the energy reserve is enough for 30-45 minutes;
  • fast charge;
  • powerful models are available.


  • runtime is limited by battery capacity;
  • are more expensive than electric ones.

Grass trimmer selection options

Understanding the key features of a garden tool, you can choose a model that is well suited to specific tasks and does not cause unexpected problems. Here are the main options for choosing grass trimmers.


The trimmer power rating is indicated in kW and affects performance. The higher this value, the faster the cutting element will rotate and the larger the area will be processed.

1. Garden tools can have a small indicator of 0.25 kW and reach 1.8 kW.

2. For utility services to care for the adjacent territory in the quarters and along the roads along the roadsides, where you have to work all day and mow large volumes of grass, it is advisable to purchase models 0.9-1.8 kW.

3. For giving and caring for a small lawn, an engine with parameters of 0.25-0.7 kW is enough.

Cutting width

The length of the knife and the possibility of maximum extension of the fishing line affect the width of the cut. The last parameter is limited by the dimensions of the protective casing. There are various models whose range can be from 200 to 420 mm.

1. For continuous lawns over a large area, trimmers with a cutting width of 300-420 mm are suitable.

2. 250-270 mm are enough for a summer cottage and care for the blocks of high-rise buildings.

The mass of the device affects the ease of use and operator fatigue. The weight of the tool varies from 1.5 to 9 kg. Of course, it is logical to take models lighter for long-term employment, but often this involves remote work from the mains, which requires the most difficult gasoline models.

1. If you can connect to the mains, you should buy electrical devices weighing 3-5 kg.

2. For the cottage, an option of 2.5 kg is suitable.

3. If it is impossible to connect to the mains, you should buy gas trimmers with a weight of 7-9 kg.


Another performance indicator is the cutting speed of the cutting element in one minute.

1. In low-power versions, this parameter is not prescribed because there they are below 7000 per minute.

2. professional models have an acceleration of 7,500-12,000 rpm.

3. For a summer residence or a small business, 6000 rpm is enough.

4. For large volumes of work, 9000-12000 rpm is required.

Diameter of fishing line

This indicator varies from 1.4 to 3.3 mm and indicates the ability of the cutting element to cut through a certain thickness of the stem and branches of the bush.

1. 1.4-2 mm is enough for a summer yard, which will allow you to remove grass and maintain a neat appearance of lawns.

2. Workers who monitor the condition of the curb, where dense grass often grows, need to purchase 2.4-2.7 mm.

3. To improve the neglected area, a strong fishing line of 3.0-3.3 mm is required, capable of dissecting the stiffened stems and bushes.

Cutting system

Trimmers work by rotating the cutting elements, which can be thick knives (metal, plastic) or soft fishing line (cord).

1. Thick knives are more suitable for a flat open landscape and dense grass with hard stems. The tool will create an even cut. This type is practical for lawn care along businesses and next to a private home.

2. Fishing line is necessary in case of work on the hilly terrain and near fences. Beating against solid obstacles will not cause damage, and contact with the ground will not stop the process. But such trimmers do poorly with dense vegetation and get confused.

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Type of fastening

To operate the device, it is hung on the operator’s case. For this, one or two belts are provided.

1. The use of a trimmer with a single belt is used to give or ennoble a small area of ​​the company.

2. In the case of a large area, a satchel mount will be required to evenly distribute the load and reduce vibration.

Hold comfort

The shape and number of handles, as well as the balancing of the device, are responsible for this.

1. The main and auxiliary handles are convenient for short-term use in a garden or a small company. To work all day, it is better to purchase models with a cross frame and two equivalent handles.

2. The position of the engine below the cutting part increases the load on the back and is suitable for mowing only for several hours. If the engine is installed at the top of the rod, this makes it easier to control the tool and is suitable for professional use.

Tank volume and battery capacity

In the case of autonomous fuel trimmers, tank capacity plays an important role. It happens from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. Manufacturers calculate its volume based on the ability of the engine to work continuously for a certain amount of time.

1. With a minimum tank, it will be possible to mow for 20 minutes, after which a stop for a break will be required to cool the motor and refuel.

2. It is possible to work with a maximum rate for more than an hour, which is convenient for commercial use in large areas.

For battery models, the battery is measured in amperes / hours. 1st unit A / h is enough for 15 minutes of work. Charging will require three times as much time.

