Choosing a circular saw for home

Additional functions

Modern models of “circular” are equipped with serious functionality, among which the most popular are:

  • Constant speed control system. The controller reads the shaft speed, when it falls (for example, when it enters a zone with a more viscous and dense material), the electronics automatically increases the speed due to the power reserve of the device;
  • The soft starter system reduces starting currents and the load on the power grid. The tooling smoothly picks up speed, thereby increasing the resource of the gearbox and the life of the tool;
  • The overload protection system will automatically cut off the power supply when the motor windings overheat;
  • The electrodynamic brake stops the rotation of the rig at the end of the sawing process. This option increases operator safety when using the tool;

Don’t forget about ergonomics. There are models specially designed for left-handers. Pay attention to the handles. They can be made in the form of a bracket, have a straight or mushroom design. Regardless of the shape, the handles must have anti-slip pads.

Stationary circular saw

The main difference between stationary models is that for cutting the operator must move the material relative to the rotating cutting disc.

The design of a stationary circular saw includes the following mandatory elements:

  • Steel frame (base). Depending on the purpose, its design can be cast or prefabricated;
  • Electrical engine;
  • System for adjusting the depth and position of the cut;
  • Protective cover;
  • Governing bodies.

The main advantages of stationary “circulars”:

  • Low vibration;
  • The ability to cut wide workpieces;
  • Variability of settings;
  • Dust collector connectivity.

The disadvantage is the large mass and dimensions of the device..

Table circular saw

These models represent a reduced version of stationary circulars. They can be used for most household tasks related to sawing wood and its derivatives. The cutting depth is the same as most manual models.

  • Mobility;
  • Relatively low weight;
  • Ability to work with wide sheet materials.

Most experts note high vibration of the material as a disadvantage..

Working principle and application

The circular saw is a very popular tool among DIYers and professional builders. And this is not surprising, because this tool allows you to cut large volumes of wood, chipboard sheets relatively quickly and practically without physical effort of the operator. Fiberboard. OSB. MDF. plywood, etc. By changing discs and “playing” with the speed of rotation, you can cope with sawing plastic, slate, metal and artificial stone. Cuts can be made along, across and at an angle to the main plane of the material.

Important! The only thing that this tool does not know how is to make curved cuts.

The modern “circular” is a technically complex tool, consisting of several mandatory elements:

  • The body (frame) with the controls located on it (handles for easy holding by the operator in manual execution);
  • Power unit. The engine can be electric or gasoline;
  • Cutting disc;
  • Guide platform;
  • Protective cover;
  • Lubrication and ventilation system.

Despite some structural differences, the principle of transferring torque from the shaft of the power unit to the cutting disc is incorporated into the operation of all circular saws without exception..

Types of circular saws

Today, the domestic market for construction tools offers the consumer the widest range of equipment for cutting materials of a wide variety of materials. They are classified by design, purpose, type of power supply for circular saws. Let’s consider the varieties of this tool in more detail..

Plunge-cut circular saws

The main difference between plunge-cut models and circular saws is the principle of interaction of the cutting tool with the workpiece. In classic “circulars” the material is pushed into the disc (or vice versa, as in hand saws): in the submersible disc it is located above the base plate and lowered by the operator onto the workpiece. The plunge mechanism allows you to more accurately position the cutting tool relative to the material being processed, make local cuts anywhere in it, create grooves, grooves, etc..

  • High cutting accuracy;
  • A large number of functions and variability of application.
  • Inability to make longitudinal cuts along the entire length of the sheet material;
  • High cost compared to manual models.

Middle price segment

Model Characteristics
Bosch PKS 40
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Ergonomic and lightweight model from a renowned manufacturer. The 850 W motor power is enough to easily handle 40 mm thick wood and wood derivatives. Sawing capacity at an angle of 45 ° – 26 mm. This model uses a tooling with a maximum diameter of 130 mm. Rotational speed – 4200 rpm.

The functionality is limited by the mechanisms for adjusting the cutting depth and fixed platform rotation.

Equipped with: rip fence, Speedline Wood tungsten carbide saw blade. Weight – 2.4 kg.

Average cost – 6 thousand rubles.

  • Clean cut;
  • High cutting accuracy;
  • Light weight and size.

Disadvantages: great functionality.

Powerful enough hand-held circular saw for most home and garden renovation tasks. The model is equipped with a 2.2 kW motor, which allows you to easily cope with wood up to 85 mm thick, with a disc with a diameter of 235 mm. Maximum spindle speed – 4500 rpm.

Functionality: angle cutting mechanism and the ability to adjust the cutting depth.

Complete set: carbide tooling, disc replacement wrench, guide. Weight – 8.5 kg.

Average cost – 7300 rubles.

  • High engine power;
  • Ability to work with large saw blades;
  • Not bad equipment.

Disadvantages: Poor feature set.

Lightweight, quiet and ergonomic model with good performance, which is provided by a 1350 W motor with a maximum spindle speed of 5500 rpm, a saw blade diameter of 184 mm. Cutting depth – 65 mm, at an angle of 45 ° – 42 mm.

