Chinese Cordless Screwdriver Which Is Better

Best screwdrivers 2019; 2020 Rating of the best screwdrivers in terms of price-quality ratio in 2019. 2020 according to buyers. Top 10 best screwdrivers.

Makita DF330DWLE

Chinese cordless screwdriver which is better

A screwdriver for those who prefer time-tested quality. The best option for both domestic needs and for more active use. The kit includes everything you need from a case to a spare battery, it works great both as a screwdriver and as a hammerless drill. With the Makita DF330DWLE drill, not only quality, but also comfort will be in work.


  • The tool is massive (all parts are metal).
  • Slight play of the cartridge is possible.
  • There is no battery discharge indicator.

Interskol DSh-10 / 320E2

The product of the Russian manufacturer definitely deserves attention, at least due to the fact that it opens our rating of the best screwdrivers in 2019 2020. This 320 kW drill / driver has a stylish design and a clean design. The only model in our rating that works from the network, which means that it will not fail at the most difficult moment (cable length 2 m). Another advantage of the screwdriver is the maximum torque is 35 Nm.

Hitachi DS12DVF3-TA


An inexpensive tool from a Japanese manufacturer. It is not recommended to use the device like a professional screwdriver. The manufacturer has spent a lot of attention on the creation of each element of the device, which confirms a truly attractive appearance.

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The large weight is significantly offset by the power of the device. The comfortable handle with a special coating does not slip in a sweaty palm, which greatly facilitates the fate of the master.

A two-position gearbox allows you to adjust the tool for drilling, screwing in. The quick-release head allows quick bit changes. The chuck diameter is designed for drill up to 10 mm.

The low revs are fully compensated by the 26 Nm torque.

Additional options are also on board. There is a reverse mode, motor brake, speed control, accidental start blocking. And also there is a spot illumination of the working area.

Nickel-cadmium battery with a capacity of 1.5 Ah guarantees 3 hours of autonomous operation. Supplied with an additional battery.


  • Good equipment;
  • Low noise level;
  • Fast charge;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Convenient weight distribution of components.


  • Large weight of the device;
  • Plastic cartridge.

2019 rating of inexpensive cordless screwdrivers for reliability

For any craftsman, the main aspect of work is a quality tool. However, during construction or repairs, it often happens that the device fails and needs to be urgently replaced. Under such circumstances, the question arises when a cordless screwdriver is needed: which is the best inexpensive one to choose for the home.

To solve this dilemma, the top 10 best inexpensive cordless screwdrivers are presented.

  1. Bort BAB 10.8 P
  3. ZUBR YES 12 2 Li KNM1
  4. Hammer ACD121LE PREMIUM
  6. Hitachi DS12DVF3-TA
  7. Hammer ACD12LE
  8. VORTEX YES 18L 2K
  9. Makita DF 330 D WE
  10. DeWALT DCD710D2
  11. How to Pick a Good Cordless Screwdriver
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Makita DF 330 D WE

A worthy device of the famous Makita brand. Despite the Chinese production, the gadget can boast of a solid assembly, well-thought-out ergonomics.

Significant efficiency indicators are harmoniously complemented by a stylish design and a comfortable grip. The minimum weight guarantees comfort during operations. There is an option to quickly replace the cue ball. The torque gives out enough power to screw the screw into metal or dense wood.

Comfort of operation is created by blocking accidental start, reverse, diode backlight.

The capacious lithium cell is sufficient for 4 hours of active use. Charging takes just 50 minutes.


  • Minimum device weight;
  • Solid assembly;
  • Thought-out tool ergonomics;
  • Nice appearance.


  • Rare misalignment of the bit;
  • Weak gear.

Rating of cordless screwdrivers

Makita manufacturers focus on nickel-cadmium batteries and produce powerful professional cordless tools.

First place for style and convenience, the AEG cordless screwdriver runs on lithium-ion batteries.

Consumers consider a two-cordless screwdriver a very convenient tool. Quality models are often equipped with speed control, an air cooling system, a special holder and other convenient elements. They have a comfortable grip and a compact body. The set of professional screwdrivers includes an additional battery. The tool with two batteries is perfect for field repair work, since it has a clear advantage over network counterparts. Such a device is an ideal purchase for work at height. The main thing is to charge both sets of batteries.

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Cordless screwdriver: which one is better to choose?

Today, doing repairs or construction, hardly anyone would think of drilling with a hand drill, or screwing in a large number of screws with an ordinary screwdriver. Undoubtedly, it is better to use a compact and handy cordless screwdriver. In the construction equipment market, this tool is represented by a large number of brands and models. Which cordless screwdriver to choose and which manufacturers are the most reliable? You can try to figure it out.

Cordless screwdriver, which one is better?

To choose the right cordless tool, naturally, you have to start with the battery. The right choice will ensure long-term performance and help save finances when buying. The most important condition is battery power. It is very good if the kit includes a spare battery. And, of course, the main thing is how long it takes to recharge. In this characteristic, professional tools win. Their recharging time does not exceed one hour, while household screwdrivers require 3 to 7 hours. The main thing here is to decide what is more important: high productivity or financial savings.