1. For cosmetic care of a small lawn away from the outlet, 2 A / h is enough.

2. To care for the territory of a kindergarten or a small company, 3-4 Ah / h is required.

Which grass trimmer to choose

1. To work on uneven terrain along the fence, you will need a device with a fishing line of 2.7 mm thick. For productivity, a cutting width of 250 mm and a speed of 7500 per minute are sufficient. The device will be more convenient to operate with two equivalent handles. If the size of the territory allows the use of an extension cord, it is better to purchase a model with an electric motor.

2. In utility companies, on the balance of which there is a large territory with paths and courtyards, as well as road services, a trimmer working on gasoline with a tank of 1.5 liters, 12000 rpm, with a power of 0.9-1.6 kW, will be required, 300 mm wide and 3.0 mm thick fishing line.

3. For a large private area or enterprise with green areas, you must buy a garden tool with a 1 kW internal combustion engine, 10,000 rpm, an iron blade or fishing line 2.4 mm and a cut width of 420 mm.

4. There is enough electric model with a power of 0.25 kW, 6.500 rpm, fishing line thickness of 1.4-2.0 mm, and coverage of a zone of 250 mm across the width of the cut into a small courtyard. The mounting method is suitable for one belt with a lower engine.

5. To care for the territory of kindergartens, boarding schools and recreation centers, it is practical to buy battery versions that silently perform their functions over a vast territory. A model with a power of 0.7 kW, a battery capacity of 3 A / h, 7500 rpm and a fishing line of 2.0 mm is suitable.

How much does a grass trimmer cost

1. To work on the hilly terrain and along the fences, the model will cost 3200. 7000 rubles.

2. Trimmers for 10,000-14,000 rubles are purchased in utilities.

3. To care for the green territory of the companies, the tool will cost 15,000-20000 rubles.

4. To give the model start at 1200 rubles.

5. In kindergartens and recreation centers, a battery-powered device will cost 3,000–25,000 rubles.

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Rating Feature

Many owners of private houses and cottages carefully care for the personal plot. When the active growth of grass begins, then there is a need for a special technique. The modern market offers a choice of lawn mowers, lawn mowers, electric trimmers. The latter are favorably distinguished by their affordable price; therefore, a steady demand for them remains. Electric trimmers are particularly effective in small areas where it is easy to extend the extension cord. But difficulties arise at the purchase stage. The range of power tools is very diverse, so a few tips from experts will be relevant and relevant. What parameters should pay the closest attention to?

  1. First of all, you need to decide on performance. It depends on the power and speed of the motor. For well-groomed areas where you will have to cut growing grass, power up to 1,000 watts will be enough. Chasing high performance is not worth it for another reason. The stronger the engine, the greater the mass of the trimmer.
  2. The price and ease of use are affected by the location of the engine. Cheap low-power models have a lower motor position. But in this design there are serious disadvantages, for example, clogging with grass and poor cooling.
  3. For models with an overhead engine, shoulder straps will be essential equipment. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers complete trimmers with these accessories.
  4. Electric braids differ in the shape of the handle. Lightweight devices are equipped with D-shaped holders that give maneuverability to the trimmer. And more powerful units are controlled by a handle in the shape of a bicycle steering wheel.

Our review got the best electric trimmers. When compiling the rating, criteria such as:

The best low-cost electric trimmers

If you want to mechanize your work, but are constrained in the means, electric trimmers from this category are what you need. All of them cope with the task perfectly, but at the same time they have their own characteristics. Let’s look at three popular budget models and decide which one is the best.

Video: Champion Lawnmower Drive Belt Replacement

5 Monferme 21327M

Convenient and stylish Monferme 21327M trimmer is created for comfortable mowing of lawns. French engineers made the device not only beautiful in appearance, but also functional. The model has a lower engine layout, whose power is 500 watts. A distinctive feature of the trimmer is a 4-position adjustment of the mowing angle. The manufacturer also provided for the possibility of using the device for people with different growths. The length of the bar is easily changed, which allows you to choose the most comfortable grip of the D-shaped handle.

4 Hammer ETR900

An excellent garden trimmer is the Hammer ETR900. The affordable price of the Chinese device goes well with high power (950 watts). The electric braid is very convenient to use due to its compactness. With a bevel width of 35 cm, grass can be cut in the narrowest places of the garden or between the beds of the garden. The top location of the engine prevents moisture from entering the electrical part of the unit. The manufacturer equipped the model with a bicycle-type handle, which makes the work comfortable and less tiring. Moving the handle along the bar, you can adjust the mount to fit your height.

