Circular Saw Cutting Depth Adjustment

Prices are current
at the beginning of 2001.

Performing a straight cut, fast and high-quality sawing of wood of any species or wood-based materials. all this is difficult to do without a circular saw. The saw models offered on the modern market have many functions that ensure high-quality, comfortable and safe operation.

In order to understand the features of modern models of this tool, we dwell on some of the most frequently mentioned technical specifications.

Power. high-power machines provide a large depth of cut and the ability to saw hard materials, but they are heavier and more expensive.

Speed ​​adjustment / stabilization. allows you to choose the optimal processing mode and withstand it regardless of the load. Very important for quality work.

Work with a guide. Professional saws are initially adapted for use with special wide ruler guides that allow cutting with high accuracy.

Power On Lock. since a circular saw is a tool that presents a certain danger (when carrying it, there is always the possibility of accidentally pressing the start button), to start the saw, two buttons must be pressed simultaneously.

Spindle lock. holds the spindle from turning when replacing a disk.

Keyless Nut. allows you to replace the disk without the use of a special tool.

Self-cleaning brushes. protect the engine from contact burning during brush wear.

Smooth start. reduces shock loads, wear of mechanical gears, eliminates jerking of the tool when turned on and reduces inrush currents.

Motor overload protection (or overload clutch). It works, for example, when working with blunt disks on solid material.

Dust protection. during the operation of circular saws a large amount of dust and chips is generated, therefore, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner.

All prices listed in the article are relevant at the beginning of 2001.

Circular Saw

Circular Saw
Rebir RZ1-70

Circular saws made in the CIS countries
and in the post-Soviet space

IE-5119/5119 A. manufactured by OJSC "Konakovo Power Tool Plant". Designed for sawing wood and wood-based materials. The design is somewhat outdated, but by design it is still a good tool. They can be used stationary, for which two clamps are included. However, we should not forget that these are household tools that do not have protection systems and electronic control.

Incar-16 D. manufactured by the enterprise "Incar", Perm. Household saw of high power and simple design. Designed for sawing wood and materials based on it. Has a random lock, the ability to continuously adjust the depth and angle of cutting. Using two clamps can be installed for stationary work.

Baikal E-514. domestic household saw for sawing wood and wood-based materials. It is made at the Izhevsk mechanical plant. Given that the operating mode of this saw is regulated by GOST as a long one, the saw can be used not only as a household, but also in a small production. In general, its quality is at the level of foreign analogues, and the lack of any protective electronic devices can be considered a drawback. Therefore, it is unacceptable to use discs with damaged, blunt teeth, and especially. jamming of the disc during sawing.

Rebir IE-5107, RZ1-70. reliable and high-quality saws for domestic use. In modification 1, they are intended for sawing wood; in modification 2, they have a saw blade with carbide surfacing (this modification is the most common). In modification 3, they are produced with a saw blade made of superhard material, which allows sawing not only wood and wood-based materials, but also cement-bonded, asbestos-cement and gypsum boards, as well as foam concrete. However, one should not forget that this is a household tool with a limited resource, and that a lot of dust is formed during the processing of mineral materials.

Circular Saw
Black & Decker KS 855 N

Circular Saws Black & Decker

Household Saws Black & Decker is ideal for use in the home workshop. Instead of metal, designers made the most of high-strength plastics, which made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the tool. Despite this, its reliability is at the proper height: a plastic casing will protect the operator, even if the saw blade breaks into pieces.

For convenience "home master" In the vicinity of the point of entry of the saw into the material, a special viewing window is arranged, which allows you to monitor the accuracy of the cut. These saws are designed for precise transverse, longitudinal and inclined cuts. The high speed of rotation of the saw blade allows you to make quick and clean cuts in hard and soft wood, plywood and chipboard.

They have a saw blade with carbide weld deposition, a parallel stop, a three-meter cord, a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Other accessories are saw blades with a different number of teeth, with and without overlay, with and without plastic coating.

Circular Saw
Skil 5240

Skil circular saws

Skil saws have an ergonomic design, the angle of the handle like a hand saw, rotation units on ball bearings, which increases the efficiency and resource of the saw, and also provides a low level of vibration and noise. To prevent accidental start-up, the power button has a lock. The sawdust hole is designed for direct connection to the hose of a standard household vacuum cleaner or the use of a dust bag.

Saws are equipped with a lever for turning the lower casing for cutting notches, a compartment for a key for changing disks, an aluminum casing for protecting the disks.

5240. A compact, small-sized household circular saw with a power of 550 W, but it allows, nevertheless, to saw wood up to 40 mm thick. Has a wide, heavy steel support for increased stability.

