Circular saw from an angle grinder with his own hands

Why resort to a homemade version?

Often, it is self-made versions of tools or improvement of already available is done because of the desire to save money. Using improvised means and parts that are left over from worn-out equipment or machinery, craftsmen masterfully make various devices, such as, for example, a chain saw from an angle grinder.

The second reason can be considered a desire to have a multifunctional tool, which will help to facilitate the numerous tasks in the household. The undeniable advantage of such a homemade machine is the economy of space. After all, the additional attachment takes up much less space in the shed or garage than a full-fledged machine.

For remodeling, you can use absolutely any brand of angle grinder. The only point worth paying attention to is that the factory tools may be suitable only for a limited range of models, so when buying, be sure to clarify whether your angle grinder is suitable for the selected tool.

Stationary circular saw

Many different tasks can be solved with a homemade circular saw from an angle grinder. Such a machine will be indispensable for repairs in the apartment, in the manufacture of furniture and for many other men’s affairs. You can buy a ready-made circular grinding machine, or you can make it your own hands.

You do not need to have any special skills to do this. It is enough to know how to use hand tools and have the necessary minimum of materials. Before we talk about how to make a circular saw from an angle grinder, consider the general construction of the machine.

The angle grinder must be used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and in a safe manner. In practice, these recommendations are neglected, which often results in injury. Let’s consider the main points to be considered when working with a chainsaw. angle grinder.

  • Keep hands and eyes protected while working. Goggles and gloves are a must, but a suit of rough material is not out of place. Cutting disks are thin, brittle to a break and if the usual angle grinder they are easy to control, then the saw does not do it so easy. The disc could wind up and break, splinters could fly off and cause injury.
  • It is not necessary to install a large-diameter cutting disk on a chainsaw with power less than 1.5 kW, the engine can cope, but it will work at the limit and slackening of rpm will be noticeable.
  • Never work with the blade guard removed.
  • The drive belt must be correctly tensioned between belt pulleys. To check tension, just grip the belt in the center and try to twist it around its axis. If the belt only rotates by 900, then it is correctly tensioned, if it is more or less, then it needs adjustment.

How to Make Hand Circular Saw | Angle Grinder Hack

The angle grinder can also be used as a working mechanism in stationary conditions. The frame in this case will have a slightly different design. Stationary version requires plenty of room and plenty of work. That’s why the whole structure can be made more solid and reliable.

The base frame can be fabricated from angle bars by means of welded joints. Bolt or other types of detachable fasteners lose their grip due to constant vibration, the construction begins to wobble.

A work table made of a wide board or thick plywood is fastened on top of the metal frame. The workpiece to be machined can move along it. The support angle has a sliding bracket for adjusting the width of the saw.

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On the side of the machine there are controls: socket and on/off button. In the stationary version of the button on the body of the angle grinder makes sense to exclude from the scheme. If there is enough space, you can use a grinder of high power as a drive.

circular, angle, grinder, hands

Many different tasks can be solved with the self-made angle grinder circular saw. Such a machine will be indispensable for repairs in the apartment, in the manufacture of furniture and for many other men’s affairs. You can buy a ready-made circular machine, or you can make it with your own hands.

How to turn an angle grinder into a saw or planer in 5 minutes

The assortment of accessories for various kinds of power tools is growing very fast. On the one hand, it’s very convenient, because just a couple of minutes your device of one kind is easily transformed into a completely different power tool with completely different functions. But on the other hand, quickly re-equipped power tool in a completely different will never be able to perform 100% of those functions that are inherent in the original. But today I want to show you two kinds of extensions for angle grinder, which are not inferior to the original tools in their work.

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circular, angle, grinder, hands

With this attachment you literally a couple of minutes easy screwing a couple of screws can convert your angle grinder in electric saw, which is almost no inferior to the original saw. This saw is a little bit smaller than the original, which means it is more mobile and with its help you can easily do most of the work inherent in a chainsaw. Naturally, the trunks of half-meter trees such electric saw povilivate you will not get, but for small jobs at home is an indispensable attachment.

The angle grinder planer

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The second great thing for an angle grinder is the wheel, which serves as an electric planer. This wheel is very, very good. Look what it does in about two seconds with a mahogany bar.

You quickly become accustomed to the wheel, and after you get used to it you can easily perform both fine treatment of the lumber, removing a thin layer, and rough treatment, removing thick layers as shown in the photo. This wheel would be perfect for craftsmen who are engaged in woodworking, making all sorts of figures and crafts out of wood.

The great thing is that these types of nozzles can be sharpened, and therefore they will last you a long time with proper care for them.

Choice of system of rotation: Gearbox or SPD

It is worth remembering that the number of revolutions of the angle grinder is many times higher than the allowed number of revolutions of the circular disc.

