Change of bearing of air conditioner compressor Nissan Almera Н16

Replacing the bearing of the air conditioner compressor Nissan Almera n16

The original catalog picture does not show the thermostat cover gasket, but it must be there. Can someone give you the number?

There are two options for this article. WV48B-88 and WV48BA-88, which may stand for the letter A? Found a gasket under P102. Tama and Masuma have the same part numbers on the thermostat and gasket, by the way.

Changed the radiator over the May holiday of 2021. It’s been almost a year, at this point in the winter time.It is much warmer in the car.

Will have time and interest, I will try the old radiator again rinse or saw.

Your feedback about the chip tuning can send me in private or publish under the article.

I think the pickup without a body. I don’t think that’s a very good idea. If I take the beast. It’s for the small pine trees.

Although, no one cancelled the chrome ponce.

Serjik, found a paranite all for VAZ 500 to 500mm thickness 1mm knocked out myself on the pallet, about pon or pmb sellers do not know anything, they say that the temperature up to 120 degrees, although such a temperature we do not happen there. I’ll be testing.

a2a,If there’s a plain paper cardboard in there,I think the paranite will be fine.

Just logged in to describe my struggles, maybe it will be useful for someone else.

In general, everything like everyone else, washed, x.х. went up to 1200-1300 no dancing with tambourines did not help.

The symptoms also manifested themselves in the fact that the speed rather reluctantly fell after speeding up with some hovering at 1300-1400 and then fell to 900-1000. That’s all I was able to achieve. On the run, the speed in general climbed to 1600-1700 car had to hold on the brake, coasting in neutral (mkpp) also kept 1600-1700 until the car stopped, then reluctantly fell to 1000.

How to Remove and Replace an AC Compressor Clutch and Bearing NISSAN TIIDA 1.8L 2006~ MR18DE RE4F03B

In the end, tried all the methods found in the net, after dumping and putting on a chip revolutions were falling, waited another 20 seconds (and 30 seconds, and a minute tried) but after turning off and the subsequent start everything happened again. Won all the same way: Without any preliminary on/off ignition and waiting, just started, warmed up (waited for on/off fans) brown connector / put it on did not help (RPM did not drop), discounted again (without stopping immediately), the third time RPM settled to the right

650 and I somewhere came across that some are not good at. conscientious servicemen bluntly unplug the cable from the convertor, I decided to do temporarily the same, t.к. I had to go tomorrow. Dismounted, nothing changed, muffled. I start to check, ok 650, as prescribed by the doctor)), but! When turning on the load (lights, air conditioner, and.т.п.) RPMs were going hard, almost stalled. Turned everything off, took out the key, waited a half a minute until the car “sleeps”, put the connection to the COX back on, started, grabbed and immediately stalled, hmm. already something new)) I started again, started like nothing happened, the speed at startup jumped a little over 1000 and then stood at its rightful 650! The air conditioner, headlights, revs are lifting, it means that the CCB is working properly. Turned it off, shut it off, ran it a few more times, just like in the book! That’s how I won)

Replacing the air conditioner compressor bearing Nissan Almera n16

Replacing the bearing of the air conditioner compressor of Nissan Almera N16

So, the symptoms: quite a loud rustling (metal rubbing against metal. in the area of the air conditioner clutch. It is on the right (on a way). from the engine at the front of it. at the bottom

The reason: the bearing of electromagnetic clutch of a drive of the air conditioner compressor is worn.

Replacement: I got NTN bearing. It has a long number, but it won’t do anything. It’s not even on the off. The manufacturer’s website for these bearings (or am I looking at it the wrong way. Serious company. Located in Japan. Here, as I understand it, the main thing is the type and size of this bearing. Bearing type Ball, sealed. Dimensions: 55 outer, 35 inner, 20 high. Bought at the store, for 390. Didn’t even ask what kind of car.

The bearing looks exactly like the original. The original, by the way, was NACHI. Also very popular Yap. the company.

Replacement is to remove the clutch from the splines, then pull the pulley bearing from the shaft. Then knock out the old bearing from the pulley, and press the new one into the pulley. Reassembly in reverse order.