Features: angle cutting mechanism and the ability to adjust the cutting depth with adjustable range up to 48 °.

Complete set: carbide tooling, wrench, adapter for connection to an external dust removal system, parallel stop, can be completed with a case. Weight – 3.7 kg.

Average cost – 8100 rubles.

  • Ergonomics;
  • Low weight;
  • Clean cut;
  • High reliability.
choosing, circular, home

Disadvantages: weak functionality.

Budget models

Model Characteristics
Bison ZPD-900

Sufficiently compact and lightweight model for occasional use in the household. The 900 W motor allows you to process wood and sheet materials, providing a cutting depth of 45 mm, and at an angle of 45 ° – 28 mm with accessories up to 140 mm in diameter. Spindle speed 4500 rpm.

Features: stepless adjustment of the cutting depth and platform rotation, additional handle, the possibility of stationary installation. Safety is ensured by two protective covers that slide simultaneously.

Selecting the Circular Saw that’s Right for You

Average cost – 3 thousand rubles.

  • Ergonomics;
  • Low weight and dimensions;
  • Adjustment of the depth of cut and the angle of inclination of the platform;
  • Low cost.

A very good choice for periodic use when carrying out repair and construction work at home and in the country. The Bort BHK-160U circular hand saw is equipped with a 1200 W motor, which allows you to work with accessories with a diameter of 165 mm. Cutting depth – 55 mm, at an angle of 45 ° – 32 mm. Disk rotation speed – 5300 rpm.

Features: adjustable cutting depth and base rotation.

Complete set: a parallel guide, a set of spare brushes, keys for changing the blade, a saw blade for woodworking. Weight – 3.5 kg.

Average cost – 3200 rubles.

  • High power;
  • Good equipment;
  • Low cost.

An excellent model with good technical characteristics. The 1600 W motor provides high performance when cutting material up to 65 mm thick. Tool rotation frequency – 5000 rpm. Maximum tooling diameter – 190 mm.

Features: a mechanism for adjusting the depth of cut, a laser pointer, the ability to connect an external dust collector or vacuum cleaner. Supplied with a parallel stop. Weight – 4.8 kg.

Average cost – 4.5 thousand rubles.

  • High power;
  • The presence of a laser pointer.

Choosing a circular saw for your home

A circular saw

Due to their ecological and aesthetic properties, wood products, as in the old days, do not lose their popularity today. In order to turn a piece of wood into a product, circular saws of various modifications are used. The circular saw is designed for cross-cutting and longitudinal cutting of both hard wood and softer ones. Also, the power tool copes with sawing various wood-chip materials, such as chipboard, fiberboard, MDF and sheet plywood brands FS and FSK.

The main criterion for choosing the best saw. this is its power, since it is impossible to use a low-power tool for sawing hard wood, for example, for oak blanks. Materials are processed using a blade with sharp teeth, which, rotating at maximum speed, cuts the workpiece.

You don’t have to be a professional to figure out how to work with a circular saw. The tool is quite simple to operate. It can be customized to perform a specific task. To do this, you need to set the depth, width and angle of the cut. Some models provide for setting parameters, as well as replacing the saw blade. manually, without the use of locksmith keys. A tool with a powerful motor can be equipped with a soft start system and can be protected against accidental starting. The saw works from a 220 V network, although some time ago there were models that run on rechargeable batteries.

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Choosing a circular saw for your home

Like all power tools, circular saws can be roughly divided into two categories: household and professional. A professional tool, as a rule, is more durable, accurate, reliable and has a long service life. But this does not mean at all that only specialists work with it, it will be convenient when performing woodwork for everyone who knows how to handle a power tool..

choosing, circular, home

When choosing a circular saw, it is necessary to pay attention to the diameter of the blade, on which the cutting depth depends, as well as to the rated power of the engine and the number of revolutions per minute. It is important to consider the balance between motor force and blade diameter, since a large diameter blade designed for deep cuts will only work correctly with a powerful engine. For example, a disc diameter of 210 mm is able to cut 45 mm of material, and in order for the engine not to overheat when working with such a circle, its power must be at least 1 kW.

In total, all models of circulars are subdivided into three groups according to engine power: low-power. up to 900 V, medium. 1600 V and with the highest power. over 1600 V. The most powerful models are distinguished by a long service life, accuracy, and high performance. But if a saw is needed to solve certain tasks in everyday life from time to time, then, as a rule, a tool is chosen from the first two groups, low or medium power.

When choosing a circular saw, it is necessary to decide for what tasks this power tool will be used. Become familiar with the characteristics of the tool, what power it has and whether the blade is suitable for the required cutting depth for balanced saw operation. The brand under the name of which the tool was released is also important, well-known manufacturers produce circular saws, which have a long service life, contribute to high-quality work..

Choosing a compact circular saw for your home: key parameters

If you are an economic person who loves to do something with your own hands, then surely at home you have almost all the tools that you need to carry out all kinds of repair and construction work. But what do you saw? How, still a hacksaw? No, this, of course, is a reliable and proven tool, however, we live in the 21st century, and it would not hurt to replenish the set of tools, which without problems, quite quickly, and, most importantly, you can definitely saw almost everything, starting from wood, and ending with plastic and laminate.

