Choosing a Petrol Or Electric Trimmer

Choosing a Petrol Or Electric Trimmer

Gas mowers and trimmers are very convenient, compact and maneuverable, suitable for work in any country house. They cope with grass in areas with different terrain and different sizes. Especially advantageous is their use in narrow, inaccessible places for a lawn mower. In addition, they are cheaper and easier to maintain than a lawn mower.

  • Gas trimmer: purpose of the tool in the country
  • Types of trimmers on a gasoline engine
  • Household
  • Professional
  • Universal
  • lawn mowers
  • How to choose a gas trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria
    • Type and engine power
    • Knife and fishing line for trimmer
    • Weight and type of petrol trimmer handle
    • Additional devices
    • Advantages and disadvantages of a gas trimmer in the garden
    • Gas trimmer: purpose of the tool in the country

      The lawn trimmer is, in fact, a scythe for grass on gasoline. It is used for mowing decorative grass (leveling, cutting), for mowing weeds, for mowing grass on hay.

      The trimmer does this quickly and accurately, in addition, it is lightweight and easy to maintain and does not require large storage space. the main thing that distinguishes the trimmer from a lawn mower.

      With a trimmer you can not only cut grass and herbaceous plants, it perfectly cuts not thick (2.5-3 cm in diameter) branches of trees and shrubs. so it replaces the secateurs in the garden.

      Types of trimmers on a gasoline engine

      Consider the different types of gasoline trimmers and find out what kind of work is best suited for each of them.


      Used for mowing weeds and grass in adjacent areas. This is a lightweight tool with a curved handle with a power of 1 horsepower or a little more. Such trimmers are suitable for small volumes of work or infrequent mowing, haircuts.

      When purchasing a household tool, you need to know how to use a grass trimmer. it needs to rest every 20-25 minutes of work, otherwise it may fail. But at the same time, the household trimmer has a moderate gas mileage and excellent maneuverability.


      Their power is higher. 2-3 liters. s., respectively, and gasoline for a professional trimmer is consumed more. Such a trimmer performs a much larger amount of work and has a knife in the configuration, that is, shears both grass, and thin branches, shrubs.

      It is also equipped with a shoulder strap and anti-vibration system. But also at work it requires rest every 30 minutes and cleaning the cutting part of the grass.


      They are similar to professional ones, but they can also trim the lawns, that is, their trimmed canvas will be homogeneous, even and beautiful.

      lawn mowers

      Not only grasses, branches and shrubs mow, but even young trees can cut. They have a capacity of over 3 liters. with. They can work without interruption for several hours in large areas.

      How to choose a gas trimmer for a summer residence, selection criteria

      Before choosing a gas trimmer, you need to at least briefly know the main parameters of the tool. The key to choosing a gas trimmer will be how often you plan to use it and what area it is intended for.

      Based on this, the best gas trimmer for your particular site is selected according to the power and performance of each individual model.

      Type and engine power

      The best gas trimmers do not have to have the greatest power. If you have a small lawn. the most powerful trimmer is not required for her. A good medium power gas trimmer is fine. But if the cultivated area is large and there is a need to work on it for 6-7 hours a day, then you need a more powerful trimmer.

      By the type of suspension, trimmers are straps. the best option for infrequent use, and trimmers with a knapsack suspension. these are best taken with a constant, almost daily load on the tool.

      By type of drive, gas trimmers come with a straight shaft or with a metal cable. It is better to take a tool driven by a direct shaft. they are more wear resistant. By type of engine, gas trimmers are divided into two and four-cycle ones.

      The former are filled with oil already mixed with gasoline, the latter have separate compartments for oil and gasoline. Push-pulls are considered more noisy, and their lifespan is often shorter. And four-stroke ones are more durable, more expensive to maintain and repair, but at the same time they work a little quieter.

      The engine can be located in the upper or lower position. The ones located at the top are preferable. they are more convenient in operation, better cooled, more protected from clogging with grass and debris, and they, as a rule, have more power.

      Video: Choosing a Petrol Or Electric Trimmer

      Knife and fishing line for trimmer

      The line in the trimmer is used only for mowing grass. According to the type of pattern, several types of fishing line are distinguished:

      • in the shape of an asterisk. for green decorative lawn or young grass;
      • in the shape of a square. for tall grass with thick stems;
      • in the shape of a circle. universal view suitable for both lawn and woody and dry grass stems, leaves.

      For cutting branches, cutting shrubs will need a knife. There are models equipped only with fishing line, and there are models with fishing line and with knives.

      Weight and type of petrol trimmer handle

      By the type of rod (handle), the trimmers come with a curved handle for small loads or with a straight one. for larger loads. The weight of the trimmer, as a rule, does not affect the operation of the instrument in any way, it matters to the person who works with it. if it’s a man, then you can take a heavier model, if a woman, then it’s easier.