The manufacturer also took care of the operator’s safety. There is protection against accidental startup in the form of a two-button switch. The casing is precisely located in the work area, the grass does not fall on the clothes and shoes of the employee. The kit also includes a knife for mowing weeds and small bushes.

3 Huter GET-600

GET-600 electric trimmers are assembled in China under license from the German company Huter. The tool captivates with a low cost, in comparison with famous brands. But whether it is necessary to pay twice, as the saying goes? Let’s get it right.

The lower engine rotates on the bar, 180 degrees. But unlike the previous model, the GET-600 is equipped with a wheel, which makes vertical mowing more convenient.

D-shaped telescopic handle allows you to increase the length of the trimmer from 100 to 120 cm. Adjustable in height and an additional handle.

Attention! We want to warn you, in the first models the design of the cutting head was unsuccessful and often failed. Manufacturers took this into account, but such models are still on sale. So be careful. In new models, the head device was simplified, now to remove it you only need to unscrew 1 bolt. In the old version, it was mounted on a shaft, and so that an attempt to remove it led to the final destruction.

User recommendation:

  • Excellent performance for its power, mows almost everything, a good choice for a summer residence;
  • Lightweight and compact;
  • There is a wheel for vertical mowing;
  • Height adjustable;
  • Good value for money.
  • A large percentage of marriage in the first trimmer models;
  • Poor native fishing line.

2 Makita UR3000

Japanese company Makita is a brand that has long been synonymous with quality. And the UR3000 confirms this. The motor of this electric trimmer rotates around an axis 180 degrees. This feature makes it easy to align the edges of the lawn and cut grass around the bushes and flower beds.

Cutting head with a metal tip to extend its life. The fishing line is served semi-automatically. That is, for its release, you need to easily hit the ground with a steel tip of the cutting head, the excess will be cut off by the knife on the protective cover.

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A sliding rod with a reach of 240 mm and an additional handle, adjustable in height, will allow you to customize the tool for yourself. A fuse button protects against accidental starting. Weighs Makita UR3000 with a length of 126 cm, only 2.6 kg. The model implements fixing the power cord in the extension cord. Another of the nice little things, safety glasses and a shoulder strap included.

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Height adjustable bar;
  • You can turn the engine 180 degrees;
  • Light weight;
  • Shoulder strap and safety glasses included;
  • Fixing the power cord.
  • Sticking grass to the protective cover.

Video review

Trimmer type




Low noise


Not demanding on weather conditions

1 Bosch ART 26 SL (0.600.8A5.100)

Trimmer from a well-known German manufacturer, which already speaks of its quality. The tool is almost weightless, only 1.8 kg. Almost silent, you can safely listen to music while working and nothing will interfere.

In our ranking, this is the most low-power model. But on the other hand, the most economical in terms of energy consumption, only 280 watts. True, sometimes they are not enough: they cope poorly with dense shoots and perennial herbs. The engine has a lower location, the speed of rotation of the blade (fishing line 1.6 mm) 12500 rpm

It is powered by the network, so movement with the tool is limited by cable. On the other hand, we do not burden ourselves with the weight of the battery. It is compact, in packaging its length and width is 46 × 22 cm. 110 cm in assembled form.

  • Quality materials and assembly;
  • Compact and lightweight;
  • Consumes a minimum of electricity, almost silent.
  • There is no height adjustment of the bar, with a trimmer length of 110 cm, a tall person has to bend over;
  • Movement in the area is limited by the length of the cable;
  • Lack of safety lock against accidental operation.

A great addition to a grass mower, growing in places where a serious aggregate cannot get. Or as a tool for working on 6 acres. The main thing is not to try to set him tasks for which he is not intended, leaving it to heavier models.

The best powerful electric trimmers

In this category, we consider electric trimmers with a capacity of 1000 watts. Such a tool will cope with almost any task. You can mow weeds, perennial grasses with a hard stem. And if the kit comes with a metal knife, then it is suitable not only for grass, but also for small bushes.

5 STAVR TE-1700R

Consumers are satisfied with the high performance of the domestic trimmer, low noise, convenient control. Of the minuses there is a large weight of the device, not a convenient shoulder strap, not effective protection against mowed grass.