And the choice in our time is quite extensive. Hand-held circular saws alone are produced in considerable quantities. But how to choose from them exactly what will suit us in all respects, and for this you will not have to pay an exorbitant fee? Let’s figure it out.

The best circular saw manufacturers – which company to choose

European and Asian companies have been competing for a long time, fighting for a leadership position in the construction tool market, while improving product quality and expanding its functionality..

Top circular saw manufacturers:

Hand circular saw

This type is in greatest demand among home craftsmen due to the combination of compactness and sufficient power, which, depending on the model, ranges from 1.2 to 2.2 kW. Professional models have a power of about 5 kW.

The cutting depth of the proposed tool is from 40 to 70 mm. Some models provide the ability to adjust the cutting angle.


  • Simplicity of design combined with efficiency and high productivity;
  • Convenience in work due to light weight and compactness, ease of transportation;
  • Easy to clean.


  • High noise level;
  • Insignificant utilization factor of the disc diameter during operation;
  • Difficulty in controlling the placement of the cutting disc relative to the workpiece, which reduces the accuracy of the cut.

Electric drive and spindle

Like most power tools, circular saws are primarily characterized by power and spindle speed. The very concept of power for RCP is not a generalizing parameter. This is because with high torque at the periphery of the blade, the saw really does a better job with high-speed cuts, but the quality of processing inevitably suffers. Therefore, a tool with a power of more than 2 kW is advantageous to use either for rough workpieces, or if you plan to install the saw on the table..

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It should also be remembered that as power increases, the weight and size of the tool also increase. Therefore, if it is planned to use the crimping machine only in manual mode, the power should not be maximum, but corresponding to the diameter of the disc. Thus, for saws for a maximum diameter of 185 mm, the power must be at least 1.6 kW, for a 235 mm disc – at least 2.2 kW. Miniature mils for discs up to 100 mm have a practical minimum power consumption of 800 W.

Bosch PKS 66 A

In general, the gradation by kilowatts is a rather abstract concept, because the power that can be removed from the disk is lower than the consumed one, while the efficiency for different saw models can vary within 65–80%. This parameter, depending on the perfection of the design of the motor and gearbox, is not regulated by manufacturers, but it must be taken into account when trying to evaluate the performance of the saw. We can only say that the relatively low power of a branded tool with a comparable disc diameter should not arouse suspicion..

For most inexpensive tools designed only for carpentry work, the spindle rotation speed is constant and can vary from 3 to 5 thousand rpm depending on the diameter of the disc, that is, the angular speed during rotation is the same for most models. However, there are saws with the ability to adjust in the range from 2 to 5.5 thousand rpm, which allows you to use the tool for sawing not only wood, but also metals and plastic with the appropriate replacement of equipment..

How to Choose and Use a Circular Saw | This Old House

Scheppach CS 55

Power selection is a compromise between speed and ease of use. For the rest, almost any saw can work effectively with full immersion, you just need to learn how to adjust the feed force. You also need to remember that RCP with a performance margin is characterized by an increased turn-on duration, and therefore is better suited for installation in a sawing machine..

Diameter of discs used

The outer diameter of the blade does not affect the working speed; it determines the depth of cut. This diameter depends on the dimensions of the protective cover. For most models, it is in the range from 130 to 250 mm.

Inner bore diameter: 16 to 32 mm. It must match the diameter of the power shaft.

AEG KS 55-2

The unit works great at high speeds, up to 6100 rpm. To help the master, a 1200 W motor. Relatively small disc diameter of 165 mm. with a fit diameter of 20 mm. saws 54 mm deep. at a perpendicular angle. No need to carry, the lightweight and compact unit is equipped with a four-meter cable.

A vacuum cleaner is connected to collect dust. Reinforced aluminum base, two rubberized handles, integrated key holder. Safety is ensured by a spindle lock. Self-noise no more than 110 dB. Comes with a bag for transportation.

  • powerful engine;
  • handles with elastic coating;
  • durable protective covers;
  • reinforced sole;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • long soft cord.
  • high price;
  • no soft start.


In third place in the ranking of hand-held circular saws is a model with an electric motor with a power of 1350 W and a frequency of 5500 revolutions per minute. The ergonomic handles allow you to smoothly guide the saw over planks, plywood, laminate, chipboard, parquet or plastic. The range of application is extended by a good cutting depth of 65 mm. During operation, the tool generates a noise level of only 88 dB. Unit weight 3.7 kg.

choosing, circular, home

It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner and collect debris left after sawing. With the help of a special mechanism, you can adjust the angle of inclination and depth without using a key. Saw blade with 184 mm diameter included.

  • solid assembly;
  • provides an accurate cut;
  • comfortable for hands;
  • practically does not get dusty;
  • powerful engine;
  • quick adjustment for the desired type of cut;
  • durable electrical cord.
  • weak rip fence.