Circular electric saw what to choose

Circular saw. Types and device. How to choose and what to look for

A circular saw, or circular saw, is a tool for cutting in different materials by sawing with a disk with teeth. Mainly used for carpentry and joinery work.

Handheld devices consist of a housing with two handles that contain an electric motor. Toothed saw blade is fixed on the motor shaft. The disc protruding from the housing is covered by a hood. During sawing the blade guard is pushed aside by the workpiece. When the sawing is finished, the cover is retracted by a spring.

The stationary saw has a table instead of a compact housing. The motor is secured underneath so that part of the saw blade exits through a slot in the tabletop. The disk itself can be located either on the motor shaft or connected to it through belt transmission.

Differences between handheld and stationary circular saws in terms of convenience and functionality

Hand-held portable circular saws and table-top stationary saws differ in their ease of use for different applications. One tool is preferred for some tasks and another for others. That is why neither variant has a clear advantage over the other.

Special features of the table circular saw

The stationary circular saw is workshop equipment. It is applicable when performing a large amount of the same type of work. The presence of the table, as well as the use of various accessories, allows you to achieve high precision when cutting.

  • Cutting small sheets of sheet metal.
  • Cutting of boards, slats, bars.
  • Quartering.
  • Making a tongue and groove joint.
  • Chamfering.
  • Sawing firewood.

To do such an extensive amount of work on a circular table requires the use of a number of other devices in addition to the parallel stop. The functionality of the table depends greatly on the size of its tabletop. If the material does not fit on it, then many types of work becomes excessively difficult or nearly impossible to do. In addition, since the workpiece must be lifted onto the table for sawing, work on large-sized timber can be done by two operators.

The table saw can be used for making firewood. It is used to cut thin tree trunks and branches into short wood chunks. For this purpose you usually buy the cheapest tool that doesn’t have adjustable blade protrusion, change blade angle.

Features of a hand-held circular saw

The hand-held circular saw is a mobile tool. It is lightweight, so it is used on construction sites where there is a need for precise sawing.

Mobile circular saw takes up little space, costs less. Thanks to its parallel stop it can be used to cut long timber lengthwise. A beveled cut is possible. In general, the tool can handle much larger workpieces than are possible with a circular table. The mobile circular saw can be lifted onto the roof to saw trusses or beams in situ.

Using the depth of cut setting, it is possible to make a quarter-cut or a long groove. But this is limited by the side-mounted possibilities of the circular saw blade. Despite the many limitations in terms of precision and functionality, mobile circular saws are bestsellers. In their favor speaks the possibility of modernization. In particular they can be mounted on a home-made table, thus turning it into a full-fledged stationary machine. Having finalized the circular saw in this way, you can use it for a more accurate sawing, making a tongue-and-groove joint, chamfering on workpieces.

Technical parameters of circular saws

The various saw devices, even though structurally similar, still differ from each other in a number of technical features. Each parameter is important because it directly influences the ability to perform certain tasks.

  • disc diameter.
  • Power.
  • Cutting depth and blade tilt adjustment.
  • Soft start.
  • Number of revolutions.


The blade is the part of the saw that is directly involved in the sawing process. Its diameter determines how thick a workpiece can be cut with a specific tool. It is extremely important if you plan to use it to cut thick beams or wooden poles for fences, for example. The cutting depth of an angle grinder is a little less than half the disc diameter.

circular, electric, choose

Table saws can have a blade diameter of 400-500 mm and more. Such equipment is specialized and is used for cutting thick lumber as well as for sawing logs into boards. The most popular table models are seldom equipped with discs larger than 210 mm.

As for manual circular saws, the diameter of their saw blade is mainly up to 210 mm. At the same time, such a tool is equipped with a heavy, powerful motor, which makes it difficult to carry and use. For example, a saw with a 335 mm disc has an average weight of 13 kg. At the same time the tool with 165 mm saw blade weighs 3,5 kg. Most often mobile circular saw is equipped with a blade diameter of 160-190 mm, which gives the required level of maneuverability when carrying and working. A tool with these parameters cuts deep enough and is quite manageable.

Power is one of the decisive criteria when choosing a tool. But a newly sharpened saw blade can still cut better than a high-powered tool with a worn-out tooling, even with a low-powered motor. The lack of torque can therefore be compensated for with consumables. It is necessary to decide beforehand. to overpay for a powerful circular saw once, or to sharpen the discs more often afterwards.