To remove the coupling from the pulleys you will need a puller. It’s very difficult without it, and you’re likely to bend or break something. Structurally, it looks like this:

There are three holes (. With M5 threads for puller screws. These are the special technological holes for the puller. Under number 1 is screwed screw (instead of unscrewed original screw). The original one held this coupling. It sits on the splines tightly enough. The screw is longer than the original one (M6 threads. at

10 mm. Do not screw in all the way. This is a thrust screw. In its center I made a small hole to hold the ball bearing on the side of the puller.

Plate (normal piece of steel plate

4mm. 2. welded M8 nut to the plate 3. long M8 bolt. Puller pusher 4. small screws M5. Screw the puller plate to the clutch.

The mechanism is this: the puller plate is held in place by three small screws on the clutch. There is a big pusher bolt in the center. It is against the M6 bolt (screwed in to replace the original one). and pulls out the coupling.

The photo below shows the puller from the reverse side. In the bolt (M8., Also, a recess for the ball bearing. And a bit of solideol:

The red dot in the photo shows where the gap appears when the coupling is removed from the splines:

Here’s the picture of the removed clutch from the back side. Here you can clearly see the splines on which it sits, the M5 threaded holes, and the washers. These washers are a very important point. They set the clearance between the clutch and the pulley while the el. The magnet is off. As soon as it is turned on, the coupling bends its end due to design features and presses against the pulley, starting to rotate with it. This is what is known as an electro-mechanical clutch:

Next is a very interesting point. It turns out that the plate I used for the first puller fit perfectly for the second. Here I used two long screws (M6, put them equidistant from the central one (M8). of the bolt to a distance equal to the radius of the pulley. The ends of these studs (M6. Bent the hook to engage the pulley. In the center of the pulley is the same temporary bolt with a ball bearing (instead of the original. By screwing in the center screw I rest against the stationary center, and the studs pull the pulley together with the bearing off the compressor shaft:

Further on the photo is the pulley which has already been removed. Here you can see the bearing and the notches on the diameter. You have to either use a chisel or a drill, whatever. knock them down. This is needed to easily dislodge the bearing. You can knock it out with an ordinary hammer, positioning the pulley accordingly (so that the bearing has a place to go and the pulley is on a flat, hard surface).:

After that, we press in a new bearing and assemble all back.

Disinfection of air conditioner of Nissan Almera N16

I was going to do the air conditioner for a long time since I bought the car and it smelled like damp dust when the air conditioner was on, and I had the feeling that somebody was living there. Last year I was on sick leave because of it and i didn’t use a conditioner that much. There is a lot of information on this topic, and I decided to go for the most economical. to use for disinfecting chlorhexidine. And so, today was a great day to do this case, I will not describe particularly the photo is all clear. To begin with took off the clips on the jabot, and bent it to get access to the air intake:

unhook the two clips and take out the glove box

this is how it looks without filter with open recirculation flap

Put the filter plug back. And the hero of the day.

I got 5 bottles in a drugstore, the price-penny and sprayer

The process itself: start the car, close the windows, turn on the air conditioner with recirculation off, air in the face and feet, full blast speed, let the work. Start spraying in the air intake, I poured about a third of the bottle (200 grams). We get in the car, remove the plug of the filter, turn on the recirculation and squirt the remnants in the window where the filter is. The process is not fast, but we are in no hurry. After everything is injected, we put the plug in place and go cook barbecue, coals, meat for barbecue. 10 minutes.

That’s about it. Turn off air conditioner, turn the heater on full blast to dry evaporator for a few minutes, let the car air out.

put on new cabin filter. This time I took it, it looks and feels like a good one:

The effect of this work is definitely there, the smell has disappeared, now let’s see how long it will last. Even if there was something on the evaporator, it is floating in this puddle.

Replacing the light bulb of air conditioner controls Nissan Almera N16

After a few days of running the car, the left side of the control unit of the heater / air conditioner stopped lighting up.

There are 3 bulbs in this unit Two bulbs on each side with a long base. 27545-BN001(000) costs about 220r. at exist one bulb behind the buttons. 27545-BN010(005) costs about 330r.

Read the Nissan-club, many take the trouble, looking for diodes with the right voltage and re-paired, I went the easy way and ordered on exist.

I received this bulb with a blue filter. The yellow one is on the regular, take it off very carefully.

First remove the top panel with ducts and mini glove compartment. Open the cover, take hold of the cover with 2 hands on the left and right side and pull it towards you with a sharp but gentle movement.