4 Stihl FSE 81

The products of the German company Stihl are well known to summer residents, gardeners, professional foresters and janitors. The Stihl FSE 81 electric trimmer is an example of quality, although its cost is significantly higher than that of competitors. The device has a decent power (1 000 W), a soft grip with vibration protection, which allows the operator to work comfortably even in difficult conditions. The model is equipped with a flexible drive, which reduces the load on the motor when the cutting head is locked. The presence of the support wheel prevents the mowing of flowers or plants on the beds.

High-quality assembly, excellent quality of materials and high power of the Stihl FSE 81 electric trimmer were honored with praise from users. The technique is unpretentious and durable. Among the shortcomings stands out the high price and lack of a belt in the kit.

3 Huter GET-1500SL

Electric trimmer of the German company Huter. The model has a high power of 1500 watts and an affordable price. A flexible cable is used as a drive from an electric motor to a cutting coil gearbox. It also plays the role of a shock absorber when knives collide with a hard obstacle. Operator safety is provided by a protective cover. As well as the fuse button on the main handle, eliminating accidental start. An adjustable additional handle and a shoulder strap allow you to customize the tool for yourself.

  • High power;
  • Good performance;
  • The price is lower than that of competitors.
  • Lame build quality;
  • A non-informative instruction, many of which are not related to the product at all.

A good option for a summer residence, especially if you need to mow large areas.

2 DDE EB1200RD

The American-made DDE EB1200RD electric trimmer is a serious tool in weed control. Cope even with a small shrub. This is facilitated by a powerful 1230 W electric motor with a reduction gear, which increases torque and increases productivity. And the damper sleeve between the gearbox and the shaft going to the cutting head protects the engine from shock loads.

The soft start and braking unit extends the service life and ensures operational safety. A fuse key eliminates the possibility of an accidental start. Also, two protective covers are provided at once: small, and large.

Semi-automatic cutting coil. To release the fishing line you need to lightly hit it on a hard surface. The excess will be cut off on a special knife on the casing. Includes 3 blade disc and fishing line with a diameter of 2.4 mm.

The additional handle with a rubber coating is adjustable in two planes. The wide shoulder strap does not stick into the body. The halves of the collapsible rod are connected using a special stopper and fixed with a sleeve.

  • High performance;
  • Quality materials and assembly;
  • Reliable, thoughtful design;
  • It is convenient in operation;
  • Much attention is paid to security;
  • Good value for money.
  • When mowing fishing line, the grass is packed under a reel, with a disk this is not observed;
  • The increased noise during the work with a disk.

In our rating, this model can claim to be the best electric trimmer in terms of quality and manufacturability. Suitable for both grass and bush cutting.

1 Makita UR3501

Electric trimmer of a famous Japanese brand. With soft start function makes the operation more convenient and safe. It easily cuts both young shoots and hard shoots of perennial plants. Well balanced weight distribution, comfortable handle and suspension system with a shoulder strap. All this makes working with the tool very convenient. over, with a length of 1550 cm, the device weighs only 4.3 kg. We can safely say that this is the best model in its class in terms of ease of use.

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Much attention is paid to operator safety;
  • Light weight;
  • Good balance and ease of use.
  • There is no latch for the network cable.

Creating a beautiful lawn and maintaining it in order is not an easy task. And to make it easier, you need a reliable assistant. a lawn mower. There are many good and different models on sale. And although everyone has the same purpose, in a number of parameters they differ from each other. Let’s try to figure them out.

Lawn mower

What are lawn mowers?

By the way of moving lawn mowing machines are divided into:

  • manual (trimmers) that are held in hands when mowing,
  • wheeled hand, which you need to carry on the lawn,
  • self-propelled.

By type of drive motor distinguish mechanical, gasoline and electric lawn mowers.

Mechanical Wheel Mowers easy to operate, it does not need electricity or gasoline, but significant muscular effort is needed. They are environmentally friendly, silent and allow you to adjust the height of mowing the grass. The cutting mechanism is a cylindrical knife driven by wheels. Such a tool is good for caring for a young lawn, as the low speed of rotation of the knife prevents pulling out grass with a fragile root system.

Mechanical Wheel Mower

And we will consider gasoline and electric lawn mowers below.


Hand Lawn Mowers (trimmers) fit for regular lawn mowing in a small area even with an uneven surface, as they can mow at any angle. The trimmer is a holder bar, at the lower end of which is a cutting device with fishing line. And at high power. in addition with a circular knife. The mower hangs on a belt on the operator’s shoulder, literally making it easier for him to work.


Trimmer can be equipped electric or gasoline engine. Electric is located on the lower or upper end of the rod, and gasoline. only on the upper.