Circular saws with motors up to 800 W can be used for plywood, thin laths and boards. The tool with 800-1200 watt motors is the most universal. It can easily cut almost any type of wood, but when sawing thick workpieces it is slow. When choosing a desktop circular saw it is better to choose a motor from 2 kW. In this case it will have a power reserve for all types of work. And its weight doesn’t matter, because the table is always in the workshop.

When buying a tool, many buyers first of all pay attention to the cost. Which is understandable. not every our compatriot has the opportunity to throw away a few extra thousand, even when it comes to buying a saw for home. In addition, the home handyman does not need high power and great functionality. Therefore, the purchase of a budget circular saw can be called a good decision. Let’s start the review with the inexpensive tools that combine all the essentials.

Bort BHK-185U

The review opens with an inexpensive, but good model of circular saw, which has a rather high power. 1250 W is quite enough to saw even hard and pretty dry wood quickly and easily. It is nice that the saw is equipped with an additional set of brushes. Weight is only 4.1 kg, which greatly simplifies the process of transportation, making the work really easy and comfortable. Speed of a disk reaches 5600 rpm, so even a large number of boards, planks and other lumber can be sawed in a very short time. Diameter of the blade is 185 mm, which provides a cutting height of 64 mm. All in all this makes it a very good buy. At least if it is not the best budget saw, it certainly is one of them.

Zubr ZPD-1600

A very budget and good value saw. It is easy to buy for any dacha owners who regularly saw planks and other lumber. Its power is 1600 W, which makes it easy and fast to handle not only wood but also other materials, including aluminum. The speed of the disc is quite high. 4500 rpm, which is considered an excellent indicator that allows you to quickly cope with significant amounts of work.

One of the most important parameters for any circular saw is the diameter of the cutting wheel, which is why it is essential to pay attention to it when choosing a tool.

Diameter of the disc in this model is 185 mm. one of the most common indicators for a budget electric tool in this category. The weight of the device is 4.9 kg, which should be considered when buying. not all users will be comfortable working with it.

  • high power;
  • low cost;
  • elaborate system of dust extraction;
  • easy adjustment of the cutting angle;
  • long warranty (5 years);
  • small dimensions;
  • elaborate safety system.


A chic tool. reliable, easy to work with and not too expensive. If you need a circular saw at an affordable price, then you will not regret this purchase. weight is quite large. 4.Weight is quite large. 4.8 kg, but the corresponding power. as much as 1600 watts. Of course, if you have a quality disc, the saw can easily cut the hardest boards, beams and more. Diameter of the disk is big. 190 mm, which provides cutting depth of 65 mm. This is one of the best indicators among budget circular saws. Very thick boards can be handled without difficulty. Speed of rotation per minute up to 5000 rpm. Of course, any material is cut smoothly without the slightest burrs, splinters and other imperfections that are often encountered with less rapid tools. An additional plus is the laser marker, as well as the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. no more time and effort to remove small sawdust after work.

What’s the Best Circular Saw!!

  • high power;
  • the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • It is equipped with an additional disc;
  • rubberized handle;
  • laser pointer.

Sabre saws

Saber-type saw is equipped with a special mechanism that creates oscillatory (reciprocating) motion. The working tool of the unit is a saber saw, which has a length from 10 to 35 cm.

Sabre saws are often used by professionals because of their versatility. The machine can work on metal, plastic and wood. Also this unit is used in construction as a cutting tool for aerated concrete and foam blocks, as well as for work on aerated silicate and bricks.

Due to the large number of types of equipment, saber saws are purchased for the garden, namely, for pruning trees and trimming bushes.

Sabre saws can have a power of 1 to 1.4 kW and a reciprocating speed of about 3,300 vibrations per minute. It’s not hard to guess that a more powerful tool is needed for cutting hard building materials and metal products than a garden tool, where it will only be used for cutting branches in trees.

For garden work, a cordless sabre saw is better suited. No power cord means the tool can be used in the most remote areas of the garden.

Adjustable speed of the tool is possible due to the regulator which is installed for each type of material.

As a variation of saber saws, electric hacksaws are available, which are used for the same purposes as hand tools.

Do we need more power??