Also, with a swift, gentle movement, remove the bottom of the trim below the cassette. It’s more convenient to hook it from the left side first and then from the right side.

Next, you see a picture of Repin 6 screws Unscrew only 4. the upper and lower (marked in red). And take out the whole radio compartment, and along with it, you take out the bottom shelf. The two middle self-tapping screws hold the frame or the regular stereo to the frame of the stereo compartment.

change, bearing, conditioner, compressor

Taking out the light bulb. I took a thin slotted screwdriver and gently turned the bulb counterclockwise. Then, if necessary you change the light filter and assemble everything in the reverse order.

All the work is done in 5-15 minutes, depending on the level of skill. The main thing is not to use not rude physical force

Change of air conditioner radiator of Nissan Almera N16

The heat came and I decided to check the conditioner. Pressed the button air conditioner characteristic click compressor did not hear. Decided to go get the A/C unit recharged. Connected it, pressure 0. Started pumping and something really popped. We took a look, the radiator radiator tank fell off. Being upset, I went to the garage to take off the radiator. And decided to make a manual for the disassembly, t.к. I could not find a normal manual on the web. Start by unscrewing the two bolts and the plug on the radiator mount at the top left and right side

Next, disconnect the two tubes that are on the back left side of the radiator. One tube on top, secured with a 12 bolt:

Next, carefully disconnect the tubes from the radiator. Just pull it gently and try not to damage the rubber band on the tube, t.к. This kind of thing you can not find (I have already had bitter experience when replacing the radiator on xsara picasso. Looking for the mount on the top of the radiator of air conditioner. Is also on the left and right in the front of the radiator. There are 10 nuts, I think.

Now the only thing left is to gently pull the radiator up and out holding the main radiator to avoid damaging it. This is what I saw when I removed it:

Tubes from the radiator drum rotted mount the drum to the radiator and as a result of vibration broke the tubes.

Ordered a new radiator. Came in 3 days and immediately ran to install. I have decided not to change sealing rings on the tubes, because I am not going to change them.к. I did not find a replacement. (was told that in washing machines there are a lot of such rings, but I was too lazy to go to the store already. The expansion tank had to be screwed on a bit.к. the place of its attachment to the radiator is missing.

change, bearing, conditioner, compressor

Installing in the reverse order. I wrote about how to remove it below. On the installation I want to mention one problem that I had. The radiator with the tank already installed simply did not fit. The main radiator was in the way. To move it further had to remove the fuse box. It is very easy to remove. It’s on the top with two clips.

I’m going to fill up my tank this weekend and hopefully the AC problem will be solved.

Cleaning the air conditioner condensate pipe Nissan Almera N16

I decided to clean the condensate drain pipes from the air conditioner. All the work took 30 minutes. Now, when I turn on the air conditioner it smells nice, but before I had no stink.

After a short search and recommendations the choice fell on Abro company, kind of an American by origin, the smell is quite pleasant

The condensate hose of air conditioner is located under gas pedal

Within 10 sec. spray the contents of the bottle into the hose and wait 10-15 min.

After 10-15 min. turn the air conditioner to maximum in the fan position and close all fan valves and wait for about 5 minutes,,,,,

Installing the additional plafond of cabin lighting in Nissan Almera N16

It has long been thought that you can not live with this interior lighting! It’s easy to find anything in the back in the dark

Complete a repair tool

If you have decided to do the replacement yourself, you need to read this article carefully and follow it.

You should be well aware that there is a potential risk in this repair. Do not deviate from the recommendations of the article.

Having thus prepared and purchased the bearing, proceed to repair.

Don’t forget to read the drawing or sketch of the assembly.

How to understand that the belt of Nissan Almera Classic is stretched

Usually when the tension of the belt becomes insufficient, it begins to slip in the pulleys, which is accompanied by characteristic sounds. whistling, squealing, squealing. At the initial stages, this cacophony begins to manifest itself when starting a cold engine, as well as when sharply pressing the gas pedal pedal. Over time the whistling becomes constant, signaling that the belt can break at any time. In this scenario, no voltage in the onboard circuit is the most likely outcome. That is why it is so important to inspect driving belts regularly, and if there are any defects (cracks, tears, separation of rubber from cord, oil stains) it is necessary to urgently replace them, and if necessary. tighten the tension.

how to properly clean the air conditioner

The screw is hidden over there 3. Let’s take it out of the farthest slots and pull it out. In the photo I have marked where on the back side there are very thin and unreliable pawls or clips. I don’t understand. It’s very easy to feel them with your fingers, what and where should go during assembly.