5266. The most powerful Skil household saw. It has a self-regulating guide, an adjustable index of the cut line for precise cutting along the marked line. For such power (1250 W) and disk diameter, the cut depth of 51 mm, which this saw provides, is a record.

5566, 1986. Professional Skil circular saws. They have wear-resistant precision helical gears and rotation units on ball bearings. They have a heavy-duty, lightweight and wide aluminum support for increased stability, large and comfortable levers for operation and more precise adjustment of the depth and angle of cut.

Circular Saw
Talon TJ 8550

Talon circular saws

Like other Talon machines (Taiwan), it is a simple, inexpensive and reliable model. It has a high-performance engine, an adjustable angle of inclination (from 0 to 45 degrees), adjustable cutting depth, a quick return to the working position of the protective shield, double insulation, and the fishing line is clearly visible. Sawdust is removed by a stream of air.

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Circular Saw
Iskra ERO KZ 55 D

Circular saws Iskra ERO (Elmos)

The products of this Slovenian company were previously sold under the Elmos brand name. Iskra ERO circular saws have a reliable helical helical gear transmission and ball bearings. A sufficiently large support made of aluminum alloy ensures the stability of the saw when it moves along the workpiece. Standard equipment of saws: combined saw blade with carbide weld surfacing, parallel stop, nozzle for chip suction, key.

KZ 51. new model. It has increased power, a well-designed ergonomic design, an additional handle for guiding the saw with two hands.

Circular Saw
Ryobi W 6610

Professional and household Ryboi circular saws

Ryobi is a brand of Japanese industrial instrument. All Ryobi saws have a die-cast aluminum gear housing and shroud. Comes complete with carbide disc.

Model Features

W 5002, W 6602. household saws; the other models mentioned are professional.

W 5502. The lightest of professional saws, designed for finishing work. Comes complete with a 40-tooth carbide blade.

W 6610. the average universal saw, has a large non-slip handle, a shaft lock; Comes complete with an 18-tooth carbide blade.

Circular Saw
Makita 5903 R

Professional Makita circular saws

All types of Makita tools (Japan) are technically advanced, high-tech professional tools. Makita saws are infinitely adjustable according to the scissors principle, an enlarged base plate.

5603 R, 5703 R. convenient handle, improved removal of sawdust, pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. 5703 RK. A model with a carrying case.

5903 R. Has a transmission lock to simplify the replacement of the saw blade, a starting current limiting system, a powerful electric motor of a new design, a robust support table made of die-cast aluminum.

5103 R. torsion dampers of a new design are introduced in the model. They reduce the noise level under load and, together with an electronic starting current limitation system, provide better protection for the motor, gear and bearings. It is possible to fine-tune using the adjustment screws.

5143 R. It has dampers, like 5103 R, spindle lock to simplify the replacement of the saw blade, stepless adjustment of the cutting angle within 0-60 degrees.

Circular Saw
Sparky TK 50

Sparky circular saws (Bulgaria-Germany)

TK-50, TK-70. simple and reliable household models of circular saws. Designed for sawing wood and wood-based materials. They have self-disconnecting brushes and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. On the TK-70, the front handle is placed on the base plate, and is not a continuation of the case, as in other models.

Circular Saw
DeWalt DW 62

Professional DeWALT circular saws

DeWalt circular saws are distinguished by a powerful engine, a rigid cast aluminum sole, a quick and clean cut due to the configuration with high-quality discs, and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner. Saws are designed for sawing wood and wood-based panels, composite materials and non-ferrous metals (using a special disc). Powerful 365 and 86 models feature ball bearings that reduce friction and extend the life of moving parts. Accessories for circular saws are guide rails, their connectors and saw blades.

DW 62. A compact, versatile saw for professionals. The steel sole of the saw is designed for a long service life, even with constant use.

DW 351. lightweight precision saw, gearbox and spindle are housed in a cast aluminum housing.

Model DW 365 generally similar to the DW 351 model, but has increased cutting depth and engine power.

DW 86. The most powerful of the saws of this brand. It uses only ball and roller bearings, which, unlike plain bearings, provide a particularly long service life. Has a spindle rotation lock.

Circular Saw
Kress Duo Sage
with chain saw headset

Professional and household Kress circular saws

Kress is a German brand of household and professional tools. The company has existed since 1928, and since 1994 it has the distinction of DIN ISO 9001 for quality products. A feature of the Kress brand is the use of standard removable cables for connecting to the network.