The main characteristic of a circular saw is the motor power (electric motors are installed on “circular saws”). High-powered saw can cut for example a rough log, selecting the maximum allowable disk size. However, more power inevitably leads to an increase in both weight and price.

On the other hand, a power reserve is a useful thing. Powerful motor provides better speed stability, allows you to cut thick material faster. According to this parameter “circular saws” are conditionally divided into three classes:

Types of circular saws

It is important to determine before buying what the machine will be used for. On how to choose a circular saw, you should think at the initial stage of activity. After all, repairs are not made in one hour as a result of a spontaneous decision. It is worth thinking about what kind of tool to stop at and what parameters will be the highest priority.

Submersible circular saw

Has a low cutting accuracy. But other equipment can remedy this situation. The circular saw differs from the classic variations. The difference is that the machine allows you to observe the position of the disc in relation to the workpiece. Not knowing how to choose a circular saw for the home, you should not rush to buy. We need to master the material in detail.

When switched off, the cutting blade is completely isolated. It is under a protective cover, and when the machine is activated, it is lowered as required to continue working.

Area of application of circular saws. repair work on flooring. The accuracy of the equipment is measured in millimeters. Depending on the functionality of the particular tool at an angle of 90 degrees the cutting depth is 10-75 mm.

The submersible tool is characterized by multi-functionality mode. It is set up to make cross cuts as well as longitudinal cuts. But it can be difficult to cut smaller workpieces.

Cordless circular saw

The most compact and oversized models used for working at heights. They are suitable for activities in hard-to-reach places. Tools of this type are designed for short-term work, their functionality depends directly on the necessary charge.

The equipment is battery powered. Uses 15 to 50 minutes of charge depending on its type and capacity. Need to be charged as you work. Many models have a minimum cutting time of 4 hours.

Due to the nuances of the construction plan, battery-operated equipment cannot work for a long period of time. This is why it is not recommended for large-scale activities.

Circular saw for metal and concrete

Typical variations of circular saws are not suitable for working with metal and concrete. Their design does not withstand a significant load, so the equipment breaks down. For this case, there are manual and specialized device.

The manual tool works from the power supply. It is characterized by high efficiency, considerable power and speed. The equipment functions from a socket or battery. Manual saws are purchased more often by buyers due to their low cost compared to the automatic device.

For work on complex construction sites, specialized equipment is available. These are wall saws, wire cutters, and floor saws. Their scope of application is large construction projects. Such tools are characterized by an increased level of precision, multitasking, and excellent performance parameters.

Stationary circular saw

This tool is perfect for owners of small home workshops. High-performance saw makes cuts of 50-140mm, depending on the type of workpiece and the model.

The special feature of the tool is the bed. In some machines it has a prefabricated design that allows you to quickly move the unit. For the more solid models the cast frame is used. Its weight and size are considerable, its stability is important. Tools in this format are used for large workpieces.

The stationary circular saw is endowed with such advantageous indicators:

  • Reduced vibration of the tool, which multiplies the processing quality.
  • Low noise level.
  • Precise settings for working pieces.
  • Working with the widest possible range of workpieces, including large-sized workpieces.
  • Stationary tools have a dust collector that reduces debris and waste.

Circular saw with guide rail

The tool is equipped with a guide rail to achieve a clean, even cut. They cut parts as fast as possible.

The guide bars are available as single- and double-sided. The former are used for cutting angled workpieces, the latter for complicated workpieces. Depending on the method of use are distinguished:

  • Universal. Designed for maximum simplicity and high functionality. Suitable for all types of saws, from circular to handheld.
  • Specialized tires. For use on difficult terrain. Mounted solely on circular saws.
  • Cross-cutting guide bars. The simplest version of the device that allows you to cut blanks at an angle of 45 and 90 degrees.

The guide bar must be high-strength. No deformation, stability important.

Types of circular saws

1.1 By application

Professional saws are used in large industrial plants and private workshops that routinely cut large batches of workpieces on a daily basis. Professional tools are distinguished by high power and large disc diameter. Industrial models are capable of making cuts up to 140 millimeters deep.

Household wood circular saws are designed for cottage woodwork or garage woodwork. Their primary function is cutting sheet metal. Household circular saws are designed for cutting depths up to 40-50 millimeters.

The circular saws in these two classes have different functions and therefore differ in price.