By making a direct connection of the disk to the shaft of the angle grinder, we risk to spoil the tool and blunt the disk itself much faster. This will cause a breakdown in the motor of the power tool. To ensure reliable and continuous operation of the homemade device it is recommended to introduce a system of pulleys and belts. Attach the pulley to the angle grinder shaft on one side and to the saw blade shaft on the other side. The speed of the angle grinder is from 9 thousand. up to 11 thousand. per min. The saw disk should rotate at a speed of 6700-7400 rpm.

It is necessary that the ratio of disc diameters equals the ratio of RPM. If you divide one value by the other, you get a ratio of 0.7. Based on this, you need to use two discs, and the size of the diameter of the first should differ by 0.7 of the diameter of the second. Install the smaller disc on the shaft of the angle grinder, the larger on the shaft of the disc. All these parts are available at the car dealership. A tensioning system should be provided with the use of belt drives. This can be achieved by firmly fixing the angle grinder on the machine frame, attachment and tensioning of the work surface and the disc shaft should be performed after you have installed the belt.

The adapter-chain saw on the angle grinder

The brainchild of Chinese engineering CHAIN SAW the chain saw attachment can be ordered at AlieXpress together with the Chinese angle grinder or separately. Standard equipment consists of: illustrated instructions, chain (can be different sizes), guide bar, sprocket, the bar to the angle grinder and other fasteners, handle, wrench set, lubricator, chain protection.

In order to install the adapter on the angle grinder, first remove its flange and install the sprocket from the kit and secure it well with a nut. The base unit is secured with a coupler on the gearbox, then with screws on both sides.

Then install the guide bar with chain, hand guard and safety guard, handle. It is absolutely necessary to check the tension of the chain and lubricate it with oil. Installation fixture for converting angle grinder into a chainsaw can be seen at

Compared to a Makita electric chainsaw, a chainsaw from a CHAIN SAW angle grinder looks pretty tiny.

According to the reviews of owners, such a device works quite normally, copes with the sawing of thin boards, logs, timber up to 10 cm. In the absence of a full-fledged chainsaw, the device may well replace it. However, the operation of such equipment can be dangerous, so you should weigh the pros and cons.

Tips and tricks

If you assemble an electrically powered chainsaw, then it is recommended to use a transverse placement of the motor, which will greatly simplify the work of the operator. If you decide to independently develop a drawing to design a homemade chain saw, you will also develop a system of blocking the start, which will make the new equipment even safer for the operator.

Experienced users of manual remodeling advise not to forget about the fluid inside the saw. There must always be a lubricating oil in the tank for smooth and easy sawing. After using the saw, it should be well cleaned from sawdust and other contaminants, as well as lubricate the working nodes.

Reconfiguration of the angle grinder into a chain saw with your own hands

To create a chain saw from an angle grinder with your own hands, you do not need special drawings and diagrams, because the process of installing a homemade saw head is extremely simple and accessible. And if you bought a ready-made set of nozzles with fasteners, the installation process is simplified many times over.

So, the chain saw is assembled from the following parts:

  • angle grinder, as the base of the future tool;
  • drive sprocket (it is recommended to replace it with a new one);
  • Metal, which will act as a bracket, on which the guide will be installed in the future;
  • The saw set, consisting of the bar and the saw chain;
  • fasteners;
  • tools and drill.

The desire to improve an existing tool comes for a reason. The main purpose of this experiment is to save money. And indeed, why buy a few tools, if you can use a variety of attachments and make a multifunctional tool.

angle grinder is known to every homeowner, because with its help you can both cut metal, and stone, and grind the surface. But trees can not be cut with such a device, there are difficulties because of the small diameter of the disc. That’s why craftsmen come up with various attachments that greatly facilitate the work in the garden.

A special adapter adapter. a product of Chinese industry, which allows you to quickly remake household angle grinder in the relevant equipment. The accessories are sold as a set with the grinders, but also separately.

The jigsaw comes standard with the instruction manual, one or more cutting chains with guard, guide bar and fastener, plastic drive sprocket, handle, wrench set and fasteners, and the oiler.

Installation of the adapter consists of several steps:

  • The operator must first remove its standard flange from the angle grinder;
  • Then the plastic drive sprocket from the adapter kit must be installed instead. Use the factory supplied nut to secure the sprocket;
  • After that it is necessary to install the main unit, fixing it on the gearbox with a coupler. To additionally secure the unit, the operator must attach a screw to each side of the unit;
  • Finally, the cutting attachments included in the delivery set, as well as the handle, safety guard, and standard hand guards must be installed on the attachment.

The saw unit must be lubricated with oil to operate. Before using the adapter, the operator must check the tension of the metal chain. Otherwise, the electric angle grinder saw will not be able to saw the wood, or will do it slowly and crooked.