Chks 6066. universal household circular saw. It has a stable platform with 3 support points, a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, spindle lock, a removable cable.

Duo sage (1400 W). a kind of model that allows you to install a tire with a chain saw headset on the case of a circular saw. Accordingly, in this case, the cutting depth will be tens of centimeters. It has a safe saw chain, an automatic chain lubrication system, an additional handle and a removable cable.

1500 KS. a professional model. It has a stable supporting platform with 4 support points, an aluminum body, the ability to accurately set the cutting depth, spindle lock, a nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Included in delivery: saw blade with carbide-tipped cutting edges, parallel stop, additional handle, Allen key.

Circular Saw
ProTool CSP 68 E

ProTool circular saws

In addition to cutting wood and wood-based materials, ProTool circular saws (Czech Republic) can be used for sawing aluminum and plastics (if special saw blades are available). All models are equipped with a guiding system that allows for accuracy of 1 mm.

When cutting plastics, you should work smoothly, without sudden stops, otherwise the saw teeth may become clogged with long spiral chips; in addition, due to the influence of electrostatic charge, the likelihood of slagging of the hole for removing sawdust increases.

CSP 68 E. has a system of electronic adjustment and maintenance of speed, a soft start system and protection against overheating and overload.

Circular Saw
Bosch GKS 85 S

Bosch circular saws

Bosch (Germany) also shows a high technical level in the class of circular saws: locking switch, swinging protective casing with a feed roller, setting the angle of cut using two guides, a swivel bracket on three bearings, an advantageous position of the center of gravity.

Among others, the model should be highlighted. GKS 68 BC. A new powerful professional saw designed for continuous operation.

The model is characterized by high productivity and the possibility of finishing longitudinal, transverse and inclined cuts. It has many electronic systems (soft start, speed control, maintaining speed under load), overload protection, spindle lock, saw blade brake (stopping it for 1.5 seconds), the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

The model can be used both for very clean cuts (with disks with the number of teeth up to 112), and for jobs where high productivity is required (with a disk with the number of teeth 15–20 or with teeth "aggressive" profile).

The handles for driving the machine and the built-in disc immersion function with pre-installation and fixing are very convenient. To ensure accurate operation, the saw is equipped with a system that blows air through the surface.

Circular Saw
Metabo Ks 0852 S

Professional and household Metabo circular saws

The company Metabo (Germany) produces only professional tools and only in factories in Germany. This guarantees high quality, although it makes its products expensive.

KS 1468 S. A professional tool with a large resource that allows you to work for a long time without a break. Design features: safety clutch, dynamic lubrication system (due to "fatty" cameras in the gear shaft), self-disconnecting brushes, the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

Circular Saw
Festo ATF 55 EB

Festo circular saws

Any Festo tool (Germany) has a unique quality and exclusive price. It differs even outwardly by some "space" by design. Using Festo circular saws, you can saw not only wood and wood-based materials, but also plastics, gypsum, cement and other stone-like materials, cables, ferrous and non-ferrous metal. you just need to choose the right saw blade and operating mode. Festo’s patented SSB quick braking system can stop the disc in 2 seconds.

Saws marked "EB" They have an MMC-electronics system, which provides the functions of regulation and control: adjustable soft start, adjustable speed at idle and under load, protection against overloads and overheating. At idle, the speed is automatically reduced. It is much more convenient to work with the Festo circular saws when using the guide rail (length from 800 to 5000 mm). The soft non-slip coating on the bottom of the guide not only holds the tire securely on the workpiece, but also prevents damage to the work surface. This allows the processing of very sensitive or expensive materials without the risk of damage. Saws marked "Plus" come with a container case.

The sturdy aluminum housing for the motor and gearbox, high-quality bearings and a drive with a large margin of safety guarantee a long service life and maximum reliability. The Festo patented swivel segment allows the saw blade to be rotated on the guide rail up to 45 degrees from the cutting edge. As a result, with an oblique cut, the edges are obtained without "badass". Festo saws also have a spindle locking system, a connector for removing dust and sawdust, a viewing window in a protective casing, a depth gauge, a clear view of the cutting position even with an oblique sawing, a removable table expander, light indication of overload and brush condition.

AXT 132 E. A powerful circular saw for carpenters. It has electronic MMC control, a pendulum casing with remote control. In addition to sawing, it can perform milling and planing operations.

AXT 50 LA. a special saw for building materials: particleboard, fiber cement and asbestos cement slabs, slabs on a silicate-cement base. It has a suction channel with bristles built into the casing, a connector for removing dust and sawdust, a double reduction gear, special saw blades, a guide plate with rollers.

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