1.2 By type of construction

Stationary circular saw. a relatively large professional machine. Designed for daily use in large wood processing, such as furniture production. Some handheld circular saws have a stationary installation function.

Table circular saw is smaller than a stationary saw, so it is easier to transport, but not as productive. Benchtop models are used in a garage or workshop. Suitable for medium-duty jobs: for building a garden home or a sauna. DW745 DeWALT table saw is an example of such tool.

Hand-held circular saw is suitable for cutting small amounts of soft materials: wood, plywood, plastic. This is a relatively lightweight tool, which makes it possible to work where you need: it is not necessary to carry the workpiece to the workshop and back. Handheld circular saw is convenient for cutting sheet materials that cannot be cut on a stationary machine.

1.3 Cordless and cordless circular saws

Cordless circular saws in wood are battery powered. Cordless circular saws are very easy to carry, so they are used to work in inaccessible places, such as repairing the roof. If you choose a cordless circular saw, take a look at the RedVerg RD-CS18V model.

Circular saws are powered from the wall outlet. Maximum power and durability is their forte. Weaknesses are binding to the power grid, the need for extension cords, the relatively high weight.

Mains-powered models are often chosen for domestic use. It only makes sense to purchase a battery-operated circular saw if you plan to work away from the electrical outlet.

1.4 According to type of material to be cut

Electric circular saws for wood. Cutting boards, plywood, fiberboard, fiberboard and other wood derivatives. For best results you need the right circular saw blade for the job in hand. The general principle is: the more teeth on the blade, the better the cut, but the longer it will take.

Metal circular saws are the most versatile. This tool is suitable for hard materials (sheet metal, metal profiles, pipes), and for cutting wood, plastic, plywood. For cutting metal with a circular saw you need a carbide cutting disc of special steel. In many ways, the circular saw for metal is superior to the angle grinder: it is more productive, cuts at an angle, does not heat the metal and makes a burr-free cut.

How to choose and what to look for?

The best circular saw for your home should be tailored exactly to the job you have in mind

When choosing, pay attention to the specific characteristics

Considering, which circular saw is better to buy for the home, first of all determined by the power. The bigger it is, the thicker materials can be cut.

Classification of circular saws according to power:

  • over 1500 W. professional with a long motor life. Can work at intervals of up to 6 hours a day.
  • 1000-1500 W. semi-professional for cutting small logs, planks and thick boards.
  • Up to 1000 watts. compact and lightweight for cutting thin boards and plywood.

A low-powered circular saw is good for home

This is an important criterion that depends on the diameter of the blade and the motor power. Household hand saw maximum sawing wood thickness of 55 mm, and the professional. from 80 mm.

  • 65-140 mm. for several boards at once or small bars;
  • 65-70 mm. for supporting elements of the framework;
  • 50-55 mm. for thick floorboards or small bars;
  • 40-46 mm for thin material.

It affects saw speed. Usually depends on the horsepower of the engine. For cutting hard wood at higher speeds, the risk of jamming the working organ is reduced. Semi-professional tools have a speed of 5200-6000 rpm.

Figuring out which circular saw for the house will be the best, study the sole. Experts say that a molded sole is ideal. But saws with it are expensive

It is important to look at the quality, but not the method of production. Budget saws usually have a pressed, flimsy sole

Models from 5000-8000 have a stamped, molded sole. It is hard and thick.

There are two types of batteries for home cheap and expensive house saws:

  • Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium). Despite the fact that they are considered obsolete, they are still installed. They are recharged to replenish their capacity. They are convenient when working in extreme situations.
  • Li-Ion. These are modern models that do not lose capacity after replenishment at any level of residual charge. Peculiarities include poor resistance to low temperatures.

The top of the best batteries include products from brands Bosch and Metabo. Always consider the range of voltages before buying.

This is an important option, because it allows you to set the desired mode for cutting a certain type of material. The speed is influenced by the size of the teeth, width and other characteristics of the disc.

Adjustment allows you to make the work more efficient

This handy option, which ensures that the power grid is not overloaded and prevents rapid wear and tear on the motor. Naturally, the long disc acceleration causes extended cutting times with frequent on/off cycles. However, the motor will be protected from power surges. Only available in more expensive circular saws.