A protective cover limits the mowing edge and protects the legs of the mower from injury. During operation, the left hand holds the handle of the bar (adjusting, if necessary, the height of mowing the grass), and the right hand holds the handle with the engine control button.


The main advantage of trimmers. the ability to mow grass in uneven areas and close to bushes and trees. But maintain the same mowing height at the same time will not work.

Electric trimmers

The electric trimmer is powered by a household power outlet. To his merits can include:

  • light weight
  • environmental friendliness (there are no exhaust gases and noise).

Disadvantages of the electric trimmer:

  • binding to a network (outlet),
  • the presence of a stable voltage,
  • forever disturbing cable on the lawn
  • low power.

Yes, and the cable itself has a limited length: you can’t squint far from home.

Electric trimmer

Battery Trimmer. the same as the electric one, but the engine does not work from the outlet, so you can mow at any distance from the house. This is his basic convenience. However, the mowing area is determined by the capacity of the battery.

Petrol trimmers

The gas trimmer is designed to work in large areas. Therefore, it is especially in demand by summer residents, and owners of country estates, and employees of urban utilities. However, working with it requires some preparation.

Petrol trimmer

This type of lawn mower is distinguished by an enviable mobility, increased power and practicality. It can be used for mowing not only lawn grass, but also weeds and bushes. And professional models are able to cut stems up to one and a half centimeters thick.

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However, even with a small fuel tank, such an assembly:

  • weighs quite a lot,
  • requires a mixture of gasoline with oil,
  • pollutes the environment with exhaust fumes,
  • makes a noise.

But it can work in any weatherat.

The convenience of mowing grass with a trimmer is determined by several points, and one of them is the location of the engine.

Trimmers engine bottom on sale a lot. Most often they rechargeable low power. They overheat quickly, so they require frequent interruptions in work. Protection against moisture and mechanical stress is poor. They cannot work on morning dew and immediately after rain, otherwise a short circuit may occur.
Engine Trimmer

Trimmers engine top more practical, more balanced and more powerful, require less mowing effort, and therefore more comfortable in operation. They have good cooling (less overheating), and, therefore, greater performance.

Engine Top Trimmer

Among the trimmers with an upper engine, I would especially like to highlight knapsacks. Their engines are fixed behind their backs (like a schoolbag), which significantly reduces the load on the hands and much less restricts movement.

Knapsack petrol trimmer

A nice trimmer option is anti-vibration system. It allows you to reduce the vibration load on the shoulders and hands, protects the arms and back of the mower.

Powerful gas trimmers to reduce the burden on the hands equipped with ergonomic handle, similar to a bicycle wheel. On the right handle are buttons to control the operation of the tool. When buying a trimmer, make sure that the handle and button layout on it are comfortable for you.

Comfortable bicycle handle

When choosing a trimmer, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. For what types and volumes of work do you need a mower? With a regularly mowed small lawn near the house, an inexpensive electric trimmer with a simple cutting tool will also cope. But the owner of a large area overgrown with tall weeds, it is better to think about a gas trimmer increased power and performance and an expanded set of cutting tools.
  2. Which power source will you use: a power outlet or battery? The choice is determined by the duration of the trimmer from one battery charge and its distance from the power source.

But from this video you will learn how to make a nozzle for a trimmer with your own hands, which will cost you only 100 rubles:

Wheel Lawn Mowers

A summer resident mower, holding on to the handle, manually pushes the trolley. The main purpose of such devices is mowing grass on lawns with a flat surface. The quality of the mowing is wonderful: all the grass is on the same level, not like after a trimmer. But when you need to cut the lawn around the flowers growing on it or stationary garden furniture, as well as mow the grass between fruit trees and shrubs, it is difficult to work with such a technique.

Non-self-propelled electric lawn mower

A wheeled hand-held lawn mower is a four-wheeled trolley with handles for control and an engine mounted on it and a working knife (or knives) mounted on the engine shaft under the platform. The quality of mowing depends on the quality of knives and their sharpening. It is good if automatic folding of knives is provided (for example, when hitting a stone).

Wheel manual lawn mowers can be equipped with a plastic or fabric (mesh) grass catcher, have a mulching function (the mowed grass is crushed to the state of dust and thrown out onto the lawn), or it may not have either one or the other, i.e. grass is thrown to the side, and at the end of the work it will have to be removed manually with a rake. The more grass enters the grass catcher, the less often you will have to empty it. But then it will be harder.

