Circular Saw For Wood Which To Choose

Circular saw for wood: how to choose a good tool? Tips for choosing a circular saw for wood: what is a tool and how it works, what kind of saws there are, what to look for when choosing

Popular manufacturers of saws for wood

  • The reputation of the manufacturer;
  • Tool price.

For the sake of economy, you should not buy cheap Chinese equipment, because, in addition to the fact that it cannot provide high quality work, in some cases it can create dangerous situations for the user. It is most reasonable to purchase circular saws from well-known brands Makita, Bosch and others. Although they are more expensive than their Chinese counterparts, their specifications are fully consistent with the manufacturer’s price.

Also on the market are products of Russian manufacturers, which are more affordable than their foreign counterparts. A fairly well-known among them is the equipment from the Russian manufacturer Interskol, which for many years has been producing a wide range of models of circular saws for wood.

What is a circular saw for wood?

In order not to make mistakes when choosing a circular saw for wood, the buyer should know what kind of device he is going to purchase. A circular saw is more correctly viewed as a compromise option for a technique that occupies an intermediate place between a conventional electronic jigsaw and a chainsaw that is capable of sawing thick tree trunks.

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It’s a pretty versatile device, with which you can perform both professional tasks and household operations. With the correct use of this device, you can get fairly accurate and fast cuts. Thanks to this technique, you can get straight mowing lines, while it can be used for processing wood of various thicknesses.

Circular saws are quite functional devices that can cut any tree shape. With the help of this equipment, you can cut any decorative elements from wood, while such equipment will serve much longer than a low-power jigsaw.

If you try to assess the quality of the equipment in question and compare it with a conventional chainsaw, then it is the circulation the saw provides higher processing precision. Gasoline saws are powerful equipment, so they create fairly rough cuts. Another thing is when a circular saw is used, which is capable of making neat cuts.

Equipment types by functionality

Today there are several varieties of this tool on the market.

  • Mini circular saw. This is the most common version of the tool in question. It belongs to the category of portable equipment that is equipped with an electric motor. It is the ideal choice for those buyers looking for a device for small to medium sized jobs.
  • Fixed circular hand saw for wood. A distinctive feature is that it has a support. It is she who provides support for the tool. If we compare this model with a circular saw, then here the engine is under the support, and it is turned on using a cord from a stationary network.
  • Another type of technique in question cordless circular saw on wood. This variety is also very popular with Russian buyers.
  • The fourth and last variety of tools available for purchase on the Russian market Miter saw. It is distinguished by a rather simple design, which includes a handle with a start button, an operating unit and a saw blade.
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Parts and mechanisms of saws for wood

A circular saw is a very handy tool that every professional and home craftsman should have. With the help of the tool, you can cut any blade evenly, as well as perform an angle cut. For miter cuts, the tool is mounted on a base plate, the tilt can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. professional models allow you to cut with a slope of 60 degrees.

Together with the ability to tilt, the depth of immersion of the wooden panel is also adjustable. The most popular models are those equipped with an eccentric mechanism. Another useful part in the tool is the guard, which consists of a movable bottom guard and a fixed top guard.

Circular saw for wood: design features. Standard circular saws and plunge saws. Mains and battery models

A hand-held electric circular saw for wood is a tool without which almost any joinery or carpentry task will become, if not impossible, then certainly quite difficult. At the same time, there are a lot of high-quality varieties of such devices, therefore, before buying a master (especially a beginner), it is advisable to learn as much as possible about their design.

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In this article, we will tell you what to look for when choosing a circular saw for wood, as well as give a number of tips for maintaining such tools.

Circular saw for wood how to choose

Should be perfectly flat. With its lower part, it rests and slides over the surface of the workpiece.
According to the material of manufacture, it can be cast from an aluminum alloy or stamped from a solid steel billet.
The former, due to the numerous ribs and reinforcements, are considered more rigid. But when deformed, it is no longer possible to align them; replacement is required.
Thin-walled (1.5 mm) stamped ones are installed on budget inexpensive circular saws. Professional and model rollers in a circular machine can have a steel base with a thickness of 2.5 and 3 mm.
The rulers located on most sides of the sole add to the comfort of use.