Mid-range segment (3,000 to 10,000 )

Makita HS7601

  • Quality construction and 45° cutting angle;
  • Design;
  • Rubberized handles with vibration protection;
  • 2 brand-name discs included;
  • Practically no noise.

Powerful (1200W), ergonomic, 19 cm blade electric saw. The molded platform is strong enough, the dust protection is reliable. Weighs 4 kg. Large carrying case allows you to store discs.


  • Performance;
  • Cable 3.5m;
  • Easy to set the angle of the tilt;
  • Blower system and shape of metal soleplate do not obstruct your view.

Circular saw with a weight of 3.3 kg and a power of 1350 W. Perfectly copes with 65 mm of wood in the carpentry and construction industry.

Hammer CRP 1300 D

Long cord saw with 1.3 kW at 4,700 rpm. Diameter of the carbide-tipped disc is 1.6 cm. Mobile operation in different planes with 90-45° tilt angle. Saws Particle board, wood, aluminum and other materials. Protective guard. The start button is lockable.

In addition to standard circular saws, there are models designed for stationary installation. Due to the high power they are an excellent substitute for sawing machines, so they are suitable for professional tasks. The ranking includes 5 electric saws with the possibility of stationary installation.

Bosch PKKS 18 LI 0

The tool is effective for wood and metal work. The CutControl system ensures maximum cutting precision on the marks.

Cutting depths of up to 45 degrees are supported. You can make cuts up to 48 mm at right angles.

circular, electric, choose

The saw runs on a 18-volt lithium-ion battery.

Complete with 150mm diameter blade. Diameter of the drive bore is 16 mm. Spindle lock for maximum safety.

  • power. 1800 watts;
  • disc diameter. 150 mm;
  • Cutting height up to 48 mm;
  • 45° tilt angle.;
  • Speed. 3800 rpm;
  • Battery voltage. 18 V;
  • weight. 2.6 kg.

Bosch GKT 55 GCE

Compact circular saw with variable speed adjustment. Suitable for working wood, panel material, plexiglass, aluminum and other materials.

Outstanding load-bearing capacity thanks to aluminium soleplate.

comfortable handle allows for comfortable work over long periods of time. Speed regulation and Constant Electronic system for precise sawing at different angles.

High-performance due to 1.4 kW motor.

  • power. 1400 W;
  • The blade diameter is 165 mm;
  • Cutting height. up to 57 mm;
  • angle of inclination. 45 degrees.;
  • rotation speed-6250 rpm
  • size. 310×240 mm;
  • weight. 4.7 kg.

Hyundai C 1500-190

Suitable for professional use, thanks to the powerful 1.5 kW brush motor and 190 mm diameter blade.

Cutting at 90° angle up to 65 mm.

Can also work at 45° angle, but cutting depth decreases.

Model has a system of locking against accidental start. Can work with guide bars.

RPM adjustment allows to choose optimal speed of disc rotation for working with different materials.

Vacuum cleaner required for dust extraction.

  • power. 1300 W;
  • disc diameter. 190 mm;
  • Cutting height up to 65 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 deg.;
  • Speed. 4500 rpm;
  • weight 5.1 kg.
circular, electric, choose

Bosch UniversalCirc 12 2.5Ah x1

Circular saw is suitable for working with wood and other materials. Battery-operated, so the user is not restricted in movement.

circular, electric, choose

Cutting angle between 0 and 45 degrees can be selected.

at right angle, maximum depth of cut is 26 mm. Can be used with a guide rail. Two discs 15 and 85 mm in diameter included in the set.

Fitted with safety lock against accidental start. saw can be equipped with vacuum cleaner for quick dust extraction.

  • disc diameter. 85 mm;
  • Cutting height. up to 26 mm;
  • tilt angle. 45 degrees.;
  • RPM. 1400 rpm;
  • battery voltage. 12 V;
  • weight 1.4 kg.


The tool is equipped with a 1.35 kW electric motor that enables a blade rotation of up to 5,500 rpm.

Comfortable handles increase operator comfort.

Suitable for cutting plywood, laminate, chipboard, parquet and metal products.

At right angles the maximum angle of cut is 65 mm with a hole diameter of 16 mm. The saw makes almost no noise.

Weight is only 3.7 kg. Can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to catch construction waste.

Tool comes with wrench, dust bag adapter, parallel stop and 184mm diameter disc.