Soft fabric grass collectors are usually larger than hard plastic grass catchers

Under the platform there is a protective cover that guides the movement of the mowed grass and protects the lawn mower. In one pass, the mower mows a fairly wide strip of lawn, determined by the size of the knife. The wider this strip, the more powerful the engine should be.

Lawn mower wheels mounted on bearings or plastic bushings. On bearings. more reliable and more durable, but also more expensive. Wheels can be rigidly fixed or rotary (only front wheels or front and rear). Swivels are more convenient: the front wheels of the lawn mower do not have to be lifted in corners. Plus, they less "injure" the lawn.

The larger the diameter of the wheels, the easier it is to move the lawnmower, regardless of who “moves” it. a person or an engine. And if they are still wide and rubber, then they will be weaker in pressing into the soil and less to crush the lawn grass.

Mower wheels mounted on bearings or plastic bushings

The adjustment of the height of mowing grass on these lawn mowers is step-by-step and is performed by rearranging the wheels in height: either separately for each wheel using individual handles, or simultaneously for all wheels using one central handle.

"Rule" by a lawn-mower with the help of handles, on one of which there is an on-off button. Therefore, the handles must be comfortable and durable and have the ability to adjust to the growth of "mowing". It is better to choose a mower with folding arms: this will allow you to transport it in the trunk of a car.

Therefore, the handles must be comfortable and durable, have the ability to adjust for growth and the ability to fold

Self-propelled Wheel Mowers

These machines are designed to work on medium and large lawns. They come in several types.

First type: the mower rolls on its own, the mower goes for her, holding hands and controlling her work and movement. They are similar to manual wheel lawn mowers, only engine power is greater. The engine may be gasoline or electric.

Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mower

Second type: the mower rides on a lawn mower, controlling it is rider. It’s nice to use a rider, because both men and women love to ride! He has a large cutting deck and a spacious grass catcher, easily emptied by pressing a button at the hand of a mower (mower).

This machine is noisy in much the same way as any electric trimmer. Due to its small size and excellent maneuverability, it can work even on a limited area, although it is designed for medium-sized lawns. The main troubles during its operation are an uneven surface and mole mounds and bumps: when it touches them, a rotating knife raises a heap of dust and becomes dull.

Such a mower only mows the grass, it does not perform any other functions, and it does not have attachments. But it copes with its task "perfectly". A good choice if there is where to store and allow family finances.


Third type self-propelled lawn mowers. mini tractor. It is applied on large sites. It is multifunctional, since it is possible to install brushes on it for sweeping or removing snow, a vacuum cleaner, a cultivator, a device for spreading fertilizers, etc.

Mini tractor

Robotic lawnmower

Outwardly, the robotic lawnmower is similar to a wheeled one: a body, three or four wheels, knives for cutting grass. The wheels are usually plastic, with fairly high grousers so that the mower can overcome steep climbs. Leading can be either rear or front, or all four wheels.

Her main difference. the lack of a control handle, because it copes with its task on its own: it mows, confidently moving forward, when hitting an obstacle, it moves back and goes around it from the side, and when it reaches the edge of the lawn, it turns and travels in the opposite direction.

A mandatory element in the design of robotic lawnmowers is a battery that powers electric motors, rotary knives and mower wheels. For humans and animals, the battery voltage is completely safe due to its small size. When discharging, many models themselves find a charging station, connect to it and “refuel” with current, then go out onto the lawn again and continue working. However, there are already robotic lawnmowers that work without electricity. Robotic lawnmower

The robot operates according to a predetermined program. Part of it is set by the manufacturer, part by the owner. Most often, the owner sets the time frame of the "working day", the angle of rotation when hitting an obstacle, the height of mowing. The boundaries of the plot are determined by the robot using the built-in grass sensor or using a special cable detection sensor laid along the perimeter of the lawn. The robot, reaching the edge of the lawn, turns around and goes in the opposite direction. Repeatedly passing through one area at different angles, it creates an almost perfect surface. When capsizing or trying to raise the edge of the case, a special sensor is triggered and the knives stop.

This mower is protected against theft using a pin code. An outsider who does not know the code will not be able to start the robot, i.e. theft does not make sense. Some models are additionally equipped with an audible alarm: it either works like a car, or sends a signal to the owner’s mobile phone. Although the price of a robotic lawnmower is high, consumers are attracted convenience use and security This automated household appliance for pets and small children.

The robot works according to a predetermined program.