      When choosing an instrument by weight, you need to take into account the size of the trimmer’s gas tank. the larger it is, the heavier the trimmed trimmer will be (on average 0.6-1.5 kg).

      Additional devices

      Before choosing a trimmer for a lawn, study all the possibilities of each model. some of them are endowed with additional useful functions. It can be a snow nozzle, anti-vibration system. for the convenience of hands, quick start of the trimmer with a decompression device, which increases the tool life.

      Advantages and disadvantages of a gas trimmer in the garden

      Advantages include mobility, versatility, and tool performance. Disadvantages. not always a reasonable price, especially for multifunction mowers, and the noise of a working trimmer, even for models with reduced noise.

      But, on the other hand, the tool has good power, performance, and besides, a gas trimmer can work in any weather (after rain, for example).

      That’s all, how to choose a trimmer for a summer house or home. We want to decide and choose the trimmer that is suitable for your site, lawn or garden!

      Permanent care of a personal plot requires strength. The quality and comfort of work depend on the right choice of garden equipment. Trimmer. a device for mowing grass. It helps to trim the lawn and remove grass in hard to reach places (near buildings, fence). The trimmer is a type of lawn mower, but has obvious advantages over it.

      • Electric
      • Petrol
      • Engine types
    • Trimmer selection
    • Differences between trimmer and lawn mower:

      1. The trimmer has less weight.
      2. It mows grass everywhere: near a fence, near flower beds, near buildings, under bushes and trees.
      3. The device is maneuverable, it can be easily moved.
      1. A tube;
      2. A pen;
      3. Engine;
      4. Cutting element (fishing line, disc or knife);
      5. Tank for gasoline (gasoline);
      6. Cord (electric);
      7. Additional nozzles.

      Trimmers are electric and gasoline. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which will be discussed later.


      Equipped with an electric motor, powered by mains. The engine can be located on top or bottom of the rod. The upper location is more convenient, such devices have more power, you can mow wet grass, work in rainy weather.

      1. The device works from the network, in this case, filling gasoline and oil is not required.
      2. It weighs less than gasoline models.
      3. It is activated using the button.
      4. Eco-friendly device, does not emit harmful exhaust gases.
      5. The noise level of such devices is lower.
      6. There is a large selection of models.
      7. They are cheaper than gas trimmers.
      8. You can purchase additional nozzles (for trimming bushes, cutting the undergrowth of trees).
      1. Dependence on electricity and cord length. Extension cords must be used during operation.
      2. Cannot remove grass in remote areas.
      3. Engine power is less than gasoline models. Such a trimmer will not mow thick stems of grass.
      4. During prolonged use, it may overheat.
      5. If the line acts as a cutting element, it must be replaced when the reel ends.
      6. If the engine is located below, do not mow wet grass. You can’t work in the rain.


      These models work on gasoline, which is poured into a special tank. It is also necessary to fill the oil so that all parts of the mechanism work.

      Engine types

      1. Push-pull. Such models are cheaper. To work, you need to add a certain amount of oil to gasoline. The engine design is simple. The quality of gasoline and oil does not affect its performance. Power is less than four-stroke.
      2. Four stroke. These models are more expensive.. Gasoline and oil are poured separately into different containers, which facilitates the work. There is no need to measure the right amount of oil to add it to gasoline. Unlike two-stroke models, the engine design is complex, as the device is more powerful. If the mower breaks, it will be difficult to repair it yourself. Gardeners prefer models with such an engine.
      1. Gasoline models are more powerful than electric ones;
      2. Serve longer;
      3. Independent of electricity;
      4. Do not have a cord;
      5. These models can be transported to any place and mow grass in remote places, even outside the suburban area.
      1. Requires filling in gasoline and oil;
      2. Noise level is higher;
      3. Exhaust fumes are emitted;
      4. A gas trimmer is heavier than an electric trimmer;
      5. You can mow grass without frequent interruptions;
      6. They cost more than electric models.

      Trimmer selection

      What should be guided when buying:

      1. Choose engine type: electric or gasoline.
      2. Decide on the power of the device.
      3. Select a device with the engine location (top or bottom). For electrical models.
      4. Find out the volume of the fuel tank (gasoline).
      5. Choose the shape of the handle (there are T-shaped or D-shaped).
      6. Decide on the type of cutting tool (fishing line, metal or plastic knives, discs). Fishing line models are cheaper, but reels are required. Disks and knives made of metal last longer, do not require frequent replacement.

      The quality of work and its convenience also depends on the following functional details:

      1. The width of the strip that the device mows;
      2. Cord length (electric);
      3. Ease of use of the device;
      4. Weight;
      5. Safety;
      6. Appearance;
      7. The presence of additional nozzles (if necessary);
      8. The choice of manufacturer;
      9. Price.