They bend very easily and it’s no big deal even if you break them, although it’s more likely they won’t break but bend. And here we see the object I was looking for. the condensate drain tube.

It is very flexible and elastic, it is easy to remove. Next I shook the canister, took off the salon, put a rag under the tube of the drain while pumping the foam, I clamped with the rag to the gap in the tube where I inserted the hose and let an unknown amount of foam into the unknown.

When the foam pressure is almost exhausted and it started slowly running away through the drain tube, I pulled the hose and quickly put the drain hose on the drain tube Damn, some kind of tautology. Wiped off small amount of foam and went to suffer idleness.

Here is the hose and the drainage pipe, in person Waited for minutes Installed the cabin back, the foam did not get there. Started the engine, turned on the fan on 4, air conditioning, recirculation and air output middle deflectors and legs. Wait a minute or more, depending on the remedy.

Dry the evaporator again. We turn on the heater for maximum minutes All turn off, ventilate. Do not forget to remove the container from under the drain hole.

How to remove the air conditioner compressor of a Nissan Almera H16

Remove the air conditioning compressor for repair or replacement, as well as when disassembling the engine. Perform the work on the inspection ditch or overpass. Remove the auxiliary units drive belt (see “Belt and auxiliary units drive”). “Replacing the accessory drive belt,” with. 20).

Before disconnecting the air conditioning system piping, it is necessary to discharge the system. If the air conditioning system is depressurized as a result of through corrosion or mechanical damage to its parts, it is not necessary to depressurize the system. At system deflating it is necessary to release refrigerant.

through valve 1 of a pipeline low pressure and valve

Unscrew valve caps to release refrigerant.

and by a suitable tool to press on piston rods of valves.

In case of necessity of valve replacement, to unscrew it from pipe fitting using a wrench similar to metal cap of wheel valve.

Valve for charging and discharging the refrigerant.

We disconnect a tip 2 of a wire from a conclusion 1 of electromagnetic muff of the compressor.

Using a 10″ head, loosen the bolt securing the refrigerant pipe flange to the compressor.

Let out the tip of a tube of a refrigerant supply from aperture of the compressor.

and remove rubber sealing ring from the head of the tube.

Having unscrewed with a wrench “on 10” the bolt of fastening of a flange of a refrigerant drain pipe to the compressor.

let out the tip of a tube from an aperture of the compressor.

Remove rubber sealing ring from the end of a tube.

With “10 head” loosen four bolts fixing compressor on bracket of the engine.

Before installing the compressor, replace new O-rings on the lugs of the refrigerant inlet and outlet pipes. Install the air conditioner compressor in reverse order. We charge the system with coolant on service station and check air conditioner performance at maximum rotational speed of the heater fan

Nissan Almera n16 replacement of air conditioner compressor bearing

Every car owner may face a situation when it is necessary to replace the bearing of the air conditioner of Nissan Almera Classic n16. g15, because of noise, whistling, grinding noise, or when it finally jammed under the hood while turning on the climate control system.

Located South-August service Auto Aircon for maintenance, diagnosis, filling and repair of car air conditioners Nissan Almera, is ready to provide this service at the lowest price from 500 p.

Functional features

The design of this part allows it to function at high rotational speeds and elevated temperatures. Often the same bearing fits many types of air conditioning systems, but still, it is not exactly a universal part. It seals well enough when installed. This is to avoid the ingress of foreign dust and moisture. This is a necessity due to the extreme conditions in which it has to work. If installed correctly, it will be replaced after prolonged use, or after wear. The main thing is to react in time to the first signs of failure.

Our services for the maintenance of air conditioning Nissan Almera H16

Specialists in our car services help motorists solve problems with their cars in a matter of hours.

As for the air conditioning system, we offer each customer the following services:

  • Disassembly and assembly of the air conditioning system of Nissan Almera cars;
  • Check the performance of the air conditioning system by visual inspection and computer diagnostics;
  • Dismantling the bearings of the conditioner;
  • Installation of new bearings;
  • Rechecking after installation.